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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 242

Picked up nameless.

As soon as they reached the Empire, the war began.

If you go all the way to the left of the imperial castle, there is a plain.

And beyond that plain, it was full of monsters gathered by a man.

I instinctively sensed that the man who gathered those monsters together was Ahar.

Without him this could not have happened.

‘I don’t know how he changed his appearance, but he’s the only one who can act like that.’

Furthermore, Ahar was the only one who showed hostility to humans so openly.

There are people who have a grudge against people, but Ahar is the only one who wants to kill all of humanity.

And as soon as I entered the empire with the soldiers, monsters started running.

The procession of tens of thousands of monsters showed tremendous intimidation just by itself.


“It’s an ogre, there’s an ogre!”

“Crazy, why are they all in one place!”

Soldiers and knights gritted their teeth while watching the approaching monster army.

I had heard a rough explanation before coming here, but it was hard to believe that the top predators who valued their territory were gathered like that.

There are dozens of crabs that are too heavy for even one.

As if they had gathered from all over the continent, the number was also enormous.

Hearing the request for cooperation, he made up his mind when he came, but that surpassed that and was more than he could have imagined.

It was to the point where I doubted whether I could win.

“What are you doing! Do you want to die as it is?”

“Wake! Raise your arms! Load your arrows! If you get pushed from here, that’s it!”

“Think of the family at home! Families are at risk if we are pushed!”

It was convenient at times like this to have a competent commander.

When soldiers are in confusion, they wake up faster than anyone else and awaken their spirits.

Their voices echoed across the battlefield, and terrified soldiers gritted their teeth and grabbed their weapons.

He held out his weapon towards the monsters running towards him with a violent atmosphere.

And right before colliding with the monsters that are getting closer.

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Kwahahiah-A huge crater was created in front of the monsters and the soldiers with a tremendous roar.

Explosions occurred in all directions at the same time, as if a mountain of explosives had been detonated at once.

Curiously, the explosion only swept away the monsters, and only dusted the soldiers, but did not cause any damage.

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Kiehyeek! – The monsters screamed.

With the crater in between, the monsters revealed their teeth towards the humans.

A tremendous hostility toward humans touched the soldiers.

Soldiers whose complexion is getting paler.

Even though they couldn’t come over right away, they were feeling great fear towards the monsters.

It has to be.

No matter how rational or intelligent a monster is, it feels pain and fear.

But the monsters he could see now didn’t see anything like that.

Like you don’t feel any pain at all.

They just glared at the soldiers, as if fear, fear, or death had nothing to do with it.

The soldiers were naturally intimidated by the madness.


They are still powerful monsters.

Each one is a monster with power equal to that of Auror users.

There was no way the soldiers could hold out with their sober mind when such monsters rushed at them even to the point of death.

“What are you doing!”

“Shoot! It means to shoot an arrow!”

“Are your hands decorations! If you don’t want to die, move!”

Commanders raise their voices.

But the soldiers couldn’t move easily.

They were afraid of the unknown power that attacked the monsters that stood in their way.

They worried about what would happen if the attack reached them.

Seeing that even the commands of the commanders were not properly followed, I felt that I had to move immediately.



The attack that blocked the soldiers’ front just before was the explosion caused by Arjuna’s aura arrow, and the attack of the wizards waiting behind.

If it had been originally, he would have realized that the attack was an ally’s and his morale would have risen.

‘That’s definitely threatening.’

The seemingly endless number of monsters and the simple way of thinking they evoked even paralyzed fear.

It shouldn’t be like this. In the current situation, it was clear that he would not be able to fight properly with his emotions and be pushed back.

Originally, I didn’t intend to leave so quickly, but I didn’t expect to wait until I saw this.

“Cover me.”

“Don’t worry, just run wild.”

Leaving behind his trusty Arjuna, he kicked the ground.

passed the soldiers.

“Uh… !”

“If you go there… !”

I heard the voices of the soldiers who were taken aback by my sudden action, but I lightly ignored them.

There was no time or reason to listen to that.

“Reems, please.”

– I will definitely help!

Liems let out a roar.

The dragon’s roar instantly stiffened the monsters’ bodies.

It was a sound and momentum that humans could neither hear nor feel.

No, it would be different for Masters.

If it were them, they would have felt the disparate momentum radiated by Liems.

Well, it didn’t matter too much since I said I did it.

jump over craters


A wyvern flies right in front of me and attacks me.

Since I have already jumped, I can’t avoid the Wyvern in the air.

Others would have been helpless by the wyvern here.


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Kwadeuk – Step on the air.

Liems’ mana condensed in the air and created a foothold exactly in the direction I wanted to go.

I stepped on it and twisted my body to avoid the wyvern’s claws.

Cheak- I swung the cotton and cut off the Wyvern’s wings.

No matter how tough a wyvern’s wing membrane is, it cannot withstand the sharpness of the nameless that cuts even steel like tofu.

Anonymous with an aura cut off the wyvern’s wings like cutting butter.

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Kieheaek – The wyvern plummets from the sky to the ground.

The Wyvern that lost its wings was weakened, but it was not enough for the soldiers to deal with.

Still, I wasn’t too worried.

Shyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Even if I didn’t care, there was someone to deal with on my behalf.


Arjuna’s arrow pierced the wyvern’s eye and penetrated his brain.

The body of the Wyvern, which had been pierced from the eyes to the back of the head, lost its strength and collapsed.

I could tell that without looking back.

“my turn.”

land on the ground

Monsters drool and run towards the prey that fell on its own feet.

Even though I had just seen the wyvern fall to my sword, I didn’t take any precautions.

There was only a glimpse of the will to kill me defenselessly.

An ogre’s fist comes crashing in, and a troll’s club swings to break my leg.

From behind, a werewolf aimed at my neck with sharp claws that could cut down even trees.

Even in the crises approaching from all sides, I did not feel greatly threatened.

Calm down. These threats no longer pose a great threat to me.

Obviously, the ogre’s strength is such that even aura users called superhumans can’t be caught off guard.

In particular, ogres, like dragons, become stronger over time, so older ogres sometimes find it difficult even for advanced sword experts.

There were plenty of such things.

Still, it’s not that I’m nervous.


It’s because I’m stronger than them.

Nameless blocked their attack.

I couldn’t stop it and cut off their bodies.

The werewolf’s claws break around my body.

After receiving special training from Count Millennium, Reems’ overall magic improved remarkably.

Especially in terms of buffs and defense, it was about to follow others.

Seriously, the Werewolf’s claws that were attacking me could not break through the protective shield that Reems spread.

Unless you have the strength of an ogre, the protective shield that surrounds you cannot be broken.

And even if it breaks, Reems will walk you right away, so to be honest, I was like a walking fort.

However, the fortress is not an ordinary fortress.

“It’s a Nodaji, it’s a Nodaji properly.”

runs wield nameless

Even if you didn’t bother wielding it with care and attacked roughly, the monsters would be ground without fail.

Monsters could be touched without reaching out, and the monsters were lined up tightly without even a chance to step.

I became a crusher and dealt with the monsters.

Having a lot of numbers is definitely a good thing.

You can psychologically overwhelm your opponent, and if you have a numerical advantage, it’s hard to lose.

However, that was limited to systematically trained soldiers, and it was a different story when the monsters were jumbled together like now.

‘Well, even if only goblins were collected, it would be better than this.’

It is true that they are strong enough to make your jaw drop open if you look at them one by one.

But they all have very strong personalities.

Their attack methods, habits, and movements are all different.

They didn’t train tactics like the soldiers or knights, it was all about Ahar.

Of course, there was no time to train, and there was no tactics whatsoever.

No matter how many numbers there were, they were poisonous because there were too many of them.

Their characteristics and personalities were so different that they were hindering each other.

The ogre swung his fist and exploded the head of the orc next to him.

The troll’s club crushed the ogre’s shoulder, and every time the giant took a step, small monsters such as goblins and kobolds were trampled to death.

It would have been better if there were only one of them.

It can’t even unwind.


I yawned involuntarily as I wielded cotton, probably because it was not that different from the word.

‘But there are definitely too many of them.’

I’m getting tired of how many monsters I’ve beaten and killed.

My arms are shaking. No matter how strong I am, I can’t move like crazy for hours.

In particular, the hides and bones worn by higher-ranking monsters were very tough and hard, so it was burdensome.

There were times when you couldn’t cut without an aura.

At first, the things that interfered with each other gradually disappeared.

‘I’m sure you have thoughts like that. Or he’s on the move.’

The latter case was more credible.

In the case of monsters, there were many cases where they rushed without looking back when they were angry.

Especially if we are oppressed by attacking each other like now, we will go crazy with frustration.

However, instead of rushing in, I felt that Ahar was conducting in earnest when I saw him keeping a distance from me to keep me in check.

The monsters surrounded me and didn’t attack me recklessly like before.

One by one, they came out and just touched me.

‘It looks like they’re trying to drain me… .’

Look around.

Huge monsters like giants were filling my surroundings.

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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