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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 180

Roxy wondered if she was dreaming.

The sight she was seeing was terribly unreal.

There was a man.

It was surprising that he was a human and not an elf, but it was even more surprising that the man was in the space of the world tree of their sanctuary.

This is because only a few of the elves can enter this place.

A place that is always on guard because it is where their mother resides.

It was surprising that there was a stranger in such a place, but the stranger’s behavior was beyond imagination.

They ask to be friends.

I don’t know what a friend means among humans, but among elves, friend was never an ordinary meaning.

The word friend is not used among elves.

Because everyone is family.

However, there are times when they use the word ‘friend’, which refers to a stranger who married an elf.

That’s why I couldn’t help but panic.

You said you wanted to be friends.

Doesn’t that mean he wants to marry one of them?

If not, one of the elves should marry him.

‘This is what happened because of my words. So I have to take responsibility.’

It happened because he said he would do all the favors.

So you have to take responsibility for yourself.

It was time to think about it and watch his actions.

The stranger glanced at his mother and then approached the spring that had formed around him.

A product of her mother’s efforts to gain strength.

The stranger plunged his hand into the spring.

That alone was embarrassing, but the creature that was dragged out of his hand was even more astonishing.

An elongated, round object made entirely of dark red.

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Its screams made my ears tear.

His screams dug into his ears and made his head thump.

pain. sick.

As I struggled in pain, the screams suddenly stopped.

Then came the maddening laughter of strangers.

“Here and there! It’s all bloodstone heaven and earth!”

The stranger was running amok.

He searched for spring water and stabbed the sword he was holding.

As he entered and exited the black spring he was holding, the luster lingered even more.

‘It works.’

But the strange thing was that it was working.

Every time the stranger’s sword passed through the spring, power was returning to the mother.

how the hell did this happen He wondered if the stranger’s sword could be the means to solve all these problems.

But then she had no choice but to shake her head.

The sword the stranger was holding was no ordinary sword.

‘The sword that chooses its master.’

The reason why elves could command spirits was because of the world tree, but there was another reason.

It is to grasp the nature of the world.

It is difficult to see the things of those who are stronger in rank or power than oneself, but the essence of those who are less than the same level can be seen.

The essence of the sword held by the stranger came into her eyes.

As time went on, the essence became blurred, but one thing was clear.

That the sword had the same properties as a spirit.

A sword that lends its power only to the owner it chooses, and allows its body only to the owner.

The demonic sword, said to contain the ego of the demons, and the holy sword, said to contain divine blessings, were the same.

to choose a master.

And in a way, it seemed more dangerous than the demonic swords of the evil tribes, and seemed stronger than the holy swords that only those chosen by God could use.

That sword was a sword that grew as the user became stronger.

‘And the potential of a stranger who uses that sword is something I dare not exceed.’

At first, he was ignored because he was a foreigner.

But now I could see him closely helping his mother.

The great talent that lies dormant within him.

I dare not even see the potential that is all I can feel.

“beautiful… .”

she murmured softly.

In a voice so low that the clan couldn’t hear it.

Perhaps because he healed his mother, the appearance of a stranger even made him look holy.

I rejected him because he was a stranger, even though I acted like a madman.

The potential he had and the act of helping her mother thrilled her.

‘Maybe I’ve found my mate.’

She licked her lips as she watched the stranger plunge a sword into the spring.



I suddenly got goosebumps.

I felt someone staring at me blatantly.

I looked at the place where I felt that gaze.

The elves were staring blankly at me.

Among them, the elf named Roxy had a slight blush on her cheeks, but nothing unusual.

What is this feeling I feel?


not a cold

Since dealing with the Aura, I haven’t even caught a cold or any other disease.

As the aura circulates to restore the body and keep it in top condition at all times, it was strange to get sick.

But why is my body shaking like this?

The good news is that it’s only for a moment.

Should I call this fortunate, or should I call it sad because I couldn’t find the cause.

“I think I’ve gotten better at this to some extent… .”

By the way, I stopped running and looked around.

The place I passed was a mess as if a mole had dug up the ground.

As the water disappeared in the place where there was water, even though soil was poured around, it could not be completely filled and became a pit.

It wasn’t just one or two, there were over twenty.

That’s why I ran so hard.

Even if it is assumed that each spring water consumes 5 minutes, I have been moving non-stop for 100 minutes.

It was hard, but we gained a lot as well.

First of all, the number of worlds has been greatly restored.

The World Tree, which had been like a withered giant tree, was now like a tree slightly out of winter.

It has just begun to bloom its leaves.

It was a change that could not be underestimated when I recalled the first desolate world tree.

And secondly, I got stronger.

Aside from the fact that cotton has become hard and sharp, my body has become stronger and the amount of aura I have has increased.

‘When I absorbed about 10 bloodstones, a change occurred in my body.’

At first, it was a difficult change to notice.

However, as the number of bloodstones absorbed increased, the changes in the body became so large that one could clearly feel them.

First of all, the muscles have the same destructive power as those of giant monsters such as Minotaur and Troll.

In addition, the skin also became tough and hard, as if it were covered in iron armor.

The amount of aura has increased by 1.5 times.

The most amazing thing is that despite the hardening of the body, the flexibility is better than before.

It’s not like a mollusk, but it can bend its limbs freely enough to match that.

The joints were also developed, so no matter how violently they twisted, it didn’t go unreasonable.

It was a huge change, and it gave me great strength.

Now, my physical condition has become similar to that of Lanos without an aura.

No, it’s not even similar, but it’s enough to be able to rub it.

What used to be possible with auras is now possible without the use of auras.

“This… Crazy.”

I just couldn’t believe that I could get this much of a change just by feeding the bloodstone to Nameless.

On the contrary, in the original work, I learned why Ahar became stronger without rest.

Owning such a sword made it possible to simply fight.

A guy who gets stronger when killed already has a name that grows with the user and increases the rate of growth, so he won’t be able to survive without getting stronger.

I also learned that taking away the unknown was a divine move.

If this sword had been lifted by Ahar, my chances of defeating him could have been lost forever.

‘Come to think of it, hatchlings are the problem.’

Thinking of namelessness reminded me of Hatchling, who was struggling alone in the room I was assigned to.

After meeting Terris’ leader, Hatchling’s condition was very strange.

I felt sick as if I had an illness.

After the hatchling, who always tried to follow me, came to the south, I could tell he was in bad shape just by shutting himself in his room.

‘If I had known it would turn out like this, I would have brought it.’

I don’t know how to treat hatchlings.

But he knew at least that the spring water of the World Tree would be of help to the hatchlings.

The spring water of the World Tree is overflowing with vitality, so it has a good effect unless you are the ‘Undead’.

At least it was sure to be better than it is now.

‘Should I pack some?’

I was still thirsty, and I also had an empty water bag.

I wondered if it would be okay if I sneaked it in without the Elf’s knowledge, but I shook my head.



The elves were watching with their eyes wide open like that, so there was no need to do anything to arouse suspicion.

Instead, you can just ask for it.

He healed the World Tree, but he couldn’t do that much.

‘And today I can’t do it anymore.’

There was still a lot of spring water, but my body, to be exact, had a limit in ignorance.

No matter how much fraudulent ability you have, there was a limit because it was a fraudulent ability.

The amount that Nameless could accept blood stones for a day was fixed.

Perhaps it was because of his connection to Nomyeong, but he could feel that Nomyeong could no longer accept the bloodstone.

That means, on the contrary, that I have to come here from time to time and do this until all the bloodstones are gone.

And if we don’t address the cause from which it started, it may end sometime.

If you think about it, you should solve the cause right away.

‘It’s an opportunity to improve my strength comfortably, but why am I wasting that opportunity?’

I didn’t mean to.

At least for now it was. At least, I plan to suck as much as I can from the culprit to the limit and then deal with it.

“First of all, I will stop here today.”

He turned to the elves and said.

Then, the elves who shed tears while looking at the World Tree hardened their faces and looked at me.


“My mother hasn’t fully recovered yet.”

“Are you going to break your promise?”

Still, because of what I did, I didn’t seem to live like the first time.

Still, the enmity within them could not be helped.

I looked at them and sighed.

“I never said I would solve it right away.”

“what? That means a promise with us… .”

“You listen to what people say. It means I can’t do it right away, and I never said I wouldn’t.”

“That means… .”

“I will come tomorrow and continue. First of all, this is not something that can be done overnight. It takes quite a long time. I have my limits too.”

“Um… .”

“Oh, and I have something to investigate, so may I bring some spring water?”

“Spring water?”

“Yes. I need it to recover from this incident.”

“There is nothing difficult. In the first place, the fountain of life was made by Mother to share with everyone. take care of it.”

“thank you.”

I’m glad I accepted it more readily than I thought.

They might have their permission, so I ran straight to the spring and stuffed the water bag.

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

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When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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