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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 133

Episode 133. Basic virtues of a businessman.

“yes. Unlike Nai World, which can do many things, I really didn’t expect that Nystar, which specializes in photo-related services, would be this popular.”

“It’s thanks to team leader Lee and Chang-hoon who made it so well.”

I also conveyed my condolences to Changhoon hyung, who was on the other side.

“brother. I had a lot of trouble. Did you see that the image filter was completely killed? Photos taken casually by ordinary people are instantly transformed into photos that look as if they were taken by a professional. It was like seeing magic.”

Changhoon scratched his chin with his index finger as if embarrassed by his brother.

“It’s me, the only thing that bothered me is the team leader Lee and Hongin Media…”

To that, Team Leader Lee Woong-gi answered.

“It is true that while working with Changhoon when developing Nystar, I thought about whether I should match these things as well. But after seeing the results, I immediately understood why Changhoon did that. It is entirely thanks to Mr. Changhoon’s skills that Nystar is able to provide such a high-quality service.”

Changhoon hyung replied with a smile.

“Thank you for saying that. In fact, even during the development period, it must have been very difficult to coordinate with me…”

“no. It can happen when you work.”

After that, I opened my mouth.

“Right. Besides, the result turned out so well. Changhoon hyung is the assistant manager today, thanks to the contribution he made to Nystar.”


“..It’s been a little over a year since I came in, but you’re a representative…Damoye is really special.”

“sure. It’s special.”

Changhoon nodded his head strongly to see if he had a sense of motivation.

“Just leave it to me. In the future, I will take good care of Nystar and turn it into a place like a black hole from which once you enter, you can never get out.”

“haha. I look forward to it.”

Team leader Lee Woong-gi also congratulated Chang-hoon-hyung.

“Congratulations. this deputy. When developing the image filter, our team members had a bit of a hard time, but now everyone acknowledges Chang-hoon.”

“thank you. this chief. We wish you all the best in the future.”

“yes. Good luck.”

The manager, who was smiling happily, looked at me and said.

“I felt it this time too, but the CEO seems to always understand exactly what consumers want.”

“It is the most basic virtue of an entrepreneur. If that doesn’t happen, how are you going to do business?”

“It is a basic virtue, but it is also the most difficult to acquire. The truth is, everyone is a little different, so it’s not easy to know what other people want. However, looking at the CEO, it often feels as if you have entered into someone else’s mind. How could you?”

“There is nothing special about it. It’s just that my tastes are popular. I do what I want to do, and other people like it as well.”

“..that’s an enviable taste.”

“haha. I guess I am very lucky.”

#Mid April.

Apple’s headquarters conference room.

CEO Steve Mars opened his mouth with emotion.

“Thanks to all of you, Apple’s first tablet PC, the iPad, has been successfully developed. Everyone worked hard.”

The executives seated around Steve answered him.

“Mr. Mars also worked hard. Without the momentum of Master Mars, who encouraged all departments and brought them here, the APAD would have remained an unfinished product.”

“you’re right. In particular, when Damoye introduced a new product called D-Tab2, there were many opinions inside and outside the company that tablet PCs should be abandoned, but Mr. The result is a great tablet PC that rivals D-Tab2.”

When the excitement of the executives subsided, Steve continued.

“It is still too early to say a toast. It has been over a year since the D-Tab series was released. Consumers will be quite familiar with D-Tab. The key is how much we can attract such consumers’ attention to us. I am confident in the performance of the iPad, but once you get used to being a human, it is not easy to change.”

One executive replied.

“Aren’t we prepared a lot to make that happen?”

Steve laughed.

“Right. One of them is the plan to release major textbooks from universities across the country as e-books exclusively for the iPad.”

“When Mr. Mars first brought the plan out of his mouth, I honestly thought it was impossible. You have to convince the publishing industry, known for its stubbornness, which no one has ever succeeded in. I hope you can use Yamazon. I didn’t even think of it. haha.”

“30% of books distributed in the US are sold through Yamazon. The pressure from Yamazon can’t be resisted by publishers.”

“Coming out, how did you negotiate with Mr. Leaf? I heard that Mr. Mars negotiated directly, and I was curious about the process.”

“Yamazon CEO Mr. Leaf also shared the idea that the tablet PC market will grow in the future, so the story worked well. I will install the Yamazon online store app as a basic program on the iPad, so Yamazon asked me to take responsibility for making the university’s major textbooks into e-books, and he readily agreed.”

“Oh, I see. If you put such a condition on it, Mr. Reef would have to suffer.”

“yes. In addition to that, I think there is a chance to win because our APADS also have many advantages, such as a lower fee than the D App Store. The marketing team will continue to promote the iPad on the media and the Internet, and when it is released tomorrow, the sales team should report the overall sales status from time to time. The production team is good at supplying parts and managing the line so that there is no disruption to sales.”

“All right. Mr Mars.”

#Everyone Center.

Daewon hyung found me in a hurry.

“Jaewoon. Did you hear that Apple released a tablet PC called the iPad?”

“Oh yeah? I was expecting it, but it’s finally here.”

“Did you expect that?”

“I don’t know Steve very well. He has a good eye for the future and a strong fighting spirit, so as soon as he saw our D-Tab, he would have thought that I should make one too. On the contrary, I thought it would come out sooner, but it feels a little late.”

“..even though you knew that, did you have such a carefree face?”

“It’s not going to be that big of a threat. What OS did you use?”

“It looks like they used an OS they developed independently called A-OS.”

We didn’t use Easy OS, we used A-OS?

I guess you still think it’s worth doing.

“Then it’s no longer a threat.”

“Why do you think so? The hardware was almost similar to D-Tab2, right? Good reviews too.”

“First of all, it is a mistake of judgment since I wrote A-OS.”

“Why? In my opinion, the A-OS was also made quite well. The response speed of the touch screen is not much different from ours, and I thought it would be nice to be able to use all the software developed by Apple.”

“How many pieces of software have Apple developed? A thousand or ten thousand? There are over 500,000 D-Tab software on our D App Store right now. Most of the big games released this year are also for D-Tab. Although there may be some deviations from users who are familiar with Apple’s system, it will have little effect on the whole. Don’t worry too much, if there’s nothing special about it, it’ll just be buried and disappear.”

Daewon hyung looked relieved at my words.

“If you think so, then you are right. Okay. I feel a little more secure now.”

#3 days later.

Steve was also Steve.

I laughed out loud when I read an article in which he announced a collaboration with Yamazon.

“You say textbooks from universities across the country are made and sold as e-books? I knew I wasn’t the type of person to take on a reckless challenge, but I was hiding this number.”

Although Yamazon will grow into a huge online shopping mall that will destroy the American distribution network in the future.

It started as an online bookstore.

Because e-books are at risk of illegal copying, publishers of this era were reluctant to do so.

In particular, publishers who deal with textbooks that are in constant demand even if they are not sold as e-books would not have easily agreed to it, but they will bring in Yamazon and do it.

If e-book textbooks were released for the iPad, it could be quite a threat to us as well.

I called Daewon hyung urgently.

My brother looked at me and grumbled.

“It’s been a few days since you shouted out that you have nothing to worry about, so you’re going to have a countermeasure meeting all of a sudden?”

“…that was when I didn’t know Steve had a number like this. To make textbooks into e-books, this was unexpected.”

“Hmm… so what are we going to do?”

“There are two main things we need to do. One is the completion of D-Tab3. But actually, this in itself doesn’t mean much. As for the hardware, Apple and us all get them from outside companies, so Apple can follow along as time goes on.”

Daewon hyung hesitated for a moment and then asked.

“…As for the hardware, important parts are all made by companies that have a relationship with you. Can’t you give it to Apple? Parts imports will decrease a bit, but it’s better than nurturing future enemies.”

“It’s not that I don’t understand your heart. If that happens, my parts makers will have to turn the world’s PC makers into enemies. Then your income will decrease a lot, not a little. It is only an action to give Wontel and other competing parts companies an excuse to survive. You can’t give up everything else to save one D-Tab, right?”

“..not really.”

“Besides, there will always be challenges like this. If we cut our parts supply right now, we’ll get through this crisis easily, but eventually our competitors will bet on us again with similar hardware. What are you going to do then?”

“..Sorry, I was short.”

“haha. I didn’t mean to say sorry. Anyway, you have to defeat an enemy like Affler from the front so you don’t feel uncomfortable all the time. So the second strategy I’m talking about is the key to this win.”

Daewon asked hyung with a warm face.

“If Apple bet us with textbooks, we will bet with cartoons!”


“In English, it’s called comics. There are two traditionally famous comic book publishers in the United States. Those are Mobile Comics and TC Comics, and I’m going to try to target these two.”

In the US comics industry, Moble and TC Comics, two major mountain ranges, occupies more than 70% of the market share.

TC Comics, famous for Superman and Batman series, and Mobile Comics, famous for Captain America, Thor, and Spider-Man series, were planned to be published as a D-Tab e-book.

“Are you trying to publish a manga as an e-book?”

“Even small Korean publishers have no place to publish as e-books because of concerns about illegal copying, so will big American companies agree to that?”

“Don’t worry, there is a way.”

“okay? but. You’re not the kind of guy who would say something like that without thinking.”

“yes. I will fly to the United States to solve it myself, so hyung, please prepare well so that there is no problem with the release of D-Tab3. It has to be released at the end of May, so we only have about a month and a half left.”

“okay. I will make sure to prepare.”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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