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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 96

96 episodes

Inside Sehun Lee’s dormitory room.

The TV, which was placed as a decoration in the living room, was turned on for the first time, and then a screen began to appear.

[As a candidate for the next Moon-ju, I will apply for a match with Moon-ju.]

Seong-ha Yeom openly applies for a match as soon as the promotion ceremony is over.

At the sudden challenge, the surroundings became noisy, and a heavy voice resounded.

[good night. Go ahead.]

Won-ryong Lee, a middle-aged man with short red hair with a flame-shaped scar on his left cheek, accepts, and the two men are handed a practice spear from below and the fight begins.


Each time the spear is swung, Won-ryong Lee’s flame bursts out as if it will swallow up the entire dagger, and Seong-ha Yeom’s black flame, who barely blocks the momentum.

A-class heroes who are treated as semi-S-class, and preliminary B-class heroes who have just entered the 3rd grade of Babel.

The flow was one-sided as it was a match where victory and defeat had already been decided.

Whoops! Whoa!

Seong-ha Yeom, who was focused only on defense, was soon hit in the stomach by Won-ryong Lee’s spear, followed by beatings in the face and shoulders, all over the body.

Lee Won-ryong’s attack unfolds as if he is beating his whole body as if to publicly disgrace him. However, even in that situation, instead of shouting for surrender, he endured the attack until the end.

And the moment when the body that was continuously pushed back finally reached the end of the dinning hall.


The stab, aimed at the myeongchi, smashed the two spears and dropped Seongha Yeom out of the dungeon.


Seong-ha Yeom, who fell as if stuck out from the bottom, wriggled for a moment, then slowly got up from her seat.

He looked messed up with blood dripping from his forehead and mouth. Still, I looked up at Won-ryong Lee, who was standing on the top of the dungeon, with his unshaken eyes.

[I will try again next time.]

The video ended with words like a declaration of war.

“… … .”

Sehun Lee, who was sitting on the sofa in the living room watching TV, raised his head and looked at the main character in the video opposite.

Seongha Yeom sits on the sofa without saying a word and looks at me. Sehun Lee sighed deeply at the confident appearance.

“Crazy bastard… … .”

As soon as the promotion ceremony is over, I will openly challenge Moon Joo and Lee Won-ryong like this.

Se-hun Lee felt his head throb at Seong-ha Yeom’s unimaginable behavior, but he asked calmly.

“Let’s hear it. Why are you like this all of a sudden?”

Although Seong-ha Yeom is a crazy person who doesn’t go back and forth once he makes a decision, he was definitely a self-judgmenter until then.

So, there must be a reason for this declaration of war. Seong-ha Yeom calmly answered Lee Se-hoon’s question.

“Munju started to purge those who were neutral. Looks like they’re trying to clear the doorway before I move on.”

“So, it’s a little early, but did you cut the tile?”


Seeing Seong-ha Yeom nodding her head, Se-hun Lee thought deeply.

‘If it’s like I said, it’s right to go out this time.’

It is natural for the future Seong-ha Yeom to surpass Won-ryong Lee, but that does not mean that there will be no conflict in the process.

In particular, those who attach themselves to Won-ryong Lee for the sake of advantage are highly likely to be hostile to Yeom Seong-ha, regardless of his qualities or skills.

So, if there was an opportunity to contain that power, it would have been better to attack it without sparing it.

‘Actually, the reaction is not bad.’

Sehun Lee turned to his cell phone and looked at the article he had been looking for before playing the video.

[Seong-ha Yeom, the youngest teacher in Hwa-moon Yeom. Challenge Moonju.]

[Instructor Yeom Seong-ha, who uses two javelin spears, is there a new wave coming to the Yeomryun spear?]

[A spokesperson for Yeom Hwa-moon said, ‘Master Yeom Seong-ha’s flame and spear skills are unique. I have no intention of hiring until the effectiveness is proven.’]

‘I think he was trying to get rid of people in some way by calling the officials… … It’s the opposite of what I intended.’

To those who don’t know, Seong-Ha Yeom seems to have been beaten all the time and eventually defeated, but to those who can see to a certain extent, it is different.

The flames of Won-ryong Lee and Seong-ha Yeom cancel each other out, and the blows that should have been resolved are flown out with ordinary blows.

Even if he did not do his best, he could not subdue a cadet who was at the level of a B-class hero at once. There were two main things that could be inferred from it.

‘Lee Won-ryong’s skill level is that low… … Seongha Yeom’s talent is unbelievable.’

Interpretations will vary from person to person, but either way, you will have no choice but to think about the next candidate, Moon Joo, who is said to be Yeom Seong.

Se-hun Lee was slightly impressed by Seong-ha Yeom’s ability to dig into the opportunity even in the sudden situation.

‘Is it because I don’t have enough energy? You are moving smarter than before your return.’

If it had been a rabid dog before the return, he would have destroyed all those who opposed it and ended up proving that he was the traditional heir of the Yeomryun Zanhwachang.

It’s faster that way, but if you think about the future of Chloride Gate, even if you go back a little, this way would be better.

“Now I know what happened to the face… … So why do you catch salt hunters?”

Just looking at the video or news, I can’t understand why the salt hunter is being mentioned now.

Seong-ha Yeom looked at Lee Se-hoon’s question without saying a word, and then sighed in response.

“Instructors in Yeomhwamun should receive regular missions instead of receiving various benefits. So right after the promotion, a simple task is given to accurately test your skills.”

“Is that killing the salt hunter?”

“To be precise, it’s a mission to protect the blacksmith belonging to the Chromance Gate, which is expected to be attacked by him.”

“It’s expected… … .”

Right now, the salinity hunt is in full swing, but Lee Se-hun knew that the case was closed before his return.

‘By the way, such a guy found out about the route by Chul-Moon… … It doesn’t sound like a word.’

Se-hun Lee, who remembered the story that Won-ryong Lee started the purge earlier, asked Seong-ha Yeom.

“That person called the blacksmith. Have you ever hated Moonju?”

“… … That’s right.”

“Well then.”

It is not known whether the attacking assailants are true salt hunters, but it is certain that the goal is to be salty.

It may be because of this match, but Lee Se-hoon gave a troubled expression to Lee Won-ryong, who did not seem to hide his intentions.

“Can’t you say no?”

“Then you will be assigned a new mission right away. And if he refuses to perform his duties more than three times without good reason, he will be deprived of his teaching position.”

“okay. yes.”

Sehun Lee, who had been contemplating for a long time at the answer as expected, opened his mouth to organize his thoughts.

“great. I’ll try to make it somehow in three days.”

“Then the pay… … .”


Se-hun Lee, who cut off his horse, looked at Seong-ha Yeom.

“I will go with you.”

Seong-ha Yeom’s eyes widened at Lee Se-hun’s story, and then her eyes distorted as if she had heard a curse.

“You are talking nonsense. Why am I… … .”

“Hero-grade spear. I do not need?”

“ね… … .”

The mouth he was about to refuse was unable to speak, and Seongha Yeom’s eyes frowned as if he was displeased.

And after a while, he got up from his seat and looked at me with cold eyes.

“Follow me and die or not, it’s up to you.”

Seong-ha Yeom goes out as if that is the end of it. Sehun Lee, who was looking at the back, clicked his tongue.

“If you ask for help, you should just say thank you… … Not even a warning.”

In my mind, I would like to tell you to do it yourself, but what should I do? He is an ace who can kill demons in the future even if he is such an ugly guy.

Sehun Lee, who got up from his seat, immediately breathed magical power into the ring of the Ascension.


A subspace box placed on the floor with an open space.

Originally, it was impossible to store subspace items using space abilities in this way, but what Ludwig did was make it possible by using the Ring of Ascension.

‘This yangban is the one who made the subspace drink, what can’t he do?’

I decided to take a look at this one later, too, and Lee Se-hun immediately took out the ingredients he had looked at in the subspace box.


The flesh of a tree with lotus stems taking root everywhere. It was smaller in size than the piece of wood used to make the red salt paste, but the density itself was different.

[Root of the Divine Tree]

[Rank: Heroic] [Quality: Lowest]

The root of a new tree that grew from the black lotus water.

As one of the roots that directly supplied nutrients to the nucleus, it was specialized in absorbing magical power.

* Characteristics change rapidly depending on the magic power given inside.

The root of the divine tree, a material that is one grade higher than the fragment of the divine tree.

It was able to ripen quickly because of its strong ability to absorb magical power, but it was a precious material among the by-products of divine wood.

“and… … .”

Lee Se-hoon, who put his hand on his chin, immediately activated the skill ‘Dream Storage’.


A purple flame rising from the Myungchi. Putting his hand inside, Sehun Lee pulled out the bones of his index finger, which were engraved with words, and the phalanx of an unknown person.

‘It’s been a long time since I’ve looked at this.’

Just like the Ring of Ascension, an item that contains the power of an ascendant.

I was saving it in case Jurgen could detect it, but seeing that there has been no news so far, I thought it would be reassuring.

Sehun Lee looked at the outside and looked at the information window after a long time.

[Phalange of Unknown Person]

[Rating: Heroic] [Quality: Best]

The left index finger bone of ‘Jürgen Kruger’, the Absolute who successfully climbed the ladder.

A necromancer’s body, which crosses the border between life and death, becomes a catalyst for powerful necromantic magic by itself.

You can use the three necromancer spells engraved on your index finger by imparting magical power.

*You can use the skill ‘Eye of the Boundary’.

*You can use the skill ‘Call of the Dead’.

*You can use the skill ‘Myeongangyeam’.

‘Hmm. I am now able to use Myeongangyeam.’

A necromantic magic that was marked as unusable when it was just stolen from Folmont.

It is highly likely that the technology that sealed Ryu Eun-ha for a short time was Myeongangyeam.

‘S-class can be useful as long as you touch it, so it can be useful… … .’

It doesn’t look bad to take it out when you think it’s a little risky. Lee Se-hun, who briefly looked at the phalanx of the unknown person, brought it directly to the root of the divine tree.



The root of the divine tree is dyed black as soon as the unknown person’s phalanx touches it. At that tremendous speed, Sehun Lee quickly removed it.


However, even after that, the roots of the new tree were dyed black, and after a while, the size was reduced by about 10%.

“… … indeed. That’s about it.”

Even if it is to be said that he is a part of the top performer, his performance is superior to his imagination.

Lee Se-hun was deeply immersed in the deep dark magic power felt from the root of the divine tree.

‘I think that’s enough time to make a window… … All that’s left is the assassin’s side that Chromium will send?’

With this matchup, it was highly probable that they would prepare more thoroughly, since they showed that they could be defeated by Seong-Ha Yeom in reverse.

‘Class A. We could send something more in addition to that.’

If it’s just one person, Seongha Yeom might be able to make a break, but if it’s more than that, it’s going to be difficult.

A situation in which other forces targeting him may intervene. So, this time, they needed a reliable ally.

A veteran with a lot of experience in killing assassins. Lee Se-hoon, who remembered Ma Kwang-soo’s appearance, was a short-tempered old man who was perfect for that, and smiled lightly.

“I need to make some noise.”


Sunday morning.

A sharp sound of iron resounded in one of the classrooms of the School of Martial Arts, which should be quiet on a weekend.


Two iron swords collided in mid-air.

The movement of the swords aiming at each other’s vital points without hesitation was terrifying to see, but the parties exchanged stories calmly.

“So you’re going to follow me there?”

Ma Gwang-soo asks if it’s absurd as he strikes out the sword aimed at his neck. To that, Sehun Lee answered, stabbing his heart again.

“If you send it alone, there is a high chance that it will come out with a harpoon somewhere. I have to go and help.”

“If others hear it, they will laugh at it.”

A senior in the third year of the Changshu Faculty, and 10th in the ranking of Muhak-gwan. The fact that he was aiming for the promotion of an A-class hero was terrifying.

But a freshman who entered this year, also a cadet from the smelting department helps? It was a story that would bring snoring to those who were proud of Akalkuf.

“It’s because people don’t know him. You know how to fight head-on, but if you get hit in the back of the head, you’ll lose your mind.”

“Then can you come to your senses?”

“Yeah… … .”


Ma Gwang-soo’s sword, which digs into his wrist while scratching the blade before answering. In the blink of an eye, Lee Se-hun immediately twisted his wrist half a turn and kicked the back of his sword with his feet in response to the attack that dug into the gap.


The two of them took a step back from each other with their swords striking each other. Sehun Lee, who quickly adjusted his posture, answered with a breath.

“To some extent.”

“… … .”

Ma Gwang-soo put on a trembling expression when he saw Lee Se-hoon sharpening his sword. I mean, don’t think about it, it was a serious attack, but how did you cut it off so neatly?

‘He’s like a monster… … .’

It’s been less than a month since I handed over the killing method, but I’m sure I’ll be able to handle it as freely as I can.

Ma Gwang-soo, who missed the opportunity to speak, coughed in vain and forcibly continued.

“Hmmm. Anyway, it’s not something you want to interfere with. No matter how crazy Lee Won-ryong is for the position of Moon Ju, would he throw an irrational number like that?”

“Are you really throwing it?”

“What… … 👌👌

Ma Gwang-soo, scratching his chin, spoke lightly.

“But it’s the path he chose. Then it’s self-sufficient.”

If you just give up the position of the gatekeeper of the gate, you can live well as a high-ranking hero without risking your life.

Even so, Seong-ha Yeom was the one who dared to step into the trap aiming for Moon-ju’s position, so I couldn’t say anything about his actions.

“Well, it is.”

“So… … .”

“But what can I do?”

Taking a deep breath, Se-hun Lee looked at Ma Kwang-soo and smiled bitterly.

“I promised to help.”

“… … .”

“Anyway, that’s it, so I won’t be attending the next class. If there is no news after that, think of it as roughly what happened.”

Lee Se-hoon, nodding his head, left after putting his practice sword in, and Ma Gwang-soo, who was looking at his back, made an absurd expression.

“That crazy guy… … .”

What the hell are you doing to make a promise like that, and buy a dangerous thing like an idiot to keep it?

Ma Kwang-soo felt annoyed at that stupid action.

‘You can’t live long just by looking at it. I’d rather be fine.’

If you are a person who will die earlier than you, it is not worthwhile to teach the Cheonchung Sword. With that in mind, when Ma Kwang-soo tries to divulge his thoughts about Lee Se-hoon.

‘—I promised.’

Memories of the past that suddenly come to mind. Ma Kwang-soo paused at the sight of a young man smiling while looking at him, and then heaved a sigh.

“Why are there no normal ones among those who make promises? … .”

Gwang-soo Ma, who took out his cell phone while grumbling dissatisfied, sent a text message to a sophomore, whose class was scheduled for Wednesday.

[I go on a business trip.]

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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