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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 198

The elves who were scattered all over the forest began to gather in the village.

It was not enough to bring a stranger to a village that no one had ever heard of before, so rumors spread that they were sleeping.

In the history of elves, at least in the south, there had never been anything like this, so all elves were interested.

“Is that him?”

“right. He said he was the benefactor who was treating my mother.”

“If you are a benefactor, you can.”

The elves looked at me with curious eyes.

I didn’t see much hostility in their eyes as they looked at me.

Rather, the response was positive.

It’s probably because of the effect I moved for the World Tree.

“By the way, didn’t your benefactor say he wanted to be friends with you the other day?”

“Who will the benefactor choose?”

I hear them groaning.

He said he wanted to be friends only once, and he still mentions it.

And what do you mean by choice?

Because of what happened with the world tree, the word choice is likely to get neurotic.

Because of that choice, thinking about what happened to the World Tree only makes me annoyed.

“The spirit is back!”

“I have an answer for you!”

Then the elves look up at the sky and start shouting.

At their voices, the elder stepped forward.

He stretched out his hand toward the sky.

[I’m bored to death. There are also the lower ones, but why are you asking me, a higher-level spirit, to do this?]

Where the elder’s hand was directed, the wind spirit appeared.

The emotional expression was so rich that it was hard to imagine the first time he showed hostility towards me.

“Jin, it’s because I trust you.”

[If you say so… But please know that I am not an errand boy. There are many other people besides me.]

“I get it, I get it. I’ll keep that in mind.”

[I think I said that before… .]

The advanced wind spirit, Jin sighed.

As if this had happened not once or twice, he complained in words, but it was a familiar face.

I tell you not to do it, but I know that the next time something like this happens, I will ask you again.

They seemed to get along like old friends.

“So what happened?”

The elder said let’s move on to the main topic at this point, and asked how things went.

At that question, Jin looks at me.


“I’m glad. I was worried about what would happen if I refused.”

[However, they told me to send it back without even a speck of damage.]

“Well… .”

The elder glares at me.

Jin’s gaze and the elder’s gaze.

The elves listen to them and stare at me.

Did they feel offended that humans were threatening them?

I don’t think so.

Their gaze at me was still favorable.

“Are benefactors that important? Well, it’s worth it. The benefactor’s ability is certain.”

The elder nodded as if he understood.

“There would be no need to worry about that, but humans still have a lot of unnecessary worries. We have no intention of harming the benefactor.”

The elves nodded at the elder’s words.

I had already been recognized by them.

Just curing the World Tree removed their reason for rejecting me.

[Then, is my job done?]

“That’s right.”

[Then, I hope you send me back soon.]

“Well? Aren’t you going to look at the sky today?”

[I’m tired probably because I used a lot of energy.]

“Are you tired? The mana I used while calling you wouldn’t be enough to make you tired, and moreover, you’re still constantly receiving mana from me, and since you’re by my mother’s side, you won’t run out of mana.”

[I came to deal with the master, but it’s fortunate that he didn’t disappear on the spot.]


The elders and elves were shocked.

Masters are those who have the power and authority to break the frame of the world.

Even across the entire continent, it can be counted on one hand.

Even in the South, there were only two Masters.

The Chief of the Red Hawk and the Chief of the Kairos Tribe.

The power of the Master is so strong that it can stop the army just by existing.

“For some reason, I heard that those battle-crazed bastards stayed still. There was a Master.”

It was relatively recently that the chieftain of the Kairos tribe became a master.

The reason why the Cairos tribe, which had superior numbers and physical strength, left the less numerous red hawks alone because the chief of the red hawks was the master.

There was no way they would stay still after gaining the Master, and as expected, they immediately attacked the Red Hawk.

And as a result, only the chieftain of the red hawk was barely able to escape.

If it’s the same master, from then on, the difference will be made with the strength you have.

That’s why the red hawk lost, but the Master’s presence was so great.

“That would be a little reassuring.”

As long as an agreement is reached, the higher each other’s strength becomes, the greater the help.

What is master power? It can play a sufficient role in guarding against the lack of Kairos.

“I see. Benefactors should also move carefully.”

“That, I will figure it out. And the treatment of the world tree will end tomorrow.”

“Oh, thank you!”

I got enough from the World Tree, so I don’t need more time, but the elders and elves are more than happy.

I didn’t bow my head at a right angle, but I was similarly grateful.

“Then why don’t we eat something soon? I haven’t eaten anything all day and I’m quite hungry.”

“Oh, that’s right! Let’s go right now!”

The elder beckoned the elves and led me to the center of the village.

There were a lot of elves gathered there.

A fire was burning, and there were piles of fruits and vegetables everywhere.

And boar meat over the fire… uh? meat?

Do elves eat meat?

Looking at the meat being grilled over the fire, I couldn’t help but panic.

As far as I know, elves are nature’s friends.

It was a question why such an elf killed an animal.

“Are you grilling meat?”

“Yes. Any problem?”

“that is… Do elves eat meat too?”

“Well?… Ah, I see what you are misunderstanding.”

The elder opened his eyes wide for a moment before bursting into laughter as if he knew what I was thinking.

“This has happened before. Those who see us eating meat and look at us with astonished eyes.”

As if recalling the past, he gazes at the deliciously grilled meat with a vague face.

“I thought we couldn’t eat meat because we were friends with nature. But that’s a misunderstanding. We also eat meat. We are friends of nature, not animals. It coexists with animals, but it is not impossible to eat them. Rather, wouldn’t it be strange for us to eat these things if we put it that way? You’re eating your friend.”

He holds up a fruit and says,

His words convinced me a little.

Come to think of it, the elves followed plants like trees and bushes, not animals.

The meaning of friend also means being friends with plants.

With that being said, it’s even weirder that they eat these things.

“We also have to live. I heard that some people call us fairies and live on only dew… How nice it would be if I could do that.”

He seemed to be grumbling a little.

They say they don’t want to live like this.

“These fruits are nature’s best wishes. In terms of human beings, it can be seen as giving something like hair so that we can live. It will coexist.”

I know roughly what you mean.

It means you know how to live well. And it’s something I don’t even have to worry about.

“Ah, yes. I didn’t even realize I had delayed too much time. You must be hungry, so let’s go.”

The elder seated me in a good spot where I could see everyone.

Then, using the power of the spirit, cut the best part of the wild boar and hand it to me.

“It smells good.”

Sprinkle the fruit, which serves as a spice, on top of the meat, and it smells very delicious.

‘Can I eat it with my hands?’

There are no separate forks or knives.

Looking at the other elves, they were also catching and eating meat with their hands.

barbaric look. However, in a way, it could be said that it was close to nature.

Because we did not make tools so as not to harm nature.

The meat platter I am holding is also made of dead trees and fallen leaves.

And for those who can use the power of the spirits, there is no need to make and use tools.

Their clothing was also made from the skins and leaves of dead animals, giving an idea of their tendencies.

‘I guess it doesn’t matter.’

My body is not so weak that I can’t stand this heat, and my body, which has greatly improved my physical abilities due to the bloodstone, is not so weak that I can get burned.

“Isn’t gravy a joke?”

When the meat was pulled up, the juices that flowed from the meat fell to the ground.

It was delicious beyond imagination after taking a bite.

It must have been the same pork, but it was meat quality that was different from the pork we ate in modern times.

It was more like a cow than a pig.

With the juice of the fruit added to it, it was so delicious that it was incomparable to any other food.

“It is quite delicious.”

“I’m glad. I was worried about what would happen if it didn’t suit my mouth.”

“There is no need for that.”

He nods at my words.

Then bring several fruits and vegetables and ask them to eat together.

He said it would be very tasty.

Thanks to that, when I was filling my stomach, a commotion broke out not far away.

“Oh, you can’t get up yet!”

“You must not be well yet!”

“Go inside and get some rest.”

There was a woman among the elves who moved busily.

A woman with green grass wrapped around her body.

Every time she moves wildly, blood oozes through the grass.

The wound didn’t heal properly.

“Oh, get out of the way! Because I know my body better.”

She frowned and pushed aside, as if the elves clinging to her were annoying.

The elves are trying to stop her somehow, regardless of the hand pushing them.

She spat out a lot of complaints as if it was disapproving.

“And that’s it. Protection should be adequate. I’m not even a child, and this is going too far! I want to eat meat too!”

“But you haven’t gotten that far yet… !”

“Ah, okay! Because I know how to judge that.”

She ignores the elves and approaches me.

Then he reached for the pork in front of him and tore off the hind leg.

As she puts it in her mouth, she looks at me.

“You’re the one the dwarfs call benefactor.”

I couldn’t hide my bewilderment as I looked at her, whom I called a fool.

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

눈떠보니 망나니 검술천재
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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