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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 173

A word from Earl Warrug had a bigger impact than what I said to Lanos.

Count Warrug added firepower to my words, and his eyes widened.

“I’ve felt this before, but the sword doesn’t suit you. I’d rather have fists like the mercenary king. With your natural body, using a fist rather than a greatsword would be more threatening.”

“By, if Lord Bane says so… .”

As if the repulsive spirit had disappeared, Lanos loosened his grip on the greatsword.

“And you never know. Your aptitude might be better suited to your fist. Isn’t it?”

Count Warrug turned to me and winked.

I nodded my head saying yes.

“Yes. It seems to me as well.”

Lanos is worried. I urged him on so as not to give him time to think.

“We have to move right now. So please decide quickly. If you say you will bring a greatsword, I will object.”

“okay. I got it, you can just leave it!”

Even though it screamed, I couldn’t let go of the hand holding the greatsword.

When I showed signs of trying to speak again, he leaned his greatsword against a tree.

simplicity and honesty-

The excessive weight of the greatsword dented the area it touched.

Considering its weight, unless you are really strong and ignorant, you would not think of taking it carelessly.

“great. Then move. We have delayed too much time now.”

“All right.”

I ran into the road that turned to ashes.

Sabakin, Sabakin.

The feeling of being stepped on was quite unpleasant.

The feeling of not being soil or anything.

And I don’t know if it’s an illusion, but I also felt the ground shaking.

‘No, it’s not an illusion.’

Something wriggled underfoot and soared.

As I hurriedly backed away, a sharp tentacle protruded in its place.

“Tsk. Did you already notice Ignore it and run!”

The Warrug Count jumped over the tentacles and ran inside.

After following him, I thought I could understand why Easton’s executives didn’t want to come here.

Attacks came from all directions.

The whole forest moved to rid itself of the trespassers who entered without permission.

Elf’s sanctuary.

The forest is the sanctuary of the elves. The entire forest is moved by the will of the elves, and they dedicate themselves to the elves.

“Never attack. Under no circumstances should you attack. We need to let them know that we are not against them.”

Count Warrug repeated several times that he was worried that we might harm the forest.

‘The forest is being restored.’

The further they went inside, the ashes disappeared.

Green plants were growing in the place where the ashes were.

The place we passed was already full of ash and thick bushes.

What came in was what came in, but this was also a problem when it came out.

Without Elf’s help, it was obvious that he would get lost even if he went out.

It would be more convenient to set fire like the Kairos tribe, but we came to help the elves, not to attack them.

Hwareuk, Hwareuk-

If the Cairo tribe hadn’t moved while setting fire in front of us, we would have already lost our way and become lost children.

Fortunately, though, it was difficult for them to move here, even for those who brought fire, the sound of a fire burning not far away could be heard.


“There! Attack over there!”

“These damn things!”

The shouts of the savages, the sound of weapons swinging were heard.

“There it is… !”

He raised his hand to stop Lanos from moving immediately.

“What, why are you doing that?”

“Wait a minute, wait a minute.”

There are guys right in front of me, but when I told them not to attack, he looked at me with a frustrated face.

‘This is dangerous.’

I didn’t have time to listen to his complaints.

My head was now filled with alarm bells.

Dangerous. I don’t know why, but I thought it would be dangerous if I intervened there.

As I gathered the aura into my eyes, threads of various colors began to appear, disturbing my eyes.

It wasn’t hard for me to realize that it was a form of mana.

I had seen this before, and whenever I moved the aura, the threads moved.

That’s not what’s important now.

The movement of those threads was important.

I could see the threads sticking together.

sky blue thread.

The threads were bundled together to form a gigantic shape.

It turns into a human, then into a bird, and from a bird into a human again.

However, I can see the thread, but when the thread is removed, there is nothing there.

Nonetheless, it actually stayed there.

The sense of intimidation felt from the shape of the thread was enormous.

To the extent that it stops you from breathing.

“Calm down. Trust Raymond’s words and wait.”

“Um… .”

Even Earl Warrug told him not to move, so Lanos kept his mouth shut with a frustrated face.

“Did you feel it too?”

“What the hell is that?”

I swallowed and pointed to the thread.

Count Warrag looks at me with surprised eyes.

“Could you see that?”

“Yes? what is that… .”

As if he couldn’t believe it, he looked back in the direction I pointed and at me.

Then he muttered in a slightly trembling voice.

“What kind of monstrous mana affinity… I can see the spirit… ?”

‘government ordinance?’

Is that a spirit?

I shut my mouth at his murmur and looked at it.

It was the first spirit I saw when I came here.

I didn’t even think that I would be able to see the spirits in the first place.

Elementalists were extremely rare on the continent.

No, I could hardly see it.

In any case, it was the spirit sorcerer who existed with a greater probability than that.

The Elemental Sorcerer had mana, but he had to have affinity with the spirits.

No matter how much mana you have, it is a spirit that cannot be summoned if you do not have spirit affinity.

‘Why do I see spirits in my eyes? Could it be because of this thread?’

The problem is that spirits cannot be seen by human eyes.

Even the Archmage and the Sword Master could not feel or see the presence of the spirits due to the mana flowing around them.

It is said that only a great wizard can use magic to see, but I am not a great wizard, and it is difficult to use magic.

With the 1st and 2nd circles, you can’t even use magic to see the spirits.

Only elementalists can see spirits, and I am not an elementalist.

If so, it’s because of this thread you see after enlightenment.

What the hell is this thread, or how can I see it?

‘This has nothing to do with swordsmanship.’

I don’t know.

It was a shape that did not appear in the original work, so I couldn’t figure out what caused me to see this thread.

I didn’t know what this thread could do or what it meant.

However, the only thing we can know right now is that we can see the spirit through the mana thread.

“We would be in danger if it wasn’t for you.”

Earl Warrug pressed Lanos’ head, saying that he had to lean even more.

I couldn’t even reply to his words.

The number of shaped threads was gradually increasing.

The sky-blue threads increased to three, and threads of the same color appeared.

A small, thick, human-shaped brown thread that emerged from the ground.

A red thread in the shape of a lizard.

Even the blue thread in the shape of a person… .

Those threads and spirits began to surround the Kairos tribesmen.

‘Is the sky blue for wind, brown for ground, red for fire, and blue for water?’

The four elements that make up the world.

Among the spirits, the most representative and influential spirits.

Earl Warrug was also staring straight ahead, tensed.

‘By the way, where are the drunkards? Spirits can only be summoned with a spirit sorcerer… .’

I turned my head to find the elf who would have summoned the spirits.

and could see

Pointy-eared elves glaring at the Kairos tribesmen from the branches.


“Know. You are already surrounded.”

Count Warrug sighed lightly.

As he said, beyond the Kairos tribesmen, we were surrounded by elves.

Lanos was unaware of this and was preparing to attack Kairos at any time, and the Kairos tribesmen still cut and burned the plants that attacked them.

“These cowardly goblins!”

“Don’t attack cowardly, attack from the front with fairness and fairness!”

Who was the one who attacked first, so you’re saying cowardly?

However, he was not an elf who could not be moved by their talk.

Rather, more elves gathered, and spirits appeared from all sides.

Just in case, when the elves were preparing for an attack, a voice of tremendous size sounded like thunder.

[You blood-mad dogs.]

Woman? no, it’s a man

An ambiguous voice was heard, of unknown gender, no doubt that it was the voice of a human being.

It felt like being hit directly in the head, not in the ear.

[‘We’ warned.]

The wind started blowing.

[‘We’ warned you guys.]

The wind started getting stronger.

[‘We’ warned that we wouldn’t look at it twice.]

Now a gale was blowing so great that it was difficult to balance.

A fire broke out in the empty air.

The ground is cracked.

Water rose from the cracked ground.

[‘We’ do not forgive those who break the warning.]

The words were cut off.

Water filled the cracked ground and began to boil.

“Everyone, hold me tight.”

Count Warrug shouted as he drew his sword.

Reflexively, I hugged him by the waist.

A tremendous shock hit his body as he was afraid to grab his waist.


hair flutters in all directions

My face stung as if dozens of knives had hit my face.

Warmth flowed down his face.

His vision was stained bloody, and his entire body, from his right shoulder to his arm, was motionless.

My thighs were so hot that they didn’t sting, and the feeling itself disappeared from the calves down.

“ah… .”

There was no time to feel the pain.

fire? water? The place where the typhoon, which was a mixture of various elements, raged and went was so miserable.

Except for a few Kairos tribesmen, the rest of the Kairos tribesmen were torn to pieces beyond recognition.

“Tsk. Even if I had reacted a little late, it would have been dangerous.”

Earl Warrug’s voice sounded hoarse.

Looking up at him, I involuntarily shut my mouth.

“Blood on your face… .”

There were scars across his face, like those of a wild beast.

He had his left eye closed, possibly because of an eye injury.

As a sword master, he suffered this level of wound, and I also received a serious wound, but Lanos was different.

“Oooh, it’s tickling.”

Looking back at Lanos, I was speechless.

I knew his body was incredibly strong, but this was beyond my imagination.

He also had scars on his body.

However, it was new blood compared to Count Warrag, who had scars all over his face, and me, who was partially crippled.

There were scars on the face that looked like they had been run over by a cat, and very small scratches on the body.

There was a little bit of blood, but it wasn’t too bad.

No matter how much Count Warrug said he blocked it, that’s really… .

“There was no reason to worry about them. It was ridiculous to worry about people with this much power.”

I agreed with Count Warrug.

They were the ones who inflicted minor wounds on the Sword Masters and Experts with a single attack.

In addition, most of the Kairos tribesmen died.

How can I worry about such strong people?

We decided to go back like this.

As we tried to move slowly, a sharp voice sounded in our ears.

[There are still people alive.]

[They are tough like trolls.]

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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