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Web novel written by God Chapter 103

“Were my expectations too high? I can’t keep up with aid either.”

“Has it been completely emptied for what you said?”

“What do you see me as? I ate well though. Koreans are full of food, aren’t they?”

“Are you Korean only at times like this?”

Akju, Macheonhae, and Soakju did not arrive until after the pot was finished.

I stared blankly at the pot that had lost its owner and brought it to me. It felt a bit cold, but it was still rice soup in an earthen pot.

It’s still hot enough to eat. You don’t have to worry about burning the roof of your mouth.

“Would you like to eat that too?”

“You don’t seem to want to come, so what? It’s a waste to throw it away.”

After eating with a large spoon, the routine continued with diced radish kimchi.

The chef did a pretty good job of imitating it, but it didn’t have the savory taste he used to eat in Korea.

It was clear that Miwon had not entered.

“As expected, I like Korea.”

Readers want Lee Hwan to be more active in Moorim, but I am not.

The place that suits your taste is the best.

have to go back soon

* * *

In fact, this stage reached its peak, but there was still one thing left to do.

Before long, the main character was brought in front of me.

I wondered why Soakju didn’t attend the dinner, but it was because I noticed that the head of the palace also had a purpose.

He only mentioned it once, but Soakju had carefully prepared it.

“It’s a dwarf.”

Minjun said in a whisper unlike a guy. It seems this is the first time I’ve actually seen it.

You have been imprisoned in a dungeon for the past year. His red hair and beard were growing wild, and his ill-tempered impression was full of fatigue.

Above all, the letters engraved on his exposed skin stand out.

That is the record of that famous grudge.

[ Records of Grudge, Book of Grudge (Worldview)

Dwarves recorded their grudges. Or a book like that. ]

This is a tradition of the dwarves, and at the same time it is a special feature.

As I approached, the Soakju pulled the struggling nobleman in response.

With the heavy metal sound of the chain, the nobleman fell backwards.

Even in the fallen state, he tried to open his eyes somehow. However, he did not have the ability to resist the sunlight he had seen for the first time in a year.

he said, furrowing his brow.

“Who are you?”

It was an angry spirit that he would carve our names into his skin.

I nodded my head to the Soakju. It was a sign that it was okay to leave. Soakju gave the chain to Minjun, handed me the key to the shackle, and left the room quietly.

“It’s hard to buy.”

Saying so, I approached the chief again.

Now that the character is ready, it’s time to put a story on it.

It is necessary to explain why he, a dwarf, is active in Moorim and why he is now being held here.

Instead, there is no reason to drag it to the yard after the sword stage is over.

It goes simple.

Author. Leave this part to me.

[The writer thinks.

“Oh~ Kay!” ]

* * *

【 “It’s hard to buy.”

It was as Lee Hwan remembered.

The right arm of the head is covered with the history of discrimination he has suffered.

It wasn’t even that the chief nobleman himself became a refugee to a completely different civilization because he wanted to. He had a strong hostage personality and was abandoned by both sides the moment he was used.

Still, it was thanks to his innate talent as a dwarf that he was able to grow despite severe discrimination and humiliation.

It was because he was able to meet the teacher who accepted him as an apprentice despite the different species.

So when his teacher was killed by an unknown foe, he traveled the world for decades trying to uncover the foe.

And the name finally revealed.

A grudge that takes precedence over any grudge.

Because of this, it is the boldest and most clearly engraved name.

Danpyeong Yeom

The moment he learned the name of the enemy, he attacked the sword alone. 】

“I really have nothing to say other than that it is hard work.”

I sighed again and looked down at the chief. It was a sudden question.

“What on earth did you believe in swordsmanship?”

Even I, who can intervene in the world of art, had to be careful all the time here, here in Geomak.

So I made an underground cave. It was not used well, but Soakju was set as a sundae gukbap mania. I had to bring the cliché of Macheonhae, a hideout, and even prepare for a relationship.

Otherwise, it would have been practically suicidal.

Isn’t it?

What if you shoot from a place you can’t even see? What if the soldiers come and rain down bullets? What if a helicopter comes and scratches, and the judge fighters bomb?

I go to such a family because my actions have reached the Hwagyeong, but the head of the general does not have to go to the Gwakdang line and ends at the line of an ordinary disciple.

Because the non-human species cannot learn martial arts.

At that time, the chieftain’s mouth was open.

“Sadeuk ghost blessing lower limit.”

Even if I die and become a ghost, I have to pay off the grudge? The dwarf runs out of text.

[The writer looks good on (Chief).

“That’s it! This scene is the direction this work is pursuing. The occlusion that comes from the collision of various cultures!” ]

Don’t text the writer either… … .

Anyway, I understood the setting of how the dwarves deal with the strongest grudge.

I don’t even care about my own life. Regardless of whether or not I can repay the grudge. Shut up and dive in and see.

check is over.

“so? Are you saying you’ve been chasing dead ghosts?”

I said looking at the boldest name engraved on his right arm.

“When did Yan Danping die?”

The head of the ear flinched.

[The author has downgraded the role of (person*Yeom Dan-pyeong).

“Dead? I’m leaving as soon as it’s mentioned. Yeomdanpyeong… … May the souls of the deceased refrain.” ]

[ Supporting Actor → Extra ]

I flinched for a moment, and a chuckle came from the head manager.

“Do you think you would cooperate with this?”

Even if you don’t have to say that, you can see all the stubbornness like a steel tendon.

I continued by releasing the shackles from him.

“Then check for yourself.”

* * *

We arrived at the tombs of successive Obongjus.

There was no need to move the location if it was specified that Yeom Dan-pyeong, the enemy of the general manager, was Oh Bong-ju of the previous generation.

And this tombstone now placed in front of me was the result.

【Four generations and five peaks, Yeom Dan-pyeong. 】

The nobleman looked up at me with suspicious eyes. I spat on it.

“Your reputation is high, but you can’t turn a living lord into a dead lord. Black evil isn’t the neighborhood bully.”

even said

“What are you doing. Check it. Since he is a craftsman, he must have eyes to see.”

The nobleman touched the tombstone and went out. He seemed to be careful, even burning his tongue at the intaglio of the tombstone.

It is a work to compare the year of death engraved on the tombstone with the time when the tombstone was made.

“By the way, just know that it was Yeom Dan-pyeong’s arbitrariness that hurt your teacher.”

It was a word he spat out out of old age, wondering if he would turn his grudge against the whole of swordsmanship.

If it spreads like that, the story drags on.

[The writer thinks.

“Do you do business once or twice? I’m with you.” ]

[ The writer has reinforced (person * manager). ]

[Reinforcement Details: After a long pursuit, the head coach uncovered all the truth about his master’s death. One of them is that it was done by Yeom Dan-pyeong alone, regardless of geomak. ]

oh! Author. Nice Catch!

At that time, it seemed that the verification work was over.

After spitting at the enemy’s grave several times, the nobleman stood up.

“You have been punished. But you are not a master of swordsmanship, are you?”

Maybe it’s because I didn’t solve it myself? It was a bland attitude for resolving the strongest resentment.

“Even so, he runs around like he’s in his own bedroom. What are you doing?”

“How do you look?”

“Looks like the guy to get me out of here.”

On the right arm of the headmaster, the names of other existing Bongju were also visible.

Palbongju Gongyacheong. Not only the name, but also the contents and date of the grudge that he hurt his ear are on the bloody scab.

At the time when the stage was converted to sword music, it matches the content contained in the introduction.

“Isn’t there still something left to do?”

He glanced at the record of resentment.

“next time.”

His brusque reply sounded very kind to me.

“Then let’s get out of here and see you. Haven’t you been to Korea?


“Korea, don’t you know?”

I asked again, but only wrinkles formed in his eyes.

“You really don’t know?”

From noble mtl dot com

I didn’t want to get this far, but I couldn’t help it.

“A peninsular country attached to the east.”

Only then does it seem to understand the language. But it’s strange. Clear hostility is gradually rising in the hardened eyes of the chief.

“When I asked what kind of guy he was, was he a henchman of The Arc? Did you even hold hands? You’re not crazy.”

He looked around at the black and evil landscape with dumbfounded eyes.

“Are you forgetting to wash the ghost? I’m a D-Ark henchman?”

“It was before you revealed your identity with your mouth.”

I let out a deep sigh. No matter how much Korea has been portrayed as a periphery, this is not the case.

It is a semiconductor powerhouse including IT, and above all, it has a long history. This isn’t because of the setting, it’s because the manager himself didn’t learn.

[The writer is bitter.

“no. This is a normal view from the outside. The majority of people do not know where Korea is located, and even if they do, they mistakenly believe that it is a territory ruled by The Arc.” ]

The writer is defending the chief, but my thoughts remain the same.

We call people ignorant when we see people who don’t even know where Korea is and who don’t even have basic common sense.

On the other hand, since the mention of The Arc, Minjun has been staring at the head manager.

The two were roughly eye level.

Only then did the head coach show interest in the mark of Diark engraved on him. Then he pitied him and looked at me like the world’s killer.

he cried.

“Aren’t these little things pitiful? The demons to be killed and annihilated are you guys.”

“That’s Incheon.”

“… … ?”

“Incheon, a small port city in Korea. That’s the area under Diark’s control.”

“… … ?”

“Korea and Incheon are separate. Isn’t that basic common sense?”

“Then what the hell are you?”

“The successor of the one-two-seven sword. And a person who owes a great debt to sword evil.”

It’s something I felt during the conversation, but the manager and I don’t fit each other.

Originally, I was thinking of taking him to the hideout. But I changed my mind. It would be better to just buy a workshop nearby and stick to it.

“And I’m also the one who thinks of entrusting you with the scales of the Fire Dragon.”

Finally, the chief’s eyes suddenly widened. After thinking about it for a while, he stopped talking.

“What do you want?”

“gun. Do you have any insight into that?”

The head coach snorted and showed confidence. Then, with his left forefinger, he wiped the records of grudge engraved on my right arm.

“I’ll have to take one of these as a reward.”

It is the Magnum Pistol, One Shot Thousand Arms, which was famous for its superb skills even in its previous life.

So, a small grudge is enough!

I made sure

“call. Instead, I will choose what to solve here.”

Web novel written by God

Web novel written by God

신이 쓰는 웹소설
Score 9.0
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
100 million views, “Previous Life” by author Na Min-chae, a new work. I thought it was a common cliche of “woke up and found myself possessed by the protagonist in a novel” but… there’s nothing predetermined about the past, world, settings, and characters before the reincarnation of the protagonist Lee Hwan. The author, or rather the god, said: “The way I write web novels is a bit different from yours.” This is way too different!


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