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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 28

Episode 28. Second gift.(3)

After signing the investment contract, Chae had been meeting almost every day.

“Isn’t the resistive film method you are developing right now?”

Touch screen technology is divided into four major categories.

The first resistive method.

It’s called decompression type, and it is a method that requires pressure to be touched.

Although it is not easy to implement multi-touch (touch multiple places at the same time).

It was not difficult to make, and it was a method widely used today because of its high accuracy.

The second is the electrostatic method.

This electrostatic method is divided into self-capacitance and mutual capacitive type.

Since self-capacitance is also difficult to multi-touch, in the future, mutual-capacitance capable of multi-touch will become the mainstream.

Although this reciprocal capacitive is the target technology we should be heading towards.

There were many technically difficult parts, so it took some time for the actual product to come out.

The third ultrasonic method and the fourth infrared method are also useful technologies in their own way, but for now, I was thinking of focusing on mutual electrostatics.

“Also. From now on, please abandon the resistive method and develop a mutual capacitive method.”

“Mutual electrostatics? It’s not technically easy to implement though. Even if it is made, it will not be easy to sell because the manufacturing cost will increase.”

“I know. But eventually, in the future, mutual capacitive is going to be the norm.”

CEO Chae tilted his head.

“The mutual capacitive method has good accuracy, but the difference between it and the resistive method is not that great. Is there any reason to insist on mutual capacitive expression?”


Multi-touch, the core technology of future smartphones.

To implement it, a mutual capacitive touchscreen was required.

“Multi-touch. So if you want to touch multiple places at the same time, mutual capacitive is the best way.”

“Touch several places. Mutual capacitive would be nice for that of course, but where do you use that mulch touch feature?”

very many.

I continued explaining using my index and thumb.

“For example, let’s say you have a picture on the screen. When I spread my fingers apart like this, the picture becomes larger, and when I close it, the picture becomes smaller. What if we had a feature like this?”

An exclamation escaped the boss’s mouth.

“ah. Simple but convenient. There must be a way.”

“yes. There are many other uses other than this. Moving two fingers in the same direction will scroll in that direction, etc. So, please focus on the development of mutual capacitive touch screens in the future.”

“..I didn’t expect the multi-touch feature to be so useful. As Director Kang said, the future development direction will be mutually capacitive.”

“It’s good that you understand. And please patent all technical information that comes out during development. Especially when it comes to multi-touch, you can’t miss a single thing.”

One day, Apple is putting pressure on its competitors with this multi-touch-related patent.

I was thinking of doing that role.

“Then let’s move on to the next topic. First of all, we are thinking of two options for the touch screen market. One is a PCS phone manufacturer. The other is a laptop manufacturer.”

“Director Kang. The PCS phone understood. But it is difficult to put our products on the touchpad used by laptop manufacturers. It will not be easy to beat the touchpad makers who have already entered before us.”

“I don’t mean to put it on a touchpad. We want to put it on the monitor.”

“monitor? I don’t think it’s very attractive. It would be much more convenient to use a keyboard or touchpad than to touch the monitor directly.”

“What if you don’t have a keyboard or touchpad?”

“Then you will need a touch screen. But do you have a laptop that doesn’t have that?”

I smiled.

“I have to ask him to make a laptop like that. It’s a laptop manufacturer.”

“Oh, not right now.”

I was thinking of making the tablet PC of the future.

Before that, there was no OS (operating system) dedicated to the touch screen, so I had to create this OS first.

It takes a lot of people and time to make an OS, so unfortunately, it was unreasonable to make a tablet PC right away.

Chae replied with a calm face.

“I’m glad it’s not right now. To be honest, I don’t think it will be very popular.”

“It is now. But in a few years the mood will change.”

“How are you sure of that?”

‘Cause I’m gonna make a difference

“I do not know. It’s just a feeling. fufu. But what OS is the touch screen development based on now? window? Linux?”

“I am using the SA circle.”

“SA won? It’s the first OS I’ve ever heard of.”

“Ah, it is not a commercialized OS. It’s an OS my daughter made, and I like to test the touch screen.”

“Daughter.. huh?”

“yes. Oh, I must be the same age as Director Kang. He’s been interested in computers since he was a kid, so trying things out is his hobby.”

Come to think of it, I’ve heard that I was playing with the Linux kernel when I met Sang-Ah.

“It’s a bit unusual for a woman. There aren’t many women who like computers.”

“Yes? fufu. He often came to our lab to play, and one day he made an OS and installed it. try it once It’s not comparable to a commercialized OS, but it’s good for touch screen testing, so I’m still using it.”

The moment I heard President Chae’s words, I got goosebumps after a long time.

Apple Phone’s A-OS, which caused the smartphone boom, was originally developed as a tablet PC.

If ivory had the ability to create an OS for touchscreens.

I didn’t know maybe I would be the first to make a tablet PC and even a smartphone in the world.

For some reason, I thought it was strange that ivory was involved in this gift.

CEO Chae and Sang-Ah were one bundle.

“haha. He is a very talented daughter.”

“As I say with my mouth, he is a genius. It’s too precious to be in Korea, so I tried to send it abroad, but it’s a pity that I couldn’t send it because Hansako said that she would be by my side.”

I’m sorry for the boss.

That was really fortunate.

Thanks to that, I thought I could make a tablet PC sooner than I thought.


“hi. Jaune.”

it was ivory

In my previous life, around this time, my face must have been very bad.

It was a much better face now.

“yes. hi. Are you doing anything these days?”

“Ho Ho. What’s going on? He was usually so blunt, but he paid attention to me.”

“At the time, you were a student. After the entrance exam was over, things got a little bit easier, and people around me started getting nervous.”

“okay? It looks like you did pretty well on the SAT. I feel comfortable.”

“Did that sound like that? Well, I haven’t seen it.”

because it’s perfect

Sang-a smiled a little.

“Fop. Were you a kid who could act like that?”

“So are you? How was the exam?”

“Neither have I, I haven’t seen it like that.”

“haha. I’m glad. So where are you going to go to college?”

“Well. I’m thinking about it now. How lucky are you?”

“I’m going to Seoul National University. Department of Electrical Engineering.”

Sang-a leaned back at my words and smiled.

“okay? Then shall I go to Seoul National University? Ho Ho.”

At first glance, even Sang-a had a pretty confident face.

President Chae said he was a genius, so it seems that he did well on the SAT.

It would be great if the core developer of the future smartphone was close to me.

It was December 20th.

As I was leaving the front door to go to school, Kyung-a asked.

“brother. Is today the day when the exam results come out?”

My brother, that sounds good.

Thanks to the constant bribery.

These days, I’ve been hearing words I’ve never heard from Kyung-a in my previous life.

“Do you think you will score well?”

“Of course. Because it’s perfect.”

Kyung-a smiled, knowing that what I said was a joke.

“Fop. I hope to be able to keep saying that when I come back later.”

“Go and come and see my report card and don’t fall down.”

“okay. Alright, go quickly.”

“So you don’t go to school?”

“I will go now. Just comb your hair.”

I think I heard the same thing 10 minutes ago.

“okay. See you later after school.”

When I arrived at the front door of the school, the atmosphere was quite different from usual.

At first glance, dozens of people who did not appear to be high school students were encamped in front of the front door.

As I got closer to the front door, someone shouted my name out loud.

“Student Jaewoon Kang is here!”

At one word, people rushed to me and poked my microphone.

“Student Jaewoon Kang. You are the first in the history of the SAT, how do you feel?”

“What do you think is the secret to Kang Jae-woon’s success in the SAT?”

“Student Jaewoon Kang..”

Come to think of it, in the future, there were no perfect scorers until 1997, right?

You’re the first to score perfect on the SAT.

Feels killing me!

I entered the school with only one word to the reporters.

“It’s all thanks to my uncles, aunts and school teachers. There is no secret to getting a perfect score. I studied hard only in textbooks, but I got good results like this. Then I will.”

“Student Jaewoon Kang!!”

Behind the scenes, reporters angrily called my name, but I ignored it.

There were teachers at the entrance to the school building through the main gate, and in the middle of them was a face that I had only seen in pictures.

I had to struggle to hold back the laughter that was about to burst out the moment I saw that face.

‘It’s been fun. No matter how good the first perfect score for the SAT, the president of our school will come out to meet the guy who kicked out his nephew.’

As if I had completely forgotten that I had driven out Oh Jeong-gi.

The chairman, who approached with his chin shaking, smiled and spread his arms.

“The pride of our Wooil High School, Kang Jae-woon. Great!”

The chairman took me in his arms and patted me on the back.

“The first perfect score for the entrance exam at Wooil High School. I still can’t believe we’ve raised talented people like you.”

It’s not what you grew up with.

I’m the only one big

“It’s all thanks to the teachers and the president.”

As if satisfied with my answer, the chairman laughed out loud.

“Shh. Apply to toughness. That’s perfect. Teacher Moon taught me very well.”

Thirty degrees smiled together as if they were in a good mood.

“haha. It’s not that I taught well, it’s just that my luck has followed suit. She was a good student from the beginning, so I believed that she would do well this time as well, but she never lost her faith.”

You were a good student from the beginning.

The things I went back and forth between the 90s and 100s of the whole school until my sophomore year seem to have disappeared from my memories of my 30s.

“Then, would Jaewoon have a cup of tea with me before class? Ms. Moon. Are you fine?”

“of course. Chairman.”

At first, it was very difficult to fall out of the palm.

Now, I just drop classes easily.

It was a moment when I felt that my position had changed again.

The chairman led me to the office.

“Now sit here. What will you give me for tea? Citron tea or Yulmu tea?”

“I like coffee though.”

“haha. Even the taste of this drink is mature. okay. Secretary Yoon.”

“Bring me two cups of coffee here.”

While the coffee was being prepared, the chairman opened his mouth.

“I asked to see you, nothing else, just to convey that our foundation wants to give you some support.”

“Are you sponsoring?”

“okay. You made the school shine like this, shouldn’t we have to repay something from our point of view as well? I think financial help would be the best, so my foundation is thinking of subsidizing the full tuition and living expenses until you graduate from college. What do you think?”

The cost of living is nonetheless.

Tuition support.

Am I doing this knowing that my grades are enough to qualify me for a full scholarship no matter where I go now?

If you’re aware of this, it’s such a shameless work that I want to applaud you.

Even if I didn’t get a scholarship, I couldn’t get money from such a person.

It could become my weakness later.

“Thank you for your words, but may I make a suggestion in reverse?”


“yes. Actually, I am already employed. The salary is quite high, so there is no need for sponsorship. So instead of receiving support, I want to support my alma mater. I am so successful because of the support from the school.”

As soon as it attracted the attention of the media, I was planning to ignite it and make it even bigger.

With a small donation, my image also improves.

In addition, it was a good opportunity to be one stone and two groups because we could do an advertisement together.

The chairman asked with a surprised face.

“You want to donate?”

“yes. I think about 10 million won a year.”

10 million won is the money I have now, but it doesn’t make a big difference.

It would be a great benefit if I could raise my image with that amount of money and let the media know even if I had gathered.

The chairman scratched his chin with a worried face.

“Well. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with us. Are you really okay?”

“yes. I have received so much at school, so I think it will be more comfortable to give back like this.”

The chairman said with a look of admiration.

“haha. He studies well and has a good personality. It’s perfect. Perfect. I am really looking forward to the future.”

We decided to meet again later to discuss the details and left the office.

As soon as I entered the classroom, the noisy Ahn became quiet in an instant.

The eyes of the classmates who had been laughing and chatting until just before were all turned to me.

While shooting away emotions such as envy, admiration, and jealousy.

No one dared to speak to me.

“Nationwide 1st place! Jaewoon Kang. The perfect score for the school exam is like that. But it’s not a perfect score. This child.”

Except for one.

“Kuk. I see the answer, what do I do? I just need to get a perfect score, can I get a star?”

Myungho looked at me and growled.

“Envy you. men and horses. A stone head like me only saw the wrong answer. ”

“You are not going to be successful by studying anyway. Have you thought about what you will do after graduation?”

“..Well. Nothing has been decided yet.”

“then. How about trying to be a martial artist?”

I’m thinking about it now though.

In the end, Myeong-ho entered the martial arts world at a relatively late age of 30.

After that, for the next five years, he had quite good grades, but that was all.

Later, when I drank with him, the grieving that always came out was, ‘I wish I had started my career as an athlete right after graduating from high school’.

This time, I was going to grant him a wish.

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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