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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 239

It was a peace that did not last for a year or even half a year.

The beginning is the downfall of an aristocrat located in a very small periphery.

nobody cared

They dismissed it as being attacked by bandits.

But that was the beginning.

Starting with the nobleman’s estate, the nobleman’s estates around it collapsed one by one.

It wasn’t even a territorial war.

No matter how thieves they were, they didn’t happen so simultaneously.

At least there could be no survivors.

And just as it grew, the whole empire was agitated by the news that the territory that was recognized for its military power, to which the top experts belonged, collapsed overnight.

Until then, even though it was a little strange, I was able to move on.

But this time, the disappearance was different.

‘A well-known count in the empire.’

The position of an earl in the empire had power equal to that of a duke in a small country.

It was absolutely not the power to collapse overnight like this without any sound, news, or rumors.

‘Did you hear that? I heard that the Marquis of Chahahahar was killed this time?’

‘What, crazy? Isn’t that the one who stepped on the master’s door?’

‘So, it’s more of a mess. That’s not all.’

‘What else?’

‘This time, the only surviving survivor made a report, and the contents were absurd.’

‘What was it about?’

‘A man was commanding monsters. They said they attacked them at the man’s command?’

‘crazy. There’s all that nonsense.’

‘I’m not kidding. That’s why there are rumors that the central government is preparing for war.’

‘really? How the world is going to go.’

‘Yeah… Among the monsters that man commands, there are higher-ranking species such as ogres, but it’s a mess. what.’

Rumors spread as they spread, and their concerns only grew.

Their worries did not take long to become a reality.

“The emperor is crazy!”

“Trying to push us to the limb!”

The people of the empire protested against the emperor’s decision.

Now that the imperial family’s checks had disappeared, they were enjoying a little peace, but the emperor suddenly declared war.

The good news was that he was not calling for a war against another kingdom, but a declaration against an unknown enemy who was eating away at the empire.

Soldiers were gathered from all over the Empire, and of course the neighboring countries were very wary of the Empire’s actions.

Having summoned soldiers from the most powerful empire, there was no choice but to be nervous.

Some kingdoms poured out protests against the empire, but the emperor ignored them without even listening to them.

It’s true that it couldn’t be.

“What the hell is he talking about!”

The emperor’s harsh voice fills the space.

The ministers lined up in front of the emperor simply bowed their heads without saying anything.

“Seven knights have already been defeated, and eleven territories have collapsed. What were the ministers doing all this while!”

When the emperor bursts into anger, the officials shrink even more.


The current emperor was a tyrant himself who stained the regime with blood.

If you look bad in the eyes of such a person, you will surely die, but unless you are a loyalist, no one could easily bring it up.

No, he is an emperor who makes even loyalists unable to open their mouths.

So who can get the courage in the midst of his anger?

At least it wasn’t here.

“Calm down. your majesty. I am afraid that my health will be damaged.”

no, there was

Someone with the courage to strike down the armrest of the throne and speak to the emperor who raises his voice.

He is none other than the man who took the position by defeating the number one player from the bottom ranks.

Even though no one had any expectations, he was the person who destroyed those expectations and pushed the crown prince away.

“Yeah, you were there. I looked ugly for a while.”

“no. your majesty.”

“Uh huh. Even if I say don’t call me that. Something hard, Your Majesty. Now, call me Father.”

“How could I?”

“Even if it’s okay.”

Instead of being surprised by the emperor’s soft speech, as if he had been angry, the ministers simply sighed inwardly.

People outside didn’t know it, but all the ministers here were familiar with it.

3 prince.

The royal family brought change like a storm after being brought to the Millennium Countess of Serion Kingdom.

In addition, he was favored by the emperor and was in a position that no one could touch.

“The ministers are watching.”

“ah… Yes it was. There were insectivores who only ate food.”

When his eyes, which had been filled with affection, turned to the ministers, they were filled with the feeling of being pitiful as well as living life as usual.

“Even though the substitutes can’t come up with a proper opinion, they keep their mouth shut like a mute who has eaten honey. I hate to see it. get off very Today’s meeting ends here.”

The ministers bit their lips at the emperor’s scolding.

They had a lot to say.

Why can’t they talk like this, why can’t they post advice?

I thought it was better when I used to wield swords.

I don’t know if I could die at that time, but at least the emperor at that time was able to communicate with those who listened to him.

But not now.

They were so obsessed with the third prince that they neither listened to them properly nor paid any attention to them.

Externally, there were rumors of obscene content such as ‘Isn’t the emperor gay’ or ‘Isn’t he a pervert?’

No matter how much the emperor was a tyrant, he was not trash.

But to be honest, now even the ministers are confused about that.

Because the Emperor now looked like a man who couldn’t get out of the beautiful beauty anyone could see.

‘I wouldn’t feel unfair if that happened.’

If the emperor was crazy about a woman, if he was wrapped up in a woman’s skirt, I would at least understand.

It is natural for a man to like a woman.

Moreover, the emperor was a tyrant, but on the contrary, he was also a hero who raised the kingdom to an empire.

Even if he played with a woman, no one would say anything.

I couldn’t even say anything.

What kind of big guy could tell the emperor to play around with a woman?

Originally, this would have been unthinkable.

As a servant of the king, of the emperor, what kind of madman would want the monarch to play with a woman?

‘Since His Highness Baan is favored, there is nothing we can do.’

‘An emperor rumored to be like that with his son… The future of the empire is dark.’

The ministers let out a sigh as they left the emperor’s palace.

“Tsk tsk tsk. Since they look like pathetic bastards, they say they are the ministers of the country… The future of the country is bleak.”

The emperor shook his head and let out a sigh.

Baan comforts him.

“Yeah, I’m glad you’re by my side too. It’s the same with the former crown prince, and you’re the only one who provides for me.”

“Don’t say that. Everyone is looking at you. Your Majesty is the father of all. You have to be strong.”

“Yeah, that’s how it should be.”

The emperor nodded.

His life-like eyes, which used to make enemies tremble on the battlefield, became dull as he lost his gun.

His beast-like muscles, which used to suffocate his enemies, are withered and bony.

Although he was feared by the ministers, he was a decrepit old man who would not be strange if he died anytime from a distance.

how did he become like this

Even just a year ago, he hadn’t weakened to this extent.

Until then, he was wise even if he was savage, and his strong body was supporting him.

‘The medicine works well.’

The reason why the emperor became like this was all because of Baan’s scheme.

Both the Emperor’s loss of firearms and his strong body were all due to Baan.

‘In order for me to become emperor, the current emperor must fall. There were stumbling blocks before, but it doesn’t matter now.’

When he was the 3rd prince, the former prince became his biggest stumbling block.

It was the first mountain he had to overcome in order to become emperor, and it was also the biggest and most formidable obstacle that would stand in his way.

And once the obstacle was cleared, he had nothing to falter about.

‘You must be the emperor. Only the emperor is the correct answer.’

I had a promise.

He offered to become emperor to Raymond and the woman he loved.

‘The situation is not good.’

More than anything, the most problematic thing was that the current situation was going strangely.

Although it was the periphery of the empire, too many territories were attacked.

And it was so severe that no survivors could be found.

It wasn’t normal.

If you don’t do it wrong, you can have a big problem in becoming emperor.

More precisely, he wants to receive an empire in good condition when he becomes emperor.

I feel very dirty when I receive bread and it has already been eaten, moldy, and eaten by insects.

That was how he felt now.

So, before that, he had to either become emperor or get rid of the cause of his anxiety.

“your majesty. If you give me an order, I will reveal the truth of the incident.”

“Are you saying you want to move yourself?”

“If His Majesty wishes.”

“not. you shouldn’t get hurt I will move the knight commander.”

“… !”

At the emperor’s words, Baan’s eyes fluttered uncontrollably.

The knight commander the emperor spoke of was the first person in the empire and the person in charge of the imperial castle’s security.

He who only listened to the emperor’s orders was difficult even for the emperor, so he did not give orders easily.

No matter how much I lose my gun and lose my mind.

This was no different from using a dragon slayer to catch goblins.

“Are you serious?”

“Have I ever said anything nonsense?”

“… No.”

Realizing that the emperor is sincere, Baan steps back.

Here I realized that it didn’t mean much if he said more.

At times like this, it was better to nod in agreement rather than protest.

“Certainly, if it were him, I wouldn’t have to worry about this any longer.”


“The only thing I’m worried about is that if he moves, he won’t stand still in the neighboring countries.”

The emperor snorts at Baan’s worrying words.

“under! What are you going to do if they don’t stay still? Should I be afraid of those guys who all they know how to do is unite and run to the beggars?”

“… It is not.”

Baan gave up saying more.

The original emperor would have realized the problem before he even spoke.

No, they wouldn’t think of moving the imperial knight commander in the first place.

It was the result of his own creation, but on the other hand, he was bitter because he was a father.

Still, I felt that the problem could be solved.

That thought collapsed a day after the knight commander moved.

The knight commander returned as a corpse.

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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