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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 244

A huge sword attack hit the monster.

Along with a huge impact sound, white dust covers the view.

After blowing my sword, I didn’t stop there and continued my next attack.

Once horizontally and once vertically.

He swung his cotton ball like crazy to the point that all the auras inside his body escaped.

“Huh… Heo-eok… !”

As the aura was running out, the sight in front of me momentarily blurred.

Like an auxiliary battery, Reems restores Aura from the side.

“Arjuna, get ready.”

Ignoring the other soldiers who are still bruised, he tells Arjuna.

She nods and draws a string.

A green arrow appears. Just wait until the dust clears.

Crunchy, crunchy – I hear a sound like a tree breaking.

The dust cleared in an instant, and I could see the condensation of blue sword energy.

Was it possible to catch it like that?

Ahar pulled out one hand and held onto the aura I used.

was breaking The swords in his hands began to crack.

As I was questioning whether that was possible, my sword energy eventually shattered.

“Rightly matured,”

Looking at my hand that broke the sword, he licked his lips.

Saliva flowed from his mouth, like a man watching with delicious food in front of him.

His behavior was so bizarre that it made me question if he was human.

“Hmm… Fun. It’s really fun.”

Ahar muttered so that everyone could hear it, then turned around.

As it is, take the monster and get out of the seat.

Even with his back turned, no one present tried to attack him.

I just watched.

As if overwhelmed by his momentum and actions, the people who had been watching him go back let out a big breath as the monsters completely disappeared.

He sighed and saw several soldiers sitting down.

The tension is relieved. Normally, the commanders would have yelled something.

Commanders didn’t.

It’s just that they didn’t sit down, because they felt no different from the soldiers.

“You’re gone.”

Arjuna slowly let go of the string that was being pulled tight.

The arrow disappeared, and she took a deep breath.

It hadn’t been that long, and even though the weather wasn’t that hot, her forehead, her face, her neck, and her body were full of sweat.

Evidence that you were nervous.

Even though the master and the cannabis were together, they were overwhelmed by one being.

It was an embarrassing thing to say anywhere.

No one would have believed it if they hadn’t seen it in person.

Content that some would dismiss as not joking, others as saying not to be crazy.

But only those who were here knew.

Even though the monsters, the man backed away.

‘We lost.’

It was obvious what the outcome would have been if they had continued to fight.

The defeat of the 6 Masters and the Archmage.

It’s embarrassing, but that’s why it was scary.

A problem that cannot be taken lightly.

‘The entire continent must join forces.’

There was only one thought in their minds.

They can’t do it alone.

The entire continent must work together to deal with him.

It’s funny.

No matter how many monsters were on the other side, it was not something to think about.

One Master might not be enough, but with two, victory was only a matter of time.

It’s just that cleaning takes a long time, but it’s not that I can’t do it.

But this was different.

Only one human being, not monsters, made me think that way.

If you don’t catch him, the continent has no future.

“Crazy. Seriously, if I miss it this time, there will be no answer.”

I shook my head. Four years is definitely a long time, but I didn’t expect it to become that strong.

I thought I was strong enough, but that’s just my imagination.

The stronger I thought was simply arrogance and stupidity.

I should have put in a little more, a little more effort.

I struggled to come this far, but I knew it when I faced Ahar in person.

I should have trained until death, not struggle.

I just couldn’t

My head throbs with futility and frustration.

He looked up at the sky and sighed.

Thus ended the first day of the war.


“We must ask for reinforcements!”

“The Seongguk, we have to recruit soldiers from the Seongguk as well.”

“If we push, it’s over. He’s more than a master!”

Commanders from all over the world hold a meeting.

It was a meeting, not much different from a conspiracy to kill a being.

It was a comedy to have several masters gather and do this, but no one here laughed.

They shouted to each other to find a way, and put forward their own opinions.

Normally, they were busy raising their pride and clashing, but now they were gathering opinions.

I didn’t know if I should like this or if I should feel despair because I couldn’t win if I didn’t do it this far.

“It’s not even funny.”

At one word from one man, everyone shut their mouths.

The conference room was instantly filled with tension.

A man sitting in an ornate chair with an armrest bearing a golden dragon’s head.

He was none other than the emperor.

‘Did you say you would kill the man who killed your close friend with your own hands… .’

In general, it was rare for emperors to directly participate in warfare.

Because they value their own comfort more than anyone else.

At the age of emperor, it was extremely rare to step out unless the fate of the empire was at stake.

Especially if the masters gathered like now, there was no reason for the emperor to step out.

Even so, the reason the emperor attended this event was to avenge his close friend.

to kill Ahar.

The knight commander who was killed by him had been by the emperor’s side for a longer time than anyone else, and devoted himself to the emperor.

The emperor’s affection for him is stronger than that of his wife.

“… .”

“Kuhm… .”

As soon as the Emperor’s mouth opened, the Masters shut their mouths.

Even if they were masters, the emperor couldn’t carelessly do it.

In particular, all the masters of the emperor were gathered here.

In his one word, this place gathered for cooperation could lead to catastrophe.

And there was no reason or circumstance to do so right now.

There is a public enemy.

“It wouldn’t be the place to gather like this.”

With Baan standing next to him, the emperor spoke in a voice filled with anger.

His angry voice filled the conference room.

The Emperor was not as strong as the Master.

Moreover, he was considerably weakened by Baan’s schemes.

Nevertheless, the emperor had dignity.

It was a kind of power impossible with talent.

A collection of achievements he has achieved throughout his life.

In war, the crystallization of efforts made while upgrading a kingdom to an empire.

The sense of intimidation was such that even the Masters were weighed down.

It was intense in a different sense from Ahar’s momentum.

“It’s like the masters are conspiring to kill just one guy.”

The masters bit their lips at the emperor’s words.

Even without the emperor saying anything, I knew how funny my appearance was.

The Emperor confirmed to kill them.

“Aren’t they the ones who hear that each and every one of them is a one-man army? People who make the country tense even if one person gathers, are you doing this against just one guy? The name Master is ridiculous. If that’s the case, don’t install it as a master.”

Normally, the emperor would not have said such a thing.

There was no way he could have said such a thing if his thoughts were right.

It was true that Masters could treat the Emperor ill, but the reverse was also true.

Even if he was the emperor, he couldn’t deal with the Master.

No matter how much he had a master under him, he couldn’t restrain him.

It would be different if they took their families hostage, but among the Masters here, the Masters of the Empire do not have families.

This is because they consider the family to be nothing more than a burden.

And since all sorts of things happen when you live as a Master, they were the ones who thought it was not good to have weaknesses.

Therefore, there was practically no way for the emperor to restrain them.

The reason they are under the emperor is simple.

Because they treat you better than other kingdoms.

If not, they will leave the Empire at any moment.

No, there was one more.

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Knight Commander of the Empire.

Masters who admired and respected him.

But not anymore. After he died, there was no longer any benefit from the masters remaining in the empire.

‘The reason why the Empire can maintain its name is because it has many Masters.’

But what if you lose your master?

An empire is no longer an empire. If you do it wrong, it could be eaten by other kingdoms and disintegrate.

The emperor wouldn’t know that.

The emperor’s current condition was not very good.

The death of a close friend whom he depended on and the death of his close friend, and various other things weakened the spirit of the emperor.

It made the way of thinking shallow.

“your majesty. Calm down. The way is to make it. I think it would be good to take care of your mind while eating this.”

Baan, who was observing the situation, handed the cool water to the emperor.

Seeing this, the masters of the empire shone in their eyes.

The current emperor did not like it, but Ba An was against it.

Having pushed the crown prince away with his own strength, he got along better with the masters than anyone else in the empire.

He treated the Masters and built a close friendship with them.

The Masters did not oppose Baan becoming emperor, but rather wished for it.

Rather than the current tyrant, they thought that Baan, who treated them well, was better.

“Yes, yes… .”

After drinking the water, the emperor instantly calmed down.

The effect was a little too fast.

After drinking the water, the emperor’s eyes became hazy, and he leaned back in his chair with a languid gesture.

strange situation. But nobody here pointed that out.

Apart from the Masters of the Empire, all of the Masters here were angry at the Emperor’s words, and most of them knew what was going on.

They also had informants. That Baan was laying groundwork for the emperor.

Only the emperor’s eyes are dark.

“To the Masters, I apologize on behalf of you. It’s because His Majesty is in a situation where a series of recent events have exploded and she’s very sensitive.”

The Masters nodded okay.

It was because it was not the first time or two that the emperor had acted like that.

And the only masters from other kingdoms were Serion, and even those masters were related to Raymond.

Doesn’t care at all.

“Then let’s talk again. The current situation… .”

The meeting was held under the leadership of Baan.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Allied Forces is the Emperor. Since the person with the greatest power after the emperor was the crown prince Baan, no one pointed it out.

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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