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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 84

84 episodes

The terminal lobby of the Black Lotus Water Sea.

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Normally, it was a place where heroes from all over the world came and went, but today the atmosphere was quite different.

Hundreds of screens floating in the air. The images of the cadets fighting against the monsters are clearly transmitted by the scoundrels spread in the floodwaters.

And the professors who were looking at the screen below calmly opened their mouths.

“Six number 21 lotus borers. Point distribution A192 points, B108 points. Eight number 27 black dragons. Point distribution A108 points B132 points… … .”

Each time the cadets who form a pair of two hunt monsters, points are distributed according to their contribution.

There were times when several cadets were fighting at the same time, but all of them were professors with observational skills, so they did not miss a single moment while observing the battle process.


In line with that, the teaching assistants quickly entered the score and glanced at the screen that had been pre-marked from time to time.

‘It’s true that you fight better in real life. He’s good at taking down monsters.’

‘He’s good at dealing with spirits, but he’s very dependent. My field of view is so narrow… … .’

It is to check the abilities of the juniors who are in the spotlight at the request of the professor, acquaintance, or client.

When grading is being done quickly, both formally and informally, by faculty and staff.

“Number 256. 8 lotus borers. Score distribution A281 points B119 points.”

“Again, five black dragons number 256. Point distribution A30 points, B120 points.”

“Again, 256 times. 7 lotus rabbits… … .”

Unlike other parties that run sporadically, score distribution continues without a break.

At the speed of a runaway locomotive, the eyes of those around them naturally turned to the screen.


The screen moves faster than other cadets.

Unlike the other cadets who looked around and moved carefully, the two of the 256s were running as if they were jogging, and one of the assistants murmured as if they were absurd.

“I’m running over there… … ?”

Muddy soil and messy tree trunks. In addition to the slime of various plants and moss growing everywhere.

If you are a cadet who is clumsy in moving your body, the place where you fall even while walking is the land of black lotus floods.

‘Jake, what the hell is that guy, Sehun Lee?’

‘Are you really in the smelting department?’

The faculty members naturally watched the other videos as Sehun Lee was running with his feet savvy as if he was familiar with the mountain road.


-hey! wake up soon!!

Freshmen who stumble and fall on the floor while fighting monsters. Even though they are in the same freshman year, when everyone is watching the two of them running with strange expressions.


Three monsters appeared from the muddy soil.

It was about 3m in size, and black lotus flowers and stems were sprouting all over its body, and it dragged its limbless body with its large arms.

The Lotus Golem, a C-class monster that is at the top of the Black Lotus Water Sea. A powerful monster that gave 400 points per animal appeared.

“Hmm. I should stop there for a while.”

“Because these guys are so tough.”

A body made of mud and a lotus stem that grows densely in it.

In terms of physical defense, it was at the level of a B-class monster, and at best, it absorbs the surrounding soil and regenerates it even if it inflicts a wound.

There are three such guys, so it will be difficult to catch them as they pass by.

When everyone thinks so.


A pure white dagger shot by Lee Se-hoon’s fingertips.

It was so sharp that it penetrated the body of the Lotus Golem to the point of its hilt, but due to its size, it did not inflict much damage.

Everyone was puzzled by that seemingly meaningless attack.


Jake ran faster than ever.


A blue trace extending from the waist.

Finally, the faculty members who followed their gaze gave a blank expression to the object they saw.

“… … knife?”

A blue greatsword imbued with starlight.

When everyone’s eyes were focused on that sword that was like a work of art. The body of the Lotus Golems that passed through the trajectory moved.


The body split in half and collapsed downwards.

At the bottom of the dagger that Sehun Lee threw, the nucleus inside it was cut off in one blow, and he was subjugated without being able to regenerate it once.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Instead of stopping, the two simply disable them and keep running. When the faculty members stare blankly at the unexpected appearance.

“Number 256. Defeat 3 Lotus Golems. Point distribution A800 points, B400 points.”

Kasar, who had his arms crossed, spoke calmly.

“Is the score distribution enough?”

“Oh, yes. you’re right.”

“Then don’t look away everyone and keep scoring. If something is missing, it’s a professor or something!”

“Yes, yes!”

Kasar, who evoked the chaotic atmosphere, looked first at the two people running on the screen, among them Jake.

‘That guy… … When did you start to be able to wield swords?’

The second son of the Myers family who entered the Martial Arts School after making the swords of many artisans into scrap metal and eventually giving up on them.

That the unlucky protagonist appeared with a sword overnight.

The moment it became known, Kasar had a puzzled expression on the scene that would gather a great deal of attention.

‘If an active blacksmith made it, there’s no reason to hide it. I hope it is… … .’

Cassar looked at Lee Se-hun running next to Jake and made an unbelievable expression.

I was surprised to see that he had sharpened his own kitchen knife, but it was because the creation of Jake’s sword was a tremendous work that could not be compared with him.

‘In addition, the quick control during battle is like a ghost… … What the hell is he doing?’

In each battle, use just the right amount of power in the right place.

It may sound great to hear, but it was important that there was no blemish in the eyes of him or an S-class hero.

‘Even if you are like that, it’s difficult to match your allies’ abilities that far… … Ma Kwang-soo Did that drunkard teach you?’

At first I thought I’d take a closer look, but instead of showing the bottom, it shows more, so I can’t take my eyes off it.

At that time, Cassar’s gaze, who had been looking at several cadets, was focused on only one person, Sehun Lee.

“professor. Let me tell you for a moment… … .”

The assistant, who was monitoring the flood, hurriedly approached Kassar.

“What’s up?”

“The 8th Fog Forest has just occurred.”

The ‘fog forest’ is a barrier that occurs naturally in the black lotus water.

It was a barrier that created fog that blocked the five senses, but it was a rare phenomenon that usually only occurred 3 or 4 times a day.

But it happened eight times in a short period of time. Realizing that it was no longer a coincidence, Kassar stroked his chin.

“Are you the area boss?”

“It seems to be so.”

‘Area Boss’, a powerful monster that appears irregularly in dangerous areas.

The exact cause of the occurrence is unknown, but if left unattended, it was necessary to subdue it because the level of the dangerous area could be upgraded to one level through ‘evolution’.

“At the time of the preliminary investigation, they said that the probability of occurrence was low… … I also lack a lot of technical skills in this area.”

“Sorry, I’m sorry.”

“no. I didn’t mean to crave… … tt done.”

Cassar waved his hand at the assistant who was about to bow his head and read the area boss information by tapping the panel in the air.

‘Lotus Hive. C+ class population in large species.’

A positive grade is given when it is judged that a hero of that grade can respond, but ‘subjugation’ is impossible.

In other words, to subdue the Lotus Hive, you must be a B-class hero or possess firepower comparable to that.

‘I think I’ll be able to catch it if the top ranks come forward… … The problem is the fog forest in the back.’

When Lotus Hive appears, the fog forest is also affected, so the range of the fog is doubled and the monsters are also actively moving.

The situation can be burdensome for cadets who lack practical experience, even if they are active heroes. Kasar, who had reached that point, blinked his eyes.

‘for a moment. Would this be okay?’

In the first place, this was to see how well the subjugation practice itself responds to sudden situations that occur in actual combat.

Kasar thought for a moment, then looked at the assistant who was waiting for his decision.

“The exam goes on. The safety device is sure, and the area boss only appears in certain areas, so it won’t be a big problem.”

“All right.”

“and… … .”

Among the cadets seen in the empty screen, Kasar, who looked at Lee Se-hun, smiled.

“Let’s think about how we are going to respond.”


[The relationship with the target ‘Casar’ has been established.]

Sehun Lee, who stopped running and relaxed his body, smiled at the notification window that appeared in front of him.

‘It must have looked pretty good.’

S-class hero ‘Yeongun Sword’ Kasar.

As one of the executives of the Humanity Alliance who fought against demons before returning, he excelled not only in military power but also in commanding ability, and performed tremendously in various battlefields.

In particular, he was most famous for wiping out the army of the ‘Monster Sword’, one of the Ten Evils. Thanks to this, it was evaluated that the destruction of Asia was delayed by about three years.

‘Because of that, I was the first to die from the monster who became the demon of the annihilation sword… … .’

Kasar died with hundreds of swords pierced through his body. Recalling that scene, Sehun Lee quickly pushed the memory out of his head.

Who was there, including himself, who ended well before returning to the end? What was important now was the help that Kasar could give him rather than the tragic end.

‘Obviously, whenever a large monster appeared, I said that I was called to the commander.’

A veteran commander hired by guilds, corporations, and even the Hero Association, which is famous for giving away command rights, in every large-scale subjugation war.

That was the person named Kasar, and Sehun Lee was aiming for that ‘connection’.

‘It’s because they eat all the really good ingredients together.’

After hunting high-grade monsters, most of the materials on the market are only items with low scarcity value.

Most of the materials that could be called real baegi were either monopolized by them or sold only to people with whom they were acquainted.

‘I used to fight a lot because of that… … .’

They had no skills, but they took all kinds of rare materials with their connections to create rare garbage.

Before returning, Lee Se-hun was the type that he hated the most, but there were times when some of them hit their heads with hammers, so the relationship was deep.

‘It’s annoying to have to fight, so this time I’ll go comfortably too.’

Create a network through Cassar to purchase rare materials. After checking all the plans in his head, Sehun Lee finished stretching and looked to the side.

“… … .”

Jake sits quietly on the floor with his eyes closed.

From the outside, he looked very calm, but if you listened a little, it was a little different.

Kung Kung Kung-

A heart that beats like crazy inside your chest.

He was keeping his heartbeat, which had just gotten faster as he was running, with blood technique.

‘It took me several months to get to this state… … It’s going up a little bit because it’s so fast.’

Rather than being jealous of his talent, he felt like he was learning faster and suffering less than himself.

Sehun Lee, who looked at Jake slightly dissatisfied, coughed and opened his mouth.

“Jake. Let’s move slowly.”

“Ah, yes.”

The two started running lightly through the forest again, and Jake, who was following Sehun Lee, looked around.

“I can hardly see the monsters more and more. Is it because they are holding other kids too?”

“It is very likely.”

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No matter how wide the black lotus floodwater is, it is said to be famous for many monsters, but as close to a thousand cadets stir the inside, there is no change.

In particular, considering the characteristics of the monsters here that respond like a group despite being of a different species, they must have begun to form a group.

‘I think I’ve given you enough training… … Shall I wake up the gods slowly?’

The reason why the tree was able to hide in the dangerous area before returning was because it was recognized as an ordinary plant because it was asleep in a housework state deep in the ground.

Therefore, in order to bring out the divine tree, it was necessary to first wake up from the state of housekeeping, and the ‘root’ was what was needed there.

‘There is an easy way to find it, but… … That would be difficult.’

It is better to search steadily rather than wandering around expecting good luck. When Sehun Lee, who had made a decision, was just about to use Tuan.

-Ahh. There will be an urgent announcement for a while.

Cassar’s voice came from the cloak’s emblem.

“Emergency announcement… … ?”

“Stop for a moment.”

The two of them stopped running and immediately listened to the story flowing from the emblem.

– Currently, there are signs that the area boss will appear in various places in the Black Lotus Flower Sea. Although it is an unexpected situation, we believe that it is possible to respond sufficiently, so we will add a few rules.


I wondered if the magic would fluctuate again in the emblem of the cloak, and a blue spear appeared in front of the two of them.

A map depicting the entire Black Lotus Water Sea. Above it were marked blue, white, and red dots, respectively.

-As for the map, the blue dot is your current location, and the white dot is the location where the foggy forest occurred. And the red dot is where the area boss will appear.

In line with Cassar’s explanation, each dot glowed slightly, and then the white dots started to flash again.

-Double cadets who enter the misty forest and destroy the ‘lotus tree’ will be rewarded with 3,000 points each.

“Three thousand points… … ?”

Jake’s eyes widened at Kassar’s story.

3,000 points apart from the points you get from battles. This is because it was not a small score even for the top ranks, and for cadets in the middle ranks, it was a huge score that would change their rankings at once.

-And in the case of the area boss Lotus Hive, there is no limit on the number of people, and if the subjugation is successful, 1,000 points for all participating cadets. And the points from the battle are… … .

Kasar, who had a moment’s silence, spoke in a voice filled with laughter.

– A total of 50,000 points will be distributed according to the contribution level.

“… … .”

-According to the analysis of the professors, it is estimated that the lotus hive will appear within an hour, so move quickly. More than.

Communication was cut off, and Jake, who had been contemplating the contents, quickly shook his head.

‘We distribute 50,000 points according to contribution… … It sounds like it would be very split, but it’s absolutely not.’

The Lotus Hive had strong durability and regenerating power at the cost of a little less combat ability.

In other words, it was clear that all mediocre attacks would not be recognized as valid hits, and the contribution would be concentrated on the cadets in the upper ranks.

‘In some cases, one person may get tens of thousands of points… … .’

Even if you do not know about the cadets of the middle or lower ranks, you must participate if you are the cadets of the highest rank. Jake, who understood the situation, immediately looked at Lee Se-hoon.

“I think it would be better to go to the area boss and prepare in advance. What will you do?”

“… … .”

Sehun Lee looked at the map instead of answering Jake’s question.

It is a 10-minute drive to the ‘Tomb of Lotus’ area where the area boss appears. If he moved right now, he could move easily and immediately, but Sehun Lee was looking elsewhere.

‘I guess today is the day.’

Looking at the misty forest, the white dot located right next to them, Sehun Lee smiled inside.

Although not known to the public, the lotus tree, the nucleus that maintains the fog forest, was the root of the divine tree.

In other words, now, without being questioned by anyone, it is possible to approach the root very easily and awaken the divine tree.

‘And as if I found out by chance there, I woke up the divine… … You can summon the professors and subdue them.’

Even without direct subjugation, if you find such a hidden threat, you will get points that are incomparable to those of the area boss.

If he negotiated well with Ludwig, he would be able to secure a large amount of by-products of the divine tree, so it was a perfect plan.

Sehun Lee, who calmed the twitching corners of his lips unknowingly, pointed to a white dot nearby.

“Let’s stop by the misty forest for a moment before we go.”

“What? Even if you catch the area boss properly, you will get 1st place in the test. … .”

To Jake, who grumbled as if it was bothersome, Sehun Lee gave a simple answer without lengthy explanation.

“A spare sword. You don’t need it?”

“It still looks difficult, would you like to slow down a bit? Or I can pick you up.”

Jake comes out politely as if when he gave a troublesome tea.

Sehun Lee smiled at the sight of him wanting to get out of the situation where he was held hostage somehow.

“Okay. Pick me up.”

“… … .”

Jake, who was carrying Sehun Lee who was bigger than him, ran towards the foggy forest with a face full of emotions.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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