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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 124

Episode 124. New slogan.

Lee Woong-gi, team leader of the Naiworld business unit, answered.

“The rate of increase in the number of Nyworld users in the US is better than in Korea. It’s only been four months since we sold D-Tab, and we already have over 3 million people.”

“okay? D-Tab has not sold to that level yet, but it seems that there are other users other than D-Tab users.”

“Yes. Now, our age world is spreading rapidly, centering on college students. Many of the people who bought the D-Tab are college students, and it’s good to create a community with people who have the same interests and the same school.

“okay. The US has a different culture than ours, so your requirements may also be different. Keep trying to figure out what US users want. It’s the scariest thing to think about. Please keep in mind that in the end no service can survive unless it is constantly changing.”

“I think this is the end of the story about Ny World, and how is Ny Star going?”

“The basic framework of Nystar has already been completed. However, the development of image filters for that purpose is being delayed. It is likely that the launch will be possible after October.”

“After October? Is there something wrong with the image filter development?”

At my words, the head of the team smiled bitterly.

“Rather than a problem, it is not easy to satisfy the requirements of Lee Chang-hoon, a photography expert. It is difficult for Hongin Media representatives to ask for something that is technically quite demanding. I also admit that Changhoon knows photography very well. The results so far are amazing enough to be admired even when I look at them. However, there is a problem that the development schedule is extended because we are pursuing too high a level.”

“haha. From what you are saying, it seems that you have suffered a lot.”

“…it was a little bit. He’s usually a comfortable and nice person, but when it comes to photography, he doesn’t make a single concession.”

Indeed, if he had inherited the blood of Chairman Lee Yeon-ho, the word compromise could not have existed in Chang-hoon-hyung’s head.

But that didn’t mean he couldn’t take his side.

When you start to compromise on quality, it’s impossible to achieve great success, whether it’s a product or a service.

I comforted this manager.

“This chief. It’s the little differences that make a masterpiece. One element that we thought was nothing can feel big to real users. So, please listen to Chang-hoon’s request as much as possible. It’s okay to be a little late, so don’t stress too much. Please pay more attention to the completeness rather than the release schedule.”

“..if the representative says so, I understand.”

A famous American game magazine, Electronic Games, published interviews with famous game companies.

Among them was Blizzard, the maker of Diablo 2.

Blizzard CEO Brian River: Hello.

Reporter: Hello. Mr River. There is one thing I would like to ask you, so I have brought you here.

River: Yes.

Reporter: Is it true that Diablo 2 was released exclusively for D-Tab2?

River: That’s right. If you adjust the graphics options, it can run on D-Tab1, but I do not recommend it because you will definitely be disappointed with the poor graphics.

Reporter: …that’s right. Are you still planning to release it for Windows?

River: Sorry, but there are no plans to release it for Windows yet.

Reporter: Abandoning Windows? How many people are using Windows and you’ve given up on that big market?

River: If you made it for Windows, you wouldn’t feel half of the real fun of Diablo 2, but you can’t put out such an unfinished product. It probably won’t be released for Windows in the future.

Reporter: ..a lot of fans must have been waiting. Many of you must be disappointed.

River: I’m sorry about that too. But we are Blizzard. Always making the best game, this pride is our company’s greatest value. That’s why making Diablo 2 exclusively for D-Tab2 was an inevitable choice.

Reporter: I see. Mr. River, thank you for the interview so far.

River: Thank you.

And a new slogan began to appear in the US social media community that was boiling as this interview became a spark.

Nyworld D-Tab community homepage.

⤷ My God. After Baldur’s Gate 2, even Diablo 2! So what the hell are we supposed to play?

⤷ What is a game? Let’s go and sleep. There’s only one thing to do now.

⤷ It’s a world where Diablo 2 can’t be played! Is this hell?

⤷ It can’t be like this. Paralyzing the White House and the USTR website won’t change anything!

⤷ Because they shut their ears to our words. Now there’s only one way. Let’s go! Let’s go out into the streets and let our voices be heard. If they cover their ears, you have to force them to listen.

⤷ Yes. let’s go. Let’s start with the city hall first!

I pressed the intercom number 3 on the desk.

“yes. CEO.”

“Chief Woon-Jin Kim. are you busy?”

“Would you like to come up to my office? After hearing about the P-Pod sales, I have something to tell you.”

Hi-Cast President Kim Woon-jin brought the P-Pod material and presented it to me.

“The first thing we put together is a summary of our sales results. As you can see, last month, about 400,000 P-Pods were sold.”

“Wow! 40 million? It’s okay.”

President Kim smiled proudly.

“yes. Since signing contracts with European electronics companies two months ago, sales have been growing rapidly. The P-32 and C series are also quite popular in Europe, generating 21 billion won in net profit last month alone.”

“haha. Mr. Kim. Please tell the staff that you did a good job. And the same goes for saying that this year’s bonus has already been set at 100%.”

President Kim asked with a sullen face.

“100%? Are you talking about 100% of your monthly salary?”

“no. 100% of your salary. I told you. We will pay you up to 100% of your annual salary.”

“..I thought he was just saying something.”

“Please. You should definitely be rewarded for the ball. why? Is it a waste as a shareholder with a 20% stake?”

“..no. The CEO is someone who always sees far away, so that’s right.”

“It is very important to instill a sense of loyalty among our employees. But that kind of feeling comes only when the company’s profits are in my interests, and it’s not enough to say a few words of praise.”

“All right. We will pass it on to our employees.”

“yes. And Mr. Kim.”

“Let me ask you one thing. How long do you think MP3 players will survive?”

“I do not know. I don’t know, but maybe 20 years will go by?”

I could barely stand the fact that I would almost laugh out loud.

In fact, it was not surprising that most of the people of this era would have been like this.

“I think differently. No matter how long it lasts, it won’t last 10 years or more.”

In the future, MP3 players will almost disappear with the advent of smartphones.

Because of me, the smartphone will come out sooner than the original future, so I didn’t know it would last 5 years.

President Kim asked with a shocked face.

“..10 years? Why do you think so..?”

“Portable Multimedia Player, called PMP for short, have you heard of it?”

“PMP? What else is that?”

“It is a product that can watch video files with a color display. Of course, you can also listen to MP3s. It’s um, twice the size of a P-Pod.”

“haha. Not yet. But the boss will make it soon.”

“Ha. Ha… that’s right.”

“yes. Anyway, once that PMP is made, it will eat up a lot of demand for MP3 players. An MP3 player for listening only and a PMP for viewing videos. Of course, people will choose the latter.”

After thinking for a moment, President Kim nodded slowly.

“you’re right. I think so, too.”

“And even this PMP won’t survive that long. Think of the D-Tab becoming smaller and only the PMP. Then D-Tab will absorb the PMP demand again. Most products will disappear from the world this way. There are very few products that survive more than 10 years.”

“okay. It seems that the representative has a great eye.”

“haha. Thank you for the compliment. Anyway, you have to keep stirring so that you don’t fall behind, and in that sense, President Kim should take charge of the development of the PMP.”

“I know what you mean. By the way, we are a professional MP3 company. We have never made a PMP before, so is there any reason why you asked us to make it?”

“There is. First of all, the PMP needs to be able to watch videos, but to do so, you need a large storage device. So you have to use a small hard disk. That’s what Mr. Kim specializes in, right? When developing the P-Pod, he worked almost like an employee at a hard disk company for several months.”

“..All right. We are going to set up a new PMP development team that you mentioned.”

In fact, there was one more reason to develop PMP.

If you combine the digital map being developed by PMP and YourNavi, it is navigation, so there was also the intention to prepare the hardware to be used there.

“For reference, you will need a fairly high-performance chip to play the video, so you can use a drill. Drill 2 is over-spec, so just using Drill 1 will suffice.”

“Yes, I will.”

In front of New York City Hall, USA.

New York Police Department (NYPD) police officer Brandon looked tired of seeing the protesters gathered in front of City Hall.

“Ugh… look at the people. How many people are there?”

Thousands of people, at an estimate, were holding square signs and shouting slogans toward the city hall.

“Abolish Section 301!”

“Stop trying to trade unfair trade with foreign countries!”

“Protecting the semiconductor industry? Protect the rights of the people first!”

“Guarantee freedom of choice!”

A rookie cop from a previous transfer last week asked Brandon.

“Why are these people doing this?”

“Oh, you haven’t been here in a while, so I don’t know. It’s all because of the D-Tab.”

“Oh, D-Tab? I know that too. A friend of mine bought one a few months ago. But why D-Tab?”

“It looks like a new product called D-Tab2 has been released. However, the government levied a special tax on the CPU used in it, and because of that, the manufacturer gave up the U.S. release. That’s what people who can’t afford to buy D-Tab2 are doing.”

“Wow! The first one was really good, did the second come out already?”

“Yeah, the performance has improved so much that people go crazy.”

The newcomer put on a look of disbelief.

“Did your performance improve? Nonsense!”

The newcomer, who had been in shock for a moment, continued.

“If that’s true, then I understand why people do that. But why did our government impose a special tax on CPUs?”

“I don’t know the details either, but the performance of the semiconductor parts is so good that parts of American semiconductor companies don’t sell well. They said it was a necessary measure to protect the domestic semiconductor industry.”

The newcomer tilted his head.

“Even if it is to protect our industry. A lot of people are against it, are you going to force it?”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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