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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 92

92 episodes

With Ryu Eun-ha sitting inside the workbench, Se-hun Lee took three identical mass-produced long swords and stood in front of the furnace.

‘General grade. And it doesn’t taste particularly special to me.’

In Ryu Eun-ha’s sensibility, it’s like sprinkled sugar on a baked potato. It’s not that I couldn’t eat it, but it was a difficult combination.

‘First, lightly.’

After examining the mass-produced long sword, Se-hun Lee immediately took out the sword and started forging.

Kaang! Kaang!

He heats up the sword and refines the misaligned center and magic arrangement more closely. Se-hun Lee, who had built up a blade with a whetstone, fixed one in the blink of an eye.

‘great. This is enough.’

Putting down the trimmed long sword, Sehun Lee picked up another sword and polished it to almost the same as the previous one, and then finished forging to the last one.

And before entering the quenching. Among the relationships I had extracted earlier, I remembered Jake’s uncle, the lightsaber Miles Myers.

‘Exclusive personality who only opens his heart to people related to his family. It is warlike in battle, but its source is close to disrespecting one’s own life.’

It was based on what I saw before the return, but I feel like it’s not too different now, so I’m making the stone with a good feeling.


A yellow crystal with a soft glow. Se-hun Lee, who looked at the stone that barely felt the weight, immediately checked the information window.


[Rating: Advanced] [Quality: Lowest]

Light condensed ore.

When enchanted, it bursts with light with slight heat and explosive power at once.

If all the stored light is poured out, it will be destroyed.

*Emits the light stored inside at once.

‘It just feels like a lightsaber.’

After checking what kind of material the lightsaber’s edge stone and explosive stone were, Sehun immediately grabbed it with his right hand.

[The bond engraving ‘Water Explosive Stone’ is activated.]


A brilliant light bursting out of his hand.

Sehun Lee, who poured it into the inside of the sword through Sumbe, put it in the coolant at once.


Smoke and light leaking out of the coolant. And by the time it gets less and less.

[All of the engravings of ‘Gwangbok Stone’ have been exhausted.]

Sehun Lee, who had put all the light in, pulled out the sword.

A bright yellow pattern engraved on the center of the sword. After confirming that the light had penetrated all the way to the inside, Se-hun Lee handed out three swords to Ryu Eun-ha after finishing the rest of the work.

“This… … .”

“Try one by one and tell the difference.”

“All right.”

Ryu Eun-ha, who had her eyes lit up at the story of meeting her taste, quickly sat down on a chair in front of the workbench and looked at the long swords in front of her.

“I will enjoy this food.”

Ryu Eun-ha, who gave a sincere greeting, chewed the first trimmed long sword.

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A long sword with only basic grooming went into Ryu Eun-ha’s mouth, and her gloomy eyes softened slightly.

“Well… … It’s a lot better than it was just now. Maybe a little more savory? … It’s like having the right recipe.”

“Would you like to try the next one right away?”

“All right.”

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Ryu Eun-ha immediately chewed the second trimmed long sword and thought for a moment before answering.

“It’s similar to just before, but it feels softer on the throat. If I had to choose what I want to eat often, this would be it.”

“What is the charge rate of the Dragonforge?”

“Charging rate… … .”

Ryu Eun-ha, who was deep in thought with her eyes closed, answered with a slightly startled look.

“This is 1.5 times more… … The weapon itself isn’t that big of a difference… … .”

The process of grooming was almost the same, but the amount of light blood charged was 1.5 times different. Lee Se-hoon’s eyes lit up at Ryu Eun-ha’s story.

‘As expected, the performance of the weapon and the satisfaction of Ryu Eun-ha are two different things.’

It was only slightly fixed in a line that did not affect the performance of the weapon, but the charge rate of the Dragon Soul Furnace increased by 1.5 times.

In the content, Se-Hoon Lee was convinced that Ryu Eun-Ha’s unique skill, Dragon Soul Forge, was judged quite differently.

‘taste… … Rather, is it the direction you are pursuing?’

The difference between the two long swords is that if you do additional trimming, the latter will be difficult because you have already finished it.

In other words, the more ‘completed’ the weapon, the higher the evaluation of Ryu Eun-ha.

‘I’ll have to do some more research first.’

It was difficult to be sure with just one, so Se-Hoon Lee decided to find out again next time and looked at Ryu Eun-Ha, who was bewildered.

“Now, drink the third one.”

“Oh, yes. All right.”

Ryu Eun-ha, nodding her head, calmed her mind and carefully raised her third long sword.

“… … .”

I just held it lightly, but it felt different.

Ryu Eun-ha, who felt his heart beating strangely, hesitated for a moment, then cut down his long sword at once.


The moment the fragmented swordsman seeped into his body. Ryu Eun-ha’s eyes widened, and the ends of her hair, which had been quiet for a while, instantly burned into a scarlet color.


A reaction incomparable to the previous two long swords. And Ryu Eun-ha, who ate up the remaining swords in the blink of an eye, slowly opened her mouth.

“This… … It’s completely different from the previous two.”


“It feels like a completely different dish with only the same ingredients. To put it simply… … It’s almost like a baked potato turned into potato chips.”

At Ryu Eun-ha’s evaluation, Lee Se-hoon made an interesting expression.

‘Normal trimming is about adding seasonings or spices, but… … Is the engraving on the level of changing the recipe?’

It wasn’t clear because I couldn’t recognize the ‘taste’ before the return, but it seems that the effect of Inseok is better than I thought.

“Then what about the charging rate?”

“The filling rate is… … 1.5 high-grade weapons, no, I think it will be about two.”

One normal grade weapon was charged as much as 2 high grade weapons. Of course, it could have been possible because it was a low grade, but it was a number that could never be ignored.

‘Hmm. I have a little sense of what it feels like.’

What happens to Ryu Eun-ha’s taste, and when Lee Se-hoon is satisfied with his not-so-bad income.

“… … It’s good.”

Ryu Eun-ha, who chewed on the taste of the long sword, smiled softly involuntarily.

“It was really good.”

[The grand prize ‘Ryu Eun-ha’ felt deep sympathy.]

[A bond stone is created for the target ‘Ryu Eun-ha’.]

Ryu Eun-ha, where the Lv.2 edge stone was created.

Sehun Lee made a strange expression on the face of his satisfaction even though he ate a general grade weapon that had nothing to do with it.

‘Is there such a variety of expressions?’

A rich feeling that was rarely seen before the return. The memories of the past were overlaid on Lee Se-hoon’s eyes as he looked at it.

A severed left arm and a pierced chest. And the eyes, which had been fading as they lost their light, looked at him and murmured for the first time, expressing the feeling of bitterness.

‘I regret eating your armor… … .’

Those were Ryu Eun-ha’s last words, and the last Yeon-seok seeped into her body as she was holding her right hand.

She was able to make a new weapon with the edge stones she obtained at that time and defeat the demon of extinction who killed her, but she has always been surrounded by doubts.

‘Why did I say I regretted it?’

I don’t know exactly what Ryu Eun-ha was thinking at that time, but I could feel that she was really regretting that fact through the inked stone.

The moment when the memories shed a long time ago try to go back in time and fill Lee Se-hoon’s head again.

[Skill ‘Awakening Dream’ has been activated.]

The scene in front of me disappeared at once as if washed away by water.

“A student of Sehun Lee?”

Ryu Eun-ha looking at her with a puzzled expression.

Realizing that everything is a memory of the past, Se-hun Lee closed his eyes for a moment and cleared his mind before answering.

“I’m thinking of trimming the leftovers like I just did and feeding them. Would it be okay?”

Ryu Eun-ha’s eyes widened at Lee Se-hun’s story, and then she nodded with excitement.

“Well, if you do, I will eat as much as I want.”

“It’s a lot, so I’ll make it a little faster.”

Se-hun Lee, who rolled up his sleeves, heated up the pile of mass-produced weapons and beat them with a hammer to shake off all the distractions.

‘The present is more important than the past.’

It is important that Ryu Eun-ha and herself do not regret this time.

With that in mind, Sehun Lee trimmed over 30 mass-produced equipment and fed it to Ryu Eunha.


The amount of hair was clearly waving. After confirming that it was just the right amount, Sehun Lee approached him.

“Dept. Can you collect the flames in your hand?”

“ah. Yes. All right.”

Ryu Eun-ha, who had a relaxed expression on her face, quickly raised the glow, and the palm of her hand became red and the glow began to bloom.

Seeing this, Se-hun Lee immediately raised his fire elemental magic, Red Ryun-yeom, in both hands and wrapped it around Ryu Eun-ha’s hand.

“sleep… … .”

“it’s okay. All you have to do is let the flame flow out as slowly as possible.”

“… … All right.”

At Lee Se-hun’s confident words, Ryu Eun-ha nodded and slowly let out a glow.


Mineral flame that permeates inward through the flow of erythroderma

The light flame created by the dragon blast furnace was very strong and volatile, but Lee Se-hun kept it ‘circulated’.

‘Is it because I used a tam-cheol once as a kinship engraving… … I feel better than before the return.’

Lee Se-hoon, who took over all of Ryu Eun-ha’s radiance, slowly removed his hands and spread them out.

woo woo

The flames spread out in a circle on both palms and the scarlet flames circulating in a ring.

Ryu Eun-ha gave a surprised expression to the completely controlled, maddening flame.

“how… … .”

When you hand it over to someone else, the glare that has gone mad and disappeared is sitting quietly like that.

While Ryu Eun-ha looked at him in disbelief, Se-hun Lee looked at the flames and talked.

“Dept. Can you bring me the dragon stone and hammer over there?”

“Oh, yes!”

Ryu Eun-ha brought two materials that were on the workbench, and Lee Se-hun looked at Yong Pye-seok first.

“Place a dragon stone in the middle, please.”

Ryu Eun-ha hesitated for a moment at Lee Se-hoon’s story, then nodded and placed Yong Pye-seok in the center.


As Sehun Lee wrapped his arms around his hands and made them into a circle, the pyrotechnics were engulfed in flames and melted into molten water in the blink of an eye.

“This… … It’s an alchemical smelting method.”

“Yes. I thought it would go well with Gwangyeom.”

If you make a small mistake, not impurities, but the power of the ore, the ‘ore core’, but you have experience, so you don’t make such small mistakes.

‘Now, the innermost ore core of lava stone. Then, they are placed in the order of erythroderma and Gwanghyeol… … .’

Se-hun Lee, who created three streams in his hand in order and made it like a single mold, looked at Ryu Eun-ha.

“Now, put the red side of the hammer in this side, and when I give you a signal, activate the weapon skill, ‘Attribute Convergence’.”

“All right.”

Ryu Eun-ha, nodding her head, grabbed the hammer of black flame and put the red side into her hand as instructed.


One side of the hammer of black salt heats up and it melts little by little with the mold I made in my hand.

And the moment when the magic circuit that came to mind was completely engraved.



All the materials were combined into one by the hammer of black flame.

Exploding air and flames seeping into the hammer of black flame. Sehun Lee, who saw the aftermath, slowly removed his hand.

A flame pattern engraved naturally on one side of the hammer. When Sehun Lee is interested in the result that is neater than expected.

[The weapon ‘Hammer of Black Flame’ is changed to ‘Hammer of Extinction’.]

A new notification popped up in front of me.

[Hammer of extinction 銷鑛]

[Rank: Hero] [Quality: Award]

A hammer made by smelting Dragonite.

A lava stone with a special flame can be coated to create a powerful flame that can melt ore.

It has the function of amplifying the attribute magic that is coated on both sides.

* Amplifies both attribute magic.

*You can use the skill ‘Attribute Convergence’.

*You can use the skill ‘Extinction’.

“Five… … .”

The effect came out cleaner than expected.

Seeing that, Se-Hoon Lee suddenly felt how much he had grown from the first time.

‘It’s not perfect, but it’s halfway there.’

If this is enough, it seems that the hammer can now be used properly for ‘battle’. When Sehun Lee is looking at Sogwang’s hammer.


A loud roar from the front.

When Lee Se-hun raised his head, he saw Ryu Eun-ha looking down at Sogwang’s hammer with a strange gaze.

“The head of the department?”

“… … .”

“… … Head of Department?”

At the repeated calls of Lee Se-hoon, who felt anxious, Ryu Eun-ha raised her head and looked into her eyes, and was deeply troubled for a moment.

Then, with a slightly shy expression, he carefully opened his mouth.

“Just a bite… … .”


The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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