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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 189

If my eyes weren’t wrong, the amount of bloodstone in one sack looked like dozens.

They were all large, high-quality bloodstones.

There are as many as four bags of this.

You can become much stronger than you are now.

‘It’s not like you can become a sword master just by getting stronger… .’

I may not become a sword master, but this was an opportunity that could not be compared with anything else.

Just feeding the bloodstone to the sword increases the physical ability, but it would be difficult to compare unless it was the legendary Elix.

‘However, it’s a pity that I can’t keep getting stronger.’

There was a limit to how my body could accept the bloodstone and be trained.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t transcend the human species.

‘Still, being able to control the sharpness of the nameless is a great harvest.’

From the first time he got it, he was a nameless person who boasted of great sharpness.

However, its sharpness doubled, so it was difficult to find a scabbard that could handle the namelessness.

Just as I was contemplating whether I should ask the magicians to make a special one, a function was created in the nameless while removing the bloodstones from the World Tree.

to adjust sharpness.

In response to my will, the blade stands or becomes dull.

So sometimes it could be used as a blunt weapon.

No matter how hard you hit iron, it is not harder than cotton, but when the blade becomes dull, its performance as a blunt weapon becomes great.

“I’m sure.”

It was enough to check just one battery.

There must be other things in it too.

If I tried to confirm it for no reason, the Great Warrior might misunderstand that I don’t trust him.

So, as I pulled it towards me, I only felt that it was ore with a rattling sensation.

“But how are you going to carry it? It seems impossible for you alone.”

The Great Warrior worries about me.

No, is it right to worry?

At first glance, his words sounded like I was worried that I couldn’t carry them all, but when I knew what kind of race he was, I could see how misleading that thought was.

He was expecting rather than worrying.

I couldn’t take all the bloodstones, so I left a few.

The reason for thinking that way is simple.

‘If I leave it, they’re probably going to take it back.’

And if I come back and try to find it, they either pretend they don’t know, or they may have to fight for their lives.

So you should take all the bloodstone sacks here.

Originally, that would have been impossible.

‘I have a hatchling, what am I worried about?’

I have a hatchling who is an all-rounder, and it’s even weirder to worry about it.

“Ah, if that’s the case, you don’t have to worry.”

“… ?”

“Because I have artifacts.”

“… !”

He opens his eyes and glares at me.

How could a savage living in the south, where there were no wizards, know about artifacts?

No matter how much supply supplies go to Easton, I wonder if the artifact was taken away through looting.

Then it is understandable that he is surprised to hear that he is an artifact.

“You seem to know.”

“I know that it was made with foreign magic.”

“Yes. Then you can speak faster. My artifacts are specialized in moving supplies like this.”

I don’t want to explain why, but I explained it in moderation because I felt I needed to explain it for some reason.

‘Actually, it’s not an artifact, but Hatchling’s magic… How can those who don’t even have wizards know the difference?’

I waved my hands appropriately and signaled to the hatchling.

Hatchling immediately realized my meaning and put the four sacks in the subspace.

“Huh… It’s gone!”

“what! Is that guy going to be a shaman?”

He could see the savages getting agitated.

It’s rare to have experienced magic directly, so this phenomenon must be surprising.

But what does a sorcerer mean?

As far as I know, I remember that there was no content about the shaman in the original work.

‘Well, it’s not like you can know everything just by watching the original.’

Because the story revolves around the main character, there were many things I didn’t know about.

And as I move, the resulting butterfly effect is created, so there is no guarantee that the world will flow as I remember.

Because the fact that I am here has changed the future.

“Um… Right.”

The Great Warrior clicked his tongue with a dissatisfied face.

Things happened differently than he thought.

You can’t even ask me for anything.

Because you keep your promise.

If you look at it this way, they are stupid and foolish.

What is that promise?

‘No, it’s just strange that barbarians keep their promise in the first place.’

They call themselves warriors, but no matter how you look at them, they are much more like barbarians than warriors.

No, he was a savage himself.

They’re crazy about plunder and war, but they’re far from the warriors I know.

“Then I will go back.”

Originally, they tried to find the mine where the bloodstone was buried using the elf as a guide.

However, if it is a place where savages are located, and where there are great warriors, things will be different.

As if there was no point in taking unnecessary risks, it was better not to touch them until you were confident enough to deal with them all.

At least for now.

“Are you going back already?”

“… ?”

Then I have to go back, why are you saying I should be homeless here?

Staring at the Great Warrior, he glanced at the savages lined up behind him and said.

“Because there are people who don’t want me here. I didn’t feel the need to be here any longer.”

“That is strange. It must mean that we have something to do with this guy.”

The Great Warrior pointed to the elf who was crouching on one side, dazed.

At his words, I was a little taken aback and dumbfounded.

I just thought of that now… .

No, maybe it should be considered great that they realized it even now through their mere accident.

“There was… .”

I glanced at the elf.

It’s a problem if I leave him here, and it’s a problem if I take him with me.

Since the number of elves was small, they remembered each one in detail.

It won’t be long before you know that elf is gone.

Perhaps the spirits will find out that I took him to the savages.

However, the problem with taking them was whether the savages would let the elves accompany them.

That elf led me into the realm of barbarians.

If they hadn’t scouted out, they wouldn’t have known I was coming.

There was nothing worse than having their powers exposed while at war.

‘If I leave it there, that elf will die… You will be treated worse than dying.’

After a moment of silence, I shook my head.

It’s not like I can beat the Great Warrior, so it’s best to leave that elf behind to return safely.

Looking at the savages surrounding the elves in the first place, they seemed to have no intention of letting the elves go.

It will come out that I took him with me, but I’ll have to think about that then.

And it wasn’t that there was no excuse at all.

You could say it was to get the truth… You could say I chased after you ran away.

Although you may not believe it.

“No more. I just came here too.”

I didn’t bother to explain why I came here.

I’ve gotten all I can get from them, so there’s no need to touch them any more.

“So you want to go back now?”


“Hmm… .”

I, the enemy of the savages, is going back. Is that such a worry?

Or is it that he intends to break his promise and attack me?

I didn’t have high expectations that they would keep their promises, so I didn’t mean to say anything if they broke them.

It’s even weirder to just send the enemy back inside of them.

‘But let’s be nervous just in case.’

If the Great Warrior starts attacking, I won’t be able to think about it this leisurely.

“Stop that and come with us.”

“… !”

Did I hear it wrong now?

Or did I hear a hallucination?

I heard a sound I didn’t expect, no, I didn’t want to do it.

Come with yourself, I’m not some kind of suicide squad.

In a situation where my safety is not secured, will I go into their territory as crazy?

“… What did you say just now?”

“Did you not hear? He asked to come with me.”

I didn’t hear anything wrong.

Oh, I’m going crazy.

It was right to refuse, but the atmosphere was like they wouldn’t let me go easily if I refused.

And I don’t know what the Great Warrior is thinking.

To accept the enemy into their camp without going crazy.

Don’t you know how dangerous it is?

Or am I just that confident?

“Why should I?”

I watched his reaction.

To find out at least a little bit what you’re thinking.

But I couldn’t figure out what he was thinking.

Do you think I’ll accept the offer?

“Is there any other reason not to go?”

say that now

A sigh comes out.

I frowned at the throbbing forehead.

“We are enemies.”

I don’t really want to provoke them, but I have no intention of entering the tiger’s den.

I should have made a hole through which I could escape even if I quarreled with them here.

The moment I follow them, I can’t even run away.

There must be a lot of savages and many warrior chiefs, but even a hatchling would be a little too heavy to deal with all of them.

I wouldn’t know if it was Hatchling alone, but it would be even more difficult if I had to take care of myself as well.

“That’s right. But they are also not enemies.”

What nonsense is this again?

It’s not that I don’t know what kind of relationship Easton and the barbarians are, and I know that they go to war every day, so how could they not be enemies?

‘Could it be that there is a difference of opinion among them?’

I thought about that for a while, but then I looked stupid for thinking that.

No matter how different their personalities may be, their essence is the same.

It’s the same as being crazy about war, and I know that we are a fighting race that doesn’t want the war to stop.

Unless it’s something else, it’s hard for their opinions to diverge when it comes to war.

“There is nothing difficult to think about. Keep it simple.”

“What are you talking about… .”

“You took the proof of a warrior and won. You have proven what a warrior is, and a warrior is our comrade.”

“… .”

I was speechless at his contradictory words.

Did I pass the warrior’s proof?


I only sparred in the name of help… .

‘ah… That’s it.’

If my predictions are correct, that’s pretty ridiculous.

Just by sparring once, and by winning that sparring, he became a warrior.

What do you mean by such a poor organization?

‘Should I like this or not?’

It was difficult to gauge.

Obviously, the savages were against me.

However, the Daejeon Master calls me a comrade.

How am I supposed to accept this?

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

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When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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