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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 126

Episode 126. Regret is late no matter how early.

Henry, feeling that President Edward’s heart had already hardened, nodded helplessly.

“Okay, Mr President. The press conference will be held as soon as the process of withdrawing the designation as a preferred bidder is completed.”

“yes. During the press conference, we were also deceived by Wontel. It wasn’t such a bad situation, but be sure to state that Wontel exaggerated the situation and made it this way. If done wrong, it could be branded as an incompetent government.”

After leaving the White House, USTR representative, Henry Scott, returned to the office and called the North Asia Director.

“How is it? Mr Scott.”

“As we expected. The president said that the activation of Super 301 should be withdrawn.”

The chief’s face darkened greatly.

“..because you are a person who cares a lot about public opinion, it seemed like it.”

“And now, because of this situation, we are in a lot of trouble. I’m sorry, but your dispatch to the White House, scheduled for next month, seems to be difficult for the time being. This applies not only to you, but to all USTR employees, so don’t be too sad.”

“..if you say for the time being, how long will you say it?”

“Well. I can’t tell you anything right now.”

Seeing Henry come out like this.

It is correct to believe that the White House dispatch promised by Onetel CEO Craig has already passed.

The chief’s voice, greatly disappointed, subsided.

“Be strong. One day something good will happen.”

Craig Martin, CEO of Wontel, was furious when he received a call from the #USTR North Asia Director.

“Chief! Isn’t this saying wrong? Are you saying you can hold out as much as possible?”

“This is what I have endured as much as possible. You know Mr Martin. Now the whole country is boiling with protests. The president is very embarrassed. He continued to persuade, but it was no more.”

“Still, this is not it. Negotiations with Korea are almost over, so if you hold out a little longer, Super Article 301 can be activated. What if you say that now?”

Craig’s promise to send the White House to the White House had already been canceled, so the director no longer had to bow down to him.

The director responded nervously to Craig’s words.

“Let’s hear it, it’s hard to say. I’m not even a Wontel employee, am I obligated to listen to Mr. Martin?”

“Anyway, that’s how it happened, so there won’t be a Super 301 trigger. Then come on.”


Craig looked at the phone with a puzzled expression.

“..to see a writer who was so sleazy until last month came out like this…”

Craig couldn’t understand the current situation.

“..the president has obviously turned his back on it. why? Is it because of the protests? Still, it is. There are tens of thousands of people directly employed by Wontel, and if you include those who are economically connected, that number is 20 times that number. In addition, this time, the support for the Democratic Party, the party belonging to the president, has also doubled. How can you come out like this?”

I couldn’t figure out the exact reason.

It was clear that Craig’s plan to block the drill with the Super 301 had gone terribly wrong.

Craig laughed bitterly.

“It’s nothing. We have no choice but to develop new products as quickly as possible. I tried to buy some time until I could match even the driving clock similarly, but Jae-Won Kang doesn’t even give me time for that. It’s really not normal. After all, at that time, he should have done everything he could to bring him towards us…”

Craig then regretted that he had underestimated Kang Jae-woon.

It was already very late.

#Early August.

The Office of the President of the Blue House, South Korea.

The chief of staff approached the president with an excited face and said:

“President. I got a call from USTR.”

“okay? What did you say?”

“I will withdraw the designation of Korea as a preferred bidder.”

The president laughed out loud.

“haha. Jaewoon Kang This friend really did it!”

“yes. He is a very smart person. Quickly develop D-Tab2, and we’ll get American public opinion on our side. At that time, there was a reason President Kang confidently assured himself at the meeting.”

“Iknow, right. It is a great blessing to have such a talented person born in Korea.”

The president, who had been happy for a long time with pride and gratitude for his fortune, continued.

“Chief Secretary.”

“Chairman Kang, he must have assumed this task because he thought it was his responsibility, but in the end, he made a great contribution to the country through this incident.”

“That’s what I’m saying, shouldn’t we do something in return?”

“How…how do you mean it?”

“If we were to compensate entrepreneurs, wouldn’t tax reduction be the best? Let’s lower CEO Kang’s corporate tax by 10% temporarily. At least until the end of my term. And if there is a customs procedure for export or a part that requires administrative processing, please simplify it as much as possible.”

The chief of staff opened his mouth with a face of concern.

“If that happens, other companies may complain that this is not fair.”

“You just have to have a decent title. For example, CEO Kang’s corporation was selected as an excellent exporting company, so he received tax reductions and various supports, something like this.”

“..still there is no legal basis to provide such support to companies with excellent export performance.”

“Then we can make it this time. It will be enforced by a presidential decree, so please prepare a detailed basis for it from the head of the department.”

“You seem to have made up your mind. Okay. I will prepare and report to you.”

The USTR representative officially announced that it would withdraw its designation as a preferred bidder for South Korea.

The next day, an interview with CEO Kang Jae-woon was published in the New York Times, a prominent American daily, saying that he would rush to release D-Tab2 in the United States.

【Thanks to the support of all American citizens, all misunderstandings have been resolved. With gratitude for this, we will release D-Tab2 as soon as possible. And to commemorate the US release, we are providing special games developed by Damoye for free, so please use it a lot. thank you.】

That night, American social media sites were covered with sentences such as ‘We did it!’ and ‘We won!’.

The pubs near the university were so full that it was difficult to get a seat.

A pub near Cornell University.

Ben and Anthony, who were wearing t-shirts with the words ‘Abolish Super Section 301’ in red letters, raised their glasses of beer with happy faces.

“nice! Anthony, this day is coming.”

Anthony replied with a smile.

“That’s it. It is worthwhile to shout out in front of the city hall every week to burst your throat.”

After emptying the 500cc glass of beer at once, Ben asked.

“If you buy a D-Tab2, what will you do with it first?”

“Well, there are so many things I want to do, I don’t know what to do first. But recently, a graphic professional program, Picture Shop, was released exclusively for D-Tab2, so I want to try it first.”

“Anyway, who thinks of painting first because it’s not from the Department of Architecture?”

“haha. It’s heaven, I can’t help it Ben are you?”

“Of course we have to start playing! In particular, I’m going to try Diablo 2 first. Looking at the reviews, I thought it was a masterpiece. When you play on the touch screen, the feeling of hitting is no joke.”

“Damoye is giving me a new game, so I want to try it soon. Game Heaven with D-Tab1 was also really fun.”

“yes. It’s a very simple game, but hours go by quickly.”

“Ah, I feel like my body is already itching because I want to try it as soon as possible.”

Ben shouted in excitement, raising his glass high.

“Cheers to the launch of D-Tab2!”

Maybe they weren’t the only ones to welcome that fact, so beer glasses came up from all over the place.

“haha. we did it! Cheers!”

D-Tab2 was released in the United States with people’s enthusiastic applause.

And on the day of release.

The sales staff had to be very nervous as they watched the people lined up from early in the morning with no end in sight.

D-Tab2 sold at a tremendous speed right after its release, setting a record of selling out 2 million units in just one week.

#System semiconductor fabless company, Sungwoon Logic, changed its name to TM Logic to match its name with my other subsidiaries.

TM Logic’s president Lee Byung-hoon did not think that the corner of his mouth, which had risen once, would come down.

“Your boss, are you that good?”

“sure. Super Article 301’s activation has been withdrawn, but it’s bound to be good. Since the announcement, the number of orders for Drill 2 has been increasing day by day. Rather, they are concerned that production will be insufficient. It seems that the net profit alone will come out to about 300 billion won this month, and I can’t even predict how much it will increase from next month.”

“haha. It’s good to hear you say.”

President Lee sent me a look of admiration and continued.

“under! I know that CEO Kang is not an ordinary person, but honestly, he was the US government. I thought it might be difficult, but did the US government really give up? I still can’t believe it.”

“Thanks to everyone for their help. In particular, the drill 2 core customization at TM Logic has been a great help.”

“Is that so? haha.”

“yes. So, please take care of Drill 3 as well. Once the foundry line is completed in the United States, there is no need to worry about such a masterpiece. Now we just have to make it and sell it.”

“I know. I will drive all TM Logic’s manpower toward Drill 3 Core Custom to come up with a good design.”

“yes. That’s how you do it. What happened to the LTE communication chip that I gave you the drawing at that time?”

“Last week, about a thousand samples were taken and delivered to the driver.”

“okay. You did a great job, Mr. Lee. Today’s meeting ends with this. If you have any problems with the drill, please let me know right away.”

#Early September.

Just after receiving the highland information last month.

It also took over a stake in the foundry division.

The spraying process was completed this month.

The business unit was named TM Foundry.

TM Foundry headquarters meeting room.

I called the development team leader of TM Foundry.

“manager. What is the target line width of the new process technology you are developing now?”

line width.

It refers to the width of the metal wire forming the semiconductor.

The narrower the line width, the more circuits can be drawn in the same area.

Power consumption is also reduced.

Even if semiconductors with the same structure are made, the smaller the line width, the better the performance, and the cost of materials can be saved and the unit cost is also lowered.

All semiconductor companies were doing their best to reduce this line width.

“The target is 130nm, which has been reduced by more than 27% compared to the current 180nm (nanometer).”

Although it will be reduced by more than 50nm.

It didn’t fill the castle.

In the case of Drill 3, unless the line width is lowered to 90 nm or less, it is difficult to show its proper performance.

“130nm is too big. Please set the target to 90nm.”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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