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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 170

the south is barren

More than 200 of the 365 days had severe weather with snow.

Of course, rice and wheat cannot be grown, and only strong and tough ones grow.

There were a lot of things that people couldn’t eat, but on the contrary, there was an abundance of food for monsters to eat.

It wasn’t as much as the North, but there were plenty of monsters in the South as well.

Even if you kill it, it doesn’t decrease, and you can’t completely dry the seed.

Plants in the south have as much vitality as the savages, and unless they are monsters that devour themselves, they grow out of control.

In addition, there are plants that eat humans or animals, so when they multiply, the enemy doubles.

That kind of thing shouldn’t happen, so I only hunt a reasonable number of monsters.

A day to hunt monsters periodically.

Today was the day to go hunting.

“The hunting team was injured this time.”

Originally, there would be no reason for him to offer me hunting.

However, I don’t know if this is a coincidence or inevitable, but the people who sparred with me were the hunting group that decided to go hunting today.

That means that there are no people who have to go hunting today.

You can fill it with someone else, but… .

“You mean the Marquis told me to go?”

“uh. Originally, I was going to take a few other people with me, but when he heard you woke up, he told me to go alone.”

“Well… .”

I didn’t really want to go in the mood right now, but I couldn’t refuse because I was guilty.

“All right.”

“I’m moving right now, so grab what you need and come to the back door. I will be waiting for you there.”


Lanos said to come quickly and left.

I looked at him from behind, then turned to Earl Warrug.

“Why do you look at me like that?”

“it’s nothing.”

“What are you doing. I’m waiting for you, let’s go.”

“ah… Yes.”

Count Warrug taps me on the shoulder.

Earl Warrug sent me off casually, to the extent that it felt like it was a very long time ago that I was in agony as I recalled my memories.

I glanced back at him and moved on.

“Did you come sooner than expected?”

“Yes… what.”

I didn’t have anything to pack, so I took only the cotton I had left in the room and came straight to the back door.

Lanos slung his greatsword over his shoulder and carried the rope over his shoulder.

But the amount is quite large.

Did you need a line to go hunting?

“What is that line?”

“Ah, this. I will know when I go.”

He says don’t ask questions, just go and you’ll know.

Well, I thought it would be like that, so I decided to do as he wished.



I got out of the castle by exchanging passwords with the sentry guarding the back door.

“Oh, watch your step. Because there is a trap.”


I nodded and looked at my feet.

As he said, there were subtle traps that you wouldn’t know unless you looked closely.

If you go without knowing anything, you may fall into a pit and be stabbed by a poisoned spear underneath.

Besides that, trees with sharp wires, poison traps, and so on.

I passed countless traps and went up along the mountain road.

Lanos guided me very skillfully.

Well, I did just that. Since he was born and raised in the South, it was only natural that he knew the geography of the area.

“ah. From here on out, don’t make any noise. what… You’ll be fine, though.”

He glances back at me holding the cotton.

For a moment, he looked around.

Claw marks on trees, defecation, etc.

If I found even the smallest trace, I stayed there for a long time and thought about it.

And if he came to a conclusion, he said when he saw the marks on a higher place than himself.

“This is a steel bear.”

“Are you talking about a steel bear covered in iron?”

“uh. You see this here.”

He pointed to the huge stool under the tree.

“If you look closely here, you’ll see faint iron dust mixed in.”

“ah… Yes.”

As he said, I saw powders that shimmered in the light.

“And the characteristic of the steel bear is that the smell of urine is very sweet.”

“Well… .”

“I see, this guy is a female. It smells worse, probably because it’s in heat.”

Saying that, he grinned and raised the corner of his mouth.

I hear his voice muttering, ‘This harvest will be great.’

Steel bears had a characteristic of gathering in one place when the breeding season came.

Gathered together, the males began to fight for possession of the females, and only the victorious males in the process were able to claim the females.

Lanos was aiming for that.

When males fight, eventually they run out of strength, and if they attack at that time, they can catch them with less force.

“Have you ever eaten a steel bear?”


Didn’t even get a chance to eat.

The habitat of the steel bear is southern. It is not possible to regularly interact with the South, and the opportunity to eat the meat of animals that live in the South is extremely rare.

Unless you’re a real king, emperor, or someone with strong power and wealth, it’s hard to bring them out of the South.

That’s why I’ve only heard of the name, but I’ve never eaten the meat.

In response to my answer, he said with a strange smile.

“Then try this opportunity. You will experience a new world.”

Is it that tasty?

Since he said so confidently, I became interested in the meat of the Steel Bear.

“I can go over there.”

Going in the direction he was heading, sure enough, there were more and more traces of the Steel Bear.

Perhaps it was to show that it was their territory, but even if they went a little deeper, it was full of Iron Bear’s filth.

Most people would frown at the foul smell if they were in that much filth, but Steel Bear’s was different.

On the contrary, the more I went in, the sweeter the smell became.

The sweet smell makes me wrinkle my nose.

“Get ready soon. because it arrives soon It will probably be difficult to deal with. Their bodies are covered with steel, so they are not easily cut, so they are embarrassed to deal with them for the first time… You will be different.”

I shrugged at his words.

It was my first time facing a steel bear, so I couldn’t say whether I was confident or not.

Rather than that, I had a strong desire to deal with them sooner.

It’s a bear whose whole body is covered with steel, so where else can you find such an animal?

oh oh oh-

Just then, a bear’s cry came from not far away.


And there was also the sound of two trucks colliding.

“Oh, it seems to have started.”

He ran quietly, saying he couldn’t miss this good opportunity.

Then I take out a small tube and tell him to spray it on his body.

I looked at him asking what this was, and he only said it was for removing people’s body odors, nothing more.

I’m a bit reluctant, but I decided to match him as much as possible, so I followed him and sprinkled powder on my body.

A musty smell stings your nostrils.

For some reason, it was such a nasty smell that I doubted whether it was the smell of ‘it’.

“Okay, sure enough. Then let’s go take a look.”

He was strangely excited, as if he had put more emphasis on watching than fighting.

“Ah, this is a good place.”

A place where stones are piled up.

Lanos took a seat and motioned for me to sit on one of the flats.

I followed him and prostrated myself on the spot, and he pointed forward.

In the distance, I saw bears with softly glowing bodies.

‘Wow… The real body is entirely made of iron.’

It was shiny, and it looked really hard.

There were seven bears in total.

“The two biggest ones are females, and the rest are males.”

Steel bears are said to have females twice the size of males.

In addition, females have black spots on their backs, and males and females are distinguished by the presence or absence of spots.

“Okay, take a good look. Fighting them is kind of fun.”

Irrespective of the sharp stone he stabbed, he fell down and took out a piece of beef jerky and put it in his mouth.

It didn’t hurt at all, he didn’t frown once.

I really like that body.

“Well… What, do you have anything to put on?”

I lay down with him, but this hurts quite a bit and I can’t keep lying down.

I wasn’t that strong physically.

“it hurts? You are just like the other guys. They have the same body, but how can they show such swordsmanship? Now, here.”

He takes off his clothes and gives them to me.

It was made from animal hide, and was quite tough, but not soft either.

Still, it’s better than nothing.

“are you okay?”

“Because I’m not weak like you.”

Is this the problem of being weak?

It’s a separate issue from that.

Well, if it were you, that would be it. The person himself is confident in his body, but I don’t want to make him feel bad about it.


Hearing the loud cry of the steel bear, his eyes twinkled and he looked back.

“You start. Let’s take a look at that.”

Then he hands me the beef jerky.

I took the jerky, put it in my mouth, and followed him to the front.


The two males started bumping into each other.

Perhaps it was because the body was so large, just the head-to-head collision resonated with a tremendous sound.


The slightly smaller Steel Bear hit the head of the larger Steel Bear.

Iron collides with iron and sparks fly.

It is a spectacle that is hard to see even a normal bear fight, but it is a fight between bears whose entire body is made of steel.

In addition, its size was twice the size of a normal bear.

“Who do you think will win?”

“I think the little guy over there will win.”

“Then I’m a big guy!”

It didn’t sound like much fun, but looking at it like this, it was quite fun.

The Steel Bear was quite agile despite its massive body.

The fiercely swinging paws made a tremendous roar, and the body made of iron withstood the mighty paws unscathed.


simple and strong

coo wow!

The little one hit the big one on the head and moved to the side.

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Push the body of the big guy with your shoulder and knock it over.

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Koo Woo-

big guy falls With that, the game is over.

The little one vigorously swung his forepaw at the big one’s head, and the big one fell limp for a moment.

The big one, who struggled for a while, bowed his head towards the little one.

It’s admitting defeat.

“Tsk. Really the little guy won.”


“Sheesh. Too bad. Judging by size or strength, I thought the bigger one would win.”

At first glance, you might think so.

because of the difference in size.

But the little guy won the difference in physique with a head fight.

I avoided things that would be dangerous if hit, and hit and pushed with my body when I thought I could be hit.

The little guy was smart.


Letting out a victory roar, the little guy looks around.

The other steel bears burst into tears facing the little one and treated him like a winner.

“Let’s prepare soon.”

Only after all the males fought for possession of the female did Lanos move.

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

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When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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