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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 178

I headed straight to the World Tree with the elves attached to me.

I knew there was a problem somewhere in the World Tree, and since I didn’t know where the World Tree was, the guidance of the elves was essential.

If I wandered alone, it was easy to get lost in the forest where the terrain changes in real time and become a lost child.

In order not to become lost, I had to stick with them.

“… .”

As many as three elves attached to me.

Including myself, the four of us were on the road.

When there are many people, there are many words.

Furthermore, when people you know are gathered together, even if there is only one other person, they whisper among themselves because there is another person.

‘It’s too quiet.’

The elves didn’t have that.

He didn’t say a word, his mouth tightly closed as if it had been sewn up with thread.

They don’t talk to me. I can understand, but it was surprising that they didn’t even talk to each other.

Or maybe they don’t want me to even hear their voices.

Well, that had nothing to do with me.

I didn’t have to talk to them, but it was nice to be quiet.

It’s more irritating to bring out the words, “What about humans, I don’t trust humans.”

They took the lead and walked towards the World Tree.

The trees, bushes, and vines in their path got out of their way.

In order not to hinder their way, the road opened as soon as their feet touched it.

It was a lush space where you couldn’t even see an inch in front of you, but it was just amazing how the hell you knew.

Squeak, Squeak-

Neither monsters nor common bugs appeared on their way.

It was amazing and very comfortable.

It was like a living perfume.

Originally, entering the forest was quite painful due to insects such as mosquitoes.

It was terrifying to think of how infested the bugs were, especially on a humid day like now.

But it was very comfortable not having to go through that.

“It’s here.”

One of them, who had been silent all along, opened his mouth.

That’s why I said the name of that elf who talked to me was Taran.

“My mother is in front of me.”

Taran, who spoke to me, frowned as he spoke.

Did it make you feel so bad talking to me?

He was expressing his displeasure to the point that even I, who was listening, felt bad.

“I don’t know what you’re going to do, but you’d better not do crap. If you don’t want your kingdom to perish.”

Blowing a bloody warning, he pushed my back.

He beckons us to enter through the open trees.

Slightly moved by his warning, I stared at him and took a deep breath to calm my raging chest.

He reminded himself that he had come to make peace with them, not to fight.

Thinking that it was the immature voice of a meaningless child cooled the heat that had been burning hot.

“I have no intention of turning you into an enemy, so you can rest assured.”

I glanced at him and went inside.

The smell of the air changed.

I didn’t even know it until I came out through the trees, but it was amazing that I hadn’t seen such a large world tree until now.

Even if it was because of the trees that blocked the view only in the elves’ realm, I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t see that world tree from outside the realm.

The size of the world tree in front of me was enormous.

It was such a huge tree that I couldn’t see the end of it even if I raised my head.

It’s so big, how come I haven’t seen it?

I put my doubts behind me and turned my head to look at the world tree.

The height was high, but the girth was also not easy.

If the inside was dug, it was huge enough to accommodate hundreds of people.

‘By the way… It’s clear that there’s no life.’

When I first saw the World Tree, I had two thoughts.

One was that it was huge, and the second was that it had no life.

Because it was so big, the state of the tree was more visible.

The bark of the World Tree was dry.

Half of the World Tree, which soared high into the sky like a tree that had just met winter, was cracking and dropping its dried bark even now.

And that wasn’t all.

The leaves hanging from the outstretched branches were almost brittle, and some of them had no leaves at all.


The world tree was gradually dying to the extent that the words fit perfectly.

“Mother… .”

“You are leaner than before.”

The elves who followed me shed tears as they looked at the world tree.

Then he grabbed my shoulder and glared at me, telling me to solve it no matter what method I use.

“Human, we believed in you and brought you into our sanctuary. You will have to take responsibility for your words.”

“Okay, can you let go of this hand? My shoulder hurts, so I can’t do anything no matter what I try.”

At my words, Zar, who had been holding my shoulder, gave strength to the hand that was holding my shoulder.

And as I stared at him for a moment, he let out a deep sigh and dropped his hand helplessly.

His eyes turn to the world tree.

His eyes trembling relentlessly as he gazed at the World Tree seemed very uneasy.

“Human, please. please mother… .”

He was speechless at the thought of leaving their mother in the hands of a greedy human, not of the same clan, but of a different race.

“All right.”

I just nodded my head, knowing how miserable he felt at having to entrust his precious things to someone he hadn’t seen before.

You will shudder at the thought of your own incompetence.

‘I tried to do that without asking.’

As long as they don’t attack us, I intend to help them as much as I can.

I couldn’t guarantee how long this world would flow as the original.

Even right now, a lot of things have been twisted due to my actions.

Moreover, by now Ahar had caused a wave of monsters, and the kingdom of Seiron had to lose its strength in the middle of the war.

Taking advantage of that gap, Ahar gains more talent and comes down to the south and takes over the entire south.

Acquire the talent of Kairos and plunder the talent of the elves.

If the elves were strong, they wouldn’t have lost to Ahar if they hadn’t lost the power of the World Tree.

No matter how strong the sword master was, he couldn’t win against dozens of spirits.

If they had maintained their strength, the entire continent would not have perished.

‘It hasn’t happened yet, so let’s not overreact. I could just stop it now.’

Fiction and reality are different.

It may have been then, but not now.

because i will stop

I know how to do it, but what do you mean you can’t do it?


I walked towards the world tree.

The sound of grass being trampled echoed in all directions.

After walking for a long time, I realized that the distance between the World Tree and me had not been shortened.


It must have seemed like they had walked for quite a while, but in reality they didn’t get close to the World Tree, as if they were walking in place.

Strangely, it wasn’t just that.

The surroundings were so quiet. Even if it was quiet, it was too quiet.

As if there was nothing around me, I couldn’t hear any sound, as if I was alone in a cell.

Since the elves didn’t talk, you could say that.

But it was strange that I couldn’t hear the sound of the wind or the grass I was stepping on.

… … !

I deliberately trampled the grass hard.

Also there was no sound.

I turned my head, which had been looking straight ahead, and looked around.

“… crazy.”

Before I knew it, all around me was filled with white.

The elves who came with me disappeared.

The wind tickling my hair stopped.

The flowers that bloomed beautifully are gone.

That didn’t mean there was nothing.

First of all, the ground I am stepping on.

The flowers had disappeared, but the grass full of life was still under my feet.

The grass continued in a straight line, and a small tree grew where the grass reached.

It was the first tree I had ever seen.

It was the first tree I had ever seen, but it felt familiar.

“count… Coefficient?”

Even when I said it, I laughed.

It can’t be. I already checked how big the world tree is.

There’s no way a tree that small could be a world tree.

As I was looking around with that thought in mind, my eyes suddenly blurred.

Are you dizzy? Because of the headache?

not. It wasn’t because it hurt.

Auras were gathering in my eyes against my will.

However, the amount was quite large.

My aura moved so much that I was worried that my eyes would explode.

I felt dizzy, perhaps because I used too many auras at once.

Just like refilling an empty bucket with water, an aura came in from the outside and filled the place where the aura had escaped.

“ah… .”

A strange phenomenon, and after the vertigo disappeared, I was having a miraculous experience.

The white space surrounding me and the tree was filled with rainbow-colored mana.

The mana was connected to one place, but when I moved my gaze along the mana, I saw a small tree.

“… !”

I couldn’t speak.

Clearly, the tree, which was just a small tree before the auror filled its eyes, was now forming an enormous size.

The size of the tree remained the same.

However, the mana connected to the tree was clumped together to form a huge tree, and it looked like that.

“World Tree… .”

It resembles the world tree I saw before coming here.

No, the world tree here looked more real than the world tree outside the white space.

A tree made of mana.

The mana and vitality felt from the tree made me feel overwhelming emotions that could not be explained in words.

It was ecstasy just to see it up close.

It was when I was staring blankly at the tree.

-… select… Child… .

A voice came from somewhere.

The voice was that of a woman, yet it resembled that of a man.

– The time… help… .

The World Tree was talking to me.

But the words didn’t sound right.

Like stretched tape, the middle of the words were cut off and stretched.

-… bless you… !

After the last words, the white space began to shatter like broken glass.

When I was perplexed by what had suddenly happened, I could see one thing.

where there are trees.

In front of the World Tree, a woman was laughing at me while shedding tears.

As I was looking at her, someone grabbed my shoulder.

“What are you doing standing still? Go inside.”

Taran was glaring at me.

Roxy and Zar, who came with me, were looking at me like a strange person.

how did this happen

I was definitely facing the world tree, but when I came out of the white space, I was at the entrance to the world tree.

“My mother is waiting inside.”

Taran glared at me, asking why he didn’t go in.

“… .”

I nodded my head in a daze at the phenomenon that was difficult to explain and moved on.

When I went inside through the path made by trees on both sides, I saw the World Tree I had seen earlier.

However, the state of the World Tree was very strange.

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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