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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 219

I cut the string that was holding them together.

The members of the Red Hawk tribe followed Arjuna.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t eaten anything for a long time.

Their steps, following Arjuna’s back, were slow, even if they looked good.

It wasn’t that I didn’t understand.

They were captured by savages, deprived of proper food, and, above all, kept chained in one position.

The body has no choice but to stiffen up.

But apart from understanding, they had to move quickly.

No matter how much Bane was dragging his time, there was a limit to that.

The supply corps themselves won’t be able to do anything about him, but reinforcements can come from their base after hearing the commotion.

If you don’t do it wrong, you may meet the chief.

It is dangerous to greet him if you are not fully prepared.

With the two Masters and the dragon together, I won’t lose.

But I want to keep the damage to a minimum.

Considering the tendencies of savages, it was clear that the chieftain would rush at the moment the battle began without caring for himself.

If that happens, we can’t be safe either.

I’m sure one of us will be seriously injured.

It was a huge loss to lose the Master before a full-scale battle.

The Marquis of Easton wouldn’t want that either.

“Are they all out?”

The number of people gathered by the savages was quite large.

There were more than a dozen elves alone, fifty members of the Red Hawk tribe, and twenty or thirty other people were captured for food.

As if there was a familiar face among them, the ranger was agitated for a while, and he immediately came to his senses and moved.

This is because personal feelings are unnecessary during the mission.

That’s how I took everything and escaped the camp of the barbarians.

“Did you do what you were told to do?”

“I have definitely sprayed it where the most people gather.”

Ranger says confidently.

I nodded my head in satisfaction and signaled to Arjuna.

Giying- She drew a protest.

Auras gather to create arrows. She raised her bow to the sky and let go of the string.

Bang! An arrow escaped from her hand and shattered a rock close to the barbarians’ supply post.

A signal to Bane.

Bane glanced at the breaking rock and swung his sword wide.


As the savages were grinding away, gaps were created momentarily.

Bane dug in without missing the gap.

The savages follow him.

Bane swung his sword and tried to shake them off, but they relentlessly followed.


I called Arjuna again. She was already pulling a string before I called.

An arrow with a fire in its tip.

Let go of the taut string, and the flaming arrow flies toward its target.

Right before reaching the target, the arrow split into several pieces.

The fire arrow hit the pile of leather.

Fire – In an instant, the leather started to catch fire.

The speed at which the fire spread was amazing because the ranger had sprayed oil in advance.

“What, what?”

“Fire! It’s on fire!”

The savages who were chasing Bane stopped walking.

And he looked back alternately at the running Bane and the roaring fire, thinking about it.

After worrying for a while, they quickly regained their reason.

“Chief, Chief is scary!”

“If the chief finds out, he will die!”

They ran to the fire, crying out for the chieftain.

And I struggled to put out the fire somehow.

But there was no water nearby, and they had no means of putting out the fire.

Moreover, it was sprayed with oil. How do you drag out the oil soaked in dry leather?

‘Because I’m stupid.’

If they sprinkled a lot of sand on the ground, they would be able to catch fire at least, but their heads were not working well enough to even think about such a thing.

“This should be enough.”

As I watch the savages frolicking in the distance, Bane returns before I know it and stands next to me.

I said without looking back at him.

“thank you for your effort.”

“It was nothing. Rather, it was nice to be able to relax a bit.”

He turns around and smiles.

It is a face that looks good because it can slash savages to its heart’s content, and feed them candy at the end.

“At this level, they’ll have a hard time too.”

“No, that’s another thing I don’t know.”

Bane shook his head.

I was in awe of him. All the food to be used in war is gone, so how can there be no damage?

Food is essential in war.

If it were serious, the books that recorded the war would be full of records of robbing the people of food for the war.

In novels dealing with war, there was a lot of excessive taxation.

That’s why the existence of food was great.

But doesn’t that mean anything?

“Because they eat human flesh.”

“ah… .”


The savages ate human flesh. I could tell just by eating the prisoners they captured during the war.

However, he didn’t know that it was within the permissible range even for his own people.

“If it’s for war, they don’t cover anything. Especially if they’re not doing their job properly like they are now.”

He clicks his tongue as he sees the savages running around to put out the fire.

Although the number has decreased significantly due to Bane, there are still many.

dozens of people.

“They know their future.”

Bane turned his back after saying that. He takes care of the people to return to the castle.

I glanced at the savages.

They couldn’t put out the fire. The fire that had already spread had even consumed their beds.

The situation where everything was ruined. They stared blankly at the sea of fire with devastated faces.

‘Because it’s not my job.’

I have no reason to care about their condition.

They and I are enemies.

It’s not like they’re the subordinates of the Daejeonsa, who has a cooperative relationship with us.

The savages of Daejeonsa do not exist in the supply base.

Even among the savages, they were ranked at the top in their fighting power.

They are not used to guard a mere supply base.

Fights in the lead in close proximity to the chief.

And at a critical moment when a full-scale war begins, their teeth will turn to the chief who trusted them and left their back.

“Let’s go back. The harvest is still great today.”

Even if they do not obsess over food, it is true that they eat each other and lose power.

That alone was enough to pay for today’s move.


Bass Rock – Ashes are stepped on.


“I have committed a mortal sin!”

The savages who were in charge of the supply were all on their knees.

A ghastly sight unfolded around them, revealing the situation.

Bodies strewn all over the place. The rocks were broken and the ground was cracked.

“Hmm… .”

The chief, accompanied by dozens of savages, looked around.

All the gazes of the barbarians gathered at the table turned to the chieftain.

In the stinging gaze, the chieftain opened his mouth.

“It’s fun.”

Tremble- His voice made the savages tremble.

The chieftain’s voice was not loud, but it rang out and was heard by all the savages present.

“You ran really well. Are they those then?”

he turns his head Barbarians do not see, but his eyes did.

Here, on a hill far away, there were traces of the movement of dozens of people.

The direction of the trail was towards Easton.

“It looks like the world capital has been revived by them… .”

that was unfortunate

Working on the world tree was what he had been doing right after he became the chieftain.

I was a little disappointed when you said that the Great Warrior had failed.

‘But I can’t just blame the great warrior for something like that.’

It doesn’t matter if it’s annoying.

As long as he became the Master, victory was certain.

I thought so… .

“I thought there would be a Master among them.”

The chief touches his chin.

You can see it in the traces of battle. The enemy who invaded the supply base was not a mediocre strongman.

Master at least like yourself. Things get back to fun.

“They are food. There is plenty of food around, so slaughter it properly and collect it.”

The savages shouted that they knew and approached the savages on their knees.

The complexions of the savages who were in charge of the supply brigade turned pale.

Some of them tried to rebel.

However, they failed to resist properly and were captured.

“If you kill it right away, the quality of the meat will decrease, so beat it moderately. The more you beat the meat, the softer it becomes.”

In particular, these guys are very tough because their entire body is made up of muscle and there is no fat to be found.

So it was necessary to moderately chop.

The savages who moved at the words of the chief moved without hesitation even at the sound of eating their own people.

Rather, it tasted good. For them, this is natural.

If you are weak, you will be weeded out. And the loser becomes the spoils of the winner.

Although it has decreased now, in the past, winners ate losers.

It’s almost gone, but it’s still a rare occurrence.

Eat the meat of the losers and become stronger.

That was their ideology.



Despite the screams of his fellow tribesmen, the chieftain moved on with a face that was unconcerned.

His eyes sometimes frowned at the touch of ashes on his feet.

“It smells so… I will go back.”

At the chief’s words, the savages follow him.

They dragged food that had broken all the bones to keep them from moving, and the path they passed was full of blood.


“Good work.”

Marquis Easton says.

The Ranger finished his mission and returned to his place.

“Boil the water so that it can be washed, and the three of you go out now and hunt for food for them.”

Under the command of Marquis Easton, the rangers moved quickly.

The people who followed us follow the knights.

“Can I not go?”

I asked Arjuna, who was watching from afar.

They are my tribe members. She, who was most worried and desperate to see her again, was just watching.

At least I could talk to him or take care of him myself.

She shook her head at my question.

“I am not qualified. I am no longer their chieftain.”

When she said that, her eyes were filled with sadness.

I couldn’t understand her.

If you’re worried, just move, what makes you think it’s so complicated?

But I couldn’t do anything about her.

All I can do is watch her move on her own.

“Isn’t it complicated?”

-complicated. I’m crying, but I’m laughing

Liems, riding on my shoulder, looks at Arjuna and says,

smile… Still, he must be happy to be able to save his tribe members.

“Good work. It was a good idea to bring them along.”

The Marquis of Easton approaches and speaks. I shrugged. It was something I could think of even if it wasn’t me.

“It is a red hawk. Right now, I’m weak because I can’t eat or rest properly, but after I get enough rest, I’ll be able to use it as a soldier.”

“is it… Certainly, a red hawk would be a great force.”

Their archery is great.

Even savages struggle with their arrows loaded with auras.

If they help with their bows, our war will be easier.

“They have to pay for the meal, too.”

I’ve saved them, but there’s no reason to take care of them.

They have to move even for the price of food.

And they will know that too.

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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