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When I quit my job, my co-workers became obsessed with me Chapter 89

“⋯⋯ Yes?”

Midsummer’s hand to cut the apple stopped. She looked at Yu Ga-ryun, who was standing right next to her with a puzzled expression, and opened her mouth.

“Did I hear it wrong?”


“So, to a person named Dasom, my sister⋯⋯.”

As I watched them blinking innocently as if they didn’t really know, I felt the back of my head itch for some reason in midsummer.

“So, let’s go out with that guy.”


“No, why is that?”

“Because you want to do that? Summer said you too, ‘do it for sure’.”

When did I?

The apple in Midsummer’s hand fell with a plump sound.

‘No, of course, it’s true that you said ‘make sure’, but why does it all lead to dating⋯⋯?’

Isn’t it normal to think that we need to sort out a messy relationship?

“Ike, you have to be careful.”

After picking up the fallen apples, Yu Ga-ryun washed the dust off the surface of the peel and placed them on a plate.


Midsummer, who came to his senses, picked up an apple and began to slice it slowly, and Yu Ga-ryun carefully observed it.

“⋯⋯Ah, you hardly give me strength.”

“That’s right, no matter how hard I try, I just eat it up.”

Midsummer looked at the apple that Yu Ga-ryun had cut with a squint.

“Isn’t it a lot better than last time though?”

“A little.”

After answering bluntly, Midsummer, who was putting the apples on the plate, suddenly shakes her shoulders, startled by the warm warmth that wraps around her back.

“Ah, really, what if there was no summer?”

“You must have had a good life with Yoo Do-jin.”

“That’s what Summer did too.”

Yu Ga-ryun kissed the top of the midsummer’s face while smirking. Goosebumps grew on Midsummer’s forearm at the disgusting behavior.

‘Why is this gentleman doing this?’

From the beginning, she was a girl with a sense of humor, but I have to say that it seems to have gotten worse after she slept a few days ago⋯⋯ But when I was an adult, I was a very mature person.

A long sigh escaped midsummer’s mouth.

She clenched her fists in a sense of betrayal from the depths of her heart, but calmly stopped to feel the touch of the palms stroking her hair.

“thank you.”

“⋯⋯Why are you doing this?”

“Thank you so much.”

“So, what are you so grateful for?”

what have i done Midsummer murmured a little.

“all. Helping me reconcile with my brother, helping with the cleaning, assembling the desk, helping me dispose of the trash, and teaching me how to cook like this⋯⋯.”

Yu Ga-ryun said in a whisper.

“You told me what I wanted to do.”

“No, I didn’t mean to say that, did I?”

I wanted to make sure of that.

“It’s more of an interpretation than a dream.”

“I don’t mean to say it that way⋯⋯, is it? Okay, think again. It was ruined from the first spoonful anyway.”

“Yeah, it’s completely ruined.”

Yu Ga-ryun, who said self-help, got away from midsummer and took off her apron.

“Maybe I’m a little bubbly.”

I thought I would be able to persuade them with the same logic because I was having the same concerns. It was extremely arrogant and self-righteous.

“They are all different people.”

Yu Ga-ryeon, who stretched out vigorously as if trying to erase the bitter energy that had bloomed all over her face, ruffled her midsummer apron as she untied her apron.

If it had been the original, he might have been sulking at Yu-jin by now.

“Um, I don’t know. First, I need to think a little bit about what Dasomi unnie said.”

I found the reason. Of course, it may not be convincing right away, but it will be resolved with time. It was meant to be proven.

What matters is how you make it happen. No one can reassure anyone with a vague sentimental theory.

It is necessary to clearly identify the scope of what can be done and to specify how to achieve the goal within those limits. At the very least, you have to come up with a plan that will convince your listeners.


Yu Ga-ryun chuckled as if she was looking at a bug, as if Midsummer’s expression was cute. And then I promised again.

you will be happy Be sure to use any number.

I know it’s not the right wish. not the right way. I just think it’s the best.

“Are we just going to go to the Middle East?”


I just do it because I don’t want to make you regret it.

* * *

The sound of high heels squeaked up the hallway. The regular ringing for a while soon ceased and soon turned into a creepy squeak.

“1⋯422. 1442. This is it.”

Minseo Oh, who lifted the door lock cover while rubbing the tip of high heels, tilted her head.

“Are you open?”

The door lock itself was activated and the dead bolt (bolt) part protruded, but it was not engaged with the door frame.

‘He must have been hesitant to come in and didn’t even check if it was locked properly.’

Minseo Oh, who was fiddling with the handle, opened the door and went inside. She frowned reflexively at the stench that came from the moment she entered the front door.

The peculiar sour smell of vomit and the fishy smell emanating from under the sewers engulfed the entire house. Minseo Oh suppressed the feeling that something was about to come up and moved into the house.

The more you step, the clearer the landscape of the house that was once dark. Clothes were scattered on the floor, mixed with unidentified debris, and swarms of flies were infested in the sink. I did not even have the heart to describe the appearance of the bathroom, which could be seen through the gap in the door.

“It’s Seolha~⋯⋯.”

A loud roar rang out, but no words came back. As I went in a little further, a dark-haired woman with her head bowed while leaning on the slanted sofa caught my eye.

“Seolha, are you awake⋯⋯?”


Unlike the outfit that gives a refreshing feeling with a brightly colored striped shirt and wide slacks, the surrounding scenery surrounding Chae Seol-ha—that is, nails with bite marks, cigarette butts with only the front dented, and slightly exposed gaps. The faint marks through the gaps were terrifying.

“Yeah, I must be tired⋯⋯. Yesterday I went round and round a lot⋯⋯.”

Min-seo Oh kicked a crushed beer can and crouched down next to Seol-ha Chae.

“Is that person ⋯⋯ okay? His face is pretty even, and his family background isn’t too bad ⋯⋯. Well, it’s a little flawed that he’s from a poor family, but aside from that, he’s a humble person with no flaws. Isn’t that ⋯⋯?”

Min-seo Oh held the smartphone with the messenger turned on in front of Seol-ha Chae.

“Look at this, he said he likes you a lot too⋯⋯. The next time we meet, you will do better, so you want to meet again, right?”

However, there was no reaction from the mining.

“Seolha, are you listening⋯⋯?”

A muffled voice came out of Oh Min-seo’s mouth.

“It’s Seolha ⋯⋯.”

The voice got lower and lower, and then it froze to the point of feeling a chill.

“Why did you run away?”

Chae Seol-ha’s shoulders shook slightly.

“You said you were going to be introduced. It was pretty hard to defend your run away, right? Well, he said it was all his fault. I guess I really liked it. oops, sorry In fact, his heart is somewhere else.”

Oh Min-seo stroked Chae Seol-ha’s hair as if touching a puppy. Then, with a momentary force, he lifted his hair.

“I can’t stop it anyway.”

Minseo Oh smiled softly.

“I forget only with words, I forget, I don’t want to forget anything about this.”

Chae Seol-ha’s eyes fluttered.

“Hey, if that’s the case, why did you decline the confession? huh? I’d rather Dojin grab hold of his pants and hang on. The company did a good job.”

Dojin-ah, don’t go, please. With a blunt vocal imitation, ridicule came in.

“Or what, even Twitter? If you post a picture of Yoran, do you get a sweet retweet?”

Min-seo Oh, who lifted her clothes, said while stabbing the traces of self-harm on Cha Seol-ha’s stomach.

“Seolha, please answer me. You’re trying to make me feel bad because you keep ignoring me.”

Min-seo Oh stabbed Chae Seol-ha in the cheek like a child trying to get her parents’ reaction.

“Aha, if you ignore it, it’s all over. But can you tell me one? Do you think other people don’t know what you’re doing right now? Hey, don’t make the people around you worry for nothing. If you’re going to shed your hair, why not just brush it off or if you’re going to hang it, hang it? I am very, very worried.”

But Oh Min-seo knew.

Being able to walk through pain is something that anyone who has gone through a normal growth process based on a universal mindset can do it. It is impossible for a person who has been twisted and failed all his life. On the contrary, this will only make the mental illness worse by twisting it even more.

avoidant personality disorder. The curse of not being sure of the love you give to others because you are not confident in your self-love. The woman in front of her was under that curse.

Read at nobelmtl.com

Read at nobelmtl.com

Still, this woman who persistently insisted that she was normal, Min-seo Oh was funny.

“If you look at it, our Seolha⋯⋯ just doesn’t seem to want to work hard. Do I have to say that it feels like I’m drowning in paranoia before I even start and I’m just assuming that I’m going to hurt you⋯⋯?”

Chae Seol-ha flinched at the sudden burst of criticism.

“Sorry, did I say it too harshly? But it is true.”


“Oh, is it because of Dojin? hey, it’s not Seolha, you’re just annoyed because you can’t get what you want. Because I don’t have the confidence to beat Yu Ga-ryun. No, you probably don’t have the confidence to work that hard. that’s right. That would be right.”

Oh Min-seo said coldly.

“But what⋯⋯ atonement? A b*tch that will crawl in and attack you like a serpent when the opportunity arises.”


A distorted voice echoed through the house.

this is saying

“No ⋯⋯.”

“no? Ah, you don’t put your pride down until the very end.”

Min-seo Oh relaxed the hand that was holding Chae Seol-ha’s hair. Then he reached out and hugged the small body in front of his eyes.

Chae Seol-ha, who was sobbing little by little, felt more insignificant and dirtier than cockroaches crawling in the sewer. Minseo Oh suppressed the disgust and opened her mouth.

“Okay, you have to show it with actions rather than words⋯⋯.”

Min-seo Oh’s hand caressing Chae Seol-ha’s back was like a sharp, sharp blade.

“Because I’m on our sublingual side.”

When I quit my job, my co-workers became obsessed with me

When I quit my job, my co-workers became obsessed with me

퇴사했더니 직장 동료들이 내게 집착한다
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When I quit my job, my co-workers became obsessed with me mtl. I left the company. To find a place where I can be.


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