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Wipe Out the Academy With a Wooden Sword Chapter 68

68. Blood (3)

The plane was gliding.

The people on the plane were no doubt hunters. Because each had his own weapon by his side.

“Are you going straight to the academy?”

The middle-aged man politely asked the gray-haired old man.

“That’s right, I’ve never seen the faces of freshmen this year. Also, shouldn’t we watch the finals of the Untitled Festival?”

The middle-aged started pouring out the topics he had been preparing.

“Vice-president Cecilia told me that there is a freshman that she must come and see.”

“I see.”

The gray-haired old man nodded and continued.

“When the tower opened, how many masters were left to enter?”

“Ten years ago, the two Ten Zones who didn’t receive an invitation from the tower, I think the odds are high this time too.”

It was rare all over the world for a master who had entered the transcendent realm not to be invited by the tower.

According to the data sent by the World Order Federation, To the very few top officials of each country, it has been reported that those who do not invite the Seem to have taken issue with the personality part, even though the armed forces are outstanding.

If that data is true, those who were not invited 10 years ago, even though they were the Ten Zones, were highly unlikely to be invited this time as well.

Because a person’s original personality doesn’t change that easily.

“What about the four superhumans?”

“I understand that the sword demon’s health is not very good. I know that the other two superhumans from the previous era are still in good health. As all of the current four superhumans have a history of being invited by the Tower, there is a high probability that they will be invited next year as well. .”

The gray-haired old man tapped the armrest of the chair with his index finger. It was because she remembered Jeong Yong-ha, the swordsman, in her mind.

“That friend’s been holding on for a long time since the demonic encroachment. His mental strength is amazing.”

The white-haired old man, Jinwoon, president of Iroas Academy, remembered a close friend.

“If it was something other than the Sword Demon, he would have gone mad or died.”

Jinwoon agreed with the secretary’s words.

Jinwoon hadn’t paid much attention to Lee Dojin, the freshman representative. She hadn’t seen her with her own two eyes yet, so it was natural.

“There has been news that the branches of the World Tree stored in the Are shimmering with dark green light at the same time as a low ringing sound. Ever since March of this year.”

Jinwoon’s eyes widened at the secretary’s words.

“From the branches of the World Tree?”

“Yes, the manager informed me.”

“What kind of resonance is that?”

“I never said that. It was the way I said I didn’t understand.”

Jinwoon narrowed her wrinkled forehead.

“It’s from March…Are you trying to resonate with something? Should I ask a question to the shrine maiden in Japan? It’s been four months since I came out, so there are a lot of things to solve.”

An SS class dungeon in New York.

From what appeared on the dungeon notification window, it was a dungeon that took at least 3 months to clear.

If a dungeon break in an SS-level dungeon occurs, there is a possibility that not only the United States but also the world will suffer damage. That’s why he invited Jinwoon, the president of the academy, who is one of the four superhumans in Korea and has been recognized for his outstanding ability as a commander.

When a dungeon over the SS -class dungeon occurred, the clear control of the dungeon was in charge of Jormmungand.

Except for countries that were against , Such as North Korea, China, and Russia, all were on the side of welcoming ‘S intervention.

This is because there is not a single organization that studies dungeon and gate raids more thoroughly than Jormungandr.

Jormungandr was clearly having a positive impact on the world. However, it was also a group that was piled up in a veil.

Jinwoon swept his gray hair back.

“It’s a f*cking world.”

There was too much to think about.

To the point where I thought it was noble to deal with monsters.


Lee Do-jin held a wooden sword.

Jung Ji-woo was standing in front of me.

Jeong Ji-woo laughed. He had been laughing and laughing ever since.

“Start the dance!”

A cry announcing the start of the battle rang through the unarmed.

Jung Ji-woo’s short circuit was infested.

With the blood flow, the 3-star internal energy boiled up. After having Lee Do-jin in front of him, the desire to use a proper swordsmanship rose up.

“You are my idol.”

Jeong Ji-woo raised his sword to the shoulder. And with the sword raised like that, he aimed at Lee Do-jin.


I lightly cut the back of his hand with a dagger.

Unlike the light scar, a large amount of blood gushed out from the gap.

Blood flow spiraling and swirling like a whirlpool.

I miss you.

Dear idol’s blood.

Jung Ji-woo’s momentum was quite like that of a warrior, unlike his twisted shady desire.

Red blood was wrapped around the black sword.


He stepped on the ground and stepped forward. Blood flowed through the atmosphere.

Lee Do-jin watched Jung Ji-woo’s movements closely.

Direction of the sword tip.

The direction the eyes are looking.

Where the tip of the foot is headed.

Jung Ji-woo’s sword was predicted in an instant in his head.



His feet were flexed.

Just before the red sword shattered his head, Lee Do-jin, who escaped Jung Ji-woo’s attack with a piece of paper, grabbed Jung Ji-woo’s face.

With his palms out.

Of course, this series of movements were all according to Lee Do-jin’s plan.


Leave it to chance.

Not a single one relied on such an ambiguous element.

As we entered the realm of transcendence, combat calculations literally went far beyond the scope of human beings.

To be precise, Dojin Lee arrived here slowly.

Beyond the eyes of ordinary people.

To the world of transcendents.

Lee Do-jin, who grabbed Jung Ji-woo’s face, pressed his head against the unarmed ground.


Jung Ji-woo’s face was roughly swept to the ground. Half of his face was covered in blood.

It was not fatal. The part of his face that had been ripped off was immediately restored by blood magic.

Lee Do-jin pressed his knee on Jung Ji-woo’s waist as he tried to raise him up.

Jeong Ji-woo felt as if his body was fixed to a nail.

And once again my face was swept onto the floor.

Quad Deuk Deuk!

“f*ck baal! You f*cking haircut bastard!”

Jung Ji-woo had to forcefully chew the bitter taste of blood that lingered in his mouth.

The mind that called Lee Do-jin an idol was swept away along with his face.

Lee Do-jin slammed Jung Ji-woo’s face into the ground again with a nonchalant face.

The skin went through countless cycles of recovery and disappearance. Lee Do-jin pulled Jung Ji-woo’s face and body down to the bottom a total of four times.

And even pride.

The reason Lee Do-jin did this to Jung Ji-woo was simple.

It was to crush Jung Ji-woo’s pride.

I didn’t feel offended by the process of Jung Ji-woo playing with Cha Da-hye. I thought that such a joke was an action that a strong person would do well.

Apart from that. He just wanted to crush the ego that blindly believed he could pose a threat to him.

Kendoki. No Gongdo. I can incapacitate you without using fancy techniques.

I wanted to tell you that.

Because it wasn’t the same.

Changwang and Kwonwang, who were sitting in the audience seats, were watching the current situation with Jung Ji-woo’s face buried in the ground with interesting faces.

“You were a kid with showmanship.”

In Changwang Lee Ji-gwang, the scene directed by Lee Do-jin was not bad.

As a strong man, it was also his ability to create that strong figure. In the end, the key to instilling fear in the opponent was clearly recognizing the difference in skill.

The guy did exactly the premise of the horror show.

Kwon Wang Tae-jin Kang also added a word.

“The ability to read the map of battle and reflexes, that bastard. It seems that he has entered the transcendental realm.”

About 100 academy cadets in the audience were dumbfounded.

The cadets who had overheard the conversation between Lee Do-jin and Jung Ji-woo in the morning checked the schedule for the afternoon match and measured the amount of popcorn.

To think that a match between Class 1 Jeong Ji-woo and Class 1 wooden sword seat Lee Do-jin, who easily fools Cha Da-hye, a strong fighter in Class 2, could be made with such ease.

In the 1st and 2nd year of the academy, the news about the dance that is being held spread all over the place. There were also quite a few seniors in the third grade.

It was a fact that most of the 4th year cadets who did not set foot in the academy knew that Dojin Lee defeated the presumed S-class witch alone.

So there was not a single cadet who thought Jung Ji-woo would win. Still, many of the cadets thought it would be an interesting battle.

It is because Jung Ji-woo showed overwhelmingly teasing Cha Da-hye.

“Wow, f*ck. Just playing with it?”

But, let alone swordsmanship, isn’t it that he didn’t even hold a wooden sword and pressed down on Jung Ji-woo with pure grip?

“It’s not just about pushing down with brute force. The irresistible moment. The position. It’s possible only when you know everything.”

The 3rd year cadet stared at Lee Do-jin with a jealous gaze and continued talking.

“…Anyway, these talented bastards.”

The scene where close to 100 cadets nodded their heads at the same time at those words was quite unusual.

Lee Do-jin only loosened his grip after humiliating him 4 times. He also took off his knee that was pressing down on Jung Ji-woo’s waist.

Jung Ji-woo rolled on the floor in what is often said to be Naryo-tagon’s posture, widening the distance with Lee Do-jin.

“Huh, huh…”

Jeong Ji-woo swept his bloody left face with an angry face.

“Sir, f*ck. Why are you doing this to me?”


“Use the sword! f*ck! That wooden sword!”

Lee Do-jin glanced at the wooden sword in his right hand and shrugged his shoulders.

“Make it necessary to write.”

Lee Do-jin’s words were heard by everyone in the audience. The cadets in the audience gave various reactions to Lee Do-jin’s line.

“You mean an opponent who doesn’t even need to use a wooden sword? That one?”

“Wow, I can’t laugh at this because I’m immersed in Jeong Ji-woo’s position. Ah… I feel like I’m going to cry.”

Jung Ji-woo was literally angry to the ends of his head.

There was a clear intent to kill in his eyes. And a clear, living flesh bloomed from his body.

Lee Do-jin didn’t bother to remind him to live. It was because he was not a level opponent who could show off his momentum.

A huge red circle was drawn behind Jeong Ji-woo’s sword.

The herbivore’s name is red moon.

It was a red moon made of thick blood.

“Get lost, you bastard!”

Jeong Ji-woo gritted his teeth and swung his sword.

Every muscle in his body let out a scream. In the Danjeon, the inner energy suddenly went out.

The red moon covered the wide unarmed area.

Lee Do-jin fixed her wooden sword with her sad face.

Then, lightly lowered her wooden sword vertically.

It’s bittersweet───

A ray of white light cut the red moon in two.

The density of Lee Do-jin’s sword skill. The air pressure of the white light vaporized the bisected red moon itself.

Hundreds of red blood droplets that formed the red moon were reversed.

Hundreds of red stems shot up into the sky.

Ji-Woo Jeong was sitting down.

Lee Do-jin’s wooden sword was aimed at his neck.

Wipe Out the Academy With a Wooden Sword

Wipe Out the Academy With a Wooden Sword

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[Mistiltein, activate.] The man becomes a swordsman. However, when using a wooden sword. “That bastard…what did you cut with a branch?” And when using tree branches.


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