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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 12

Even You (1)

I couldn’t concentrate in class. The body is sluggish and the judgment is slow.

Yesterday, I was clashing with a wooden sword with a stick with Judy Ice, who was completely overwhelmed.

“Pryster! Calm down!”

Lord Horslow shouted.

His shouts didn’t affect me.

If it had been such a shock to be calmed down, I wouldn’t have been hurt so much.

My mind was sold elsewhere.

Only Asena’s words linger in my mind.

Since when did you have such a mind?

Did I really have no sincerity?

She also remembers the sad expression she had when she closed her lips.

Is that also smoke?

At that moment, Judy’s foot came in and stepped on my foot.


She pushes my body with her shoulders.

His feet were tied and he couldn’t bring his balance back.

It just went backwards awkwardly.

When I lifted my head from the buttwheel, the tip of Judy’s wooden sword stood still in front of my eyes.


“…I got hit.”

I wake up wiping my ass, even Judy asks.

“Why do you keep thinking differently?”

“No. I’m sorry.”

“…what happened?”

It had only been a day since we met, but it was after we had already talked a lot.

As Lord Hoslow had said, they were naturally getting to know each other.

Judy spoke dryly, but I could tell that she was very worried because her expression shows everything.

I shook my head.

“it’s okay.”

But after that, I was shaken.

If it was a true sword, after losing three more lives, the class was over.


“Are you ready?”

Kirsi asked the cheerful girl.

She was now in the dining room kitchen.

It wasn’t a place where a high-ranking noble could enter, but Kirsi didn’t care.

You just need to be able to achieve your goals.

However, the chefs in the kitchen were restless. They had to watch so they didn’t make a mistake.

Even the vegetables that had been roughly cleaned were thoroughly cleaned, and the show was presented in a way that made it look a little more professional.

‘Chief, this fell off and I wiped it again-‘

‘throw away! throw away!! Wow, I threw it away too, so why are you asking?’

However, Kirsi’s eyes were focused on one girl from the beginning, with all their efforts disregarded.

The girl closed the snack basket with trembling hands.

Kirsi had come since dawn and asked her to do chores by herself.

‘Excuse me, can you make just one boxed lunch for me?’


‘Oh, you can say no!’

‘Oh no! No, I’ll make it for you, yes…’

The girl did not even dare to refuse this nobleman’s offer.

On the other hand, this nobleman smiled at himself, a commoner, for one reason that he had obeyed his orders.

The girl even thought that this nobleman was really cute.

‘Thank you. By any chance, can you prepare one extra barrel with carrots in it? I’m going to feed the horses.’

The nobles kindly explain to her and tell her the purpose.

The girl has the courage to ask.

‘…The horses would prefer apples to carrots. Would you like to prepare apples too?’

‘Oh really? yes! Please do that!’

The prepared lunch box and feed basket.

Kirsi was happy and took the two baskets and hugged the girl.

“Ah, thank you so much!”

“you!! Even if you are not like that..!!”

The girl was embarrassed and waved her hand.

He prayed earnestly in his heart that his clothes would not be dirty.

The fallen Kirsi asks the girl.

“Can you tell me your name? If there is work later, I will repay this favor.”

“…it’s okay, it’s okay, really. It’s what we have to do.”

“I really want to know.”

Kirsi gently grabbed the girl’s hand.

Her hands were rough and stretched, as if to tell of the life she had endured.

It was the opposite of Kirsi’s hand, which was as soft as petals.

The girl rolled her eyes anxiously, looked at Kirsi, realized that she was sincere, and opened her mouth with difficulty.

“…Ewin. This is Ewin.”


“…Pryster. What’s up?”

After class, I was brushing my rush when Judy Ice came up to me and asked.

Unlike yesterday that overwhelmed her, she was broken several times today, so she must have felt the strangeness.

While brushing Rush and looking at Judy, Rush bites my arm.


After feeding him a honey chestnut, he sighed.

“Tell me, Pryster.”

“I have a name too. Judy.”

It was just a feeling, refusing to be called a Priest.

I didn’t want to show this grumpiness, but it’s already a failure.



Contrary to his intentions, in the subdued atmosphere, he urged for an answer in a bright voice.

“…Kaden, what’s going on?”

Judy, who follows it right away.

It’s still fun to play with.

Originally, I would have stopped here, but today I wanted to be a little more mean-spirited.

Let’s play around a little more.

“Aren’t you supposed to call me bro? I am older.”

Judy’s wrinkled expression.

Seeing her expression, I burst into laughter.

It felt like my heart was getting lighter.

stroking Rush, calming the laughter and answering.

“Nothing happened.”

“Do not lie. He stayed idly throughout the training.”

“Are you worried about me already?”

When I asked with a smile, Judy looked away.

Of course, her heart was understandable.

I thought I would be worried if Judy had any troubles now.

The sweat you shed together has that much meaning.

Should I call you a lover?

There is a sense of accomplishment that you can feel when you endure the hard horseslo training.

Judy shakes her head lightly at my subsequent jokes and turns around.

“…I thought of myself and worried a little…”

“Ah Okay. Don’t go.”

I caught Judy about to leave.

I don’t even know why I got her.

Perhaps it was an instinctive choice made from the head to release this core.

So I reflexively grabbed her, but her mouth didn’t start to fall off easily.

In the end, I grabbed her, but without saying anything, I just brushed her teeth and brushed her teeth.

Judy suddenly came closer to me.

The compartment next to Rush starts to brush Judy’s horse, Goldira, and she also brushes her own.

He seemed to be waiting for me to speak first.

I was grateful for her consideration, and stayed there for a while.

I didn’t know that my mouth would fall even if the silence got longer.

I don’t know how to explain my troubles or where to start.

And the silence that followed.

Judy, who was standing next to me even giving up her mealtime, spit out a word.

“…let’s get together with the idiots.”


Do you want to look bright? He burst into laughter even though it wasn’t funny at all.

I said as I scratched the back of the head with an undefiled object.

It’s hard to get the inside out.

“…as you saw, I’m close with my sisters.”


“Asena, the head of the household, Kirsi, the twin sister…. Actually, there was an opportunity to get to know each other when I was young. As you may know, the former Duke of Priest, the brothers’ parents, passed away, and I took care of the children.”

I was kind of embarrassed to tell my story, so I brushed the rush even more harshly.

Rush just liked it.


“okay. No one in the family could open the hearts of twins. That’s why I was adopted in an orphanage, taking good care of my younger siblings. After that… I might say I was lucky, but I opened up the hearts of children. So we had no choice but to grow up close.”


“But lately, I think it was my mistake.”

I shrugged lightly, as if trying to lift my heavy heart.

“…Asena will banish me. In two years, I want you to return the Priest Castle.”


As if in disbelief, Judy looks at me.

I still smiled at her.

“…and that’s it. It’s hard for me to understand too. At first, I thought it was my natural limit.”


Surprisingly, that’s not the part.

“But, I guess it wasn’t.”

My throat narrows as I cry.

He took a deep breath, closed his eyes and shook his head, then dug his ear hole and said calmly.

“…that’s what I was talking about yesterday. I happened to see you I never thought of him as an older brother, haha. But… well… that’s a real wound.”


“I thought of it as a family. I’ve been working so hard I thought we were good friends… Was it my mistake?”

Even if I try to mumble like a self-talk, I see it.


“Tell me one more time, Judy. Isn’t it true that you’re talking behind the scenes?”



“…Maybe I was swept away by the atmosphere.”

“It would be nice if that was the case… well… I don’t think that’s the case.”


Judy puts the Malbit down and turns her hands. As if resting for me, I took a deep breath.

I didn’t look at her. I’m embarrassed because I think the bridge of my nose is red for nothing.

“…if it were me, I would just leave.”

“yes? What?”

“I’m kicking you out of the Freisters. Backstory is doing the same. It’s just dirty and disrespectful and I go out on my own feet.”

It seemed like he was giving out his anger instead of me.

Judy’s intense reaction relieves her mood.

“That’s right! The Frysters are dirty!”

“Hey, even if you swear, I swear.”

“Would it be better for you too?”


“What are you looking at, Bill Bill Gear! You can just leave and live.”

“What are you doing, Bill Bill? It’s just hard to feel betrayed.”

“…..I don’t know.”

“Have you ever had someone you like gossip behind you saying that they actually hate you? Don’t you feel bad?”

“So. Then I’ll just cut ties with him. I think it would be less difficult.”



It wasn’t nutritious advice, but I’m grateful for Judy for being so outspoken for me.

For a while, there is silence like that.

I sighed twice.

Suddenly, I thought, it was time to let Judy go.

Even for her who is giving up meals for me. Or, I thought it would be okay to go out to eat together.

…if you calm down this feeling a little more, it will be.

At that moment, I heard the sound of flesh touching flesh behind my back.


And I hear a familiar voice.

“…what are you doing now?”

Looking back, Kirsi was standing there.

I grabbed Judy’s wrist, which was a few feet away from my back.


Kirsi looked around the training ground with two baskets.

Cayden was nowhere to be seen.

I wasn’t upset.

This was kind of expected.

He also said he may not be at the training ground.

I’ll be taking care of Rush in the stable, so come over there.

Kirsi passed the training ground and moved lightly towards the place where the stable might be.

I was looking forward to meeting Kaden.

Today, I still haven’t seen him.

I couldn’t see him in the morning because I asked for these baskets.

Only Asena went to see him.

‘Ah, come to think of it, my sister didn’t seem to be in a good mood…’

Shaking off the sudden thoughts, Kirsi walked towards his brother.

He said he had only one friend.

Then wouldn’t he be waiting for himself? It is his strength to be lonely.

Maybe you can praise yourself. He, too, will be grateful for going to Cayden, leaving many of his friends behind him.

It was a choice he made because he wanted it, but there was nothing wrong with adding these reasons to make him more beautiful.

“Uh, that…?”

Cayden’s back is found from afar.

I saw a familiar back face of Cayden. And next to him, who he thought would be alone, stood a woman with blue hair.

Kirsey’s feet hardened at the sight.


Again, an unpleasant feeling for an unknown reason squeezed my chest.

It’s been like this a lot lately.

So even Kirsi could figure out the cause.

It was like this every time Kaden got involved with another woman.

His eyes looked at another woman, and another woman seemed to come out of her mouth, and every time he stood with another woman like this, his chest became stuffy as if it were submerged in water.

Today was especially severe.

The two were stuck together as if they were friends.

It was so unpleasant that my hands and feet felt numb to be in the place where I should have been standing.

‘Didn’t I say that my friend only had one horse?’

Kirsey thinks.

‘…But, brother, who is that person? You didn’t tell me.’

I wanted to shout and ask him, but I endured it patiently. Because maybe you’re mistaken.

They don’t know each other, and maybe they’re just looking after the horses in the stables.

Kirsey hastily moved forward.

At the same time, the cunning self that I didn’t even know existed raised its head.

The footsteps moved quickly, but the sound of footsteps was silenced.

I can’t, but… if. If he had been hiding this meeting from him, he had to capture conclusive evidence.




She didn’t even know what to do with it.

Maybe we should make sure this doesn’t happen again?

One thing is for sure… he should have known that Kaden wasn’t hiding anything from him.

I wanted to know everything about him.

He couldn’t stand the fact that he was hiding something from him.

As if it were proof that he wasn’t his most precious person.

Kirsi prayed in his heart.

He had killed the footsteps for fear that something would happen, but he prayed that nothing would happen.

I hoped it was all an illusion. I didn’t want the two of them to talk, and if they did, I wanted it to be businesslike.

Fortunately, the closer I got to him, the more comfortable I felt.

Aside from business matters, it was because the two weren’t talking at all.

They were just combing each other’s horses.

It looked like it was raining.

Yes, it was Kirsi who thought that his older brother could not have made new friends without saying a word.

…especially if that friend is a woman.

Kirsi approached and looked at the woman.

The crest is not visible

He is tall and has a strong body.

It didn’t look cute or pretty in Kirsi’s eyes.

I didn’t think Kaden would like it either.

Kirsey had come all the way to Kayden’s.

She approached him without a mouse or a bird.

Kirsi knew he had been rude.

It would be wrong to sneak up on you without even pretending to be popular.

Especially if you have a companion.

So they plan to justify the rudeness caused by this misunderstanding.

‘Wow!’ and surprise him.

Then I can let you know that I didn’t mean to eavesdrop.

Just say you were joking.

But then.

The blue-haired woman’s hand moved.

Kirsey’s heart was pounding.

Very carefully, her hand gradually approaches Cayden, repeating one step back and two steps forward.

It was a hand that was shy enough to show courage from behind.

As the creaking hand reached Cayden’s shoulder, Kirsey couldn’t stand it any longer.

Trying to touch his body without saying a word is like trying to exchange emotions.

It seems like he’s trying hard to please him.

I get angry and my heart explodes.

He put the basket he was carrying and twisted his wrist.


“…what are you doing now?”

Kayden looks back.


The blue-haired woman was startled and pulled out her arm.

With that vicious force, Kirsi can’t resist and misses her wrist.


Cayden’s surprised eyes swept over him.

Kirsi suddenly realized that he was not prepared for anything to explain his actions.

Emotions moved first from the body.

I’ve only been showing him a pretty face.

“…Since when have you been there?”

Kayden asked.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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