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Why Ignorant Harems Are Dangerous Chapter 52

52 – #12. Up of charm (2)

Chill wraps around your body.

Her sticky gaze wrapped around her body, and even though she was in battle, there was a woman staring this way with her red eyes shining with an alluring expression as if she had never done that.

“Just the scent alone is this much. Are you human?”

“I have no idea what you mean.”

She mentioned me and constantly discussed incense.

If there’s one thing I’m special about, it’s my ability to charm the opposite s*x by showing my face. It was not spread through the medium of body odor or scent.

“If it’s something like this, it’s enough for me to step out. I understand.”

“…… I couldn’t understand this at all.”

I looked around while answering her question.

Most of the soldiers who had already guarded the vacant lot collapsed on the ground, making it impossible to know whether they were alive or dead. Eira is fighting hard, but to be honest, she doesn’t look like she’s going to win, judging by the momentum she exudes.

She was also an opponent that she could not win alone against the demon called Baron Kenar, whom she had just experienced, but the woman flying far away was definitely out of the question. She

She feels that no one in this position can win.

I even paid attention to this side and her eyes were shining, but I couldn’t move my right arm at all, and her physical strength was exhausted, so I wondered if I would be able to deal with it properly.

“Where are you looking!!”

“Aww. Could you please stop bothering me?”

Eina spurred her land and in an instant rushed at the woman who was flying in the air, but she then crashed to the ground as the tip of her spear hit her hand, which she swung lightly like a fly.

“Hey, hey. There baby What is your name by any chance?”

At that, she remained silent and gripped the sword with her left hand.

She knew that she would not be able to win no matter how much she resisted, but if nothing was done, the civilians left behind in the official residence and the sacrifices of Lenny were obvious.

“I’m not trying to do anything bad, so why don’t you relax your eyes? There’s no way he would do anything serious to the person he ordered to bring.”


“Lord of the Majong. Our noble king.”

Speaking of the king of demons, he is literally the one who stands at the top of all demons in the world.

I really only heard of it.

In fact, I heard that since the past, demons were defeated by the human union made up of many races on the continent and driven out beyond, their existence was also unknown.

No, that’s not the point.

If such an existence actually exists, why is it targeting me? Above all, how the hell do you know that a country exists?

Although I have made mistakes here and there, they are literally very few.

It’s only been a little over a month since I entered this periphery without even exposing the route while running away from the Holy Land.

It doesn’t make sense for them to know me either at the time or the situation.

“What do you want from me?”

“I don’t know. We only do it because He wants it. If it wasn’t for that, what would be the point of aiming at this city with this amount of power?”

I can’t believe all of that.

According to the demon woman, the only reason they were aiming for this city was because of the order of their king.

“How do you know me?”

“That is something only he knows.”

Uncomprehensible things keep coming.

If it’s just that the series of incidents so far have all been related to me, then this time, I really don’t know anything, but is it the difference that I found it on my own from the other side?

“Are you really surprised at first? I was embarrassed by the fact that he asked me to find only one human in this large city, but I didn’t know that I would actually find him.”

“I’m sorry, but wouldn’t it be an illusion? How do you know someone you don’t even know?”

“I can tell just by looking at it. He said he would know it was this person at first sight, but a man with a really sweet scent just appeared.”

So what is that smell?

Rather, it is so frustrating that I want to know, but the problem is that the gap that is revealed to the eyes is too hopeless to even argue or fight.

He still feels a weight on his shoulder.

It’s not like I drew magic. Even though it was just existing, the pressure that seemed to oppress the whole body clearly made it possible to see the gap with the opponent at a glance.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but do you think you’d be able to do something like this in this city and go back on your own?”

“What do you mean? Who would listen to the opinions of a lesser person like you?”

You can see it with your own eyes.

No, even without sight, I could tell.

The spirit itself that can be felt is different. The sensation itself transmitted through the skin was telling me that it was a separate existence, and at least the sensation of piercing the skin like this was a feeling that was transmitted only from the truly heroic beings such as Neira, Cecilia, and Mea in the past.

You can’t escape this position.

As long as that demon points out me, it is impossible to escape, and on the contrary, even if I fight like this, defeat is inevitable.

His body is not in good health at the situation where he even lost his weapon.

What can I do here?

“…… Did that great person tell you to find me?”


“Then, I… ….”

I asked if I could stop all the violence in this city if I followed you.

I forcibly stopped what I was about to say.

Giving up already is a foul. I understood that it was not only disrespectful to myself, but also irresponsible to everyone who had been with me up until now.

If so, what other means?

At least there is only one Eira who can fight right now. I can move my limbs myself, but I can’t use my right arm at all, and above all, I’m already facing the limit physically.

If only Mea or Jack were here.

I repeated that thought countless times, but as a result, I couldn’t come up with an answer even when I tried to think of the people who weren’t here and felt sorry for them.

“Me? What is it?”

“…… Do you think I’ll stay still?”

“Oh, I don’t hate that.”

She held the woman with a seductive smile in front of her and clenched her fists.

It’s only my left hand, but it’s better than being dragged away without resistance. If you don’t want to die or be dragged away, wouldn’t fighting be the answer?

I caught my breath and raised my eyes.

In the meantime, Eina stepped back and came to my side and shook her head.

“That’s not going to work. I don’t know because the medicine is off now, but her body is already….”

“Then shall I sit and die like this?”

Originally, it was the most unsuitable thing for me to say, but funny enough, when I couldn’t ask for help from anyone in a desperate situation, these confident words came out easily.

“We have to fight anyway.”

Come to think of it, even the six-armed giant called the Baron of the Demon World was not a normal opponent.

You have already defeated an opponent you can’t beat once, but you can’t beat it twice. If you think you’re going to lose from the beginning, even the things that can be solved will be twisted.

“Oh my gosh. Did I look too easy on myself?”

However, the opponent is not easy.

Even now, my legs are shaking to the point of death. If possible, I wish I could be a little careless and take it easy.

“You seem a bit arrogant about defeating the baron, but this older sister is far better than that. I think she would be grateful if you acknowledged that she truly is strong by the difference between heaven and earth.”

“…… That’s really helpful information.”

It is also information that I wish I hadn’t known until the very end so that my resolution would not be clouded.

Since I couldn’t collapse and die, I tried it, but I wasn’t sure. Just the mindset that you have to fight smoothly and the flow of emotions in your heart.

That’s it.

At least if you feel like fighting.

“If you really fight with that body, you might die.”

Standing side by side, Eira shook her head.

That’s right. I didn’t feel any pain, but seeing as I couldn’t move on my own, it was obvious that even if I tried to fight, it wouldn’t be of much help.

“If you die even if you don’t fight, the conclusion is the same anyway.”

This was the conclusion I came to in my own way.

If you die even if you fight anyway, and if you die even if you don’t fight, it’s better to fight here. The burden imposed on me is not light enough that I can close my eyes and give up without the slightest resistance.

If it’s for someone else, you can die.

Up until now, women who had been swayed by me and unintentionally kicked the shackles of love would be able to die laughing, but at least that wasn’t the case with that demon.

“I don’t know why they are looking for me. To be honest, I think people are mistaken, but I still can’t move the way you think.”

“Sorry for the regret. I think it’s a pity.”

With the sound of her fluttering, the wings embroidered with black feathers appeared against the background of the night sky.

Even if it was only roughly 3 meters long, it spread out as both wings, and I felt a tremendous sense of intimidation from that alone.

But that’s not the true threat of those demons.

Magical power that seems to weigh down the body even now. Dark black, like a blazing fire, the magical power formed in that hand spread to the surroundings at a concentration so thick that just looking at it made me sick to my stomach.

Fighting is unavoidable.

The sword that Mea gave me exploded and pulverized, and in that case, I had to pick up any weapon that fell on the floor and resist.

How should I move?

What can I do to make this situation a bit better…….

“Hyung always brings trouble.”

As I was thinking about the future battle, I heard a completely different voice from the other side. It’s impossible to be here, but the voice I’ve been waiting for desperately.

“Isn’t it supposed to be blessed at least once?”


“Hey, I never dreamed that I would actually see demons. This is true.”

A man who was always cheerful and easy-going.

Even now, his mouth was talking in a joking tone, but his expression was extremely serious, and he was glaring at the demon soaring high up in the night sky.

“It’s not even in the mansion, I thought it was really dead, but it’s nice to meet you.”

He made a joke as he approached me.

“You, how… ….”

“No, I saw all the monsters rushing this way earlier. So while I couldn’t even find my older brother, I tried to figure out the details of the surroundings, but I didn’t expect you to be here.”

As the conversation continued, the woman frowned as if she hadn’t waited for that kind of time and brought out her ferocious mana to the fullest to threaten her.

“Hey, you know. How long are you going to talk? Outsiders keep breaking in. My sister doesn’t like that very much.”

“Who is the outcast in this city? Seriously, this is why I hate demons.”

With Jack joining in, the worst is over.

But, ironically, if you ask him if he won a victory just because he got out of the worst, he also couldn’t help but question his honest words.

“Jack, that demon….”

“I know. Even if you pretend, you look strong. Damn, did I somehow get a demon in my life from the other day? How many times have you been through such a difficult situation?”

Come to think of it, he became entangled in this situation by meeting me.

Had I not met him in the Holy Land, he would have had no reason to wield his fist against Cecilia against that absurd violence.

And he probably wouldn’t have come to Sacheri, and if he did, he wouldn’t have encountered this situation.

But even in such an absurd situation, he laughed.

“Well, if I have to fight, I won’t avoid it.”

“…… Sorry.”

“It was my choice, so why are you sorry? Rather than that, he told me to get out of the way and not to show off with that slut-like body.”

He stretched out his fist after that.

It’s good to be brave, but it seemed that it was not enough to deal with demons, and those who scatter a lot of mana that was unusual even at first glance, with just one fist.

“Truly. Now, both dogs and cows attack them.”

“Because I am the root, I can’t pull off the tail against the demons.”

What formed on that hand was pure white light.

In this world, there is only one thing that means pure white light.

“…… What, were you a priest?”

“Former apprentice paladin. I quit right away, but why does this come in handy?”

Jack laughed heartily and took a fighting stance.

Why Ignorant Harems Are Dangerous

Why Ignorant Harems Are Dangerous

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I fell into a fantasy world and became loved by all women for no reason.


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