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Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again? Chapter 113

Venomous Snake (1)

The war was decided, and it was evening. The full-scale preparations were to start tomorrow. No matter how insignificant a family may be compared to Priest, war is war.

There is no hasty preparation for a life-threatening battle.

arsenal preparation. soldiers’ physical preparation. declaration of war. Sub-family calls, etc…

There was too much to count.

Of course, since it was the first time in a war, there were many unfamiliar things. It was difficult for me, who had only learned the sword, to conduct and prepare. My grandmother, who had already experienced three or four wars, promised to help out a lot, but it probably wasn’t enough.


Complex thoughts behind. It’s something to think about from tomorrow anyway.

After meeting the senator to examine the wounds on me, I sat down with Judy at a small table in the flowered garden and ate a light meal to fill my stomach.

“…I’ll go with you, Kaden.”

Judy said that the war would eventually begin.

Of course, it is cut with a single knife.


But her persistence was not broken.

“no. I will run by your side.”

“Sometimes I forget, you are our hostile family. You’re going to fight under Freister’s trumpet and flag?”


Judy stiffened at my words. I looked up at her, wondering if she was speechless, and her face was gradually turning red.


His mouth was also murmuring to say something, as if he had something to say.

After a few moments of waiting, she whispers in a low-confident voice.

“……Someday I will fall under you, but fighting under the flag of the Priest is the big deal….?”


At her words, the food jumps out of her mouth and falls into the bowl.

“Collock! Cologne! Cologne!”

Seeing my reaction, she still smiles with a blushing expression on her lips and trembling lips.

It was very clear that it was revenge for my usual mischievous prank, but she didn’t seem to know the extent of it.

Suddenly she looked different. Did I know you could say something like this? Or maybe it’s because I’ve never played pranks before? There seemed to be no water level control.

These were words that even the most energetic men in the Knights Department would spit. Judy was also in the Knights Department, so I thought she might have picked up what someone else was saying.

“Collock! Cole…!”

It certainly gave me a shot. I couldn’t find any words to answer, so I just coughed.


Seeing my blushing face, Judy smiles contentedly, then relaxes her neck and evokes the atmosphere.

“…that… anyhow. It was the story of our ancestors that we were hostile to each other. You and I… were close enough to even go to Hondam.”


“And even though they are hostile, you were the one who showed us that we can be each other’s strength. you did it first They are hostile, but let’s get along.”

He drank a glass of water and acted naturally as if he hadn’t heard anything before. Forcing the atmosphere down and focusing on the original story.

Because of the words he had spit, all the words that tried to stop Judy from going to war with me are ruined.

Even so, it’s just that I’m not very talkative, and there was no reason for Judy to go to war with me. Rather, it was strange to go out together.

“Don’t say nonsense. Why are you in our war?”

“…if even the one I love couldn’t protect it, why did I learn the sword…?”

With those words, my actions solidified.

This time, unlike before, there was no laughter at all.

I looked up at her and she was looking at me with deep eyes.

So we exchanged glances for a while, and Judy stood up and leaned her torso towards me.


We kissed gently.


I laughed at Judy’s agitated look. The warmth that her kiss gave me also contributed to my face lit up.

Judy smiles naturally and sits down again.

“…Anyway, no. Understand. The story is over.”

Before I could be dragged further by Judy, I got up and grabbed my bowl.

Judy, who hadn’t finished eating yet, panicked and tried to catch me to advance the story, but I quickly moved my legs to get out of the garden.

“Kaden, the story isn’t over yet..!”

As I was leaving, my legs stiffened because of what my eyes had discovered.

Meanwhile, Judy came over with my bowl and grabbed my shoulder.


But Judy, like me, stops acting.


I said.

Kirsi was standing behind a pillar leading to the garden.

As soon as our eyes met, Kirsi trembled. As if told to sin.

Behind her, the servants stood somewhat sternly. Did you even go for a walk?

I’m embarrassed too, forgetting that she can’t speak and asking a question.

“…can you wake up?…are you okay?”


Kirsi’s eyes looked at Judy and I alternately. His eyes fluttered violently, and he confirmed the sorrowful and sad emotions on his face.

I closed my eyes tightly in my mind.

Kirsi saw our actions.


I have no reason to be restless, but now that I know Kirsi loves me. It was also a scene I didn’t want to show now, knowing that her body was weak.

Judy knew that kind of heart, so she took off her hand on her shoulder and started to rearrange herself.


Even though Kirsi couldn’t speak, she could hear her voice. It had been around for so long, so I knew it.

‘Oh that…’

She babbled, looking for something to say, as she blinked and rolled her head.

But she couldn’t speak to me, so she was limited in what she could do. Maybe she knew it too, and in the end, she had that sad smile she had seen before.


A smile as if congratulating us. My mouth was smiling and my eyes were red.

As I felt at that time, many changes came to Kirsi. She, who would have yelled at me if it was the same as before, smiled even when she saw her thick skinship with me.

My heart melted at that smile.

Before things got any worse, I hurriedly turned around.

“Come on, Kirsch. It’s nice to go out for a walk like this, but I still think it’s right to take a break. let’s go back Haven’t you eaten?”

Kirsi also nodded in response to my words. She also put down the corners of her lips that had been raised with difficulty and turned around according to my guidance.

“Judy, go back to your room and rest. Like I said, I think I’m going to have to take care of my brothers now.”

“Oh, yes. yes. yes, kayden. That… see you later.”

Judy also adjusted to the situation and quickly greeted me.

I grabbed the empty bowl in her hand and overlapped it with mine.

“Ah, Kaden-sama, please…!”

The servant who had followed Kirsi hurriedly took the bowl from me.

I thanked her and handed her the bowl.

Saying my last goodbye to Judy, I turned around with Kirsi and others.

Kirsey’s mood was clearly gloomy. Seeing a person you love kissing another woman doesn’t make you feel good.

I asked the servant who was walking next to me quietly.

“…How did Kirsi get here..? Did you want to go for a walk?”

If he was going to start moving for the first time, he would have expressed his intentions in writing to the attendant. I wanted to know why she came out like this.

The servant listened to my whispering voice and lowered his voice accordingly.

“I’m going to find that…Kaden-sama…”

….Oh my gosh.

In response, I closed my eyes. It was a story that broke my heart more than I expected.

You must have seen Judy kissing Judy while walking around with a sick body that I miss you…

As I finished the conversation with the servant, I secretly looked down at Kirsi.

Maybe she remembered the situation before, and she was walking helplessly with her eyes wide open.


I sighed, not letting anyone hear.


Kirsi and Asena shared a room.

After eating lunch, I realized that I had to feed both of them anyway, but it’s inconvenient to do that because the room is the same.

In the first place, Kirsi can stand up, so it seems appropriate to take care of each other.

I wished Asena, who was sick, could rest more comfortably.

Kirsi put on that pitiful expression again when he heard that he had to get out of my bed…but Asena, who had fallen, couldn’t get up.

Besides, now that I’m with you, there’s no reason to look for traces of me in the bed.

As much as I returned to her room with Kirsi, I started feeding him food.


Kirsi opens her mouth and takes the food I give her.

She nodded at the suggestion of trying it herself, and ate the rice alone, but the speed and momentum were so weak that I finally picked up the spoon.


Each time she gulped and passed food, I brought the spoon to her mouth and said to her.

And other than that, an awkward silence lingered. Because Kirsi couldn’t speak. I couldn’t find anything to say either.

At first, she was depressed because of Judy, but the more she fed her food, the more her eyes changed.

From the sad eyes…to the eyes where you can feel the sticky love.

He seemed to know what honey drips from his eyes.

Like this morning, she didn’t take her eyes off me.

Her eyes wide open and her cheeks are getting redder. her breathing deepens. eyes wet with excellence.

Although he had sad eyes about not being able to connect with me, he still had a heart.

…Really, the more I look at it, the more I feel it.

It can’t be without me

My own thoughts, which no one knew about, gradually became firmly established. It was a fact that had not been seen until this happened.

Without me, this child wouldn’t work any more.


At my words, she opened her mouth like a doll.

As long as no one else ate it. I didn’t even eat it myself. Kirsi who is obedient to my words.

I keep thinking about what I mean to her.

In the long silence, I search for something to say.

“…Kirsi, now we must find a way to speak again.”

Kirsi opened his mouth for a moment…. He closed it slowly, and nodded his head.

“…When I heard about it, it was a shock…and they told me that it would gradually get better. Lots of good memories…”

I was going to say it’s okay if I make a lot of good memories, but the incident with Judy came up and my mouth was shut.

After a moment’s pause, I finish my speech.

“It will be helpful if you make a lot of good memories. When your body is strong again, go for a walk, come and go.”

Unknowingly, he hints that you should go without me.


Kirsi did not move his head at those words. She, who had been listening to my words, stopped for a moment.

She turned to the table next to the bed. There was paper, ink, and a quill for her to use.

She hesitated for a while, even after putting the quill into the inkwell.

It’s been a while since I moved a quill on paper. It’s been a while since I wrote the first letter. He blinked and seemed to contemplate for a long time whether to write or not.

I waited without a word.

In the end, she wrote something short, put down her pen and turned her head away from me.

I tilted my head and turned the paper to check what she had written down.

Take a walk together…

After a short letter, the ink fades and disappears. In the end, I felt like I couldn’t write all the words I wanted to write.

Then I heard a squeak and lifted my head.

Kirsi turned her head and wiped away her tears.

It wasn’t me who didn’t know why she did that.

Normally, before all of this happened, she would go for a walk with me every day.

Her voice was still vivid.

‘brother! Let’s go for a walk! hurry!’

Those words that came into my room so naturally and with a bright smile so naturally.

You may have been saddened by the fact that you have to speak so hard now.

Without showing me her face, she continued to sniff.

He was wiping away the tears with the back of his hand.

Seeing that scene, my answer was no different.

“…Okay, so don’t cry, Kirsi. Let’s go for a walk together.”

Her body trembled. Then, for a moment, her breathing became more intense, as if she was pouring out tears, and then began to calm down quickly.


I raise my spoon and say Wiping away her tears, she cautiously showed me her face.

Eyebrows wet with tears on a defenseless face. red tears. shy expression.

She opened her mouth, showing the expression she had hidden from me.


Seeing that expression, I hardened, I couldn’t put the spoon in my mouth even when I saw her with her mouth open.

Without realizing it, I raised my opposite hand and wiped her tears away.


He pretended not to hear Kirsi’s words.

Then, as if nothing had happened, he put a spoon in her mouth.





After I finished eating, I prepared to leave.

“…Relax, Kirsi. My body hasn’t recovered yet… so go to bed early today.”

She nodded.

I got up and walked towards the door.


In an instant, Kirsi’s shout caught my foot.

I turned and looked at her.

She called me and didn’t do anything.

just look at me

“…do you have anything you want to say?”

I asked her, pointing to a quill. If there is something you want to say, write it.

But she didn’t move.

He looks at me with an expression that looks like he wants something there.


It’s so easy to recognize her wishes.

I pondered for a while.

But it was really short-lived.

As before. After all, looking at her gloomy expression, there was no need to hesitate.

I approached her.

He gently touched her silver hair and pulled her forehead towards me.

Unlike usual, kiss your mouth very lightly.

“…Now, Kirsi.”

Because this was our natural greeting.

She took a deep breath and… unlike the smile she had when she was Judy just raised her mouth.

This time her eyes curled into a half moon, and she smiled shyly.


As soon as I smiled so innocently at this, my heart… it hurts once again.

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?

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