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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 214

The road to the elves’ village was easy as always.

Even if it wasn’t me, Liems was there so the branches and vines got out of their way.

it’s not comfy

“Wow… .”

Unlike me, who was accustomed to this kind of sight, Ellis was not.

The surprise didn’t go away, but another new thing appeared, and her face continued to be dazed.

“A dragon is a dragon too… It’s quite true that it was the young master who did this… .”

Elise shook her head.

I laughed bitterly when she asked if I couldn’t live a little more quietly.

Who would want to live like this?

I want to live as quietly as possible. What I like is peace.

It was nothing more and nothing less.

i like quiet

All I do is for the safety of my future.

Otherwise, some madman would risk his life and move.

I don’t think so.

There is a reason why I move like this.

After walking for a while, we arrived at the village of elves.


Alice lifted her head and looked straight ahead.

The entrance to a mysterious village surrounded by trees like a fence.

Looking at the village of elves, her eyes shone.

She has been researching information well, but even to her, elves are unknown.

It is hard to find elves in the center.

No, it’s hard to see them to the point where they’re almost wiped out.

The elves hid themselves so tightly that it was hard for even the royal family to see them.

It made me wonder if the emperor of the empire would be able to see them.

“Don’t look at me that way. Because they are human beings just like us. It’s just that they have long ears and only live in the forest.”

I told her not to be nervous as she seemed to be lost and unable to speak properly.

Still, I can’t find any response from her,


“ah… .”

When I touched her shoulder, she came to her senses.

Her eyes looking back at me were so intense that I unknowingly avoided her gaze.

“Then let’s go in. They will probably welcome you.”

I moved on and entered the village. Hot facilities that feel unreasonable.

Perhaps because the war with the barbarians was right around the corner, the eyes of the elves were full of life.

To them, savages were like cockroaches.

Crazy for war, they are a race that the elves hate.

Perhaps it was because they were attacking the ones they wanted to disappear the most, but they unexpectedly took an active part in the war.

It was partly because I became their benefactor, but also partly because their hatred for the savages had built up.

“You have a companion today.”

As soon as they entered the village, an elder appeared.

Wherever it was, it seemed to rise from the ground.

If it had been before, he would have been surprised, but unlike me, who became calm after getting used to it, Ellis wasn’t like that.

When she turned around with a worried heart, she was unexpectedly calm.

His eyes widened in surprise, but he didn’t overreact.

“I have a favor to ask you.”

“Are you asking?”

“Yes. Please keep her safe here. When war breaks out, there is no place as safe as here.”


The elder and Alice looked at me with wide eyes.

In particular, Elise’s face seemed to be asking what that meant and why she had to stay here.

She continued talking, turning away from her face full of determination that she would join the war with me.

“And I have prepared some arms for you guys.”

“radish… Do you mean nine?”

“Yes. What?”

The elder’s eyebrows are furrowed.

Next to her, Alice tugged at her sleeve, wondering what she was talking about earlier.

Looking back at her, she was looking at her intensely as if she was looking for an explanation.

I took her hand, calmed her down, and continued the conversation with the elder.

“I know that your main strength and weapon is the spirits. Since they are the sons and daughters of the World Tree, the power of the spirits will never run dry.”

“… .”

The elder did not deny it.

It might have been when the World Tree was drying up, but when it was vivid like now, the spirit’s power never dried up.

How could the world tree dry up when it periodically provides strength?

But that was when it was still within the realm of the World Tree.

‘When a war breaks out, they have to leave the village whether they want to or not.’

If that happens, their power, which was like a stream connected to the lake, will be cut off as if it were cut off from the lake.

What you have isn’t enough.

So, when they help, I plan to rotate in a way that a few people come out and take turns, but I don’t know what will happen to the people.

So, you had to be prepared for any contingency.

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Knowing that actions speak louder than words, I motioned to Reems to take out the armor Elise had brought.

A crack formed in the air, and the subspace that opened its mouth spewed out the weapons.

Bows and arrows, daggers, and armor that emphasized lightness.

I listened to them one by one and continued the explanation.

‘Who would have known The condition of the elves’ armament is so disastrous that it makes no sense to say that they are weak.’

When I first went to meet Elf, I had high expectations.

There were a lot of stories related to elves in many novels, and I wondered why they were stuck only in the forest with that power.

A bow made from the branches of the World Tree. sharp arrows. Dagger skills and archery skills comparable to those of a master. And even weapon skills such as swordsmanship, which he has trained as much as he has lived for a long time.

Combining the power of the spirits, they were excellent helpers for the main character.

Because there were so many of them, there was no choice but to have high expectations for Elf.

Even though one more letter ‘le’ was added, their characteristics were the same as those of the elves, there was nothing wrong with them.

If you are proud to be the son and daughter of the World Tree, you have said everything.

‘It’s rather ironic that his abilities are at the bottom due to the world tree and the spirits.’

The spirits they deal with are strong.

To the extent that even sword masters are astounded, even savages who are mad at war and life-and-death struggles are wary and cannot carelessly touch it.

The power of spirits is attractive and strong.

But what if that power disappears?

If they could no longer command the spirits that served as their hands and feet and strong barriers against intruders.

“Don’t question if this is necessary.”

They become too ordinary.

A knight is a knight, but it is the same as a knight without an aura.

half a penny.

A knight without an Aura is bound to be weeded out.

How much more would they be of any use if the spirits disappeared, since they didn’t learn any weapon skills other than the spirits, and they were just hobbies.

In my opinion, they were no more and no less than a stumbling block in the war.

‘But fortunately, as long as the World Tree is in good health, their spirit power will be restored.’

If they only have one advantage, you can use that advantage.

What was important to them was a way to buy time until they could recover the power of the spirit when they couldn’t use it.

I’m making the means.

“It won’t be too uncomfortable. In the case of bows and arrows, they are given because they are outdated, so there is no need to feel burdened.”

Even when I said that it was okay, the elder could not hide the discomfort on his face.

When I asked why, he said that he seemed to be hearing the painful voices of his friends from the arms.

I shut my mouth at that bullsh*t.

It’s absurd that you’re doing this because of this wooden bow and arrow.

I sighed inwardly. Yes, he said so, so what?

“And it has a lightweight magic, and the joints are empty, so it will be comfortable. There will be no weight. Try it on.”

I advised the elder to put on the armor.

I could feel the elves watching over me.

Their eyes didn’t want to wear that armor, and they didn’t want to use weapons.

In fact, they are the ones who make daily necessities from dead trees and animal hides.

In their eyes, the weapons I brought would look like they were made by killing their living friends.

The reluctance is understandable.

That’s why the elder had to step forward and wear it.

Originally, if a superior does it, the lower ones will follow.

“This… Well.”

The elder, who showed resistance at first, closed his eyes and accepted the armor.

I put on the armor made by sacrificing my friends.

While the armor was being worn over his body, his face gradually turned pale, and when it was completely worn, his entire face turned pure white.

“How is it?”

The pale elder moves at my words.

His wrinkled face began to straighten little by little.

At first, I felt disgusted, but the more I moved around wearing it, the more I realized that it was more comfortable.

It’s light, maneuverable, and even sturdy.

Beyond disgust, the elder glared at the armor.

The paleness remains, but now you know how good this armor is.

I let him use the bow as well.

After hesitating for a moment, he reached out and grabbed the bow.

“Five… .”

After a small exclamation, he raised two arrows.

I put one of them on the string and put the other on my palm and pulled the string.

He burst into exclamations of exclamation once again at the tension being pulled, and he shot an arrow toward the sky.

Arrows soared without knowing that they were high in the sky.

At the same time as he shot the arrow, the elder shot the arrow from his palm straight through the strings.

The arrow that had reached the edge of the sky came down, and the arrow that had just been shot collided with it and shattered into pieces.

“under… .”

Looking at the scene, the elder let out a long breath.

In that sigh, emotions such as admiration for the bow and contempt for himself were mixed together.

With that complicated expression, he looked down at the bow in his hand.

“That’s great.”

he conceded

When used with spirits… he added.

At the words of the elder, the elves approached with curiosity.

These are the words of the oldest and the elder.

Is it because I, their benefactor, brought it there, and Liems is watching over them?

Unlike the Elders, the Elfs accepted the weapons meekly.

Is it my imagination that it looks better?

It was the moment when the power became stronger.

Unlike the elves who experiment with the things they received, I had to be dragged away and nagged by Elise.

“Bocchan is always like that. Why are you doing this without consulting me? Wouldn’t it be nice if you at least told me in advance. okay. It could be. But at least for my opinion, can’t I ask what I want?”

“Uh, that… .”

Those in Alice’s eyes were probably not tears.

I couldn’t help but get tired of seeing her talking nonstop.

Always, at any moment, she was the one who listened to me without saying anything.

It was rare for her to come out so emotionally.

Especially when you ignore my words and talk like you do now.

When I didn’t say anything, she calmed herself down.

No, that was giving up rather than calming down.

“… I was simply your tool.”

“… .”

I had no choice but to keep my mouth shut at her bitter words.

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

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When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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