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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 17

Episode 17. MP3 player.(1)

It was May.

“The loan deduction has been completed. good bye.”

The second loan repayment was completed without difficulty.

But this time, there were no gifts.

I didn’t expect such a gift to be given every time.

Still, there was nothing I could do about the bitter taste.

The name of our online shopping mall is ‘Damoye’, which is the same as the company name.

Although the online shopping mall business has not yet produced large sales, excluding assembled computers.

As word of mouth spread little by little, sales continued to grow.

Currently, the shopping mall is operated mainly for electronic products, which are the main products of Yongsan.

I was planning to expand my scope to books and albums soon.

An online shopping mall division was also created.

The number of employees has also increased, and if you include Manager Noon Noon, it has reached double digits.

Daewon was struggling as his older brother got together, and he was also the head of the shopping mall business department.

When I saw that 500 million was put into my corporate account in one month, I was rather motivated.

After the interview with me, Manager Noon Oh-chan also changed actively and is doing almost the work of a few people on his own.

The online shopping mall has nothing to worry about for the time being.

Thanks to this, I had some spare time, so I decided to carry out the second plan.


“I want to make some investments.”

“In addition? I’m getting used to shopping malls now, but what about this time?”

“Hicast is a manufacturer of MP3 players. The company looked like a good investment.”

“MP3? player? What else is that?”

Although it is a famous music file format that no one knows about in the future.

It was developed at the beginning of this year, so many people don’t know it now.

“There is an efficient compressed music file called MP3, and it is a device that plays it.”

Daewon looked at me with the look of his brother seeing a strange creature.

“Do you even know that a guy who is busy with only studying is like that? How do you know more than me, who spends all day on a computer?”

“I’m just interested in new things. If you are interested, you can learn anything.”

“Okay. How much are you going to pour?”

“Two billion.”

His voice was raised in surprise.

“What? Two billion?”

“Two million dollars a month. In 10 months, it’s 2 billion. The net profit of our shopping mall last month was close to 500 million won. It’s difficult to be surprised with only 2 billion.”

“Nevertheless. Anyway, you’re saying you’re going to keep pouring 200 million won over 10 months. Do you really need that?”

“sure. I’m not stupid. If you don’t need it, would you pour that money into it? ”

As if he didn’t have anything to say, he swallowed dry saliva and asked with a despondent face.

“Are you going to do this again, regardless of my thoughts?”

“yes. Originally, I was just going to pay dividends and do it with my own money, but I told him because I was afraid that he would feel sad.”

My brother laughed in shock.

“..her. Should I thank you for this?”


“Yeah, thanks for telling me in advance.”

after an hour.

“The Samyoung Building in Guro-gu, Seoul must be nearby. Oh, there it is.”

When I went up to the 6th floor of the Samyoung Building, I found an office with a sign saying ‘Hi-Cast’.

When I opened the door, a man in his 30s wearing a crumpled shirt looked up.

“hello. This is HiCast’s headquarters, right?”

“..that’s right, but what’s going on? ”

MP3 player.

It is the third-generation music player that took down the portable cassette player represented by Sony’s Walkman from the throne.

Although not well known, Hicast is the company that produced the world’s first MP3 player.

It is also an unfortunate company that will not be able to overcome the IMF financial crisis 7 months later and will be sold to foreign companies at a low price.

“Can I see you, sir?”

“..I am the boss.”

Oh man, I thought he was a regular employee because he had a face full of work.

There were times when I was having a hard time due to financial difficulties, but it seemed like I was really struggling.

He handed out his business card and formally introduced me.

“hello. Everyone, my name is Jae-Woon Kang, the director.”

“Everyone? Are you moving?”

“Our ‘Damoyo’ is a company specializing in the sale of online shopping malls and assembled computers. I am moving there.”

“Oh, yes, you look very young. I knew I was still a student.”

“Student, that’s right. I’m in high school now.”

The boss had a look of dismay.

“..the student is very talented. Aren’t you an executive if you’re a director?”

“you’re right. Age and ability are not proportional. Our ranks are determined based on our ability to gather together.”

It’s not wrong.

Because my policy was ‘The rank is unconditionally determined by ability’.

However, my rank was determined by my needs, not my ability.

“..Yes, but what’s going on here?”

“I’m here to make some investment.”


At the word investment, the president’s complexion brightened.

He got up hastily and brought a chair in front of me.

“Let’s sit down and talk. I didn’t prepare anything because I didn’t know you were coming this way. Can I get you a cup of coffee?”

Just looking at it, even if I had known that I would come, I don’t think I was prepared.

The boss looked so exhausted that I wondered if he was eating, so I had to treat him.

“it’s okay. You are the CEO, Kim Woon-jin, right?”

“Since you know my name, I think you have come to recognize me.”

I’m not quite aware of it.

Because I know in detail the process of how the company Hicast will collapse in the future.

“Investigation is fundamental to investing. I’m just saying this just in case, but since I’m the son of a wealthy chaebol family, I don’t think you’re thinking that I’m just making money as a hobby, right?”

President Kim waved his hand with a bitter expression on his face.

“Gosh. no. Just by looking at it, it seems that you have been thoroughly prepared for business.”

I thought this, this was 100% the son of an immature chaebol family.

“Then let me tell you the point. I want a 50% stake in Hicast.”


“yes. Instead, we will invest 200 million won per month, a total of 2 billion won over 10 months.”

2 billion was enough money to survive until R&D was completed and MP3 player production started.

President Kim shook his head.

“I’m sorry, but I will decline the offer.”

Uh, is that weird?

I wouldn’t be in a position to reject this condition now.

“As far as I know, your financial situation is pretty bad right now, but what is the reason for your rejection?”

“There is a place where they want to invest 4 billion won under the same conditions. However, he was also concerned about the fact that he was also betting a 50% stake as a condition. If the conditions are the same, of course I would choose that one.”


I knew that Johan Group, an investment company, was investing in Hicast this year, but I thought it would be a little later.

Have you already been in contact?

It was like giving the rice cakes to Kim’s hands all of a sudden.

As of yet, Damoyeo’s financial power cannot compete with the Johan Group, which puts her in a more unfavorable position.

However, the high-cast food is too precious to retreat like this.

What a way… there must be!

President Kim glanced into my eyes and continued.

“If the company wants to lower the stake to 25%, we can consider it.”

Lowering the stake to 25%.

This means that the revenue that will return to trillions of dollars in the future will be cut in half.

It was absolutely unacceptable.

“president. Is it the Johan Group that invests 4 billion won?”

President Kim looked surprised.

“..how do you do that?”

“Did I tell you? I’ve been doing a lot of research. Have you ever thought about what would happen if you received an investment from Johan Group?”

“I know that management can be at risk. But isn’t that the same as accepting that condition?”

“It’s not just that management could be at risk. I guarantee, but if Hicast produces MP3 players, they will go out under the name of Johan.”

This was true.

In fact, Hicast will release an MP3 player next year, but it will go out under the brand Ompiman created by Johan.

President Kim’s expression became complicated.

“If I hold Mr. Kang’s hand, is there any guarantee that it won’t?”

“I can’t guarantee management rights, but I will guarantee that all products released from Hi-Cast will go out under the High-Cast brand.”

Although this yangban had technical skills, his ability as a businessman was very low, so he could not leave the management right to him.

“How can I believe that?”

“I will write a contract. And if President Kim does not produce satisfactory results, I will yield management rights.”

“If I am satisfied with the result, what level are you talking about?”

“If the first product can sell more than 20,000 units per month, I will continue to follow my opinion, and if it is not achieved, I will withdraw from management after that. ”

This required conditions.

“However, for the first product, please follow my opinion when determining specifications such as design and hardware specifications.”

“Are you totally mean?”

“yes. So, if the sales volume is that much, the net profit will be about 5 billion won or more. Wouldn’t this be enough to satisfy even President Kim?”

Originally, the first high-cast product made by President Kim in the future will only sell 10,000 units a year.

20,000 units per month is 240,000 units per year, which is 24 times the sales.

To be honest, even President Kim would not have the confidence to sell 240,000 units on his own.

If I fail, his management rights are guaranteed just as I failed.

If successful, the value of the company will increase significantly.

It was not a proposal that would harm him in any way.

“If you can’t really achieve 20,000 units per month, will you step out of management?”

“Sure. I will also write that clearly in the contract.”

I’m sorry, but management will never go back to President Kim.

I was confident that I would sell 20,000 units, so I made this offer.

And the reason I rated Hicast so highly wasn’t because it was the first MP3 player manufacturer.

The true value of Hi-Cast lies in the company’s original patents related to MP3 players.

All advanced audio devices such as smartphones to be developed later are patents that are so strong that they cannot escape the influence of this original patent, so they will prove to be worth trillions of dollars in the future.

After being sold at a low price to a foreign patent monster (a company that makes money through patent litigation), Highcast cannot enjoy the profits.

Even if the management rights return to President Kim and Highcast will go bankrupt.

I have a patent right, so it’s not a big loss.

“Would you mind giving me some time to think?”

“I can give, but I can’t give much. Our investment candidates are not the only ones here.”

To be honest, it was me who was the one who hated it.

It’s foolish to make such a fuss in a negotiation.

“Two days. That will give you enough time to think.”

Two days.

It is neither long nor short.

If you give it too long, you will feel a lot of miscellaneous thoughts, so it was good for just two days.

“..All right. Then we will contact you again in two days.”

and two days later,

Daewon hyung called me.


“I heard that high-casting is a high-casting place. Are you looking for it?”

you’re finally here

“Yes, this is Kang Jae-woon.”

“I am Kim Woon-jin, the representative of Highcast. “

“Have you thought about it?”

“I have decided to accept the proposal of Director Kang. As I found out on my own, as the director said, there are quite a few places where the Johan Group has lost its brand.”

“You made a good choice. Mr. Kim. We are different from the Johan Group.”

“..I hope so too.”

“I understand. Our meeting was too short to have faith, right? Once time passes, you will have faith in us.”

“Are you going to sign a contract today right away?”

“..All right.”

“Then I will bring a lawyer and see you in an hour.”

1 hour later.

Both parties brought their lawyers along and signed the contract.

squeaky squeaky.

President Kim’s face, who signed the high-cast representative column of the investment contract, was not very bright.

It was temporary, but he couldn’t be happy because he lost management rights.

But sooner or later he will come to the realization that he has made the best choice.

You will see the Chohan Group, which almost became an investment company, fail to survive the IMF financial crisis and collapse.

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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