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What the Hero Wanted Was Me Chapter 72

Chapter 71

Chapter 71.

I wonder what a sudden prayer means, but I want to check Laysha’s condition. I followed her to pray.

‘Prayer is not just everywhere!’

Do I have to move? It was Laysha’s answer to my murmur, which was troublesome to move.

Well, depending on the location, the quality of the incoming divine power is different. For that reason, I was walking toward the western forest that Laysha had been exploring the day before.

ㅡ trudge.

Around the time I walked about 300 steps. Since we had to arrange our stamina, we asked Laysha how much time we had left to reach that place.

“When will you arrive? Is it still far?”

“I’m in the room now. Just be patient..”

Wasn’t it my time to worry about my fitness? Leysha said that even though she hadn’t walked far, she was breathing heavily. Even with the passing of time, it seems that the physical problem, which is a chronic disease, has not been resolved.

‘Should I carry him on my back…’

I thought of that, but it’s a famous warrior party. I quickly erased the thought from my mind, fearing that it would hurt my pride.

A certain amount of time passed like that. From the scenery unfolding before my eyes, I could guess that this was the place Laysha was looking for.


A situation where exclamations are inevitable. It wasn’t an admiration for beauty, it was an admiration that came out of bewilderment.

‘How can it be that big?’

A large rock with only gray light on its surface. It boasted a size comparable to the large tree next to it.

And that rock just looked like a big stone.

“This is the closest place to the goddess!”


I had no choice but to respond calmly to Laysha’s cheerful words. No, that big stone is closest to the goddess. Are you saying that? It was an incomprehensible act.

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As if Laysha didn’t know my feelings, she excitedly approached the big rock.

Laysha put her hand on the rock and closed her eyes. I didn’t know what the action meant, but it was probably an action related to prayer.

“Now, hurry up and get ready to pray!”

Did you follow me for nothing? Contrary to my heart, thinking of a sacred prayer, I just had to pray on a large rock. I’d rather just sleep with Eren.

I had no choice but to stand next to Laysha standing in front of a rock.

“How do you pray?”

If it were real, it would be like putting your hands together and thinking of Jesus. It was like that, but isn’t this a different world? I wondered if it was different, so I asked Laysha.

“If you do this with your hands and call the goddess in your heart, it’s over.”

Ley Sha put her hands together and put her hand to her forehead. There seemed to be no difference between the prayer method of the religion here and the religion of Earth.

After her words, Laysha began to focus on her prayers. No matter how much she likes money, she is a saint. Brilliantly sparkling blonde hair felt divine.

Now that Leisha has started her prayer, I followed her, focusing her gaze on her rock and putting her hands together.

‘..Goddess. Answer me if you have.’

Deep in your heart. Anger toward the goddess boiled over.

Why did you send me to this world, and why are you sending me back to the original world?

Or, is your very existence a lie?

I put my hands together and called out to the goddess with a sincere heart. Perhaps now I called the goddess more earnestly than Laysha.

So I stood in front of a rock for a while and prayed.

The sun came up, and the light came through the trees and tickled my eyes, but it didn’t matter at all.

I just wanted to know the truth about this situation. Whether it’s the demon king or the value of my existence. The reason why you saved me when I was about to die.

If the goddess was a fake being, there would be no reason to save me.

After I die. The world will approach the level of destruction almost like the original work, so it did not match the demon king’s intention to destroy it.

‘Isn’t he answering after all?’

Even though time passed, no answer came from the goddess. He said he was almost doing everything he could to save me, but that could also be a lie.

‘The only answer is to check it yourself.’

If it was a good time, a good time. It was not a bad prayer time because I could organize my thoughts.

Lay Sha also looked at me as if thinking so and held out her hand. It’s just a handshake, I can do it with a grateful heart. I held her outstretched hand.

“Still, it’s much better because I pray. Thank you.”

Thank you. However, after receiving my thanks, Leysha shook her head to her side.

“That’s not it, Mr. Butler. If you’re grateful, it’s more than just saying thanks.”

What else can I say besides saying thank you? The answer came to mind at once when I saw Laysha’s eyes.

‘No way…’

As if that was true, Ray Sha’s eyes were the same golden color as her coin.

“Money can’t buy the time to pray with the saintess? Since you’re a deacon, I’ll give you a special discount.”

Laysha said that she would give you a 50% discount compared to the money you get from the temple. I shouldn’t have woken up early in the morning. The regret that comes from praying seems to be too late.

“Do you have to give me money? If you don’t, you know..?”

‘..Damn it’

I got hit. Only that thought dominated my mind. Laysha must have been excited to eat me as soon as she woke up. I only heard that.

If I didn’t pay, Laysha would run away from the party. What i want she knew for sure I couldn’t use the method of slicing.

“..I’ll go back and give it to you”

So I had no choice but to hand her my salary, which I had brought for her emergency.


Laysha’s happy expression as she cradled her bag of money in her arms and floundered was the brightest I’d ever seen of her.


After praying with Laysha, we headed towards the land of demons. It’s pretty smooth, except for Aria complaining of motion sickness from time to time. There were no stumbling blocks.

“Get out of the way!”

Monsters that appear intermittently. Seeing weak monsters such as goblins appear, it became clear that we were getting closer and closer to barren land.

I opened my map to see where I was now.

ㅡ Flutter.


When I looked at the map, if I moved at this pace for about 30 minutes, I was in the land of demons. I asked Eren just in case.

“Is there anything I should be careful about in the land of demons?”

The wagon rocked and my voice overlapped a bit with the rattle, but Shiana, who had excellent hearing, answered my words.

“If you stick with us, you don’t have to be careful…”

Siana says there is nothing to be careful of. However, Sarah was at the tip of her gaze.

Sera flinched at that reaction. Siana didn’t care and continued talking.

“Well, there’s nothing wrong with being careful, you know?”

She didn’t tell me what to be careful about, but I could understand Sianna’s intentions. Yes, you have to be careful. Twice was unforgivable.

As we listened to the explanation about the land of the demons, we began to see the land of the demons.

‘That’s where the devil is…’

Dead Land.

The grasses withered and took on an ominous red color. The fact that such a land starts to erode again must mean that there is a demon king.

We stopped the wagon and stepped towards the land of demons.

Unfortunately, the wagon ends here. There was no way the wheels would roll on that kind of ground, so from now on, it was a part to consider the stamina of the party.

Eren traced her memory and explained the castle of the demon king in her memory.

“Demon Castle is located in the deepest part of the land.”

The deepest. A place that took years to get even to the warrior party. We had to break through there.

‘It will take longer than I thought…’

As if to soothe my worries and worries, Sara opened her mouth and presented her alternative.

“I can do that. Use a space teleportation spell and you’ll be fine.”

If you have been to a place once, Sera insisted that you can go to it at once with space movement magic. As expected, the wizard of the warrior party was not there for nothing.

I found some loopholes in Sera’s words.

“No, wait. If there is a space movement magic, wouldn’t it be fine to use it from the beginning?”

Isn’t that so? If he had used magic before, he dared to pull the wagon like this. Arya gets motion sickness. She doesn’t even have to suffer. She didn’t have to come here.

As if pointing out that fact was the correct answer, Sarah blushed in a rare way.


If you have something to say, say it. The moment you wonder what your excuse will be. Embarrassed, Sera’s lips began to open in vibration mode.

“..I want to be with the butler, even just a little bit..”

The condition obtained at best. Even if the two of you are together, no one can say anything. Sera tried to continue it for a long time, but it seemed that she couldn’t help it in front of the wall of the demon king’s castle.

In the end, there was no need to suffer like this. Arya, who suffered the most, shouted at Sera.

“This.. This.. Crazy b*tch..!”

Seeing that she used profane language unbecoming a princess, Aria seemed genuinely angry after a long time.

Does she really need to fight and lose her strength? I grabbed Arya’s body as she ran towards Sera.

“Be patient, Aria-sama..!”

“Let go of this..!”

He said he wouldn’t do anything if he really let go. Knowing the show was important, I stopped Arya, the weakest member of the party, with all her might.

“Quickly! Move to the Demon King’s Castle…!”

It was annoying to argue with me in this state, so I shouted at Sera, whose ears were red in embarrassment. If we reach the castle of demons, this atmosphere will change too.


Sera’s hands began to glow as she understood what I meant.

‘Finally, I’m going to check it out.’

The whereabouts of my destiny.

If I didn’t return to Earth, I would live a life like hell.

What if we return to Earth? It was a problem in its own right to leave such children alone.

Any situation that becomes a problem.

Sera’s magical energy enveloped my body, and my gaze, immersed in a strange sensation, went dark.

What the Hero Wanted Was Me

What the Hero Wanted Was Me

용사가 원하는 것은 나였다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The world decided to pay a reward to the warrior who defeated the demon king. “I want you.” Her slender finger pointed at me.


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