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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 196

Episode 196. Not for us.

Shuo Wang, president of VOE, a Chinese display manufacturer, was speechless for a while, and then opened his mouth to the sales team leader.

“Why did TM Display lower the panel price? Anyway, the quality is two or three steps better than other LCD makers, so I can sell it without even doing that.”

The sales manager answered with a puzzled face.

“Actually, the reason is a bit unclear. It may have been for the purpose of expanding the LCD market, but there was a sense that the price was lowered too much to simply say that it was for that purpose, and the loss suffered by TM is too great to be able to shoot us down…”

Wang Shuo, who had been pondering for a while, asked.

“Aside from the monitor panel, how about the price of the TV panel from the 7th and 8th generation lines on the TM side?”

“TV panel prices do not fluctuate much.”

Hearing those words, I had strong suspicions that this incident was an operation aimed at me.

As the sales team leader said, the damage to TM was too great, so it was a bit vague to make a conclusion.

Wang Shuo turned his head and said to Zhi Xuen, the head of the manufacturing team.

“The operating loss was larger than expected, but we can solve it with subsidies. That’s not a big deal, so let’s start building the next 7th generation line right away.”

Zhu Xuen asked in surprise.

“.. are you talking right now? The 5th generation line alone causes a loss of 3 billion yuan (500 billion yuan), but if the 7th generation line is built, the loss could be even greater.”

“The price of TV panels is still pretty good, so there won’t be a huge loss there. If Chairman Kang Jae-woon was sane, he wouldn’t even drop the TV panel price…”

“..All right. We will start construction right away.”

#End of February 2006.

We were talking with CEO Woo Gwan-ho about Ayota’s new hybrid-type car, the Furius.

“By combining Ayota’s outstanding engine technology with an electric vehicle, the fuel efficiency has improved significantly compared to the existing gasoline-only type. And it comes with an ACC (Advanced Cruise Control) system, albeit clumsily, so it’s quite popular in the US market.”

“okay? It will have a significant impact on market share.”

“yes. Our US market share has dropped by 1% to 24% and Ayota to 14%. QM, who was in second place last month, fell to third place behind Ayota.”

“haha. Looking at the hybrid right away, Ayota’s CEO is also a pretty capable person, but it’s not for us. I think the time has come to introduce a new option that we have been preparing for.”

President Wu nodded his head.

“The RSPA feature has already been developed. As long as the president approves it, we can launch it right away.”

RSPA (Remote Smart Parking Assist).

It is a system designed to automatically park the car without the driver holding the steering wheel.

In particular, even when the driver is outside the car, if he presses the button on the smart key, the car recognizes the obstacles in the front, rear, left and right, and calculates the optimal parking path and performs it as it is.

When the parking space is cramped and it is difficult for the driver to get in, the car can even force the car to get out of the seat on its own.

“good. Then it will be released next month. Let’s see the reaction by launching it in the US market and the Korean market first.”

Doosung Telecom started the service after completing the WiBro infrastructure construction over 5 months.

At the same time, Hwansung Electronics released H-Star, a WiBro-only smartphone.

Two days later, Hwansung Group Chairman Yang Ki-moon’s office.

“This morning, Damoye Communication officially announced that it had introduced a new technology called LTE-A. This is a technology that dramatically improves the transmission speed of existing LTE by simultaneously utilizing multiple frequency bands, and it is said that the communication infrastructure has already been established. However, right now, there are no terminals that support LTE-A, so wait until the D-Phone 3, which is scheduled to be released in early May, comes out…”


Yang Ki-moon turned off the TV because he couldn’t watch it anymore.

‘Huh…LTE-A…how could there be such a guy… As if he said he knew everything about this side, his response was so perfect…’

Even without checking it, it was good to see the stock price of Hwansung Electronics falling sharply.

He closed his eyes helplessly.

Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Mia, an accountant who was sitting in her seat, turned her head to the sound of a colleague’s call.

“missing child!”

“Oh, Casey. Your face looks excited today. Anything good?”

Casey grinned.

“Good things? There is.”

“I bought a car!”

“yes. It’s a new car that came out of a car called D-Haas, and it’s really good. I thought about the Ayota Furius for a while because the fuel economy was good, but in the end I chose D Haas.”

At that, Mia asked with a curious face.

“okay? I heard that the Furius came out pretty well too, is it better than that car?”

“yes. There are so many good things that it’s hard to describe in one word…First of all, there is an ACC function that the car takes care of and maintains the distance from the car in front.”

“Oh, that function? I think I heard that it could be Furius too…”

“Right. But the dealer explained that the ACC is the original, so the performance is much better. They say that the reaction speed is fast and the spacing is accurate.”

“Moreover, crucially, D-Haas automatically parks the car. Because Furius didn’t have that function, he chose D Haas.”

Mia was greatly surprised and opened her eyes.

“Are you going to automatically park your car?”

“yes. In Haas, there is an option called RSPA. It was a little pricey, but it was so good that with the push of a button, it parked away from other cars as if there were people in it.”

“Ha… To park once, you have to look at both the front and back and sides and set the distance well… The car takes care of that… The speed of technological development these days is really amazing.”

“Yes? Because I was surprised too. I thought it would be 20 or 30 years for the car to park itself on its own… but I didn’t know the time would come when it was already possible.”

asked Mia.

“But is that RS..PA all about tea?”

“yes. Now it is.”

“okay? As an affiliate of Damoye, the technology seems to be very good.”

Casey said with a look of anticipation.

“So. I don’t know if it’s suddenly announcing that Damoye has made a self-driving car.”

“I wonder… no matter how good the technology is, can I get to that level?”

“You don’t know that. Chairman Damoye is truly a genius.”

Mia nodded her head.

“but. If it were him, he might really be able to.”

“Yes? Anyway, I am very satisfied with only D Haas! So good. Ho Ho.”

“envy. Casey. Next time I change my car, I’ll get everyone together and buy a car!”

#Daily Energy Headquarters conference room.

I was receiving a report on the development status of batteries for electric vehicles from President Park Jung-kwon.

“The capacity of lithium-ion battery cells has increased by more than 100% compared to the initial stage of development by applying a technology of stacking multiple lithium-ion battery cells and using a new material that is more efficient than the existing anode material. By coating the surface of the separator, the stability is greatly improved, and it can be said that it has risen to a fairly usable level.”


Lithium-ion batteries have high energy density and low memory effect, making them the best material for electric vehicle batteries.

However, if the anode and cathode touch each other, there is a risk of explosion.

To prevent this, a device called a separator in the middle is inserted.

The safety of batteries used in electric vehicles is directly related to human life.

Excellent separation membrane technology was essential.

“That’s great. I expected two years, but I didn’t know that I would be able to do this in half that time, one year.”

President Park smiled.

“Thanks to the president’s full support. You invested a whopping 1 trillion in development cost alone, so I was able to do all the experiments that I had only thought about in my head. Being in such a good environment, in a way, it was a natural result.”

“That is a humble thing to say. Anyway, I’m glad it was helpful. Then we gather all the finished prototypes and send them to the car, and now let’s build a large-scale production line. President Park, please make a plan for the construction of the line and report it.”

D Phone 3 was released.

By adopting an OLED display that emits light by itself, it shows clearer picture quality.

Thanks to the fingerprint sensor, it is equipped with a function to easily unlock the lock.

The size has also entered the 4-inch range, which is smaller than its predecessor, making even consumers who have complained about the size of their smartphones put their thumbs up.

Thanks to LTE-A, the data transmission speed more than doubled, and received praise from various media outlets.

It has been 4 years since I commercialized 4G.

Thanks to the popularity and high speed of the D phone, the global communication environment was rapidly changing to LTE.

Because 4G LTE networks have now been established in most of North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

The D-Phone 3 literally began to sell like wings.

And at the end of June 2006.

Gather together in the IT conference room.

The sales team leader showed the sales status of D Phone 3 on the screen.

“It has been two months since launch. Only about 31.2 million units have been sold so far, which is an increase of more than 60% compared to the sales of D Phone 2 during the same period after launch.”

Applause broke out.

The sales team leader continued to speak with a stern expression on his face.

“Operating margin was close to 35% because it was well recognized as a premium product in the market. Thanks to this, we have earned more than 12 trillion won in revenue from only D-Phone 3 sales so far.”

At those words, cheers flowed from all over the place.

“Five! 12 trillion in just 2 months, not in a year… That’s amazing!”

“As expected, it is the world’s best smartphone, the D-Phone 3. haha.”

“very good. It can be said that the smartphone business is on track to some extent now. Everyone has worked hard during that time.”

Han Seong-wook, the development team leader, who was promoted to managing director because of his successful lead in the development of D Phone 3, said with a frown on his face.

“When I think about it again, I think joining the S-Project was the best decision of my life. Seeing more than 15 million units of the electronic products I touch sell a month…it’s even touching…”

“Chief Han. What if you are already so moved by emotion? The D phone 4 would sell better than this, and the D phone 5 would be even better.”

A manager looked embarrassed.

“..I bet that’s true, but isn’t it a staggering record to sell 15 million units a month as a premium product? It has to be good.”

“haha. One manager is right. That alone is a great record. So you will be given a special bonus commensurate with that record. Everyone look forward to it!”

At my words, the executives shouted.

“Wow! You are the best. President.”

“Awesome! haha.”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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