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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 216


The savage’s laughter made the knights’ complexions pale.

No matter how much I attacked and how many methods I used, it didn’t seem like I would be able to win.

“… That’s all!”

To that, words of ridicule were added.

Even though I’ve been fighting them for years, I can’t get used to those goddamn monstrous physical abilities.

You can’t even cut your skin without wearing an aura, so it’s impossible to even deal with an ordinary soldier or knight.

Their fists have the strength to crush rocks with their bare hands.

Strong enough to say no.

If that’s the case with a pure body, he even uses an aura.

If it weren’t for the Eastern soldiers who had dealt with them all their lives, there would be very few people who could deal with them.

‘I’ll just have to kill him.’

Among them, he was a savage who stood out.

A barbarian single-handedly overpowering three knights who are no different from veterans among barbarians.

I felt that he was a warrior commander or an executive equivalent to him.

If you kill that guy, the war will be solved easily.

As I thought about it, I heard a roar.

Quaaang- A knight flew away.

The sword he was holding was broken in half.

The savage climbed on the body of such a knight and raised the glaive high into the sky.

A glaive swinging straight at the knight.

The knights around me tried to block it, but it was useless, and the knight underneath felt my own death and pushed the aura into the sword to commit suicide.


The barbarian’s glaive aimed at the knight’s forehead.

Took-kwang- The glaive bounced back.

“You die.”

I could feel the savage look at me and panic.

It wasn’t that he didn’t notice me because he was focusing on the articles.

His eyes looked around the battlefield from time to time while dealing with the knights.

So I waited.

until he defeats the knight. I feel sorry for the knight, but thanks to that, I was able to create a gap.

I saw the savage who found me twist instinctively.

It’s to avoid the nameless that I stabbed.

Yes, if I were an ordinary swordsman, I could have avoided it with just that move.

“uh… ?”

The savage’s eyes widened as if they were going to tear.

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Kwaddeuk- Anonymous was digging into his side.

No matter how tough the skin is, it can’t stop the cotton that cuts through even steel.

In a moment of inattention, the savage, whose flesh and organs were cut into chunks, hurriedly fell away from me.

When I touched his side, his face hardened, as if he could feel his intestines flowing down with the blood.

“My skin is so simple… ?”

His two eyes shook slightly as he looked back alternately to his side and to his side.

It was the skin that would block the beast’s teeth casually.

The skin was cut off without the slightest clogging.

If he hadn’t twisted his body, if he hadn’t avoided the feeling digging into his side, his upper body and lower body would have split as it were.

“hahahaha… .”

The savage bursts into laughter.

With a face that looked like he was having a lot of fun, he had found his nemesis.

He glares at me and opens his mouth. It looked like he was trying to say something.

“Now my enemy… .”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t want to hear that trite line until the end.”

If I had to judge him, he seemed like a mid-level executive, but it’s strange to give such a high weight to him.

“What… !”

A barbarian urgently holding a glaive.

I swung the cotton at an angle and cut open the side where the intestines were dripping.

With a scream, the upper body was cut off and the corpse collapsed.

I cut off only the head from the corpse and threw the head where the greatest concentration of barbarians and soldiers was.

“What is this?”

“Hair, where did you fly from?”

“You sold your eyes!”

Unlike the knights who were taken aback by the head rolled in the middle of them, the savages rushed at it as if it had nothing to do with it.

He even kicked the head as if it was cumbersome.

As I was looking at it and wondering if I couldn’t do that, one of the savages recognized who the head was and shouted.

“Breaking sleep! The crusher is dead!”

You were a savage with a title.

That’s why I was able to relax even against the three knights.

For savages, titles convey a person’s strength.

“What, how did you die?”

“I said that the one who breaks is the lumber that will become the battlefield!”

The savages are perplexed.

It’s not a big deal why they’re upset.

That’s right, being strong doesn’t mean you can’t die.

But the problem is that he died too soon.

The destroyer was a strong man with the lumber of a warrior. Such a strong man died within 5 minutes of the start of the war.

That means that a great talent soon appeared… .

‘… I’m sure you’re thinking.’

The morale of the savages sank.

It was a time when I questioned whether I should like this as much as the effect was excessive than I thought.

“find… !”

“find! Find him!”

“It’s a match! My match!”

The savages went mad and started running amok.

The soldiers in front ran rampant in search of the protagonist who threw that head as if they didn’t care.

‘What… Why are you doing this?’

Their momentum was bloody enough that I hesitated without even realizing it.

“we are here!”

A nearby savage spotted me and shouted.

And without hesitation, he rushed at me.

“hahahahaha! die… !”

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Kwajik- He cut off his head with a weapon.

That was the beginning.

With that savage at the head, from the near savage to the far savage.

It started running like a piranha that found its prey.

“Go away!”

swung the nameless

He cut off the upper body of the savage in front.

The blood splattered into the eyes of the savage next to him.

I grabbed the head of the savage who reflexively rubbed my eyes and slammed it into the ground.

He jumped out of his seat and dug in between the savages.

When dealing with so many enemies, it is most effective to burrow into their midst.

Because it is so cramped, even my allies can attack.

And that prediction came true.

“Where are you attacking!”

“Can’t you attack properly?!”

Quaang! Quadduk- Their weapons attack each other.

But perhaps because they were so tightly packed, they couldn’t dodge to the side.

“I don’t know what… Kill me now!”

“This is your chance! It’s an opportunity when their eyes go elsewhere!”

“Kill as many as you can!”

The soldiers saw it as an opportunity and attacked the barbarians.

Although the barbarians who were attacked fought back, most of the barbarians looked at me.

It’s too obsessive.

An obsession that is excessive, full of madness.

They rushed at me so much that I was afraid to ask why.

‘I can’t believe I killed a strong guy… ?’

There was no reason other than that.

Savages are naturally eager to fight.

And I found someone stronger.

To prove their strength, they wanted to fight the strong.

And there was no better place to fight the strong than war.

But… .

‘Rather than dealing with those there, barbarians are looking for new strongmen.’

No matter how delicious the food is, if you eat the same thing every day, you will get tired of it.

The barbarians of today were like that.

The ones you deal with every day are Easton’s soldiers, knights, and rangers.

But not now. There are Nana Bane, and the supply corps members who came down from the kingdom.

Bane hasn’t come forward yet.

Arjuna doesn’t even step forward. They are the master, the most important power.

When they go out, they have to come out at a decisive moment when facing the main force.

like the elves.

‘If you’re lucky, you’re lucky… .’

Dealing with the elves wasn’t too difficult.

Although there are many of them, none of them deal with aura like the warrior chief.

It was just participating in battle with pure physical ability.

They can’t beat me unless I use an aura.

That’s the difference between auror users and non-Auror users.

‘Because the power consumption can be reduced.’

It was good that they focused on me.

The more you focus on one thing, the easier it is to deal with.

By concentrating only on me there, the other soldiers have to deal with less.

“It is, but… .”

I know this isn’t bad, it’s good.

Because of this, the damage of allies will be significantly reduced.

I know in my head… .

“It’s quite annoying.”

If they are strong, then they might be able to develop their swordsmanship.

As strong as I am, I will be able to effectively develop my swordsmanship against those strong.

But this is not even that.

Dealing with children, even if the number increases to dozens, will the swordsmanship develop?

No, it’s not.

Dealing with children was just playing.

In novels or very rarely, dealing with children may lead to enlightenment, but I do not.

There is nothing to gain enlightenment against these guys, the question is whether I can gain enlightenment in the first place.

I’ve never had such a realization like the main character of a novel.

‘As for the strong guys, it seems that he was the last one.’

It didn’t take long before he struck down most of the barbarians.

The ending was decided from the moment the commander was lost.

Moreover, even though they couldn’t unite, they only rushed at me.

Ah, in a way, you can say that it is also united.

“We won!”

As the last savage was beheaded, Lanos raised his greatsword and shouted.

The soldiers killed all but one barbarian.

As if they were pests that shouldn’t exist in this world, they cut off the heads of savages who didn’t run away.


At the cry of Lanos, the soldiers raised their weapons high and shouted loudly.

The first battle was not enough to win and won overwhelmingly.

How could I be happy?

Even though there were only a few injuries against them, it was not strange to consider it a great victory considering that there were no casualties.

Even if it was just a scouting party, being happy was being happy.

“I only take the arrows I used and the things I need from them and go back!”

What is needed in war is soldiers and soldiers, but weapons.

From arrows that are easy to consume, to collecting weapons used in war.

It is important to replenish weapons in war.

If weapons ran out in the middle of a war, the war was as good as lost.

So, take care of what your allies used and what your enemies used.

“Good job everyone!”

Marquis Easton left the seat with a brief encouragement.

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Knowing that being confident would be a burden to them, he avoided his seat so that the soldiers could be genuinely happy.

The Marquis of Easton returned to the command barracks, and the soldiers drank and played happily with their comrades, drinking sheep’s milk, although it was not alcohol.

As I gazed at the figure not far away, the fragrant smell approached.

“You are different here too.”

It’s Selina. She was holding a wooden cup of hot sheep’s milk.

“ah… You’re going to Raymond.”

“I guess so. It’s because he didn’t talk, he’s handsome too.”

“Better than us uncles.”

The soldiers’ voices mixed with regret, collapse, and acceptance came out.

She was dressed in soiled armor that was no different from that of soldiers, but it did not lower her appearance.

It caught everyone’s attention.

“I like being quiet.”

“Me too.”

She smiled and stood next to me.

What’s going on?

It was the time when I was trying to talk to her who looked up blankly at the sky and admired how beautiful it was because of the many stars.

“I was here.”

I was tired, but I heard a voice trying to speak brightly.

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

눈떠보니 망나니 검술천재
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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