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With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time Chapter 103

Episode 103. Overturn other people’s banquet tables!

Manager Hwang Jung-ki of the money management team spoke with an excited tone.

“yes. Exactly 1.113 trillion.”

I was so happy that I embraced Team Leader Hwang without realizing it.


“Ouch! Director..”

After some time, reason came back a little.

When I let go of the arm he was holding, Team Manager Hwang sat down on the chair opposite me as if his pulse had been released.

I also sat on the other side of the chair.

“haha. manager! Isn’t that too much? I knew you were talented, but what if you still make 1 trillion won?”

“..I never expected it to come this far. They were so risky that I was even prepared to lose money, but the stock price soared like crazy as if the god of stocks had helped. In fact, if I had endured another fortnight, I would have been able to get 200 billion more, but I decided it was too risky. It’s a bit sad after all.”

“Two billion? That’s it. It’s overflowing because it’s not enough just to give 1 set. haha.”

For a while, the two of us just looked at each other’s faces and laughed, then I asked.

“Then how much is our company’s reserve fund now?”

Team leader Hwang opened up the notebook he brought, did the calculations, and answered.

“The return on this investment plus the original reserve is exactly 1.13 trillion won.”

“To be precise, it’s 1,128.1 trillion won. Of that, 10 billion is the team leader’s share.”

Team leader Hwang nodded as if he understood the meaning of my words.

“..thank you. Director.”

“Please keep doing this. I’ll give you a decent paycheck.”

“yes. I will do my best.”

After Team Manager Hwang left his seat.

I was thinking about where to spend the huge profit of 1 trillion won.

I realized that it was time to start a business I had only been thinking about.

I looked at the newspaper today and smiled.

【Tectonic change in the telecommunication industry! Doosung Telecom acquires World Telecom]

“Doosung Telecom, the No. 1 company in the mobile communication industry, will acquire Seegae Telecom, a latecomer.

Doosung Telecom CEO Lee Ha-nam said on the 3rd that it had agreed to take over a 51.3% stake in Segye Telecom from Ulsan General Steel.

In this regard, the Fair Trade Commission said that Doosung Telecom officials visited the Fair Trade Commission on the same day and inquired about the business combination review requirements and reporting procedures necessary for the acquisition of World Telecom…

“haha. I was giving up because I didn’t have any money, but at this time, I’m sure I’ll have such a huge amount of money. I’m sorry that I’m throwing shit at other people’s banquets, but it’s a great opportunity for me so I can’t miss it.”

The smartphone, at the heart of my future plans, was closely related to the telecommunication company.

Even if I made a smart phone with good performance, it would be useless without a well-equipped communication infrastructure.

In the original case, I would have had to wait 5-6 years for 3G communication to start.

If I had my own carrier, I wouldn’t have to.

Because we can proactively control the speed of communication network development, the 3G and 4G era can be accelerated much.

In addition, the timing of the release of the smartphone can also be adjusted at will, which has many advantages.

If I don’t intervene, Doosung Telecom will eventually acquire World Telecom with approval from the Fair Trade Commission.

This time, I decided to change the future.

#US PC maker Nell Corporation.

CEO Michael Hill asked Luke Garcia, head of product development.

“Luke, did you get the Easy OS for the Drill CPU?”

“yes. I received it two days ago and am testing it.”

“how about it? Was it worth it?”

Luke raised his thumb.

“very good. First of all, I’ve only used the basic program, and it’s really fast. It cannot be compared with the model that uses the Pentium 667Mhz that we are selling with the highest specification now. I can’t believe it came out a year ago. Besides, this drill is fine for desktop use, but it consumes less than 1W of power, so it’s perfect for laptop use. It seems that we need to prepare for the launch of a product powered by the Drill CPU.”

“Hmm. I’m glad I didn’t just lose 30 million dollars. But the biggest weakness of the new OS is the application, has that been fixed?”

“It’s not perfect. However, Damoye has already made essential applications such as word processors. In particular, as there is a platform called D App Store where anyone can upload programs for Easy OS, the number of programs that can be used is increasing over time.”

“It’s strange. You probably won’t be using easy OS yet, so who’s uploading applications?”

“It seems to be mostly uploaded by Damoyeo. However, since D-Tab was released last month, programs created by other parties (organizations) are also coming up frequently, and the frequency is increasing.”

Michael asked, feeling strange at Luke’s words.

“Since D-Tab was released?”

“I don’t quite understand. Luke didn’t think it would sell that much, didn’t he?”

“That’s right. The touchscreen was a bit of a fresh interface, but it wasn’t a good replacement for the keyboard and mouse.”

“But why did another party make a program for D-Tab?”

“Rather than for D-Tab, it seems to have been made in anticipation that a lot of desktop or notebook PC products that use a drill CPU will eventually come out. The drill CPU became very popular thanks to the talk in the newspaper.”

“..it seems plausible, but…”

Michael felt a tingling sensation, as if tickling the back of his neck.

I couldn’t find any fault in Luke’s words.

Michael finally decided to ignore the awkwardness and continued.

“Luke, let’s launch laptops and desktop PCs with Drill CPUs. Please hurry up. We need to recover even a little bit of the market share lost to Apple in the past year. Did you hear the rumors? My government is going to impose a 50% tariff on Korean semiconductors. Until then, make sure you have as many drills as possible.”

“All right. But what will you do if Article 301 is triggered?”

“We have to sell only the quantity we have secured and stop selling. It’s still expensive, but if it’s 50% more expensive, who’s going to buy it?”

“It is. This is what happens because you’re barely ready to sell your drill PC product. That’s too bad.”

At that, Michael shook his head.

“You don’t have to think that way. Rather, it is good for us.”

“Is that a good thing?”

“yes. We can sell Onetel CPU products without a drill, but Apple, which only uses drill CPUs, cannot do that. That’s your chance to reclaim your PC share. We are benefiting from Craig of Wontel’s efforts on the USTR side. haha.”

Imagining Apple’s CEO Steve’s distorted face and looking at the smiling microphone, Luke smiled at the same time.

“okay. Come to think of it, we have nothing to lose.”

“yes. So, Luke just has to work hard until Article 301 is triggered.”

The apartment of Lee Yeon-ho, chairman of the Fair Trade Commission.

I presented the present to Chairman Lee.

“Chairman, take it.”

“what’s this?”

“It’s kosu tea.”

high car.

It is a type of Pu-erh tea, also called Gyomok tea.

It is usually made from the leaves of trees that are more than 100 years old.

That’s why it was a luxury car that cost a million won for a set.

Its astringent and bitter taste disappears quickly and instead leaves a long aftertaste, making it one of Chairman Lee’s favorite teas.

“..just come, bring something like this.”

“haha. no. Every time I come, I eat a lot, but coming with my bare hands is a bit of a bummer. Besides, I think the time has come for your car to fall off.”

“…Anyway, one eye is a ghost. Well then, don’t drink.”

After taking a sip of the tea that Chairman Lee personally ironed, I continued.

“Chairman, I have a request for you.”

“Request? What?”

“I understand that Doosung Telecom is awaiting a ruling from the Fair Trade Commission on the acquisition of World Telecom.”

“That’s right. But what does that have to do with you?”

“I’m going to take over that World Telecom.”

Chairman Lee looked at me with surprised eyes.

“you? Leaving everything else aside, the acquisition fund alone will be close to 1 trillion won, so how are you going to raise it?”

“It all has a way. And above all else, Doosung Telecom’s acquisition of World Telecom violates the business combination restrictions in the Fair Trade Act, isn’t it?”

The Business Combination Restriction Regulation is a provision that prohibits a company from engaging in such activities when it becomes a dominant business operator with a market share of more than 50% by acquiring or participating in the establishment of another company.

The combined market share of Doosung Telecom and World Telecom is close to 60%, so it clearly violates the business combination restriction regulations.

Originally, in the future, they used a trick to lower the number of handsets temporarily sold only during the acquisition of World Telecom to below 50%, eventually obtaining approval from the Fair Trade Commission.

The chairman had a troubled expression on his face.

“Of course you are right. However, since most of the other committee members are already in the mood for approval, even if I oppose it, it is not easy to overturn it.”

asked in amazement.

“If there is such a clear violation of the Fair Trade Act, how can there be an atmosphere of approval?”

“It is difficult to apply the Fair Trade Act like a knife because no actual damage has occurred. And although the current combined market share of Doosung Telecom and World Telecom is over 50%, even after the merger of these two, no one can guarantee that the share will exceed 50%, so judgments may differ depending on the individual members’ inclinations.”

“You seem too judgmental for that kind of thing?”

Chairman Lee opened his mouth with a face of shame.

“..Probably the committee members were lobbied by Doosung. I don’t know how I got it.”

Well. I expected it to some extent, but I don’t think it’s a problem that can be solved so easily.

“How many more members do you need the consent of? To put a ban on takeover.”

“Since there are two members who are in favor of it, I need the consent of two more people besides me.”

“It’s two people… I see. I’m going to try to get them to change their minds somehow.”

“If I can do that, I will take responsibility and prevent Doosung Telecom from taking over World Telecom.”

“thank you. Chairman.”

“What do you do with this much? Actually, I was the opposite on this one. But I was pushed out of the numbers and gave up, but it turned out well.”

“I’m glad you think so. Then we will let you know when the situation changes.”

#I left Chairman Lee’s apartment and found the LK detective office.

“welcome. sir.”

I asked when I saw a large band-aid stuck under Lee Guk-hyun, the head of the detective office.

“uh? Commander, why are you like that under your eyes?”

He smiled with a humble expression.

“haha. I am a person who lives on my body, so sometimes I am like this.”

He didn’t want to go into details, so he didn’t ask any more.

“Well. Are you okay?”

“of course. What are you here for today?”

“Doosung Telecom announced that it was taking over World Telecom, so you know the telecommunications industry is noisy these days, right?”

“For Doosung to end the global takeover, the FTC approval is required, and most FTC members are already in favor of it. Violation of the Fair Trade Act is a clear case, but it is strange. Doo-Sung must have swung his hand to the members of the Fair Trade Commission. I want to know how you used that hand.”

“..So, would you like to investigate the FTC members?”

“There is no such thing as a background investigation. I don’t want to know what those people have done in the past. I don’t even need to know. You just need to know how to connect with Doosung Telecom.”

“Well. I know what you mean. But why do you want to investigate? If you find out your weaknesses and even threaten them, I will not cooperate. The Fair Trade Commission members are no different from politicians, so if you make a mistake, things get worse.”

“Would you like to work with me once or twice? I don’t do that. I just want the FTC members to make a fair decision from a neutral standpoint.”

“So, in a word, you want to remove the influence that Doosung has on the Fair Trade Commission?”

“If that’s the case, I know. But this time, the price is a little high because I am not a regular person.”

“However much! I’ll give you what you call.”

Both sides of Lee Guk-hyun’s mouths soared.

“haha. You’re hot too. Representative Kang. In the honor of our office, we will thoroughly investigate and report.”

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

With the Time Shop, I Too Am the Greatest Conglomerate of All Time

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