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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 59


Asena’s first kiss was when she was 15. It was five years ago, but she remembered it all as if it had happened yesterday.

Obviously, I didn’t feel so good that day.

She was going through difficult times. Liana took over the position of California, and she was just starting out in the political world.

She was clumsy because everything was the first time, and she was wrestling with papers for a long time that day.

When that happened, Grandma Liana urged Asena to make quick and wise decisions, and she constantly informed Asena what she lacked and what to be careful about.

Asena had no choice but to feel depressed. After listening to Liana’s words, I felt like an idiot, and my confidence as the head of the house disappeared.

It reminded me of Kayden as much as I had a lot of energy, but it was unfair that I had to endure even that as a housekeeper.

Kirsi is a twin, but because he was born a little late, he must have been hanging out with Cayden. He couldn’t understand why he was sitting here disappointing Grandma.

Still, she persevered.

Because I knew that the harder I worked, the more Kaden would praise me. To a 15-year-old girl… No, she thinks it’s the same even now, but Kaden was everything to her.

His bright smile and caressing hand made me bear it.

“…let’s talk about it today, Asena.”


When Grandma Liana announced the end, Asena sighed inwardly.

It was already late at night.

It was a bad day, so I wanted to go see Kaden as soon as possible.

As she was organizing her papers and quills, her hips fell off the chair, and Grandma Liana, seeing it, gave her a small smile and told her to go quickly.

Grandma Liana also seemed to know what Asena herself wanted.

“Talk to your brother for a bit and then go back to your room. Tomorrow will be a busy day too. got it?”

“…Yes, Grandma. Thank you.”

Asena folded her back and bowed her head. Because Kaden always said to greet you straight.

Asena ran slowly toward Caden’s room.

I was going to tell him everything that happened today, and tell him how much Grandma Liana pecked her, how hard it was, and how hard she worked.

Of course, Grandma Liana told her to reduce her dependence on Cayden too much, but Asena didn’t care.


Asena hurriedly opened the door and called Kaden, pretending not to be excited. She instinctively knew that he had to act a little more depressing to give him more affection.


However, upon opening the door, Asena’s sudden disappointment overtook her.

The lights were off, and Cayden was already sleeping.

He hadn’t even talked to him, and he’s already asleep.

At first, Asena burst out laughing when she saw the scene, and then she was pouted at Cayden, who fell asleep first without waiting for her.


It’s a small thing, but it was even more sad when Kaden did it.

I couldn’t meet him all day and waited for this moment, but maybe he didn’t?

Asena quietly closed the door and approached him, who was sleeping soundly.

New bruises were on his arm in the moonlight.

Was the training intense today? So, I was tired, so I fell asleep first.

It was understandable to see him, but it was also true that he was dissatisfied.

When everything I was expecting disappeared like a bubble in an instant, the already bad day was approaching the worst day.

In the end, she shook Cayden at that heartbreak. She deserved to receive some compensation.

“…Brother…Wake up…”


But his eyes couldn’t open. Was I that tired?

“…Wake up, brother.”

– Shake it.

Even after pushing and shaking him quite hard, Cayden didn’t open his eyes at all.


Asena sat right next to his face. I looked down at him with cold eyes.

Slowly move your hand to press his cheek. I wanted to tease him a little.


With a slight frown on his face, he waved his hands in front of his face.

In the end, Asena burst out a small laugh at her defenseless appearance.

No matter how hard I tried, looking at him couldn’t help but ease my anger.

Even if I harbored negative emotions toward him, who always supported me in difficult times, everything just naturally worked out.

Asena eventually gave up waking him up and just looked down at him.

Gently touching his cheek and hair, he ripped it open slowly.

It was then that Asena knew for the first time that she could love someone so much.

Even though he was an adopted child, he was his older brother. None of them resembled each other, but they were connected by a brother and sister relationship.

How could other people like her brother so much, she wondered.

his hair. Eyebrow. nose. cheek. The fingers move in sequence.

Asena’s eyes were fixed on his cheeks.

His soft cheeks that he had always kissed.

He was already asleep, but she wanted to kiss her.

Rather than the act of kissing itself, I liked the symbol it meant.

Because that’s how you express your love.

So Asena liked to receive more than to give.

Pop was like that.

The person who touched their lips was expressing their liking.

Asena hung her hair around her ears and slowly lowered her body towards him.

I’m about to kiss his cheek lightly…

– swish.

Kayden rummaged and turned his head.


Asena got a kiss on his lips.


She was startled and pulled back.

My heart started beating more violently.

He did something different from usual… but his lips were something different.

If so, who showed love to whom?

The person who touches their lips is expressing their original liking… In this way, it was as if they had exchanged their feelings for each other.

It was like sharing a ‘like’.

His head was dizzy, and his lips remembered the touch of his.

With her hair becoming complicated in an instant, she got up from her seat. I could feel the heat rising on my face in real time.

She needed time. Covering her face with her hands, she left Cayden’s room.

Even the next day, she couldn’t concentrate because of the touch of Kayden’s lips.

It’s true that I’ve been scolded a lot by Liana’s grandmother, but maybe it’s because my head is full. Nothing affected her.

In the end, Asena, who couldn’t concentrate, was ordered by Liana to cool her head next time.

That’s how free time was created.

Asena would have visited Kaden if it had been normal, but she didn’t on that day.

something… it was.

More than that, she had a lot of questions.

Eventually, she entered her room and sat for a while, then asked the maid who was the head of the housekeeper.

“…Helen, I saw someone kissing lips somewhere…..Are there kisses like that…?”

At that time, Asena had never received any sex education, so I had asked the older Helen all my questions.

Helen had been able to tell Asena what she could talk about and what she couldn’t.

Helen pondered for a while, then said with a soft smile.

“sure. But people call it a kiss.”


“Asena-sama is also 15 years old, so there’s nothing wrong with knowing it. Yes, kiss.”


“If a kiss is a sign that you like it, a kiss is only between lovers.”


Asena’s heart began to pound once again at the words that it was an act that only lovers in love would do.

So what did he mean to Cayden last night?

It felt very wrong to say that to Kaden, but it also felt very right.

“yes. Kissing is a sign of intimacy with many people…but no kissing. It’s only the two of us. It’s to let each other know that each other is the most important person.”

“…just the two of you?”

“Only the two of us.”

Asena felt a lust for possessiveness she didn’t even know existed. If Cayden only considers herself special and kisses only herself…but not Kirsi, only herself…

Her face began to blush.

Seeing her like that, Helen had a cute expression on her face that she didn’t know what to do.

“…ha… cute… wait. One day, even Asena will find someone who can kiss her.”

“….uh? That… the older brother…”

“Of course not. As I said, kissing is different, so we don’t kiss family members.”


At those words, Asena’s heart began to turn black. Of course, she listened to the servants to some extent, but a small anger broke out in her heart when she said she shouldn’t do it to Cayden.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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