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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 138

Episode 138. Maybe it will.

I opened my mouth to the S-Project team members.

“Thank you very much for joining S-Project, a great journey to change the future. Actually, it’s been a while since I’ve thought of a project like this in my head, and I did a lot of preparation, but it was literally just preparation. In order to get started in earnest, the power of experts like you was essential, and I’m really happy that there are so many people who are more talented than I thought. Let’s run as hard as we can with me until a world where internet is available anytime, anywhere!”

One of the team leaders told me.

“But, sir. You shouldn’t run too fast by yourself just because you’re young. Think of older people too. haha.”

“of course. I will adjust your pace until you follow me well, so just follow me.”

“haha. We will be together until the end!”

Apple Inc., USA.

CEO Steve Mars was listening to reports on the sales of the iPad.

“A month after its release, the accumulated sales of the iPad are 100,000 units.”

Steve asked what the sales executive said.

“How much is it in terms of share?”

“About 7%.”

As Steve made a dissatisfied face, the executive continued.

“For the first month’s grades, it can be said that the grades were decent. Usually, if you jump in as a latecomer, don’t you often just collapse after not exceeding the wall of 1% in market share for several years? At around 7%, it can be said that consumers acknowledged that our APAD is a product that can compete with the D-Tab.”

“I know it’s not bad grades. But in my heart, I thought that 10% would be enough. That’s why we prepared so much.”

“Mr. Mars. Only one month has passed. The time is too short for all consumers to know the advantages of our APADS. In just a few more months, a lot more people will choose us.”

However, Steve’s face did not straighten even at the words of the executive.

“These months are a problem. There’s no way we can all gather and wait patiently until we hit our share. There will definitely be new products in the D-Tab series.”

“..It took 4 months from the release of D-Tab1 to the release of D-Tab2, but a year has passed since then and no new products have been released yet. It means that the development difficulty has risen dramatically, will Damoye be able to solve that difficulty within a few months?”

“It will not be easy. But I think Mr. Kang will come out with a new one soon. Someone who had already guessed that I was going to release an A-pad, but it’s weird that there’s no preparation for it. And just last month, Drill 3 came out. The reason why we haven’t released a new product until now may be because we were waiting for Drill 3 to come out.”

Because it was a reasonable statement, concern fell on the executive’s face.

“Well, if a new D-Tab really comes out… it will be a big hit.”

“yes. So, before that, you need to increase your share as much as possible. When a new D-Tab is released, it will only fall, and it will be impossible to upload it for a while.”

“I see what you mean. We will increase our market share as much as possible by increasing our PR expenses.”

#Da together center, Daewon hyung’s office.

“brother. How much has our D-Tab share dropped since the iPad came out?”

“It’s only been a month, but it’s 7%… Making an e-book for college majors must have appealed to consumers quite a bit. After all, Steve is not a good person.”

Daewon said with a frown on his face.

“Is this the time to praise the enemy? I’m still upset.”

“haha. No matter how many enemies you have, you have to admit it. Besides, we are preparing for a counterattack. D-Tab3. If that goes out, the momentum of the iPad will be greatly diminished. You don’t have to worry too much.”

“yes. Is there any problem with preparing for the release of D-Tab3?”

“The reliability test has been completed, and we have already secured 2 million units in stock. And the assembly line has been inspected so that it can produce up to 2.5 million units per month.”

“How do the pre-testers react?”

Daewon hyung gave a thumbs up.

“Tell me what The resolution is doubled, so the picture quality is clearer, and thanks to the multi-core of the Drill 3, you can do various tasks at the same time. In particular, the touch pen, this response was very good. D-Tab has been popular with users in their 20s and 30s so far, but I think D-Tab3 will be quite popular with users in their 40s and 50s. Maybe it’s because they’re a generation who writes by hand, so they really like the idea of ​​being able to write with a pen.”

“It’s fine. Is there a good wireless internet connection in the Wi-Fi zone?”

“Ah, that turned out to be a good reaction. Everyone said it was amazing because they said you could use the internet wirelessly.”

“It’s kind of strange now, but later on, without it, your PC will become unusable. It’s really quick for people to get used to things that are convenient.”

“Well, it would be quite inconvenient if you suddenly need a line while you are surfing the internet anywhere wirelessly. I was wondering why you were in a hurry to create a Wi-Fi zone that no one is using, but after using the D-Tab3 wirelessly, I can understand why.”

“Wi-Fi itself is a great technology. However, it has been neglected until now because it is a technology that becomes useful only when a portable product like the D-Tab comes out. Perhaps when our D-Tab3 goes on sale, Wi-Fi will also get attention. There will be more Wi-Fi zones in the future.”

“You guessed it and took over the wired internet company Damoye Information Technology, right?”

“Can’t you just do good things for others? haha.”

“This meticulous bastard, no matter what you do, there’s no way to just do it.”

“I have to become a chaebol that goes beyond shouting, but I have to be meticulous. Can you just do it like that?”

“..At first I thought it was a joke, but now that I hear it, I know for sure. Are you really going to beat the cheers?”

“Absolutely. I don’t joke like that. All the first place in the business hierarchy will gather, and we will make the second place cheer like this.”

“..seeing that you have come this far, it might be like that. So will I become the second largest shareholder of such a conglomerate?”

“haha. By that time, perhaps even Chairman Hwansung Ki-moon Yang will not be reckless with his brother.”

Daewon-hyung was trembling, then his eyes brightened and he looked at me.

“I will work hard in the future.”

“You haven’t worked hard until now, have you?”

“You worked hard. But I will work harder. So, everyone, let’s make it such a company. Even just imagining it for a moment, it’s completely killing me!”

“haha. It won’t be long before that dream becomes a reality.”

Damoye officially announced the release of D-Tab3 through its website.

Media outlets around the world quickly spread the news.

The first launch countries were English-speaking countries, Korea, and some European countries.

Complaints from users in other countries that were excluded from the first release country were numerous.

European Netherlands.

Vincent, who runs an electronics store, was neurotic from morning calls.

“Hello?…D-Tab3?…It hasn’t come out yet…Why was it excluded from the first release? I don’t know either. Maybe it’s because Korea has a small population? Yeah? You don’t know Korean? What do you say to me? I don’t know Korean either. Are you looking for an interpreter?”

Vincent, who was staring at the receiver with a blank expression on his face, exploded.

“This ㅆ***! What are all these things!”

Vincent, who had been cheering for a while, sat down on the chair with a tired look on his face.

As he stared at the phone with full of resentment, he suddenly felt unfair.

“How many times is this? I can’t. I’ll have to ask my Korean friend to call Damoye. Why did you cause this sad month by excluding Korea from the first launch country?”

“one! I am Vincent.”

“Uh, what’s going on?”

“If you have time, please come to my store. I have something to call Korea.”

After a moment’s hesitation, the friend answered.

“Um… you’re not asking me to call Damoye, are you?”

Vincent was surprised.

“No, how did you know that?”

“How do you know, besides you, there were two other classmates who called me for that. You are the third.”

“haha. I see.”

“I understand why you called, but I’m sorry. There is no way I can help.”

“why? You just need to ask a few questions.”

“It is not difficult to ask. Everyone, the call center can’t answer the phone. There was also a notice on the website that it would be difficult to connect with a counselor for the time being due to the flood of inquiries. You have to be on the phone to ask anything.”

“..Oh, I see. Okay…”

#D-Tab3 the day after release.

Daewon, who was sitting with a sullen face, asked his brother.

“Are you still getting calls from countries other than the first release?”

“yes. Call center agents couldn’t even afford to go to the bathroom, so I hired a part-time worker to do the shift.”

“..the counselors must have a lot of trouble.”

“okay. Not having time to rest is a problem, but the call center manager complained that it was more difficult because there were a lot of people who just said what they wanted to say in their own language and then cut it off.”

“Hmm… when D-Tab2 was released, I don’t think there were so many inquiries.”

“I know yeah. So this time, the first release country went without major changes from the time of D-Tab2, but this problem arose.”

“haha. It means that our D-Tab3 is that popular, so we get so many calls. What country did your inquiries come from?”

“Mainly Europe. But this time, we are getting intermittent inquiries from China and Japan.”

“China and Japan? D-Tab2 didn’t sell very well there.”

China has a huge population.

There were not many people who could afford it yet, so there was not much demand for expensive products such as D-Tab.

Unlike China, Japan has a high income level.

Traditionally, there was a strong perception that Korea had a technological edge over Korea, so there was a tendency to start by laying down Korean products.

So, again, there were not many D-Tab sales.

“China’s economy has been growing rapidly in recent years. Since the D-Tab series is popular all over the world, I think more and more people want to buy it even if it is expensive. And in Japan, console games are mostly switched to our D-Tab, so there seems to be a lot of people who are forced to buy D-Tab.”

I pondered for a moment, and then Daewon said to his brother.

“Brother, I can’t do this. We rush the second release before the resentment against us builds up.”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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