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When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius Chapter 168

For some reason, a similar situation unfolded when I first came here.

However, if Lanos had fought alone then, the difference would be that he had to fight with more than a dozen people now.

Even though they didn’t drink alcohol, they pointed their knives at me, their faces dyed red from being drunk.

The sunlight hit the blade, revealing its sharpness.

In Easton, there is a saying that sparring is like fighting.

They fought with real swords even in Dalian because they did not know when something would happen.

So I liked it more.

There is no sense of danger when fighting with a wooden sword.

It’s probably just breaking bones.

However, if you fight with a real sword, on the day you make a mistake, you may be crippled anywhere, and if you make a mistake, you may lose your life.

The tension made my body feel hot.

I felt the appropriate tension at the thought of dying if I made a mistake.

“Are you really okay? You can deal with all of us.”

“Yes. Please.”

7 rangers, 4 knights.

Their level ranges from low to intermediate expert.

similar to or slightly lower than mine.

Confronting a total of 11 people, I raised my name obliquely.

“All right.”

They stopped worrying about me.

Instead, he took a stance, saying he would do his best.

Originally, such sparring would not have happened.

Many-to-one fights are that hard and dangerous. What’s more, it’s a real sword fight.

‘It’s definitely different from the academy.’

Even if you bring in all the students there, they are worse than the 11 people over there.

I could see why Auror users said they could deal with 100 soldiers.

Each one has mighty power.

‘Here I get that sense back.’

I couldn’t possibly forget the aura I received when I blocked the warrior’s attack.

I wanted to get that feeling back as soon as possible, even for a day or an hour.

I will hold onto it as it flickers in front of my eyes.


The rangers disappeared from view at the same time.


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Knights attack me from all sides.

Looking at them, I appreciated their sincere attitude.

My request may be an insult to them.

Dealing with several of them at once could be taken as an indication that I am confident of winning against all of them.

A person with a strong sense of self-respect might be offended by such a request.

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They had no complaints at all.

Rather, they attacked with full force.

Just as a predator goes all-out against its prey, they show their all.

‘I tried dealing with this myself.’

It wasn’t quite too tough.

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Knights wield their swords from the front and square.

When they block their swords, the vacancy is filled by rangers wielding daggers.


As soon as the ranger’s dagger was deflected, the knight’s sword soared behind him.


Sparks flew as the sword and nameless crossed each other.

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Kagak – Kakakakakang!

Dozens of consecutive attacks followed in a short period of time.

When the knight’s sword was repelled, he felt a chill and turned his head in a hurry.


The dagger flew past my chin with the speed of an arrow.


The knight grabbed the dagger that flew past me and attacked my waist.

Blame it, knock.

I took a step and dodged the attack.

I dealt with them for a while, and their pass rate was considerable.

Even the attack that I couldn’t do if I didn’t bring the sword for a long time neatly performed.

The attack, which was effective against the savages, felt different when I was directly subjected to it.

You don’t know where the attack will come from, and it’s hard to even avoid it because it’s attacking from all sides.

Seo Eok-

The knight’s sword cuts my arm.

If he hadn’t twisted his body quickly, his arm would have been cut off.

It was quite tricky, and it was ambiguous to attack hastily.

‘But I don’t think I’ll lose.’

I was at a disadvantage.

Both in terms of numbers and skills, they had the upper hand.

Still, it didn’t seem strange.

‘The attack is starting to show.’

It’s a strange feeling.

The more I exchanged swords with them, the more strangely, their attacks became clearer.

Even areas my eyes couldn’t reach began to show.

Oh, what a feeling. It was this.

All five senses amplified, and the sixth sense subtly reared its head.

“What, what!”

The panic-filled voice of the Ranger who was attacking from a blind spot was heard.

Based on his voice, consciousness gradually faded.

strange feeling.

Consciousness disappears, but on the contrary, all senses heighten.

Then, the sword of the knight in front of him was ricocheted, and darkness came.


“… !”

someone calls me

In very urgent voices, several voices tried to wake me up.

In an instant, my vision opened, as if someone was forcibly pulling me up after being submerged in very deep and dark water.

“Huh… Heo-eok… !”

Was I really out of breath like this?

Even before I lost consciousness, I was breathing calmly to distribute my stamina as evenly as possible.

Why is my heart so stuffy?

My chest felt strangely stuffy, as if I was wearing clothes that didn’t fit.

My arms and legs were stiff.

My heart felt tight, perhaps because I thought that my body was not like mine.

I was breathing hard and my head was dizzy.

Threads of various colors fluttered in front of my eyes.


As I got more and more breathless, I felt someone grab my shoulder tightly.

“Slowly, breathe slowly.”

“Huh… Ugh… !”

I think I’m going to die right now, what are you saying to me!

sick. My whole body throbbed, and it throbbed like a dagger had been driven into my chest.

Chow ah-

When I felt that I couldn’t stand it, something cold soaked my body from the head.

“Wake! Breathe after me!”

My vision comes into focus and I see a man grabbing me and shouting.

“hundred… Little?”

“Are you feeling better now?”

“How did this happen… ?”

There was a thick smell of blood.

I frowned at the smell that seemed to sting my nose.

“Damn it! Why the hell doesn’t the blood stop!”

“Hey, bring some more cloth!”

“Potion, not enough potion!”

With my eyesight open, all the information my body felt belatedly attacked me.

Shouts resembling screams, terrified people looking at me as if they were looking at monsters.

And Count Warrug, who has small scars all over his body.

“It is nothing. So go to sleep.”

Wake me up and go back to sleep?

What nonsense is that… It was too much fatigue to say the sound.

I screamed because my joints hurt, and I wanted to rest because my muscles were too tired.

More than anything else.

‘My eyes hurt so much.’

The multi-colored threads that I had seen earlier disturbed my eyes.

As I watched that, I felt tremendous pain, as if dozens of needles had been inserted into my eyes.

sick. It hurts, but I was willing to go through the pain as if I had become a masochist.

“When you open your eyes again, you will know even if you don’t want to know. You’d better rest now.”

A golden aura forms on his index finger as it extends to me.

His fingers gently pressed against my forehead, my head twitched and my vision darkened.

– Enough, Sir Raymond!

-You must stop!

– Sir Raymond! Wake up! Then die!

People shouted at me.

shout at me… not really. i am here

People are shouting at that man wielding a sword like a madman over there, but why do I think they’re shouting at me?

By the way, that man.

‘Who is it? Quite strong. Perhaps more than a warrior commander.’

The aura on his sword was red like blood.

It also turned blue for a moment, then turned purple again.

In the first place, as if color had nothing to do with it, it later became an intangible color.

The sword had an aura, but it had no color.

I didn’t see anything like that in the original.

A colorless aura.

‘Who the hell are you? There’s no way I don’t know such a talented person.’

i want to see his face

A talent like that would help me too.

– Oh no!

– That’s completely crazy!

But the hands were too cruel.

He rushed recklessly at the people nearby and swung his sword.

His appearance as if he couldn’t identify his friends.

Count Warrug stood in his way.

Wounds began to form on the Warrug Earl’s body.

The man grew stronger the more he dealt with Count Warrug.

As if absorbing everything from Count Warrug.

Count Warrug shouted with a pale face.

-… !

I can’t hear that voice very well.

It seems to be calling the man, but unlike the other voices, his voice was too muffled.

-… de!

I listened to that voice.

As if that had worked, the voice had an outline.

-… Raymond!

uh… ?

My mind goes blank.

I saw his face ricocheting off Count Warrug and rolling on the ground.

It was me, and it wasn’t me.

Raymond Millennium was there.

The King of Assassinations, Mahol, was there.

Gerard Millennium was there.

Count Warrag was there.

-The main character of the world, Ahar, who destroys the world, was there.

this, how did this happen?

Why do I see so many people in one person?

[‘The Unknown God’ shouts to you to come to your senses!]

After that message, my consciousness began to be sucked into somewhere.

The world shattered like glass, and darkness appeared.

“Huh… !”

He raised his upper body.

He breathed heavily. It is frustrating.

Sweat soaked his clothes.


“ah… Damn it.”

My throat is burning like it’s burning.

My head was pounding, and everything was annoyed to the point that I cursed without even realizing it.

“Here… ?”

Beyond the blurry vision came the scenery of a narrow, old room.

This is not my room.

My room is fancier than this, bigger than this, and not moldy.

“ah… right. I was in the South.”

I looked around the room blankly and remembered that I had come down to the South.

The fact that I have to live in the South for the next three months.

“But why am I here?”

Apparently I was sparring.


As I tried to remember how I got here, I got a headache.

“Ugh… .”


And I remembered what I had done.

“crazy… .”

It was so terrifying.

As if everything I had done up until now had been a joke, in my memory I was a madman and a madman again.

was a colleague At least in this place, they were the people who would protect my back.

I laughed at them and cut them.

Hearing that voice telling me to come to my senses, I screamed that my mind was completely sane and swung my cotton ball around.

I laughed madly at their voices screaming to stop and die.

Laughing and laughing, he swung his sword as if enjoying the act itself.

Those memories consumed me. The feeling of that time came to mind.

Murderous impulses overwhelm me, and worldly hatred overwhelms me.

[‘The Unknown God’ shouts to you to come to your senses!]

[The ‘unknown god’ shouts that he needs to be centered!]

The [unknown god] could lose himself… .

I was nauseous and my vision blurred.

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

When I Woke Up, I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius

눈떠보니 망나니 검술천재
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Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
When I Woke Up I Was a Crazy Swordsman Genius mtl Lee Seong-hyeok, an unknown actor specializing in extra acting. He became a crazy extra in the novel.


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