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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 147

Episode 147. A Korean who can’t help it.

The director replied with a satisfied expression on his face.

“It’s better than I thought. It was also great that Damoye Entertainment supported a lot of the actors in the agency, especially Yeonhee’s acting is excellent. I can’t believe this is my first work.”

“That’s fortunate. If you have any difficulties, please let me know. I will do my best to help you. It’s a project that our representative, Damoye, ordered directly, so I’m a little nervous.”

The director asked in surprise.

“Are you the representative of the headquarters?”

“yes. So, the director, please do your best. If this drama is well-received, other dramas will be added to production. And at that time, our first-ranked director will be Director Shin. Of course, with generous financial support. Our CEO, you know that one financial power is amazing, right?”

“Right now, we invested about 2 billion won because it’s a test, but the next drama will cost more than 5 billion won. You can probably shoot the scene you want to shoot, without a circle.”

Most of the difficulties in drama production come from a lack of funds.

I’m stuck on my schedule because of the cost.

Because of the bar, I can’t buy the props I want and I can’t make the set I want.

This eventually leads to a decline in the quality of the drama, and the director’s reputation also falls, and the vicious cycle of lack of funds is repeated.

The director swallowed one saliva and then his eyes lit up.

“I will try to make the best drama that surpasses the airwaves.”

In fact, I received a lot more investment than any other public TV dramas.

There was nothing impossible, because Da Gae Entertainment supported a lot of good actors.

#Bangbae-dong, Seoul.

Two of the heads of the nation’s three major department stores gathered in a secret room in Yeongyu-gwan, a restaurant famous for its strict security.

Jin Kang-ho, the representative of Gowon Department Store, asked Mo Han-goo, the CEO of Lude Department Store, with a terrifying expression.

“How about the vice president of department stores in Korea?”

Mo Han-gu smiled bitterly and shook his head.

“Vice President Yang will not be present. He said he would take care of dealing with Damoye.”

“..the Korean department store still seems to be able to survive.”

“Assuming that the company is carrying the Hwansung Group brand, the decline in sales will not be as severe as ours. Either way, we have to come up with a solution.”

“Did CEO Mo have something in mind?”

Mohan-gu sighed.

“Whoa, honestly, if there is any circumstance that can make Kang Jae-Woon stop expanding Dao Mall, then he can. But that won’t do you any good, so we’ll have to do something else.”

“other way?”

“The core of Damoye is Kang Jae-woon. If you can remove it, it will shake from the root.”

Jin Kang-ho asked with an absurd face.

“eliminate? Are you talking about killing me?”

Mohan-goo laughed bitterly.

“Please. “How good the police are these days, you can’t make such a risky gamble.”

“Removal isn’t just about killing, right? You can make them look like they are dead.”

Jin Kang-ho said with an annoyed face.

“So, what is the method? All CEOs are nice, but I have a bad habit of turning things around.”

“Let me be brief. You just need to isolate Kang Jae-woon from society. The best way would be to convict him and send him to prison.”

“Are you going to jail? Do you have any weaknesses?”

“I’ve been researching for a month, and I haven’t been able to figure out what happened to anyone. But if there is no sin, shouldn’t we just make it?”

“You make a sin?”

“yes. I know a skilled imitation technician. We’ll pick a few of our department store brands and make imitation products. And we will sell that product at Dao Mall.”

“Hmm…then you’re going to file a complaint with the police? But even if that’s the case, wouldn’t it be over if Kang Jae-woon said he didn’t know?”

“We need the strength of CEO Jin to make it so that we can’t escape. To be precise, we need the strength of Vice Chairman Jin Chang-ho, who is CEO Jin’s older brother.”

“It means that our second brother needs a connection with the prosecution.”

“yes. The evidence that Kang Jae-woon personally ordered the work can be manipulated, but that’s not enough to pass the prosecution’s investigation. That is why the cooperation of the prosecution is essential for this operation, who will touch the evidence to our liking.”

“Even if the guilt is admitted. Still, if you use a good lawyer, you can get away with probation or something like that, right?”

“Even so, it doesn’t matter. Once they are found guilty, the credibility of the shopping mall will be greatly reduced. A lot of consumers will come back to us.”

Jin Kang-ho, who was worried, shook his head.

“Representative Mo? I’m sorry, but that’s not possible.”

“why? Proof we can make it perfect. As long as CEO Jin touches the prosecution side, there is no fear that things will go wrong.”

“Hmm… it just seems like a very crude method for the head of one of the top three department stores in Korea to take. Let’s try to find another way.”

And I didn’t tell Mo Han-goo.

Kang Jae-woon was a talented person whom Jin Seon-ho, the second brother of Gowon Group chairman, cherished.

There was a risk that his mouth would be narrowed if he put his hand in hastily.

Mo Han-gu bit his lip, feeling humiliated at the thought of the method being rude.

‘Born as a royal family, a half penny child who has never overcome a single difficulty properly, what? How stupid are you?’

Mo Han-goo, who struggled to dry his flushed face, continued.

“..Anyway, think again. My side is always ready, so only CEO Jin can say ok. If you change your mind, please contact me again.”

TM Logic headquarters conference room.

“How much did Drill 3 go last month?”

“Five million. About 4.5 million copies were sold in July, but the number increased by 500,000 in two months. Perhaps it is because more and more companies are adopting drill CPUs among desktop PCs, and sales are continuing to increase.”

“Would that have been enough to bring out a fair amount of operating profit?”

The boss laughed.

“yes. Thanks to the steady progress from Drill 1 and Drill 2, last month was 1.132 trillion won.”

“Wow! Over 1 trillion?”

“yes. Because of CEO Kang, I thought we would reach Group 1 someday, but I didn’t know that time would come so quickly. In terms of net profit this month, we even surpassed Hwansung Electronics, the largest company in Korea.”

The moment I heard those words, I was a little moved by the intense emotions that came up at the tip of my chin.

“..Finally you’ve come this far.”

“So far?”

“yes. One of my goals was to surpass Hwansung Electronics.”

The boss looked at me with surprised eyes.

“okay? CEO Kang thought that Korean companies were not even seen as competitors…”

To be honest, the size of today’s domestic companies was not comparable to that of large American companies.

The companies I was thinking of as competitors were mainly American companies.

However, Hwansung Electronics had a special meaning to me because of past relationships.

In my previous life, I was only one of tens of thousands of parts that could be replaced at any time in Hwansung Electronics…

After that, I ended up establishing a company that surpassed Hwansung Electronics, so the feeling was unique.

“I guess I’m also a Korean who can’t help it. I grew up listening to Hwansung Electronics from a young age, so I can’t be that proud.”

“Up until now, I’ve only shown people who aren’t human, but today I look a bit more human. haha.”

According to the original history, Hwansung Electronics’ monthly operating profit should be between 1.2 and 300 billion won by now.

Due to Kowon Electronics’ advance and the LCD division’s sluggishness, the profit has been hovering around the high 900 billion range.

Compared to other companies, it’s not even a small profit.

Since we were pushed by our TM Logic, which does various businesses including TV, mobile phone, and semiconductors at the same time, but only does one semiconductor, we could guess that Chairman Yang Ki-moon was not talking without looking at it.

‘Chairman Yang. I’m going to ride some shit. haha.’

“Is the recruitment of semiconductor engineers that I mentioned last time going well?”

Unfortunately, my future knowledge was limited.

If I introduce a new technology a couple of times in the future, all the knowledge I can draw will be consumed.

After that, they have to compete with other semiconductor companies only with pure development capabilities.

Although TM Logic’s infrastructure and workforce composition are not bad right now, it was my judgment that this was not enough to deal with companies like Wontel, which had been obsessed with semiconductors for decades.

So, I ordered President Lee Byung-hoon to gather the world’s best semiconductor engineering manpower.

“It’s so good that it’s Tal. At first, I was thinking about what to do if I applied a job offer to a prestigious university all over the world but didn’t want to come because it was a Korean company, but it was useless worrying. A lot of PhD graduates from prestigious universities such as Caltech and MIT also applied, and some professors want to come to us.”

“Is that what it was?”

“yes. I was going to ask CEO Kang because of that, but how many people can I get this for?”

“haha. You don’t need to worry about that. If there is no reason for disqualification, please accept everything.”

The boss asked with a frown on his face.

“…there are hundreds of applicants, all of them? We need to pay these people twice the basic salary of our new employees, is that okay?”

“You have enough money. It’s worth it. I’m going to make TMLogic here the center of the world’s system semiconductors. Not only CPU, but also image sensors used in digital cameras, and FPGAs (Field-Programmable Gate Array), which are very difficult to design by combining RAM and CPU, will be researching and developing various system semiconductors. The more people there are, the better. Of course, the CPU side will be the main focus.”

“..I say so in other fields, but in the CPU side, CEO Kang is better than anyone else. I don’t think we’re going to need that many people.”

“It still is. But since I’m a human too, there may come a day when I’ll hit my limit, right? I was prepared for such a moment. That’s when you will need collective intelligence, not your own strength.”

“..Personally, I don’t want that day to come, but there’s nothing wrong with being prepared.”

I took the blueprints from my bag and continued.

“But I don’t think we’ve hit that limit yet. ruler! This is the next-generation CPU, the Drill 4.”

The president’s face brightened greatly.

“Also! I thought it was time to come out.”

“haha. This one took a little while because the structure is complicated.”

It was true that the time it took to draw was longer than the time it took to think.

President Lee touched the drawing with an ecstatic expression on his face.

“okay. What kind of guy is Drill 4?”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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