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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 55

Shining Knight (13)

“…awesome… Asena. I’m taking my brother out. Can you..?”

Thanks to the lawmakers holding down Cayden again, Asena couldn’t even answer.

With that the conversation is over.

Without saying things like I love you, or you must be strong, and you must not leave our side, Cayden was locked in place.

At that moment, someone rushed to the council room and handed Kaden a glass of some kind of liquid.

“Hey, it’s poppy juice…! Eat it, get a good night’s sleep, and then wake up and everything will be fine…!”

As soon as Cayden heard the senator’s words, he took the glass and drank it without hesitation.

That much, the pain from the cuts all over my body seemed to be enormous.

Cayden continued to struggle in pain after that, but then the sound gradually faded away, and there was a thud. I lost my strength and fell asleep.

But Asena only looked different. It was as if the light of life had been extinguished from his brother, who had died helplessly.

Eventually, she handed Caden only poppy juice and hurriedly approached the senator, who was resting and breathing heavily.

“…Brother…Is that reaction of your older brother natural?”

The senator looked at Asena and adjusted his posture. Asena said, looking at him in pain as he struggled to catch his breath, no matter how hard he ran.

“It’s okay to rest as you wish…! Just answer me…”

“Heo-eok…!..yes..yes.. I’m going to sleep too quickly – heo ok – quickly. Duke Priest, you shouldn’t stay here any longer. I’ll call you when everything is over, will you wait outside?”

“I… I…!”

“Heo Eok… If you’re here, dear Kayden. I don’t know how it will affect you. Are you okay with that?”

It could be detrimental to Cayden. Naturally, he hated being powerless at his most vulnerable moment.

Still, in the end, Asena nods her head.

Kirsi had already been supported and had left the parliamentary office.

Asena, too, now shriveled and limp, and after engraving the bloody Cayden in her eyes for the last time, she turned around with tears in her eyes.


Asena put Kirsi, who had fainted, on her lap, and waited patiently for Cayden. In my heart, I wanted to cry out loud, but I didn’t, fearing that Kaden’s treatment had already gone wrong.

All was going to be fine. So there’s no reason to cry.

Hypnotizing herself like that, Asena waited.

As he stood still, Asena’s head continued to fill with the last quarrels with him.

In the last few months of my life at the academy, all I did was fight. All the time to build precious memories was wasted in meaningless quarrels and fights.

I didn’t want to die to think, but if this is the last time.

That assumption alone brought Asena to tears again, but if this were her last, she knew she would never forgive herself for fighting him in recent months.

His last memories are tainted by the fight with him. If he leaves like this, it will end without any proper reconciliation or apology.

No matter how much he pleaded with him, the fact that he broke up with him with a different feeling does not change.

I’ll love you one more time I’ll kiss the cheek one more time. him once…

No matter how hard Asena tried, her head could only think negatively. It wasn’t her will.

What will happen to him if he leaves? Obviously you won’t be able to stay sane.

Perhaps he would have to release disorderly violence and anger to the world to keep his mind. Blame the god who took Kaden, and he might destroy everything he’s built.

Or maybe just…follow him.

Because the world without him is meaningless.

Suddenly, a loud noise is heard in the council room.

‘Press…! Press…!’

Asena had the urge to cover her ears.

I don’t know what was happening, but it didn’t seem like a good sign.

Asena closed her eyes involuntarily at the sound.

Please let him endure. begged and begged


After the eons of pain had passed, the senator spoke to me and Asena.

“…Duke Freister.”

Conversation with the legislator was a natural procedure, but Asena’s heart raced as if it was going to explode. He didn’t even have the courage to look at the senator’s face. It was the first time she had ever been so frightened.

In the past, before becoming an adult. Even when I saw the Duke of Ice, the head of a hostile family, when I was young, I had never felt this kind of emotion.

Now, Asena was afraid of the words of a commoner and had no choice but to tremble.

Why does he speak so quietly?

Why does it seem like bad news is coming out of his mouth?

“…..Treatment is…”

In the end, Asena was forced to spit out only one word. More than that was difficult. now just waiting

“…The cuts were first sewn neatly.”


At the first good news she heard, Asena burst out with a mixture of tears and sighs she had been holding back.

“Kaden-sama seems to be stable too. But…”

But at the words of Asena, her heart sank.


Her lips hardened and she didn’t say anything. He was just waiting for the words to come.

“But that’s just the outside… I don’t know how Kaden-sama feels on the inside. There’s nothing we can do about it… If any internal bleeding continues due to an organ injury… it’s better to prepare your heart. ..”

Asena jumped up from her seat without paying any attention to Kirsi, who was lying on her lap.

And with all his might, he slapped the senator on the cheek.


“I didn’t give up! Was the author of the House of Representatives giving up first?”

However, no matter how hard Asena tried, the senator’s cheeks were slightly twisted. She had become weak and had no power to carry.

The senator also blinked at her words and lowered his gaze.

Asena continued.

“Listen to me. If your brother leaves me… you will die too.”

“…I’ll keep that in mind.”

Asena sat back down, raised Kirsi’s head and placed it on her lap.

The senator was so stiff for a moment, he told Asena.

“…Kaden-sama will wake up in a few hours. The effect will last for that. It will depend on Kayden-sama’s energy…but you can expect that. When you wake up, you will probably complain of pain. Poppy I’ll prepare more juice, so please drink it when you wake up.”

“…i get it.”

“Again, please take care of me and keep an eye on Cayden’s abdomen. If it starts to swell… it’s not a good sign, you should let me know.”

“…how did your brother become like that?”

Asena asked the question she had been so curious about now. What could have happened on this late night?

“We don’t even know how it happened. Except that he was stabbed and cut several times…”


Hearing that she had been struck by the sword, Asena filled her head with pale anger.

Of course, seeing his wounds, I expected it, but when I heard it in person, the feeling was different.

whoever. What kind of rip-and-death had a sword on his body? Who was trying to steal his treasure from him?

If the culprit was caught, though I don’t know, everyone involved would have to pay the price.

Bumped in anger, Asena looked up at the senator.

The lawmaker is startled by Asena’s eyes.

She said.

“…Is it okay to see my brother now?”

“yes. But please don’t touch Cayden or make a fuss. We need absolute stability.”

Asena nodded her head.

At that moment, the senator bowed his head and withdrew. Numerous lawmakers and assistants standing behind him all bow their heads and leave.


Asena shook Kirsi for a moment to wake him up. But she fainted and did not know that she would wake up. Maybe this one is better.

If you’re asleep, you’ll be able to forget this pain.

Asena gently removed Kirshi’s head from her lap.

Standing quietly, she walked into the room where Cayden was lying.


he was lying there On a bed the size of his body, with a red-stained bandage wrapped around his body.

Asena was the man in the room alone with him, and tears began to flow.


This time the tears were unbearable. She approached Cayden, grabbed his bed, and knelt down.

At the word of absolute stability, without even holding his hand, Asena sobbed as she looked at the collapsed Kaden.


How long has it been since I looked at Kayden taking a deep breath? Kirsi, who had come to his senses, shed tears endlessly, and the twins were staring blankly at Kaden.

They didn’t even close their eyes, just in case something went wrong when they fell asleep. The day began to dawn, but they did not waver. He stared blankly at Kayden.

At that moment, I heard the sound of someone running fast from the hallway.

The twins couldn’t take their eyes off Cayden, even at the sound.

The person who immediately entered the room took a small breath and called the patient in a whisper.


As soon as his name was called, Asena turned her head and looked back.


Her quiet heart pounded. It was Judy.

Just like Cayden, it was bloody.

Asena’s eyes grew cold. Without thinking rationally, she asked.

“…Judy. Tell me you didn’t do it.”


Judy couldn’t be bothered to ask that question, but when Asena realized she probably didn’t know anything, and Kaden’s state was insane, she had to confirm the fact to Asena.

“Not me.”

“…Then, were you there when this happened?”

On the same day, two knights were covered in blood, and unless they were involved in the same problem, the situation was unexplained.

“…there was.”

Asena slowly got up from her seat. She turned and started walking to Judy.

Judy felt the chill as Asena walked step by step. Such a chill that pierces the bones much more than the chill of the northern part where he was born.

Asena came closer and spoke to Judy again.

“…But why didn’t you dry it?”


“Why… my brother is lying down like that. are you okay And why did you show up now?”


“No…no…it’s not this…however brother…”

Asena staggered in confusion.

Judy’s desire to approach Kaden was like a chimney, but for now she put up with it. It seemed like the first thing to do was to explain to them.

So Judy too, holding back the tears that are about to flow from the sad look of her fallen friend, tells Asena.

“I can explain.”


Judy only described what she had witnessed.

What Cayden said that he had caught someone spying around him.

For some reason, he tried to solve the problem by himself instead of entrusting the work to the guards.

entering their home base.

the battle that took place.

Even the children who were able to rescue them afterwards.

When Cayden disappeared with Rush, Judy eventually changed priorities again and rescued the children first.

The children said they had been kidnapped.

Surely Judy looked at the gang’s stronghold, but could see that they were committing crimes centered on kidnapping. Various objects, even documents found afterward, were all focused on kidnapping.

After rescuing them, she spoke to the city guards, followed a series of procedures, and then returned to the academy.

Having said that, Judy finished the explanation.


At first glance, it may sound like a story about breaking into a criminal organization to save children, but Asena’s nerves were elsewhere.

‘Caught someone who was monitoring the people around him.’

Only the sound of those words was different. Asena felt her throat clogged with something heavy.

It won’t be. He clearly told Shalon not to do it and to forget it. it won’t be her


And at that moment, Kaden groaned.

Asena and Kirsi were startled, knelt by the bedside of his bed and looked at him.


“Brother, do you recognize me? I’m Kirsey.. ugh.. I’m Kirsi..”


But Cayden only moaned in pain. It was as if he hadn’t fully woken up yet. It’s just an instinctual struggle with pain.

The twins didn’t even touch him and called him by name several times.

Soon, Cayden’s heavy eyelids opened with difficulty, and he looked at the twins with hazy eyes.


“…yes….! It’s me…! Ugh…”

“Brother…please…why are you like this…”

Cayden smiled weakly in that state, and then slowly began to raise her hand.

Asena quickly pressed her hand and said.

“Brother… I told you not to move. that there could be injuries. It’s frustrating, but be still.”

But Cayden didn’t stop. He raised his arms again. Asena couldn’t press her arm twice.

His hand came up slowly, and gently touched Kirsi’s face, who was kneeling. After that, he glanced at Asena’s face slightly. he says


The words he spit out whenever he told me to stop crying. At those words, the twins’ eyes ironically shed more tears.

Asena finally bowed her head and said as if pleading.

“…Brother…I’m sorry…I’m sorry…”

As soon as she got the chance, Asena began to apologize to him. Contrary to what he said, even with Judy by her side, she said with tears in her eyes.

Kayden’s eyes gradually started to come back.

“…it’s okay. Asena. it’s okay.”

His voice gradually regained strength. The sound of breathing grew louder, and even the color of his body began to circulate.

His strong vitality seemed to be transmitted directly.

Asena and Kayden didn’t need any more words. There was no need to decorate the horse with trifles. What meaning are you trying to convey? That was the only thing that mattered.

Kayden’s eyes turned to Judy. Judy looked at him and bit her lip. Kayden didn’t know how she was feeling, but it was certain that she was holding back her tears.

Cayden smiled at Judy.

“…thank you.”

“…that is, stand up on your feet and say it.”

Asena shed tears for a while, then suppressed the tears again and took a deep breath. He raised his head and looked at Cayden.

“Brother… this. drink this I still need stability.”

Asena handed Cayden the poppy juice that the lawmakers had brought extra. He was still in pain.

But Kayden held out his hand.


Even Kirsi, who was quiet, speaks in a charming voice to persuade him.

“Oppa..you have to drink…huh..? Please… if my brother ever goes wrong…”

“…I will drink. Before that… there is someone I need to meet.”

I could feel his unbreakable will. He wanted something so important. enough to endure the pain. To the point where I refuse to fall asleep.

Cayden looked at Asena and said.

“…Shalon Payne. bring it in front of me I’m going to ask… have you.”

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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