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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 205

On the way back to Easton.

Reems flies freely through the sky.

The trees in the direction he was heading moved out of his way to open the way.

Reems was in a good mood now.

At my request, he always hid himself with mana, but now he was revealing himself to his heart’s content.

No matter how much a dragon is called the suzerain of mana, it was difficult to hide oneself using mana every day.

It’s different if you simply use magic to hide yourself.

Dragons are beings that can use magic just like breathing.

However, what Liems had done so far was to move mana itself, not magic.

It was difficult even for a dragon to assimilate all of its breath, momentum, strength, and body into the air that conceals its existence.

And it was rough.

Dragons have something called blood. It was natural for a dragon to use peers.

It was rather strange not to use Peer.

Because using Peer is like breathing.

Liems had been suppressing his peers ever since he was born.

That’s why I was able to go unnoticed.

It must have been frustrating because he was suppressing himself with mana.

As a person, it is like entering a coffin and living every day.

It’s no longer strange that I’m not happy that I came out of a place like that.

“Is it that good?”

-good! happy!

Liems clung to my head and thumped my head with his paws.

I smiled at the touch of the fluffy front paws.

‘The problem is that woman.’

Liems will hide himself when he arrives in Easton.

But the girl who became my slave is different.

Not only did I not have the ability to hide myself, I had to think of an excuse for her in advance.

‘What should I name it.’

It’s hard to call the existing name, so I’m trying to come up with a new one.

I know it’s a disgrace to her, but she’s hard to even call a piercer.

‘What could be simpler?’

Giving names was quite mentally draining.

I’m not very imaginative, and I had a hard time naming Liems.

No matter how comfortable it was, calling it something like Slave No. 1 was a bit like that.

She’s a Bow Master.

Since he handles the bow well, it would be good to give him a name related to it.

what would be good

‘Bow, bow… Master of the bow.’

If it’s a name related to a bow.

“… Arjuna.”

Why did you come up with that name?

Like when I gave Liems a name, words I didn’t know came to mind.

A name that tells you that you are a master of the bow.

In a way, it was also a fitting name for her.

“From now on, your name is Arjuna.”

The girl who had been chasing after me in a daze looked at me.

Her empty eyes examine me.

Was it such a shock to be enslaved?

You’re just paying the price for what you’ve done.

It’s normal to be considered lucky just to have lived without dying, and I couldn’t understand her appearance as I moved to live.

It doesn’t seem like it was simply because they were enslaved.

Oath to the World Tree.

After doing that, the life in her eyes disappeared.

I know what the oath means, but I don’t know if it’s an overreaction.

She stared blankly at me for a while, then bowed her head.

“thank you.”

That was it.

After she thanked me, she kept her mouth shut again.

I couldn’t find the first time he approached me, handed me meat, and chatted while drinking.

All of this happened in one day, so who can believe it?

Actually, I didn’t even imagine that I could get a master as a slave in one day.

If she hadn’t quarreled with me in the first place, even if she hadn’t been interested in me, if she hadn’t gotten out of bed, this wouldn’t have happened.

‘But what excuse do I have?’

Who would believe me if I simply got a slave?

I’m glad they don’t treat me like crazy.

Furthermore, the elves made a peace treaty with Easton.

To enslave a person from an alliance was unacceptable.

If you do something wrong, peace or anything else can lead to war.

I have to gloss over this.

‘Is there really only that?’

No matter how much I think about it, I can’t come up with anything other than that excuse.

The relationship between the elves and Easton, and the relationship between me and the elves.

If you combine the two, there is only one.

I paused for a moment and looked back.

As soon as I stop, the girl who was chasing after me also stops.

still blind eyes.

“I have one thing to tell you.”

He said, ignoring her gaze.


arrived at the castle

small side door. The sentries standing guard on the wall saw me and smiled brightly and waved.

My face hardened as if I had noticed Arjuna behind me for a while.

“… and come!”

My stomach became upset.

It was only natural that an elf who had never appeared before them appeared.

I crossed my arms and waited for them to finish their business.

The sun has not yet set, so you can wait for a while.

After how long had it passed, a voice was heard from above asking for a password.

I called the password I remembered before leaving the castle.

Then the side door opened.

“Raymond… .”

As soon as I went inside, I saw Count Warrug with a flushed face.

Next to him were Marquis Easton and Lanos, followed by five knights.

Above the walls, the rangers are preparing to attack at any time.

No matter how much the oath was made, the elves were enemies until a week ago.

An enemy next to Kairos.

However, as long as they do not invade the territory, the risk ranking has gone down because they stay still, and to them, the elves are the objects of their caution.

The people of Easton have been fighting the strong for a long time, so they can measure the opponent’s level to some extent.

From their point of view, they couldn’t have guessed her status.

What they didn’t recognize was that they were stronger than them.

An enemy has entered the base. He is also a great talent.

What kind of fool would let go of his guard by believing only in a peace treaty?

Furthermore, signing a peace treaty with them is like a tentative contract.

We can’t trust each other unless it’s an oath.

“Meet the Commander-in-Chief.”

I bowed my head towards Marquis Easton.

And when I looked up, Marquis Easton was still looking at me with a hard face.

oh, it’s not me

He had his gaze behind me.

You must be watching Arjuna.

The elves invaded the main base without any hesitation.

“Sir Raymond. Why did you bring her?”

The air grew heavy at the voice of Marquis Easton.

The knights behind them were reaching for their swords.

Depending on what I answer, the direction their swords point will change.

‘I expected it to be like this, but it’s kind of like that when it happens.’

It was Easton who was in an emergency due to the wind spirit that had suddenly invaded and notified.

In the meantime, I brought an elf.

It seemed that he was considering the possibility that I might have colluded with them.

“My name is Arjuna, who will be my escort.”



To him frowning, I explained the truth I made up.

They found the culprit that caused the world tree to wither, and in the process there was a collision with Kairos, and that they had to go find them again.

The faces of the Marquis of Easton, the Earl of Warrug, and their retainers who listened to my words darkened.

“This is no light matter.”

“If you do something wrong, you could start a war right away.”

“They will definitely keep their word.”

The Marquis of Easton, who was listening to his vassals, raised his hand and covered their mouths.

Then he looked at me and asked.

“There is no lie in that.”


“My back hurts. If they are, they will definitely attack.”

I nodded calmly.

Marquis Easton touches his chin. His gaze turns to Count Warrug.

I followed him and looked at Count Warrug.

“you… Sigh.”

Count Warrug patted his chest in frustration and sighed.

I gave him a shy smile.

Marquis Easton shook his head and spoke to me again.

“So, is that woman an escort knight assigned to prepare for any unforeseen circumstances?”


“her… how to accept this It’s hard to believe that those people with high self-esteem take care of it this much.”

Perhaps it was difficult to accept things as they were, Marquis Easton let out a sigh.

Then I ask Arjuna, who is standing still behind me.

“Is what you said so far true?”

The words of the Marquis Easton were polite.

She was a foreigner, but more than anything, it was because I said she was a master.

If you’re going to be with me anyway, it’s better to brush off what you’re going to say in advance.

So that the range of action is wide.

But that was only possible if she answered well.

I agreed in advance, but I was worried about whether she would be able to act well.

“you’re right. We owe Raymond a great favor, and we want to repay that favor. For me to escort him, I paid a very small price for that.”

My worries disappeared as soon as she opened her mouth.

The empty eyes disappear, and she speaks with eyes full of passion.

“Whatever it is, it is. It wouldn’t be easy to assign a master to just anyone… .”

“If it was original, it would be. But Raymond-sama is nothing to us. Because she is the one who healed our everything and mother, the World Tree. Even if our entire clan assisted him, it would not be enough.”

“Hmm… .”

“There is nothing to worry too much about. I’m here for Raymond-sama’s safety, I have no intention of interfering with your affairs. Please treat me as if I don’t exist.”

Marquis Easton barely endured shouting at him, saying how can he be treated as an invisible person even though he is a Master.

He took a few deep breaths and looked back at me.

“So you’re saying you have to go to Kairos now?”


“… You are really driving the business.”

“Would you like to be me?”

“You speak well.”

Marquis Easton taps the armrest.

troubled face.

As he gets lost in his thoughts, his retainers shut up.

A command barracks that quickly becomes quiet.

“I still can’t send it alone. Even though there is an escort from the master… .”

The Marquis of Easton looks at the Earl of Warrug.

His face seemed to be thinking for a moment.

“This time, Sir Bane. I think you should move.”

“All right.”

Count Warrug accepted without hesitation.

If it had been originally, I wouldn’t have sent Count Warrug carelessly.

But this time it’s different.

Where the Daejeonsa is located. It would be fortunate if there were only warriors, but it was a place where there were warriors and dozens or hundreds of savages.

It is dangerous for halfway articles.

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Knowing that, he let the Marquis of Easton go without saying anything.

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

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When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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