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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 17

One Flower (1)

The next day I didn’t get out of bed.

I was lying in a cluttered, unorganized room.

I didn’t have the strength to get up.

I don’t even have the strength to try.

The fact that both twins actually hated me seemed to take away my purpose in life.

What have I been working so hard for?

After falling into this worldview, he lived first to take care of his orphanage siblings, and then to the twins.

I did my best to be their support.

The result is this.

Me being chewed from behind

If I had acted like that in front of me, I would not have felt betrayed.

It hurt even more to know the truth through another window.

– Tick Tick

‘older brother. did you wake up You have to go to class.’

Eric’s voice was heard.

It was as if he was knocking lightly on the door and checking my well-being.

I didn’t answer.

I just really wanted to rest today.

When I did not respond, there was no sound for a long time.

Just as he wondered if he had left, the voice came again.

‘…cheer up. Let’s go first.’

Eric gave a light greeting and left.

he’s a really good friend

Maybe it’s because he’s the main character?

Or maybe you understand my situation.

He was also born into a noble family of a weak family and is having a difficult life at the academy.

I am a member of a strong family, but now I am treated on a similar level.

Maybe you sympathize with my difficulties.

So that’s why you’re worried about it.

I feel a sharp pain in my palm.

He lay on his back and raised his hands toward the ceiling.

Hands deformed by the use of force.

My hands are still blistered and messed up with calluses cut here and there.

My hands seem to symbolize my efforts.

Looking at this hand, I fell in thought.


Kirsi waited for Cayden on the first floor of the men’s dormitory for a long time.

He overslept today, so he didn’t come out.

‘It’s not long before class starts…’

Kirsi looked closely at everyone who left the dormitory.

Kaden’s face was nowhere to be seen.

Waiting here a little longer, the tardiness was almost certain.

But Kirsch did not move.

‘…not late, what.’

I remembered him from last night and thought he was going to die.

From the time other women showed interest in him, Kirsi became more precious to him.

I wanted him more, and I was worried if I couldn’t see him.

If I didn’t start the day with a hug or kiss, I felt like my day wasn’t enough.

At that moment, someone caught Kirsi’s eyes.


she calls him out loud

It’s been quite some time since Kirsi talked to Eric.

Because there was a common denominator called Cayden, it was easier to break down a certain line compared to other nobles.

Eric heard her voice and started walking slowly.

His expression didn’t look that good.


“Good morning.”

She said good morning before the purpose.

“..that..can you tell where my brother is?”


Eric did not answer, and his expression subtly hardened.

It was a strange reaction for Kirsi.

“Where is your brother? I’m not coming.. Oversleeping is-“


Eric interrupted her and entered.

Considering the difference in the family, it was a huge disrespect, but Kirsi didn’t care.



Eric sighed. It looked like he was holding back what he was trying to say.

“..Actually, I don’t know either. I left without checking your room.”


I had a dream.

In the past, I remember meeting twins for the first time.

Memories of making happy memories with them.

Clearly, the memory of exchanging emotions.

promises made for them. Moments when you decide to be your support. The moment I held the sword for the first time and the moment I got on a horse.

Everyone seemed to come back to me vividly one by one.

I never even thought that this path was wrong.

I felt proud.

That the cruel twins leaned on me.

reincarnating them as human beings.

Especially that it was the nobles of powerful families.

But the mood of the dream changes.

I was sweating profusely and it was difficult to breathe.

Asena’s voice rang first.

Saying to return the Fryster family name.

I said don’t even care.

Say I’m an adopted child.

He said he never thought of him as a brother.


As if pressed by scissors, his body did not move.

Next was Kirsty.

Kyle’s words were transformed into Kirsi’s voice and heard.

There are many lies.

that it smells

I’m trying to teach you to bother.

crazy about women

And… incompetent.

I saw twins laughing at me.

He was watching me as I was desperate among the crowd.

‘I missed that, brother. Desperate for being betrayed.’

Asena says coldly.

It was not the Asena I had always known, but the Asena in the novel.

‘Did you really believe that I liked you? It’s different from birth…how do you like it? I just thought it was a toy. Hehe.’

Kirsey also said.

My feelings didn’t even matter.


I moaned.

Reject the scene in your mind. These are not twins. They can’t do that to me.


Someone shook my body.

I was still looking at the nightmare scene.

The bond we have built cannot be so light. no matter how evil they are. No matter what kind of monster there is in my heart, it can’t be like this to me either.

Without that belief, I couldn’t stand it.


I opened my eyes to Kirsi’s voice.

“Huh…!! Whoops!!”

His whole body was wet with cold sweat.

I am short of breath and my heart is pounding.

The vicious voice in his buzzing ears was fading away.

“brother..! Wake..!”

Kirsi was next to me, shaking me with a worried expression.

The image of her I had seen in my dream overlapped, so I didn’t say anything for a while.

It was important to understand the situation.

When I rolled my eyes, the orange sunset was coming through the window.

He seemed to have been asleep all day.

Maybe it was because he had rested for a long time, and his heavy head had become lighter.

“…Drink some water.”

Someone handed me some water.

With a burning thirst that I felt for a moment, I took the glass and drank it to the end.

Drinking something calms you down.

I looked around the room.

In the still messy room, Asena and Kirsi were there.

Asena had a firm expression on her face, but Kirsi had a worried face.

She wipes my forehead with her sleeve and says:

“Where are you hurting? Why are you sweating like this…!”

My eyes were trembling.

“…when did you come?”

“Just…! I haven’t seen you all day… But what’s going on?”

Is this Kirsi talking behind my back? I can’t even believe it when I see it.

It’s so peaceful when we’re together. She is the cause of my bullying.

“Why is the room so messy..!”

“…Who is it?”

Asena asked coldly. His actions were calm, but his voice was cold.

“Who did this? Are you someone from the Knights Department?”

To be honest, it didn’t make sense. It was so strange that the anger I was seeing now wasn’t a lie.

Do you really not know at all?


I tell you with a broken heart.

“-Someone was chewing on me. I think I’m starting to be ignored. I’ve been being bullied lately.”

They both shut their mouths at the same time. as if something was caught.

I had to hold back the burst of laughter. Look. You know why.

At the same time, I was able to convince myself that Kirsi had said the same thing.

My head was dizzy.

“…I don’t know about politics like this. I don’t know who’s behind it.”



“…if you want to catch it, you catch it.”

For me, knowing that they were the culprits, it was an act of closing my eyes.

As in Asena, I didn’t want to make a scratch. Some of the heads are not organized. I am not ready to make the big choices.


I didn’t understand them. After all this, I still like them.

The memories I had accumulated made it impossible to do so.

But how are these twins like that to me?

I looked up at the twins. Slowly avoiding my eyes makes me cry once again.

“ah. But even if you catch it, don’t bring it in front of me.”

It was hard to hold back the sadness that erupted.

Words you can spit out knowing that they are behind the scenes.

Just in case, if I had even the slightest bit of emotion, I wished I could taste the same pain even a little bit.

“……really. I think you’ll hate it a lot.”

Of course… not really hating them was the hardest part.

how can that be To me, who has always been an orphan, these two are my first family.

Asena gently grabbed her arm with one hand. Kirsi shuddered and sat next to me.

“…Brother, hug me.”

As if anxious, Kirsi said.

That still confuses me.

In the end, there were two cases.

If you really hate me. Pretending to like me, betraying me like I did in my dream, and wanting to see my despair.

It could be that the commoners didn’t like being in the Fryster family.

The second is when I said those things for some reason I couldn’t understand.

They have feelings for me, but each of them has their own reasons for not being able to do that.

I can’t even imagine what it is. Was it for the family?

But if that’s not the case, I can’t explain the people who act like they still like me in front of me.


Kirsey was still grumbling.

This does not mean that their actions are justified.

My broken heart was not going anywhere.

It reminds me of Kirsi’s backstory that she wants to hug me.

that I smell What else do you want to embrace now?

I wanted to ask.


Instead, I gently hugged her. Instead of hugging her tightly, as always, a light hug for friends.

After giving her a short hug, Kirsi tried to cling to me as I fell, but I pulled her away and said.

“Guys. Can you just leave today for a moment? My head is dizzy. I need some alone time.”

“….Head hurts? …I’ll take care of you.”

Asena said, but I shook my head. It was frustrating because I didn’t know the intention.

“…. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Just cut it and cut it off.


It was late at night when I was organized.

The conclusion I reached after feeling a lot of emotions up and down.


I have come to a refreshingly refreshing conclusion.

My head feels so light

Whatever the reason, they betrayed me.

It doesn’t matter if you’re serious or not.

Chewing me from behind, who cherished them.

He pushed him out of the family.

So I will make my own choice.

As if it were true that they were my sisters.

As if we were together for 10 years and shared memories as if it were a reality.

As if the promise to be your support is an unchanging promise.

It is also an undeniable truth that I am a Priest.

Why should I watch twins?

Even this is the mindset of a loser.

It is already going in.

I am Pryster

He was a Priest for 10 years.

Just because they aren’t, doesn’t mean they aren’t.

I forgot that.

‘Don’t touch us.’

The days when I pondered over hypotheses became colorless.

Fryster shouldn’t act like this.

Right now, Asena and Kirsi are touching my feelings.

Even though he is an older brother, his heart is being dragged around like a reed.

It was necessary to reverse the relationship.

I was in a position to lead them.

The stigma of being a commoner seemed to have influenced my behavior as well.

So don’t be ignored

It’s the way I act.

I have to live without noticing.

My heart was weak because it was a foolish family.

Did I say that people become stronger in trials?

I felt my heart harden. It clears your head and makes things clearer.

The motto of the Freisters is not only to follow others thoroughly, but also to train oneself so as not to be ignored.

am i incompetent?

Are you going to be expelled from the family?

I won’t let you do it even if you want to.

To prevent the twins from saying anything else, you just have to build an overwhelming position.

There are several ways.


Become the strongest and most reputable knight.

You become a knight whose status rises just by being affiliated with it.


He obtains a political spirit that will be of great help to the Frysters. Now at the academy was an opportunity. As Liana’s grandmother said, this moment when you have a chance to make a relationship is your chance.


make my followers

It is to create my own power that will help only me.

Which of these methods to choose, the decision is made quickly.

It became my goal to do everything at the same time.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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