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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 144

Episode 144. You have to work to make money.

Bank President Na Woong-jin asked a question.

“..one side?”

“yes. Even if the head of the bank refuses anyway, the result does not change. Lone Super will soon oust the bank president and appoint a good listener as the next bank president. Then, the data will be transferred to the Financial Supervisory Service, and Lone Super will take over the Yu-Hwan Bank at a low price based on that. In the end, it will only result in the loss of the position of the bank president.”

he asked with a stiff face.

“Then what am I supposed to do?”

“For the time being, please cooperate as they ask you to.”

“..what do you mean by that? Then Lone Super will take over our bank. After that, Lone Super will kick a lot of people down the street with layoffs, and metallurgically devour the bank’s assets. It’s an obvious procedure. It must be stopped.”

“Under the current situation, it is inevitable that someone will take over Yuhwan Bank. Even if the BIS ratio is more than 8%, the debt became too high after going through the IMF. If additional capital is not put in, it could go bankrupt.”

“..It is, but still not Lone Super. They are ruthless beasts without blood or tears.”

“Then how about me?”

“What if I have a plan to acquire Yuhwan Bank?”

“Are you the representative?”

“yes. Like Lone Super, I have no intention of plucking out people’s blood and tears by coldly cutting out unnecessary parts, nor do I intend to eat only the flesh of the bank and throw it away. I plan to grow it properly and solidly and make it a major affiliate of Damoye.”

“..but, according to the banking law, only financial capital can take over a bank. The CEO is clearly classified as industrial capital and will not be eligible to take over. How are you going to take over?”

“haha. Isn’t that the same for Lone Super? Lone Super is not a fund that mainly manages companies like me, but technically speaking, it is industrial capital, right? That’s why they’re putting pressure on the bank president to create a situation where there can be an exception to the banking law.”

At those words, I, the bank president, put on a look of understanding.

“ah! If Lone Super spreads the board, the CEO is thinking of jumping on it.”

“Right. You just need to remain as their faithful allies and help me at the crucial moment. It’s a little pricey, but if I take over Yuhwan Bank, the president of the bank will continue to be retained. And the bankers won’t have to tremble in fear of being fired.”

At my words, I, the bank manager, fell into trouble for a long time.

Then he lifted his head and looked at me.

“Can I really believe what the CEO promised that there will be no mass layoffs?”

“of course. If in doubt, you can get to know me for a few more days.”

I clenched and opened my fist a few times, then nodded my head.

“..I will trust you once more.”

“You thought well. Bank chief.”

“Actually, I have been hearing reviews about the CEO for a long time. Because the amount of transaction is very large, we have a dedicated team inside us.”

“okay? I’m curious to hear what you think.”

“There were a lot of reviews saying that he treats a few talented employees very favorably, but he also cares about the welfare of all employees.”

“It’s not a bad review. Because I’m a bit biased. haha. Then the bank manager.”

“It will not be easy, but please hold on until our plan succeeds. Let’s show the time to the beasts who don’t intend to heal the wounded Yuhwan Bank, but only eat them.”

I, the bank manager, nodded vigorously.

“All right. I will persevere to the end and give them one shot.”

“haha. That’s a good attitude. Then I will contact you again.”

#I visited Taesung Group Chairman Joo Kang-jin after a long time.

“Lord President. How you doing?”

“Chairman Kang. Long time no see.”

“yes. Hungle and computer stocks have risen a lot recently, are you holding them well?”

“haha. Sure. I only believe in CEO Kang’s words that it will become a global software company, and I am holding on with the desire to sell. But when you bring up that story, you came here because you have something to ask of me?”

“yes. Do you know what a loan super fund is?”

At my words, President Joo looked at me with a rigid expression.

Hmm… As expected, it seems that Chairman Joo is among the ‘them’ mentioned by Bank President Na Woong-jin.

I said they were really good people, but it’s strange that the president, who is in the top three of the big hands in Gangnam, is missing.

“Actually, I was worried about whether I should tell you. By the way, I’ve known the president for nearly three years, but I don’t think it’s reasonable to pretend like you don’t know.”

“The introduction is too long. Tell me the gist.”

“To put it simply, I know that Lone Super is working with a Yu-Hwan Bank. But I’m really interested in that. So, I’m going to try one big fight, but before that, I want to hear what the president thinks.”

“my thoughts?”

“yes. How about working with me other than Lone Super?”

“..So betray the Lone Super?”

“haha. You’re not in a relationship where you’re united by loyalty enough to use the word betrayal. I’m just giving you a chance to think. If you think Lone Super will win, stay there, and if you think I will win, come to me.”

Chairman Joo looked at my face for a long time and then opened his mouth.

“I am giving you one piece of advice from the heart of cherishing CEO Kang. I know that CEO Kang is capable, but this case is out of hand. Because things are a lot more complicated than you think. No matter how much I try, I won’t be able to see anything good.”

“It’s complicated… I am well aware that not only Gangnam’s money maker, but also former ministers and other political figures are participating as investors in the loan super fund. Even the fact that they do not intend to legally take over Yu-Hwan Bank.”

The president looked at me with astonished eyes.

“…you mean you’re going to intervene even though you know that?”

“Why? Even if successful, the profit would be only a few hundred billion. Besides, all those politicians will turn against you.”

“There is a misunderstanding, once Yuhwan Bank is taken over, the value of its stake will jump by more than 400% within five years. It means that if I invest 1 trillion, I can make 4 trillion.”

“..you’re going to run that much?”

“yes. But I’m not looking to increase the value of that stake. Maybe now is the first and last chance to have a bank as an affiliate, so you jump in.”

There are many benefits for industrial capital to have a bank as an affiliate.

Among them, the biggest benefit was that it could easily execute investment using the bank’s capital.

As long as the BIS ratio is at least 8%, it has the advantage of being able to use up to 10 times or more of the net capital at will, so it was necessary to obtain it.

At my words, President Joo groaned and fell into thoughts.

President Joo opened his mouth and asked me.

“If I take the side of President Kang, I don’t think there will be any benefit to me? He said he had no intention of selling his stake in Yuhwan Bank.”

“haha. That’s me. But it doesn’t have to be even the state president. I will not care what happens to the stake that Chairman Joo secured in the case of the takeover of Yuhwan Bank.”

President Joo knocked on the sofa handle.

“Ah, it means that I will sell my share of Yu-Hwan Bank shares at a higher price later.”

“yes. If I take over, at least 20 trillion won will be invested in the Yu-Hwan Bank within the next five years.”

When he heard the amount of 20 trillion won, the president of the world could not hide his agitation.


“yes. Originally, it was not possible to buy more than 4% of bank stocks without financial capital, but this will not be the case. You can collect as many as you can buy and sell them later. The five-year yield will be at least 400-600%, so you won’t be dissatisfied.”

“..If CEO Kang invests 20 trillion won, of course it will.”

President Joo continued to speak with an expression of admiration.

“Huh, I thought I had some kind of human eye, but I was definitely wrong about CEO Kang. I thought he was an underdeveloped criminal, but he wasn’t.”

“haha. Thank you for the compliment. So what would you do?”

“Of course, it’s representative of Kang.”

“good. Then the president has something to do.”

President Joo asked with a frown on his face.

“Then you were just going to make money without doing anything?”

“Um… tell me what I should do.”

“Chairman is on the Lone Super side, and please pass the inside information to me.”

“..you want to be a spy at this age?”

“yes. What should I do if there is no one else to do it other than the President?”

The president sighed.

“Whoa… okay. This looks like he’s been playing for a long time as an active duty player.”

“haha. Then I only trust the President.”

Japan, Tokyo.

Ryosuke, who was heading to the electronics store to buy a laptop, had a sullen expression on his face as he thought about what happened at work during the day.

When it was time to leave, Kenta, a colleague from the next room, approached Ryosuke with a fuss.

“Ryosuke. The electronics store was bustling with people.”

“Because of D-Tab3. Are you going to buy D-Tab3 today? If I go a little late, I may not be able to live.”

Ryosuke said with a surprised face.

“When did I say I was going to buy a D-Tab3? You said you were going to buy a portable PC.”

“..If it’s a portable PC, isn’t it definitely D-Tab3?”

“Of course not. I’m going to buy an RX-210 laptop from Soap.”

Kenta looked surprised.

“You want to buy a laptop? why? It’s much better to buy a D-Tab3 after buying a laptop…”

Ryosuke, who had always believed that Japan was always at the forefront of technology, especially in electronics, was deeply offended by his words.

“Why? There is no reason to leave behind our high-performance laptops made in Japan and buy a D-Tab3 made in Korea.”

Kenta opened her mouth with a trembling face.

“..D-Tab3, I heard that its performance is perfect…I plan to buy it soon.”

“What is good? Electronic products are best made in Korea. You, too, are swept away by absurd rumors, so don’t spend money on unnecessary things.”

“You can’t just ignore the fact that it’s a product made in Korea. I think you’ll regret it 100% if you bought a laptop…”

Their story ended with only running parallel.

“huh. Kenta This bastard speaks without knowing anything. As for electronic products, our Japanese products are the best in the world.”

Ryosuke, who was chubby, entered the entrance to the electronics store.

I asked the clerk the location of the laptop display corner.

“Can you see where there are a lot of people over there?”

Where the clerk’s fingertips were directed, people gathered in a narrow space.

“Oh, are you there?”

“no. That’s where D-Tab3 is. It’s right there on the left.”

‘Ha… Another D-Tab3?’

Ryosuke barely held back his frown and opened his mouth.

“..okay. Thanks for letting me know.”

“yes. Please take a look.”

There was no one but him in the laptop display corner that arrived after struggling through the crowds on the D-Tab3 side.

‘It’s quiet and nice. Well, you should experience it to your heart’s content.’

Ryosuke, who had experienced the performance of the laptop for about 10 minutes, called the clerk.

“I will live with this RX-210 from Soap. Please bring me one.”

The clerk looked at the list of products and answered.

“I have to get this out of the warehouse, so can you wait a little bit? It will be brought to the counter, so you can come and pay in about 10 minutes.”

After the clerk leaves, Ryosuke is looking forward with a blank expression on his face.

At that moment, the people next to me burst out in admiration.



Ryosuke turned his head involuntarily at the sound.

In an instant, his gaze was fixed on the D-Tab3’s display screen as if it had been pasted with glue.

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
By SerenPanda What did you just say? Selling time?


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