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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 141

Review/Q&A with drumming alone

It’s completely over!

It was a short time, but I feel like I’ve been running busy for some reason.

It is both sad and sad.

The sad thing is that there are still many shortcomings… and I have to say goodbye to the twin characters.

The sad thing is that I finished one work without any problems.

In particular, there were a lot of people who said that this work is a lot better than the previous work, and I was proud of it as it showed a lot better numerically.

I think I’m lucky to be able to correct the mistakes I’ve learned in the past.

But at the same time, there were also chronic shortcomings in connecting the two works.

Is it clear that the sweet potato part is severe? Also, the ending is disappointing.

I will try to fix even this in the next work.

It may not be satisfactory, but I will do my best.

Oh, it shouldn’t be that the strengths go away for nothing while trying to fix it… Well, in the end, you’ll have to try to figure it out.

ruler! Let’s go directly to the Q&A!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a lot of questions, but…! Still, I’ll answer mainly questions I’ve been hearing for a long time, and questions that readers might have been curious about when I thought about it!

Does Daisy not come with illustrations?

Yes. Unfortunately, there is no schedule. I’m sorry.

2. Why did Ewin (younger brother of an orphanage) become air?

In fact, he was an important character. But when I thought about the long narrative, I felt like I couldn’t handle it well if there were too many heroines, and it was difficult to intervene harmoniously when making the ending, so I edited it in the middle.

In fact, I’m also aware of Daisy’s lack of attractiveness. If Ewin was there… it would have been a big problem…? I think it would be good to think that Ewin’s episodes were evenly passed on to other heroines. It was difficult to plan all the plots and think about the story, so I thought it would be impossible to include explanations in the middle. There were readers who were interested in Ewin, and I’m sorry. I lacked my skills.

3. Was it necessary to put a setting called possession?

It was a question posted in a comment a month ago, and I wanted to keep answering it. I wanted to write a review that everyone could read. I think it was necessary. Clearly, Kaden never took advantage of reading the novel, but it was essential for creating the twins’ characters. Without Kaden, I would be a villain. Again, the setting was that he would have lived an indifferent and ruthless life. Because the setting of being saved through Kaden could not have been accomplished without the subject of possession. Of course, if you look at it that way, regression was fine, but if you do regression, it would be difficult to adopt….I thought this was the most appropriate.

4. Who is your favorite character?

…I…I am Kirsipa.

5. What do you miss?

As I said before, Ewin, the sweet potato part, the ending. These three are so sad. Especially the ending seems too difficult. Keeping the fun and ending softly… is it like landing a fast plane? The ending may feel a bit rushed, but I also wanted to finish it when many people are watching it.

6. A side story of Fivesome?

Now, ‘Why are you becoming a villain again?’ won’t have a side story. I am also having a sad farewell to the characters. Actually, ‘Ani-yoon’, who gave me the most support in my life as a writer, wanted to see the characters getting along in bed… but I gave up because I thought the jealous character would be ruined because of my lack of ability. Especially twins. I’ve been thinking

7. How did you feel while writing?

He is a writer who has barely completed the second quality, and also completed two short novels, but in the future, I wonder if I can write a character with as much character as the twins. It’s just something to my liking. I’m not saying this is my limit. I’m just saying that I feel great satisfaction with the twin characters. I will continue to improve in the future, and I want to write many more attractive characters.

8. What’s next?

The contest will start soon. I intend to participate. I still plan to go to regret, obsession, and exhaustion, and I have an idea in mind. While reducing the number of sweet potatoes compared to before, the feeling that… the heart is constricted. Do you know what I’m talking about? Do you know the feeling that your heart is being squeezed tight when you read a novel of the Huppijib? I’m trying to maximize that. Please look forward to. In the end, it’s up to you to decide, but I think it’s fine.

…maybe not as you think…? You should know.

So, please remember my nickname. See you in 10 to 15 days.

And I always felt that it was the interest and love that the author made for living. I don’t think the settlement amount or the number of views are as important as comments or words of support. This is entirely my story. What excites me even more is your reaction. So, thank you very much.

Surprisingly, I remember for a long time the people who commented on my posts.

There are too many to name by nickname, but thank you very much. It was a great, great force.

I think I received undeserved love this time too. From the last work to this work… I was always worried about when this kind of luck would run out. In the end, though, I changed to the idea of enjoying it while I was there. You may not get this kind of love in the next novel, so enjoy it while you can.

Thank you, everyone.

I will try my best to satisfy you next time.

‘Why are you becoming a villain again?’ It was.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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Guys, didn’t I reincarnate you?


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