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What Happens When the Second Male Lead Powers Up Chapter 562


Look at this original, it’s great (2)

No, calm down.

Even if he was bitten by Lofi, he said he would live if he came to his senses.

“…the palace right in front of Juliet?”

– Chia…?

I quickly rolled my eyes and found the red pandas gathered under the ladder.

The kids who were eagerly asking for the laundry opened their mouths.

The white summer curtains fluttered down in the wind.

Romero was like a villa for them, so I was surprised.

It’s one of the most infamous places in the Imperial Palace, and the owner is a tough guy, so I thought I wouldn’t be able to get in.

Even if I went, I thought it would be enough to just look at the marble floor from a distance.

“okay. It’s the Prince’s birthday soon, so things are pouring out all day long. Since you’re a newbie, I won’t ask you to do complicated things, and you’ll just have to help carry things in the middle. When you pass by and see servants or noblemen, they say hello.”

At those words, even my mouth was wide open. Oh my gosh.

What’s wrong with Ariane?


this crazy! Come to think of it, today is August 3rd.

Falling here was so shocking that I completely forgot that it was Sedric’s birthday in ten days!

Besides, he’s a kid who isn’t even a prince yet!

“Look at the old man’s face. I heard that you are a sincere cute, are you planning on going to the party already?”

“Oh, no! that······. I never dreamed that I would be working in the palace of Hwang and Ja. sorry.”

How do I look now? I hurriedly washed my face and picked up a few words to serve.

But in the field in my head, all the information I knew was pouring out like a squall.

Really crazy, crazy!

A midsummer night’s boat ball and the dramatic reconciliation of the male and female protagonists, ‘Cedric Lister’s Proposal’ continues from there!

That’s actually the biggest episode in the beginning of Toegye Gong. It was so much fun I read it twice!

“haha. Well, it shouldn’t be. A lot of other guys are excited too. It’s been a long time since people have lived in Juliet. How many times can I get a chance to see the birthday of a precious person so close?”


“If you know, do it in moderation and go out for lunch. They take good care of the dogs.”

“Yes, Julia. thank you.”

I bowed my back again at the back of the servant general who was moving away.

And after confirming that there was no one outside the door, he rushed down the ladder.

He lowered his voice and bowed his head to see who could see it.

“Demi, did you hear me?”

– Chi, chi, chi!

“yes. This is really great news. It’s definitely a good thing for us. There are a lot of parties in the Yellow Capital around the Prince’s birthday. About a hundred? There are big markets in the city center, and there are a lot of pretty lights that you like.”


“What we saw in Eights Village was a Shin lantern-flying event. The atmosphere will be very different from back then.”

Then, Leah, who was toggling footprints on the laundry, fluttered her ears blankly.

Perry also lit up her black eyes.

I got on my knees and, excitedly, continued the conversation.

“I don’t know where my friends have fallen, but it’s the time when all the supplies and people come up to the ecliptic. Besides, they all stand out. In the meantime, the friends will try to find each other somehow. maybe?”

– Knock

“Uh, wouldn’t you come up with some clues if you work hard? what do you think about it?”

– Chia!

From https://noblemtl.com

Our alley leader Demi was the first to raise his front feet, followed by Perry and Leia, hanging on the legs of Jorna.

For the first time since I fell here, I smiled broadly and held the children face to face.

This time, the event I was ‘well aware of’ was just around the corner.

I read it twice, and there was even a notebook with hard notes in the bag, so I was ready not to miss even the smallest settings.

After a long time, I gained confidence.

– Curl up!

“ha ha ha.”

From https://noblemtl.com

Of course, there were also a lot of unknown elements to be grasped in the future.

So you never have to relax.

I dropped the children off, made them wait at a distance, and turned off the fire in the kiln.

Then he climbed up the ladder again, picked up the boiled laundry with a wooden stick, and put it in the basket.

My shoulders and arm muscles were working hard, but it was worth it.

Like stacking laundry like this, I try to solve it one by one.

-chuck! Clap! Forget!


– After lunch!

For example, first…

The world line we left behind was at war with the continents split in two. How is the flow of time here?

I don’t think it’s possible to count a day as a year without a conscience like a plate.

When I think of His Majesty, Master, and everyone there, my heart keeps trembling and I get nervous.

Last night, I couldn’t sleep because of the thoughts of my friends left on earth.

– Cheol Puduk!

“Young tea.”

– Kiheung!

second. How on earth should Prince Jesse’s ‘words’ be taken?

Did you know from the beginning that you were a person who imitated someone else?

But you never told anyone about it and you just lived alone?

Is it possible to stay sane like that?

Above all else, did Hyunseo Jeong really make a prince from me? Did we overwrite our family history on the prince?

············Why did Eunseo do that to the story she was also reading? What were you thinking?

I don’t even resemble him at all except for the name, can we call this the ‘original’…

– Clap!

“Wow, I almost dropped it.”

– After meal…


Since I didn’t possess anyone when I came here, did my friends fall apart without entering their own bodies?

I guess so too. So, how can Romero’s Palace and Imperial Palace be so quiet?

If there are two Cedrics, the Empire should be split in half by now…

“Hey, cute!”

“Huh, yes!”

“Not yet!”

“It’s done. Picking up the last laundry!”

– Puck, puck!

Am I that slow? I hurriedly swung my stick and raised my voice.

The sound of footsteps was not one. Suddenly, a familiar face appeared at the entrance to the basement laundromat.

It was Julia, the servant general who had left a while ago.

“It was quick for the first time. I’ll finish it up, so you should follow this guy before you eat. Prince Jesse is looking for you.”

“······Yes? The prince?”

I closed my eyes and stiffened. My heart was pounding at things that didn’t even need to be.


However, behind Julia’s back stood a man whom I truly loved.

So I really couldn’t help it.

“nice to meet you. My name is Canael. I’m here to take you to the prince.”

For a moment, I felt like crying.

To the bright smile of a boy I didn’t know and knew all too well.

“The name?”

“········ My name is Serenite. I come from a town with a lake.”

‘Take good care of me.’ So I responded with a big smile.



-Tweet, Tweet…


The paladin, who was sitting leaning against a large old tree, slowly raised his eyelids.

The summer sunlight tickled him down through the gaps in the thick greenery. At the same time, the mint-colored eyes gave off a sharp light.

‘Burst!’ The roe deer and blue squirrel that had been hovering around him were startled and hid over the bushes.

From https://noblemtl.com

Originally, beasts quickly recognized the energy of beings stronger than themselves.

The orioles, who later found a rabbit bone at the man’s feet, hurriedly fled to another tree.

The blood-dried leather was a bonus.

– Pad Doc, Pad Doc Pad Doc!


But John had no intention of eating something again.

I filled my stomach moderately and took a break to some extent.

Above all, now, the sound of the wheels of a wagon approaching from afar was more important.

His eyes narrowed like a needle. ‘Clearly, all the way…’

– Catch up, cackle, cackle!

“Hey, hut…!”


It was the first voice I heard after falling here.

The man stood up silently and pressed the robe hood even deeper.

He hid the traces of fire as he had become accustomed to, and pulled out a sharply forged dagger from the leather belt on his thigh.

Meanwhile, a small fire lizard quickly climbed over his shoulder.

Normally, getting out of this forest and looking for someone was a simple thing for John.

Just like when I once drifted to the village of Eights beyond the mountain behind the Imperial Palace.

He was a cardinal.

I was able to control the sound of a fairly wide radius as if it were mine, and I never missed the breathing of a small animal.

The wind was his family.

But this time it was different.


Tired. The man touched an old tree for a moment, then slowly walked away.

‘Sir John! Just a little bit more, really a little bit!’

‘- blah blah blah blah!’

In order to gain access to the ‘spear’, he sent his master and disciple up into the sky.

‘Sir John!’



Heaven lifted and pushed them to a place no longer called Heaven.

He shattered the invisible barrier, consuming too much divine power and ether in the process.

He even wrote down the power of a precious person, but at the end of the day, even that was not enough.

‘- Sae-ae-aeek!’

‘- quaaang·········!’

By the time I took care of even the late student who started late, there was nothing left in the bowl than when I opened the stigma.

In fact, it was scratched until the very end, so even the act of holding on to the mind had to be considered a luxury.

Normally he would never have acted like that, but ‘Jesse’ was by his side.

Johann was often reckless when his master was around.

Perhaps even if he had stopped me, the outcome wouldn’t have changed much.

It would be difficult if this kind of thing became common…

-Multiple, multifaceted…


So he lost consciousness, almost empty.

Even so, it has not been fully recovered.

All that was left in the man’s arms was a group of shredded lizards.


We had to find them asap.

-Jump, jerk, jerk…

The cardinal moved swiftly to the side of the road, where he heard the sound of the carriage.

It was part of a huge forest.

Judging by the fact that there were no crowds of merchants coming and going, it was someone’s estate, and considering the overall peace and clean flowing water, it was a land that the lord cherished.

So, it was highly likely that the carriage was a freight carriage coming out of Yeongju Castle or a postal carriage going into Yeongju Castle.

Fortunately, John was dressed aristocrats—albeit in a torn winter coat—and had quite a bit of money.

It wouldn’t be difficult to get help.

-Pureung, Pureung!

– Click!

“······What’s up? Why do you stop?”

Suddenly, the commotion of the main road spread all the way here.

The man stretched out his scarred fingers.

Gugu quickly climbed onto the back of his hand and hid into his arms.

“Oh my God, first lady! Our driver is unconscious. The horses know how to stop!”

“What? Jocelyn?!”

From what I heard, the driver who was driving the wagon seemed to have lost his mind.

It was a situation that could have caused a major accident, but the horses seemed to be very well trained.

The servant who hurriedly got off the seat next to him opened the carriage door and was explaining the situation to the owner.

A woman in a luxurious dress got out of the tea room in surprise.

The bushes were overgrown, and her face was hard to see.

“Oh, how did this happen! Jocelyn has been giving us the best outings of the last fifteen years…!”

“Lady, calm down! He’s not dead yet!”

“Then I will drive instead! Can I go straight to the senator?”

“Second girl!”

“Sister, calm down. Jocelyn has only a little bit of a weak pulse.”

…but obviously, it was a voice I had heard somewhere.

Normally, there’s no way you wouldn’t notice something like this quickly.

John thought I must have been terribly tired.

Then, a little nervously, he walked out through the branches and leaves. ‘Paud-duk, boom-duk!’


“Excuse me.”

“Oh my goodness!”

The three women looked at him in awe. Our eyes met immediately.


At that sight, even John was a little surprised.

it was spherical

“Heh, wow! are you a robber? Are you a robber?”

“Maria Duhem! If you provoke someone you are meeting for the first time like that, you can’t use it!”

“But you’re holding a sword, sister? You just walked out of the woods in black robes!”

“Yeah, that’s a logical conclusion. After all, what if we came out together?”


“Oh my gosh, it looks like a street robber is right!”

Finally, the servant who was watering the coachman cried out in contemplation.

Antoinette hurriedly hugged her brothers and hid them behind her.

The pink eyes of the three sisters looking at the man were shining.


John finally burst out laughing.

It was the ‘first meeting’.

What Happens When the Second Male Lead Powers Up

What Happens When the Second Male Lead Powers Up

SMPU, TWSB, What Happens When the Sub Male Lead Goes on Strike, When the Third Wheel Strikes Back, 男配角罷工的話會發生的事, 서브 남주가 파업하면 생기는 일, 섭남파업
Score 8.2
Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: , Artist: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
What Happens When the Second Male Lead Powers Up mtl I was pulled into the romantic fantasy novel my younger sister was reading, not as the male protagonist, but as the second male lead. If I recall properly, this punk is doomed to fight in the future and die in the place of the male protagonist. Okay, I’ve made my decision. Let’s avoid the key characters and keep healthy till I can return home.


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