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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 246

Traitor of mankind, Ahar.

He did not die even with a sword lodged in his heart.

He moved with his heart pierced.

He moved to live, but at the end he lost his strength and collapsed.

Even though he shed one person’s worth of blood, he did not die and was alive.

The emperor, the kings did not kill him on the spot, but arrested him.

The public execution of human traitors.

It can be most effective for people who have been at war for a long time and are filled with fatigue, anger, and all sorts of negative emotions.

cause of their hardship.

The perpetrators who killed their families and lost everything to them.

Being able to see him executed in public makes them feel better.

The only surviving kings, that was what the emperor wanted.

Ahar was captured and the monsters scattered.

There were only two reasons why humanity was pushed back by monsters.

Unity and Ahar.

Ahar was the central point where monsters could unite regardless of race.

However, this time Ahar was captured and the two causes were resolved at once.

“By the way, where did he go?”

“… I’m not sure either. It is a very difficult situation because the number one contributor has disappeared.”

Baan became the Emperor of the Empire.

Under his leadership, the kings of each country gathered and had a meeting.

Honestly, the horse is the emperor and the king.

They were united as one due to the war, and most of the territory was taken away by monsters, and now they looked like kings and servants.

They simply use the word king because their pride won’t allow it.

But it’s not hard to see that even that will come together after a long time.

To them, who had lost their territory and united, the words emperor or king no longer had any meaning.

We need to decide on a leader, but… .

“Your Majesty, maybe… .”

“Your Majesty… .”

“It seems like a good idea. your majesty.”

The kings were already aware that they were subordinate to Baan.

There was no choice but to do that, from the beginning, the other kingdoms were under the Empire.

However, in this war, the army that kept the balance was lost.

Of course, the empire was not without damage.

However, the problem is that Serion, the second most powerful country after the Empire, has merged with the Empire.

It suffered a lot of damage from the war, and above all, after rumors circulated that the emperor of the empire and the first princess of Serion Kingdom had a close relationship, the merger went smoothly.

In the first place, it is as if the crown prince of Serion Kingdom died in the war, and the ending was already decided.

An empire that has all sword masters on the continent.

Only one can rule over all.

After the war, Baan quickly repaired the damage of the war.

The seven sword masters who fought fierce battles with Ahar became warriors.

No, exactly six warriors.

“Have you not found him yet?”

“Unfortunately, they say they couldn’t find even a trace of it.”

“I’m still looking for it, so don’t worry too much.”

The person who played the biggest role in catching the enemy of the continent.

The protagonist of the war who gave the final blow to Ahar and eventually led the war to victory.

Shortly after the war ended, he disappeared.

Of course, the whole continent had no choice but to go crazy.

People were sensitive to the existence of a hero.

As they are obsessed with what they see, they have no choice but to react greatly to the disappearance of the hero who made the greatest contribution in the war.

“Today’s meeting ends here. First of all, we need to be careful about how we treat our heroes.”

“All right.”

“See you later, Your Majesty.”

The kings bow their heads like ministers and leave the battlefield.

After everyone had left, Baan, who was left alone, relaxed and leaned back on the throne.

He sighed heavily and washed his face dry.

“Sigh… Raymond, where the hell have you been?”

Even when the war was over, I was very happy.

The long, long, dirty, and ugly worst war is finally over.

And in a situation where everything was over, he was happy to see himself as an emperor.

But how embarrassed she was to hear that Raymond had disappeared out of the blue.

While receiving Raymond’s help even if he pretended not to be, and during the war, Bahn was relying on Raymond knowingly and unknowingly.

I also thought about making ample compensation after the war.

If it was for him who made himself emperor and put an end to this f*cking war, he had the intention of granting all requests, unless he was asking for the emperor’s seat.

“Raymond, why the hell did you leave?”

It never occurred to me that he was dead.

It doesn’t look like he’s dead.

Rather than imagining that he would have died, it was more convincing that the emperor himself was attacked and killed while walking on the road.

“I’ll wait. I have received a lot from you, and I have to pay it back.”

So, please come back anytime.


Two years have passed since the war ended.

A continent that is gradually finding peace. People were gradually losing their tension, but unlike those people, there were people who moved while maintaining tension.

After the war, a rumor circulated on the continent.

That a group is crossing the entire continent.

four women and three men.

“It doesn’t look like it’s even here.”

“Yes… Where the hell have you been?”

“Please, please, it would be nice if you stayed alive.”

“I will be alive. He’s not the kind of guy who’s going to get hit and die.”

Countess Millennium, no, Gerard, Selina, Beatrice, Ellis, Mahol, Arjuna, and Reina, who have now given up their title.

People who have a close relationship with Raymond.

They have been looking for Raymond ever since he disappeared.

Although his heart had been pierced by Ahar, the appearance he had shown so far.

His regenerative powers were enormous. Even if a limb is torn, it can be regenerated within a day.

Moreover, everyone here now knew that the dragon was with Raymond by his side.

In order for Gerard to find Raymond, he thought that he had to share everything about Raymond.

But just because the dragon was with him didn’t mean he believed he was alive.

Although a dragon, Liems is a hatchling.

It wasn’t as strong as an adult dragon, it didn’t have magical power.

Even so, there was only one reason why they went around believing that Raymond was alive.

“The dragon’s recovery magic can be seen as equivalent to a miracle caused by a god.”

It was because Gerard, the great mage of the 9th circle, proved it.

he guaranteed showed confidence.

No one knew more about dragons than the Archmage, so I had no choice but to believe his words.

“That bastard’s recovery magic is more resilient than the one I used.”

It is said that Liems’ recovery magic can fill the hole in Raymond’s heart.

It’s not just about trusting and moving.

The most important reason was that his body was missing.

Even if it was eaten by a monster, it wouldn’t make sense to not have even a single piece of flesh.

That meant that Raymond had escaped.

But I couldn’t figure out why it had disappeared.

For what reason? No, at least I wish I had told you first.

Feeling betrayed and sorry for not protecting Raymond, they searched harder.


A village on the outskirts that is slowly recovering.

The tavern there was full of mercenaries who were handling monsters at Nara’s request.

“Kyaha! The beer here is always delicious!”

“I mean, I caught two trolls this time!”

The voices of the mercenaries filled the tavern.

Their voices were very excited.

Peace has come to the continent and a face that looks happy.


In the middle of the day, when the clamor of mercenaries filled the tavern, the rusty door hinges opened and a man came inside.

Deeply pressed hood and robe.

Strangely, it feels like something heavy has weighed down one side of his bare shoulder.

But no one noticed anything strange looking at it.

“Well… ?”


The mercenaries near the door frowned at the man’s appearance.

A foul smell emanated from the man who had come inside.

It was the smell of sweat and not washing for months.

The mercenaries, who had crumpled their faces for a moment at the terrible smell, turned their heads and ignored it for a moment.

It was not very strange to them either.

It often happens when you wander outside for a long time to catch a monster.

“Here, a pint of dark beer and a whole pig.”

“Ah yes. All right.”

The waitress glanced over and nodded.

The man finishes ordering and looks around.

Even the mercenaries glanced at him for a while, completely turning off his nerves.

As he tried to pass his gaze, an interesting conversation was heard in his ears.

“Hey you. I know that?”


“The price has gone up again this time.”

“Oh, that hero?”

“Oh, right. It went up to 50 million gold.”

“Wow… With 50 million gold, I won’t be able to play and eat for the rest of my life, so I’ll live on for three generations.”

“Fifty million gold, at least, is enough for a small and medium-sized city to last for three years.”

One existence is mentioned in the mouths of the mercenaries.

The man listens to their voices.

“But honestly, isn’t it worth it?”

“That’s right. I’m looking for one of the seven heroes.”

“I don’t like the original country, but I really like the way things are handled this time. That’s right. If you said you treated the hero poorly, if you hadn’t even tried to find it, I wouldn’t have stayed still.”

“You are not alone. That’s me, and so are the others. Isn’t that right?!”

One mercenary looked back and shouted, and the mercenaries who were paying attention to their conversation agreed with ‘That’s right!’ and ‘That’s right!’

Fushik – Seeing that, the man burst out laughing lightly.

Like someone who sees an interesting situation in an unexpected place.

He listens to the words of the mercenaries and laughs or nods… I was amused by their words.

“For our hero!”

“I will find a hero!”

The mercenaries raise their glasses and toast.

The man carefully watched their every move, and quickly devoured the food in front of him.

It was so fast that it was hard to think of him eating alone.

Sometimes I hear meat in the air, and it disappears in an instant.

Judging by the teeth marks left, it must be something.

But no one cared about him and didn’t see the sight.

The man who emptied all the food gets up from his seat.

As soon as he wakes up, a waitress comes up to him and asks if he’s had a good meal.

“Here, calculation.”

The man hands her a pouch.

It took a while for her to tilt her head and open the pocket, her complexion turning pale and stiff.

“Everyone here counts and tips the rest.”

“This, this is too much… ! uh? uh, where did you go?”

She looks around in bewilderment.

At some point, the man who handed the pouch disappeared.

She hurriedly left the tavern and looked around, but there was not even the slightest sign of the man.

After examining the inside and outside of her pocket with trembling eyes, she returns to the bar with a bewildered face.

The man who was watching the scene from afar sighed and laughed.

-Are you going back soon?

“It should be. I wandered too long.”

A pure white dragon hatchling appeared, and the man nodded and smiled at his words.

Looking forward to the faces of the people who will wait for you.

-<When I woke up, I was a crazy swordsman genius> Wan-

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

눈떠보니 망나니 검술천재
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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