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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 91

Awakening (1)

After a long journey, I finally saw the Fryster estate.

There seems to be no place like home. The feeling of being frustrated throughout the whole trip seemed to have subsided even more.

okay. You don’t have to rush your heart. It’s been about a month before I’m reunited with the twins.

Of course, it’s still clunky. I don’t know how much will change as time goes by.

I have no intention of accepting them…. When I think of the twins’ stubbornness, it seems that they will not be shaken in their hearts towards me.

Asena says she has liked me since childhood. The depth of his heart was hard to fathom.

Sometimes, when they like me so much… I thought I had been blessed with many things… Behind the scenes, I had a heart that went beyond the line of being a family.

When I think of this, my head gets confused.

If so, were all the expressions of affection they gave me a part of fulfilling their desires?

I wanted a kiss so much. Kirsi sneaked into my bed and was sleeping. Asena came to me and hugged me while holding my belly button.

Was it all because they saw me as a man?

In the flow, it was natural to dismiss it like that.

I didn’t even know that, I just thought they were trying to satisfy their family’s love in me.

I thought I was longing for the love my parents didn’t receive.


Asena’s words came to mind.

He said that he never thought of me as an older brother.

The saying that if you remove the fryer from the name of your name, you are not a stranger.

Even if she’s not wrong… I only saw them as little sisters.

Of course, as a relationship is a relationship… if I had a younger brother, I wouldn’t have felt like this.

I can’t deny that twins are a bit special.

If it were a younger brother, he might not be considerate of changing clothes. They wouldn’t be embarrassed to look at each other’s insides. They wouldn’t kiss each other every night, smile just looking at each other’s faces, and it wouldn’t be the most comfortable being together.

The twins and I kept reminding them that we were not in a normal sibling relationship, because the difference in status kept reminding us… In fact, although it was shocking, I was gradually able to accept Asena’s words.

That you didn’t think of me as your brother.

It just continues to be sad, frustrating, and difficult.


Liana’s grandmother’s hand gently touches the trumpet.


“Stop worrying now.”

Patting me, she said Perhaps my expression hardened at the thought of twins.

I responded with a sense of comfort to her consideration.

“….Thank you.”

“…I know it will be very difficult for you too. So, as much as I’ve decided to bring you… Let’s think about it slowly. I eat a lot of delicious food and my stomach is full. Take a break and relax. It’s not too late to make a choice once your head is clear.”

I looked at her and smiled a little.

She may have said it with a light heart, but every word she says is a great comfort to me.

Really, you don’t know how lucky I am to have met her.

She was the one who really accepted me like a grandchild in this strict social class system.

Contrary to the perception of her with a reputation for being charismatic, she is infinitely warm to me and to my family.

I don’t know how grateful I am to my grandmother, who doesn’t discriminate against my twins, who are my grandchildren, and, rather, takes care of me before them.

As she is a powerful member of the family, her actions greatly influenced the behavior of the family members, and since she cared for me so much, the family members treated me with utmost respect.

In fact, even if she resented me, I had nothing to say. There is nothing to say even if you drive me out of the family saying that it is a monster that has possessed twins. No matter how much she chose me to join the family, the result itself must not have been what she wanted.

But she looks out for me and worries about me. He takes me out of the academy because he is afraid of me, and he gives me words of consolation when he sees my troubled expression.

Everything made a big impression on me.

In fact, this part was the most difficult part when all this happened with the twins. I’m so sorry for Grandma. Regardless of how I feel… thinking of my grandmother who will be troubled, my heart is too heavy.

In return for love…it’s like taking away the power that you had been able to develop through the marriage of twins.

Finally, I spread my arms and hugged her.

Grandma laughed quietly.

“…haha, Kayden. It’s been a long time since I’ve hugged this grandmother.”

“….Thank you.”

Something hit my heart. That’s why I didn’t cry. Especially in front of my grandmother, I can’t help but cry. Even though I’m an adopted child… As the eldest son of the family, I have an obligation to show strength.

“What would our eldest son be so grateful for?”


I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, but again, Grandma looks a lot like Asena. No, should I say Asena resembles her grandmother?

As she hugged and patted my back, I could sense that she wanted more explanation.

If you are grateful, please let me know what you are grateful for. It was as if he wanted to let him know how much he loved him.

It makes me smile and makes me feel a little more comfortable. My trembling heart calmed down.

I added in the end.

“You really treat me like a real grandchild.”

“…Kayden. say something like that You are my grandson.”

“…but we both know that’s not true. I don’t know my parents…but thanks to my grandmother, I didn’t feel the void. Love me with all your heart… and take care of me. Even though he could favor twins with blood, he wouldn’t.”

“……huh huh.”

At that moment she laughed. The words of love delivered directly from my mouth seemed to feel good.

She opens her hug and looks at my face.

“Kayden. Then, did you know that this grandmother could say nothing?”


“The day I promised to accept you as my grandson. you are my grandson If I was going to favor twins and discriminate against you… I wouldn’t have said that I was accepting you as a grandchild.”


“I’m trying to keep what I’ve said.”

I remembered all the promises I had uttered in that moment.

He said he would come back to Daisy.

I told Judy that we would meet again.

…and what I said to the twins.

He said that he would be a strong supporter by his side for the rest of his life.

I intend to keep the above two statements.

But now that a lot has changed… can you keep your last words?

Just as my grandmother kept her words, could I do the same?

She keeps her word to this day, even after I stole the twins’ hearts.

Even though the commoners stole the hearts of the Priest girls… she still sees me as a grandchild.

Although many things have changed, she is not shaken.

can i do that too

I don’t know now.

…because my heart to leave has not changed.


Suddenly, I was drenched in thoughts. Grandma’s words got me out of my mind.

She smiled and spoke again.

“…to worry about it later. Let’s take a break now. I’m back home.”


A low-pitched horn sounded from before. It was the familiar sound of our family’s trumpet.

It really made me come back home.

suddenly realize that

It was the first time I’ve been separated from twins since I met them.


10 days have passed. There are 20 days left.

Asena was ill for a day after Cayden left and then acted as if nothing had happened the next day.

It wasn’t as easy as it sounds, but the fact that she’s been wearing a mask has given her a lot of strength.

Kirsi still walked around with a gloomy look. Her friends tried to comfort Kirsi without figuring out why she was depressed.

Of course, Kirsi said thank you with a small smile each time, but Asena knew.

It’s not helping her at all.

Kirsi, like himself, needed Cayden to feel this way. Also, Kayden accepting herself.

Without it, not much would have changed.

It’s been 6 days since he left.

One letter arrived.

Asena, who had felt her emotions dead until then, and had not felt anything, as soon as she saw the letter, she felt her heart beating as if it were aching.

It was rough and intense, as if it were running all at once that had not been able to run before.

It was the same with Kirsty. She brought the letter with trembling hands and showed it to Asena.

A large engraved Pryster seal in the center.

It was my grandmother…or my brother.

Praying earnestly for the latter, Asena opened the letter.


And as soon as Asena saw the handwriting, a tear fell.

It was Kayden’s handwriting.

There wasn’t much content.

He arrived well.

we need time

I hope you will think again.

I want to be good siblings.

Let’s meet at the Youngji.

He unraveled these words with his tone and emotions, giving me the illusion that I was talking to him.

His voice seemed to ring.

Some of the things he asked for were something he could never listen to… Nevertheless, the feelings that had been pressing him heavily during that time seemed to disappear a bit.

His genuine tone of voice must have played a part. Asena had a firm belief that he would still love her, but it was a thought that could be seen as selfishness, so she was anxious inside.

It was so hard when he appeared as a nightmare and kept repeating that he didn’t love him.

There was no such feeling of hatred in the letter he had prepared. That was most fortunate.

Asena and Kirsi started sending letters to him the next day.

Asena sent him every day of her daily routine with a headache.

Kirsey seemed to be sending more… but I didn’t check it.

It must have been a burden, so I just shared my day with him without saying that I love him or miss him. I wanted to write those words like crazy…but I endured it with patience.

It was the first time Asena had sent so many letters to anyone.

I felt the emptiness of Cayden too much.

It was the first time I had fallen since I got to know him, so I realized that he was essential to me.

Does he know how painful it is for him to be apart like this?

He said he would like to meet him at the estate, so now I don’t worry about him leaving.

At least… you should be able to see your face at least once. The opportunity was still there.

But the more it happened, the stronger Asena’s resolve.

I couldn’t let him go….

It’s so hard even though we’ve only been away for a few days. No laughs at anything. nothing looks beautiful. I can’t taste any food.

How could I have spent my whole life without him?

After finishing the second letter of the day, Asena lay down on the bed.

It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t see the letter.

It felt good to be connected with him.

It would be great if even one reply could change…

So far, no response has been elicited from him.

Asena pulled out the first letter Kaden had sent.

Kirsi had it yesterday, so today it was her turn.

Asena thought of Kayden as she stroked his handwriting on the letter.

what is he doing

what are you eating

No matter how much he rejects his heart… Does he miss him?

She closed her eyes.

Before going to send the letter, it seemed that he had to recover from fatigue for a while.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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