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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 182

eat, drink and talk

The laughter of the soldiers filled the castle.

they were amused

I lived every day nervously, not knowing when Kairos would attack.

There was nowhere to turn for help.

There were so many places to be wary of in Serion Kingdom.

Due to its location, it was bordered by the Empire and other kingdoms.

In addition, the North was also attached to Easton, so it was impossible to concentrate the troops in one place.

It was possible to move the soldiers in the capital and become prey to other countries.

Therefore, the Eastern Marquis did not expect much help other than receiving supplies.

Even if they did come to help, there was no guarantee that they would help.

The barbarians were distinctly different from the knights in the center.

It was difficult for them to play an active part in a battle against barbarians, who had always fought a lofty battle.

It was to the point where I thought it would be better if I didn’t become a burden.

However, several things were different in this distribution.

First of all, Count Warrug, who was called Musin and came down to the south and often helped by defeating barbarians, was the leader of the supply unit.

Even with that alone, it shows the strength of a tolerable hundred knights.

I thought it would be enough if the other knights didn’t bother to help.

“To make peace with the elves, I never thought I would experience a miracle like this in my lifetime!”

“Sir Raymond! Have a drink with me!”

The actions of Raymond Millennium, who came with Earl Warrug, changed the existing common sense.

He had made peace with the elves, who never accepted strangers.

I don’t know exactly how I did it.

But to be honest, it didn’t really matter.

What does it matter which method you use?

Thanks to that, the elves who use the power of the spirits became reliable allies.

As long as it wasn’t betraying Serion, it didn’t matter what method he used.

No, rather, they wanted them to use that method.

Wouldn’t they want to make peace with the elves?

It’s fifty years.

During the fifty years that Easton settled in the south and started dealing with barbarians, Easton sought help from the elves and tried to help.

The elves hated Kairos as much as they did.

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Knowing that, I thought they would be reliable allies, but due to their ostentatious tendencies, they failed each time.

Raymond did that in one go.

It was strange and surprising.

And I was happy. If I could borrow the power of the elves, the burden of blocking Kairos would be lessened.

“I want you to tell me your experience.”

“How on earth did you coax those picky bastards?”

“Kiya! With the elves as allies, the sun will rise in the west tomorrow!”

They shouted for joy and looked for Raymond.

After looking for Raymond for a long time, they realized that something was wrong.

It was that Raymond, the protagonist of this feast, was nowhere to be seen.

How did this happen?

Apparently, just a moment ago, they were drinking wine with them.

“Find it now!”

“How dare you run away from us?”

“I’m not going to sleep tonight!”

They didn’t feel bad.

Rather, as if everything went well in the boring yard, he jumped up and started forming a search team.

That’s how the unintentional hide and seek began.


The sky seen from the Millennium Mansion and the night sky seen from the South had a different feel.

I escaped the soldiers and returned to my room.

It seemed that if I stayed there, I would be confined to a feast that would never end.

Their merriment was good, but unfortunately I didn’t have time to enjoy it.

There was something more important than that now.

“Does your body have too much heat?”

Looking at hatchlings, I learned that hatchlings’ symptoms are by no means light.

I don’t know much about dragons.

That meant he didn’t know why Hatchling was sick.

That’s why it was embarrassing.

There were no dragons I knew, and the heat of the hatchlings was enough to make me panic.

Hatchlings are silver dragons.

A silver dragon is a cold being.

A silver dragon’s body is cold.

It always maintained an ice-cold temperature throughout the year.

It has heat only when it is just born, but after the scales sprout, the scales take on a coldness of their own.

So instead of air conditioning in the summer… Oh, this is not it.

Anyway, that’s why it was strange that the silver dragon was hot.

If the silver dragon’s body was hot, all the eyes on the continent would have melted long ago.

Silver dragons had a tendency to like being buried in the snow.

‘What the hell is the problem?’

Looking at the body of the hatchling, I wondered if the hatchling had eaten something wrong or had an accident.

But no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t find it.

There was nothing that could harm the dragon in the first place.

The dragon’s internal organs had such great digestive power that it could swallow a monster whose body was poisoned alive.

The dragon’s scales could not even be scratched by the swordsman of a high-level sword expert based on the adult body, and had anti-magic ability that would deflect all magic except for 8th circle or higher.

Hatchling was no different.

There was nothing that could harm the hatchling unless it was a 7th or 8th circle wizard.

And before approaching the hatchling, I had to pierce it first.

I had no intention of letting anyone meet Hatchling.

‘It’s been like this ever since I met him.’

fire wizard.

An 8th circle mage, and the Hound of the Empire.

After that attack, Hatchling’s condition became strange.

Since it’s an 8th circle mage, it can deal damage.

‘He didn’t even recognize the hatchling.’

He did not recognize the hatchling, who hid himself tightly in mana like a ruler of mana.

There’s no way you can attack a hatchling you don’t even know exists.

So what the hell makes hatchlings like this?

‘If you die next to me for no reason, then it’s no different than taking a suicide tree.’

When a hatchling dies, a signal is sent to the other dragons.

Dragons don’t care too much about dying as adults, but hatchlings are different.

Since there are so few dragons that they almost have no fertility, hatchlings are more precious than jewels.

When the hatchling dies, even the sleeping dragon wakes up, and the cause of the death of the hatchling is found and erased.

And now the prime suspect was me.

In short, I must not let Hatchling die unless he leaves me on his own.

You may try to survive Ahar and end up giving chase against the dragon.

‘Still, should I consider it fortunate that I am maintaining invisibility even though it hurts like this?’

It was strange that the hatchling, who had now completely lost consciousness, was still maintaining its invisibility.

Thanks to that, there were things I hadn’t noticed until now.

He sneaked closer to the hatchling and opened the water bag containing the water of the World Tree.

Then he slowly pushed it into the hatchling’s mouth.


Thanks to the hatchling, which kept its mouth shut and refused to open, the water from the precious World Tree flowed down the hatchling’s snout and soaked the blanket.

I thought I would waste only the water of the World Tree at this rate, so I found a basket big enough for a hatchling to fit into.

Then, he put the water of all the world trees he had brought into the basket.

‘It’s a pity, but… .’

I listened to hatchlings thinking that I would use this as an excuse to play hatchlings over and over again.

It felt heavy and hot.

As it is, I dipped the hatchling into the water of the World Tree.

Chii Ik-

The steam escaping from the hatchling’s body filled the room, enough to see the heat escaping.

I was worried for a moment if I could breathe, but I stopped worrying when I saw the hatchling’s condition quickly improve.

Although it looks like water, it is the water of the World Tree.

It was like an elixir that healed the disease of ordinary people just by drinking it, and increased the amount of aura even a little bit for aura users.

Since the water is full of vitality, there was no need to worry.

On the contrary, with this opportunity, the hatchling might become stronger.

I looked at the hatchling for a while and then left the room.

It wasn’t that I could get better faster just by watching, and above all, the temperature of the room was too hot due to the hatchling’s heat.

I wanted to go back because some people would be suspicious if I continued to be away.

“Well… Still, just in case.”

I put cotton on the lock.

To open the door, you have to unlock the lock, but if you do this, you will have to take out the cotton to open the door.

There is no way to open the door without breaking it.

No one will come into my room anyway, but you still don’t know about people.

If I do this, no one will enter my room.

I left the building after checking the lock several times.

If the state of the room is revealed to others, there is no choice but to be suspicious in many ways.

So, at least as a temporary measure, it should be stopped.


“Find Raymond!”

“I’ll catch you first!”

I came out like that, and I kept my mouth shut at the sight that unfolded before my eyes.

Somehow, all the soldiers were screaming my name and running wild.

Even though the executives were going to stop it, they were smiling as they looked at it.

‘If you get in between me… .’

I thought about revealing that I was here, but then shook my head.

I don’t know why you’re looking for me

‘That’s dangerous.’

Even if their condition was strange, it was too strange.

They wandered around like crazy, obsessed with finding me somehow.

I don’t think I’ll look good if I get caught by them.

“Well… It’s not okay to enjoy a party.”

I was going to eat meat comfortably, but watching that, I could see how futile my thoughts were.

I don’t know what will happen if I get caught by them, but I’m thinking of enjoying the party comfortably.

It’s funny even I think.

It was time to turn around to hide in a suitable place until the soldiers calmed down.

“There he is!”

“Raymond is over there!”

“Catch it!”

The soldiers who found me started running frantically.

It was like seeing a group of zombies in a horror movie, so I got goosebumps on my forearms.

I reflexively turned and ran away.

I wouldn’t have had to run away.

He’s a person with personality, so wouldn’t it be possible to solve it through conversation?

“Run away!”

“Get it now!”

I blamed myself for thinking such a foolish thought.

Their condition never seemed to lead to a conversation.

don’t get caught

I ran with only that thought in my mind.

“It’s here!”

“Drive it here!”

I have a problem.

It’s just that I don’t know the geography of this place very well.

It’s my first time here, and I’ve never really looked around since I came.

As a result, even if I ran away, I didn’t know where to run.

Unlike me, the soldiers had lived here for a long time.

Those who have memorized the structure of the castle so clearly that they can walk around with their eyes closed.

Before I knew it, I looked like I was being hunted by them.

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

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When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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