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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 136

Episode 136. Useless stones.

I answered Jeff.

“yes. And soon we will release the new D-Tab3. Sales will increase even more.”

He spoke to Jeff, who was pensive.

“D-Tab is different from a regular PC. Because it is portable, it can be used anytime, anywhere, and the display occupies most of the product. In a word, it is optimized for enjoying media. The synergy with the cultural contents Mr. Brooks has will be very good.”

And if Jeff sold cultural contents in D-Tab, it was beneficial to me as well.

As a media tycoon, the contents he has were of good quality and the quantity was huge, so he was able to further enhance the charm of D-Tab.

After a while, Jeff opened his mouth.

“It sounds plausible, but no matter how portable the D-Tab is, isn’t it possible to use the Internet only where there is a wired LAN? Then it seems like an exaggeration to say that it can be used anytime, anywhere.”

“You are sharp. Until D-Tab2, yes. However, the D-Tab3 can access the Internet wirelessly using Wi-Fi.”

Jeff asked with a surprised face.

“Wi-Fi? Has it already been commercialized?”

“It is already being serviced in Korea. Although it is still difficult to use in the United States, we plan to install Wi-Fi zones in places where a lot of people gather, such as university libraries, after seeing the Korean response and negotiating with US wired Internet service providers.”

“..I thought it would be commercialized in a few more years, but the pace of technology development is faster than I thought.”

“The commercialization of Wi-Fi was delayed not because there was a problem with the technology, but because there were no products that could use Wi-Fi well. Once D-Tab3 is released, Wi-Fi will spread rapidly. And the number of people using the Internet with D-Tab will also increase rapidly. Even if not now, Mr. Brooks will eventually sell content on the D App Store.”

He added a word to Jeff, who was manipulating his wand with a worried expression.

“This is not the end. If the communication environment develops further, you will be able to access the Internet anytime, anywhere with D-Tab just like a mobile phone. It won’t be long until then. However, if you enter at that time, there will be no benefits such as fee waiver. As I said before, the commission is 30% of the sales.”

“..30%…that’s huge.”

“Since we created a platform where we can sell, we deserve that. What would you do? Mr Brooks. This is my last suggestion. If you are not satisfied with this, I will give up the acquisition of TC Comics and only purchase the right to publish the e-book.”

Jeff looked at the table without saying a word for a while, then looked up.

“Hmm… Mr. Kang’s suggestion is a lot to think about. I will talk to the executives and get back to you.”

Seeing that he doesn’t say no with a single blow like before, he seems to be interested.

Daewon called his brother and told him about the result of his business trip to the United States.

“So, Moble Comics has acquired a 60% stake, and I’m not sure what will happen to TC Comics, right?”

“yes. As the chairman of a chaebol, he knew exactly what was important. I was trying to take out the whole grain and hand it over, but it was not easy to deal with. I threw the D App Store as a bait, but will I get it…”

“He said that if I didn’t get it, I would only buy the right to publish an e-book. What are you worried about?”

“Rather than worrying, it’s a pity. If you can even take over the rights to the movie, it will be quite a lot of money.”

“Are cartoons that much money?”

“sure. Well made comics are like that. If this is made into a movie and is a box office hit, money will come from the movie, comics will be sold, and you will be able to collect royalties from various character goods. As an example, if you make a movie properly, you can make more than 400 billion won.”

In fact, ‘Batman Begins’, the first part of the original TC Comics series, made 350 million dollars from movie revenue alone, so the total revenue would have been well over 400 billion won.

Daewon hyung had a surprised expression on his face.

“Can you earn that way on one side?”

“sure. A Hollywood movie can make quite a bit of money just by making a good movie, but it’s even more salty because there is additional income if there is a separate original.”

“I see. You just have to be greedy.”

“So. By now, Time Hana Group must be working hard to find out about us, but I wonder what they are talking about.”

Three days after Jaewoon visited the office.

Time Haner Group Chairman Jeff Brooks summoned Levin, CEO of Haner Bros., a subsidiary of the film company.

“Levin. What did you ask me to find out?”

“Yes, there was a movie investment company called Damoye Entertainment among the affiliates of Damoye, which Mr. Kang is the representative.”

“After all, they said they were giving up the acquisition right away when they asked to hand over the rights to the movie. He wasn’t ignorant of the video business.”

“yes. They even paid half of the investment for Mission Impossible 2, which was ranked number one at the box office last year. He seems to have a very good eye for watching movies.”

“Um… Seeing that, it seems that he is also thinking of making a movie with TC Comics. Levin, was Superman the next film to be filmed based on TC?”

“Do you think it will work out this time?”

Levin made an unsure expression on his face.

“..it looks like you have to open it to find out. Since the original is so famous, it’s easy to hear reviews that it’s worse than the original if you don’t make it well. In addition, the story line is set to some extent, and it is not possible to change it at will, making it even more difficult.”

“I will. But seeing that he wanted the rights like that, he said he had the confidence to choose a movie well…”

After those words, Jeff remained silent for a while.

As Levin felt uncomfortable with the long silence, Jeff opened his mouth.

“Let me give up the copyright for TC Comics.”

Levin asked surprised.

“yes? Wasn’t that something the president took very seriously?”

“right. A good story has its own power. However, no matter how good the gemstones are, if they do not have the ability to process them, they are useless stones. Looking at the way things go, even if I hugged him, I don’t think film-related profits will continue for a while, and I think it would be better to accept Mr. Lecture’s offer, hand over TC Comics, and start an internet business.”

“..it’s surprising that you’re giving up the copyright that you value so much.”

“The future Mr. Kang said moved my heart. Levin, what would happen if we could access the Internet anytime, anywhere in a portable product that people could hold in their hands?”

At that, Levin pondered for a long time before answering.

“I do not know. First of all, the number of people using the Internet will explode.”

“right. On the bus or subway commuting to work, more and more people will read newspapers and news on the Internet. That would be the same for TV shows and movies. With that in mind, this is an opportunity.”

“..what kind of opportunity are you talking about…?”

“An opportunity to grow our influence. Mr. Kang will eventually create such a world. And other competing media groups will follow the change and jump into the Internet platform. But what if we make a plate before they can detect this change?”

Levin made a face of realization.

“Ah, it could play a game in our favor.”

“right. In that sense, I decided to hand over a TC comic that I don’t know when it would turn out to be profitable, and instead, I decided to take a step forward in the internet world that Mr. Kang would create.”

“So, let’s put together all the TC original movies that Haner Bros was planning to produce. Unfortunately, it seems that the relationship with TC Comics is over.”

“All right. Mr Brooks.”

#May 1st.

A gift came to me after a long time.

“Choose a category. Number one is biology, number two is chemistry, number three is mathematics, and number four is physics.”

Unfortunately, none of the electronics had anything to do with me.

I picked number two.

When I opened the note, there was a person’s name.

– Professor Jumin Hwang, Wooshin University

..Is it possible, Director Hwang Jumin?

Director Hwang Jumin.

He was the head of the research center when I was working at Hwansung Display.

As an authority in the field of OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diodes), he is the one who made Hwansung Display the world’s best OLED company.

His personality is also bubbly.

He was one of the few executives I liked in the company because he didn’t have a pretentious side.

I heard that you were at school before, so I thought you were a professor at a famous university like SKY or KAIST.

Although it was not ranked third, it was surprising that Wooshin University was not a prestigious university that everyone knew.

Although LCDs once became mainstream, accounting for more than 95% of displays worldwide.

The limitation was clear in that a separate light source was needed because it could not emit light by itself.

Eventually, it will give way to OLEDs that can emit light on their own.

I was still thinking about when to start OLED development, but I think Hwang Min-min, the director, will come out as a gift.

I headed straight for Wooshindae.

I went to the administration office of Wooshin University’s College of Natural Sciences and asked.

“I came to see Professor Jumin Hwang. May I know where your classroom is?”

The person in charge looked up the list of professors and shook his head.

“Aren’t there such professors at the College of Natural Sciences? Professor Jumin Hwang is in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the College of Engineering.”

“Are you from the Department of Mechanical Engineering?”

As I left the administration office of the college and visited the laboratory of Professor Jumin Hwang of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, I was lost in thought.

That’s weird.

As far as I know, Director Hwang Jumin was an authority on organic materials that emit light, which is the core of OLED displays.

OLED materials are made through chemical synthesis, so I thought it would be a chemical fruit of course.

Mechanical engineering department… Maybe it’s the same person?

As I entered the lab, a graduate student greeted me.

“What brings you here?”

“This is Professor Jumin Hwang’s lab, right?”

“Where did the professor go?”

“I went to see the dean of the College of Engineering for a moment. You’ll be here soon. Can you wait?”

Had I waited for about 5 minutes at the table on the other side?

The door to the lab swung open, and a very familiar voice was heard.

“You’re such a spunky man! I’ll do research with my own money only when I beg that person for research funds. How did such a person become the dean…”

Professor Hwang, who was grumbling, found me.

“Uh, but who…?”

The Hwang Jumin I know.

“hello. professor. My name is Jaewoon Kang from Damoyeo.”

“Everyone? Are you talking about the D-Tab manufacturer?”

“yes. you’re right. I am the representative there.”

Professor Hwang looked surprised.

“Why did the CEO of that big company come all the way here?”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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