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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 176

where are we going now

The elves wouldn’t tell us where we were going, nor would they speak to us privately or publicly.

We moved at a certain distance, as if we were patients with a terrible plague.

‘This feels like being transported as a sinner rather than being invited… .’

The atmosphere of the elves surrounding us was very forbidding.

It was surprising that they didn’t attack us right away.

We didn’t know where they were taking us.

It could have been an execution ground to kill us.

In the situation where their lives were at stake, Count Warrug and Lanos were very tense.

Having already witnessed the power of the elves once, it was not strange to be wary of them.

But unlike them, I was overly calm.

“Oh, this is amazing. The tree moves out of its own accord.”

I looked around very casually, as if I had come to an amusement park.

everything was amazing

A tree that moves with its roots wriggling like a living creature.

For a moment, I thought it might be a plant-type monster, Trent, but upon closer inspection, it wasn’t.

The roots moved, but not naturally.

It creaked as if being forcibly manipulated.

Most of all, there was no Trent’s distinctive cry.

When Trent found a living creature, it made a sound resembling the cry of an elk.

So, when I met Trent while wandering around alone at night, I mistakenly thought it was someone screaming and went to rescue him, and often died.

Trent is friendly to elves, never friendly to humans.

Rather, they were hostile to humans who harmed nature, which was no different from their friends.

“This is my first time seeing this… Oh, that looks delicious.”

“you… .”

Even though I was calm, Earl Warrug was fed up with my unconcerned appearance.

It must have been shocking to see my innocent appearance while not knowing when a weapon might be thrust into my neck.

But what can I do?

That’s serious in its own way, but this is strange in its own way.

Isn’t there a law that says I shouldn’t watch it just because it’s dangerous?

I decided to enjoy my current situation to the fullest.

Even if I take the atmosphere seriously, it won’t change, but as the saying goes, if you can’t avoid it, enjoy it, so I decided to do it.

It’s my first time meeting an elf, so I can enjoy that much.

“Because you arrived. Can you shut up that loud mouth?”

As if I was being noisy, the green elf glared at me.

Despite their bloody eyes, I kept a smile.

After seeing the place we had arrived with them, we were sure they wouldn’t attack us.

The place they brought us to was none other than the elves’ nest, or, in our words, a village.

A village made entirely of trees.

Maybe that’s why I felt more mysterious.

If there was a village where fairies lived in fantasy, it would feel like this.

“Wait here. I will call the elder.”

After that, the green elf went into the village.

My party and I stood at the entrance of the village and waited for them to return.

“Are those humans?”

“Wow… look what it looks like It looks like a bear.”

“It looks really nasty. They said that humans are bad guys who can never be trusted or spoken to. Why are humans here?”

Being in the village of elves was not unusual.

First of all, the eyes of the elves were too hostile.

They were looking at us as if we were looking at the worst criminals in Musun.

Although it was absurd that they looked at us that way just because we were human, because we were a different species.

If you think about it, it wasn’t so strange to think that humans enslave other races or kill them for being different.

“eww… But I think it’s uglier than I’ve heard.”

“Are all humans that ugly?”

“But is the human in the middle okay?”

“eww… Why the hell are you covering your upper body? I hate it because I feel like I’m looking at combat maniacs.”

Their evaluation of us was the worst.

Basically, the appearance of the elves was so beautiful that they easily transcended humans.

That’s why they can pour out bad reviews against us.

And it’s strange to expect good words to come out when you hate humans in the first place.

“When do you think it will come out?”

“Well… We will have to discuss it, so won’t it take a while?”

That said, but to be honest, it didn’t seem like it would take very long.

You can tell from the moment they brought us here in the first place that they’re done talking.

They hate humans more than death, and there’s no way they’ll bring us here without any consultation.

Since they exchanged opinions to some extent, they must have brought us along.

It was them who were most urgent, not us.

We could go back like this, but they didn’t.

One way or another, the World Tree treatment method and cause must be found.

If they continued like this, they would lose their source of strength and their home.

“Come in. The Elder is calling.”

As I expected, it didn’t take long before the green elf came out to pick us up.

A group of elves followed behind him.

Among them, an elf with a beard growing to the pit of the stomach steps forward.

Their atmosphere, momentum, and behavior alone made it clear that he was an elder of the elves.

Otherwise, the other elves would not bow their heads in respect to him.

“Is it you?”

The elder of the elves spoke to us.

A bright green light emanated from the staff he was holding and circled around us.

In response, Lanos reflexively clenched his fist.

In contrast, Earl Warrug and I were unconcerned.

It was because he didn’t feel any hostility or murderous intent from the elder who emitted that green light.

Rather, I felt like I was trying to confirm something, so I quietly accepted the light.

“Hmm… Certainly different from those savages.”

The green light disappears in an instant, and the elder nods as if sensing something.

And stared at me.

“So, you know how to treat your mother?”

Before I could reply to his words, an explosive reaction arose from the people around me.

“How can humans know our mothers!”

“Humans are fraudsters! Do not believe them!”

“What on earth did they bring you here for?”

“How could that human know about mother! Absolutely not.”

I was taken aback when I saw their reaction.

The elder didn’t ask for a cure, nor did he offer to see the world tree.

I just asked questions to confirm that I knew how to treat the World Tree, but they were accusing me of being a scammer trying to see the World Tree.

From their reactions, I could tell two things.

how much they hate humans.

Rumors had already spread among them that I knew how to cure the World Tree.

Still, I thought there would be secrets among the elves, but now I see that there is no such thing at all.

And I was very offended by their reaction.

We didn’t commit a mortal sin, we came to help. How long will we have to be treated like this?

I understand if we attacked them or if the method I gave you didn’t work.

However, it was a specification to be treated like this after directly confirming the effect.

Gradually, when the desire to go back grew stronger than the thought of helping them, the elder shouted, stamping his staff into the ground.


A heavy voice overwhelmed the audience.

The momentum radiating from him stopped the elves from swearing.

“These are the people who came to help us. Are you trying to ruin things when you consider yourself a benefactor?”

“But, doesn’t the elder know? Humans… !”

“Then what did we see? No matter how much we searched, we were able to find something that we couldn’t find in his words. I even saw the power return to my mother. Are you sure you want to deny that?”

“that’s… .”

The elves shut their mouths.

You can’t refute his words.

because they saw it too.

As I said, when the puddle filled with black sludge was removed, the World Tree recovered.

Maybe that’s why they are trying to reject me even more.

Because I, a stranger, did what they couldn’t do.

“But… But it’s a stranger. They are humans!”

“So what are we going to do? So can you find a way Can you figure out the cause?”

“Um… .”

The elf who cursed at me if I was a stranger grinned.

I can’t, so I can’t answer.

The elder looked at him pathetically, then turned his head to me.

“I’m sorry. Please understand that this is because children have lived a life of being excluded and do not know the world well.”

“Yes. it’s okay. We do not hold grudges over such trifles. It’s like a child’s play. It’s childish, but it hasn’t hurt me directly. You don’t have to worry too much.”

I looked at the elf who was swearing in the part called ‘Child’.

The elf, who had become a childish child in an instant, blushed and glared at me as if to kill me.

What are you going to do if you stare at me?

Can you attack me when the elder is on my side?

shrugged at him.

“Chuck. That’s right, it’s about this kind of thing.

The elder smiled approvingly and brushed his beard.

Then he turned around and said.

“Follow me. I can’t stand a precious guest like this. I will treat you to my delicious tea.”

“thank you.”

Stepping on the elder who asked him to follow him, he looked around.

The elves, who had started to gather one by one, were gathering close to dozens before they knew it and were glaring at us.

I think he was trying to intimidate us.

To be honest, now their behavior was just ridiculous.

If it was before, but now that they have been invited by the elders, their threat cannot be a proper threat.

How can we attack us who have been invited by an elder who is no different from a leader without being crazy?

It would be all about just staring at it like now.

Earl Warrug must have felt it as well, so he took his hand off the sword he had been holding and put on a more relaxed face.

Only Lanos was still clenching his fists with a face that did not understand the current situation.

When Count Warrug said that it was okay to let go of your guard, you relaxed the power that had been filled in your hands.

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

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When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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