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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 201

Time slows down.

Eyes full of aura convey information that ordinary people cannot perceive.

move your legs

In the slow time, my body slowed down enough to yawn as much as it slowed down.

But there was no yawning at all.

Rather, even the slightest movement made my muscles scream.

It moves beyond time.

There was no way my body could easily handle it.


An arrow aims at my forehead.

Pick up the cotton and deflect the arrow. My aura and her aura combine to create a huge impact.

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An explosion occurs.

The world that had slowed down returned, and I moved my body in a hurry.

‘It should not be blocked.’

If I blocked it, it was my loss.

If I block each one of them, my body will not remain.

So I avoided it.


Arrows flew through the wind and grazed her hair.

It didn’t fly far, causing an explosion, and I rolled onto my side.


arrows hit the ground


It caused such a huge explosion that the ground was dug up.

I kept moving.

It was not easy to dodge the arrows.

It was faster than a gun.

It was difficult to avoid them one by one, but dozens of them flew at the same time.

An explosion occurs as it rubs your arm.

Flesh falls off.

Lately, if I hadn’t drank the spring water of the World Tree and ate the bloodstone, my entire arm would have fallen off.

The spring water of the World Tree I drank gave me tremendous vitality.

Its vitality is related to regeneration.

My arm regenerated terribly quickly.

If it wasn’t for this, I couldn’t have survived.


Fills the cotton with aura and fires two arrows.

The shock caused the body to float in the air.

Gritting his teeth and protecting his body with his arms and legs, he focused his aura.

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Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwa Kwam!

Several fire fighters gnaw off arms and legs.

As soon as I touched the ground, I jumped forward.

An explosion occurred where I was.


Sweat flowed like rain and covered my eyes.

Sweaty eyes sting.

But I enjoyed this situation to the point where I doubted if I was crazy.

It felt like I was getting stronger in real time.

The more you dodge and block the arrows, the more your body’s aura fluctuates.

The aura permeated every cell and strengthened the body.

The concentration of the aura becomes thicker.

‘Just a little more, a little more… .’

I couldn’t catch it as if I could catch something.

There is a very thin line, and if I hold on to that line, I think I can go one step further than now.

As much as I ran, that line moved away.

I hoped this time would last.

Before I knew it, my body and mind were focused on swinging the sword.

Only the thought of swinging the sword filled me.

And I thought.

How can I avoid them.

How can I block them?

How to overcome and overwhelm what is avoided and blocked.

[What if I had been Count Warrug.]

If it were him, he would have crushed it with overwhelming force.

Because he has the power to do that.

[What if I was the mercenary king?]

He wouldn’t have been any different from Count Warrug.

It was because he was the type to solve problems by bumping into them with his body rather than using techniques.

roll one’s head

I came up with the most suitable person in the current situation.

[Mahol specializes in assassination.]

[Millennium is a wizard, so it doesn’t suit me as a prosecutor.]

[Northern… .

Reminds me of the strong people I know.

connect with me

Can I do it, will I be able to completely imitate him and go further to make my own.

But I couldn’t find it anywhere.

Most of them didn’t suit me. No, I’m sure there are some of their skills that will help me.

‘It doesn’t fit right now.’

Their skills were not much needed in the current situation.

what would be good… .

‘Foolishly, I already know the answer.’

I knew who would suit me best.

A person who I only avoided and turned away from implicitly, who helped me now and from the moment I first came to this world.

Specifically, the character’s swordsmanship.

‘Ahar, if that’s the future he who destroyed the continent.’

When he destroyed the continent, he fought against countless strong men.

There were so many enemies that even Earl Warrug, who had fought in the war, was tired of it.

And among them were the Bow Master and the Archmage.

The reason I didn’t play him though,

‘Smoke is just smoke, and above all, it can be eaten by Ahar.’

Acting only imitates him, but cannot exert any more power than that.

Skills that I cannot imitate cannot be used even if I die.

limits of my body. Acting was something that could only be imitated within limits.

It’s just that the quality of the acting isn’t strange even if it’s real.

‘I wouldn’t have been able to handle it before, but… What if now?’

I became stronger physically and mentally than I could ever compare.

If it’s now, you won’t be able to use the technology that you couldn’t use before.

‘I’m reluctant.’

I honestly don’t want to do this.


If you delay even a little bit, you will die.

I could get Liems’ help, but my pride wouldn’t allow it.

More than anything, I want to hold on to that line.

If you get help from others, you don’t know when the opportunity will come again, let alone catch the line.

all or nothing

I played Ahar, the main character of this world.


A piercer, she took an interest in a stranger called a benefactor.

The feat of curing the World Tree and catching the traitors who colluded with the Kairos guys is great.

Perhaps even in the distant future, we may not be able to build achievements that surpass this one.

That’s why I wanted to do sparring.

I wanted to check.

I heard that he made a peace treaty with the humans because of that.

If so, it was necessary to know his skills to some extent.

At least you have to have enough strength to leave your back.

So I moved to ask for sparring, and the appearance of the benefactor I saw for the first time was beyond my imagination.

‘You’ve surpassed Advanced Sword Expert. Is it between the superlative and the advanced.’

looked young

Early twenties at most.

I couldn’t believe that he had achieved that level at his age.

How the hell is your talent so high that you can do that?

So I asked for sparring.

However, he avoided sparring with himself.

I avoided and avoided and ran away altogether.

There is a coming.

Avoiding the elves, I went to where he slept.

He refused Dalian to the end.

He shook his body, but showed no sign of opening his eyes.

So I decided to experiment.

I put the aura in the water bag and threw it.

I put the aura in moderation. If you get hit, it should hurt, but you won’t die.

And it didn’t even seem right.

Considering his level, that would be enough to avoid him.

“What are you doing?”

And expectations were not out of line.

He casually dodged it.

But since then, his reaction has been different from what he expected.


And in the end, he even said something he shouldn’t have said.

‘Compare me with the Kairos guys?’

Sparks flew in his eyes.

he attacks I think my arm is broken.

After being attacked, my eyes went back.

When she came to her senses, she had given him the strongest attack she could.

Even she herself couldn’t understand why she did this.

His original personality was not like this.

He randomly asked for sparring with opponents he had never seen before, and he did not spray water just because he was cursed at.

‘Something is strange.’

After being seriously injured by Chief Kairos, his body changed.

My body didn’t look like mine.

He became hot-blooded and became impatient.

The blood in his body did not stop. The blood kept flowing, but it felt like the blood was being sucked somewhere.

Maybe it was because he had lost so much blood that his vision was blurred.

Barely supporting herself with her bow, she looked down at him.

Once the attack had been made, there was no way to stop it.

There is also a way to intercept with the same attack, but the current state of his body was difficult to lift a finger.

All she could do was look at him with concern.

Fortunately, he was coping better than expected.

Although injured, he blocked and dodged his attack.

It was when the arrows floating in the sky disappeared to some extent.

‘Has the mood changed?’

The air got heavy.

I felt a sense of suffocation.

Maybe it’s because my body has weakened, I would have endured it normally, but now it’s just painful.

‘What happened?’

I looked at the source of her life.

The benefactor was there.

His atmosphere, which was in a hurry to block the arrow, became calm.

Aura and life were condensed in the sword he was holding.

wield a sword

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Kwak Kwa Kwak!

Arrows hit by the wind pressure from the sword he wielded exploded in the air.

She couldn’t hide her surprise. I wasn’t surprised that the aura escaped from the sword.

Even if you weren’t a Master, it was possible to scatter Auras.

What surprised her was that her arrow exploded with the sword she swung carelessly.

The power contained in her arrows was equal to that of a high-ranking expert.

His realm had never been able to explode so easily.

However, contrary to her thoughts, he acted casually.

‘Something is strange… .’

She looked at her benefactor carefully.

After the atmosphere changed, his swordsmanship also changed.

No, people themselves have changed.

If before, he still felt like a human, now he felt like a murderer driven mad with murderous intent.

“master… ?”

And that wasn’t all.

I felt a momentum from him that I shouldn’t have felt.

That’s the Master’s momentum.

Ordinary people’s hearts stop just by feeling it, and momentum that makes Aura users feel awe and fear.

No matter how you look at it, it belonged to Master.

I can’t believe she was mistaken.

There is a saying that the master recognizes the master.

The master’s momentum was the same as the master’s identity.

But why did I feel that kind of momentum from that man?

‘He wasn’t a master. I confirmed that myself.’

When she made physical contact with him, the benefactor she felt was an Auror user located between the advanced and the highest class.

No matter how enlightened they are, they say you can become a Master, but even that has a level.

It was not for nothing that the upper class and the upper class were divided.

It was close to impossible for a senior to become a master right away.

“why… What happened?”

It was when she stared blankly at him.

The benefactor swung the cotton and blocked the arrows so lightly.

It was so unbelievable that I couldn’t remember how I was struggling until just now.

“uh… ?”

Looking down, she let out a bewildered noise.

He came into her field of vision.

He raises his head and looks at himself.

He reached out his hand toward her, slashing the arrows that flew from his blind spot.

He points his finger at her and pulls his hand towards himself, folding his index finger and raising his thumb.

And just like that, he cut his own neck.

“… !”

A sign that I will kill you.

His action turned her hair white.

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

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When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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