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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 71

71 episodes

“… … .”

A banquet hall with heavy silence.

Bier, whose conversion was in vain, looked blankly in front of his eyes, and the cadets, startled by the sudden explosion, only rolled their eyes.

And as the blonde woman who created all this, Arya, was waiting for an answer, Sehun Lee put on a trembling expression on his face.

‘Should I say this is lucky… … .’

It’s good to have it resolved without having to go out on your own, but it wasn’t good to meet Arya like this.

This is because for the present-day Sehun Lee, Arya was the person he most wanted to meet at Babel.

‘This kid, Jake. If you think you’re coming, you should tell me… … .’

When you’re cursing inside Jake, who left first.

“Hmm… … .”

Arya, who came right in front of Sehun Lee, looked up at him with a puzzled expression.

“Did you not hear me?”

A soft yet sharp question. Sehun Lee replied with a sigh inwardly.

“no. I heard. I was a little surprised because of work, so I’m late to reply.”

“Ahh. right. If you do it wrong, you could be seriously injured… … .”

Aria, who was looking at Lee Se-hoon’s body with a smile as if she understood, stood out in her eyes.

“No. Maybe it wasn’t a big deal.”

“… … .”

Sehun Lee felt the hairs all over his body stand up at the meaningful murmur.

It was because it seemed that 70% of himself had just been read with that light glance.

‘I didn’t even read the Young Yeonshin Magic, but… … They must have noticed everything in good shape.’

It is impossible to pretend to be injured against Arya without anyone else knowing. Seeing this, Sehun Lee slowly opened his mouth.

“Thank you for your help.”

“It’s nothing. Any more answers?”

“… … If it’s a story, aren’t we talking about it now?”

Aria smiled softly at Lee Se-hoon’s answer, who was trying to sneak away.

“It means we want to talk quietly just the two of us. As for the interior… … The garden will be fine. It’s pretty nicely decorated. What do you think?”

Arya just shows that she has no intention of letting go. Seeing this, Sehun Lee decided to think positively while sighing inwardly.

‘I couldn’t keep avoiding it, so it was better.’

The evaluation seems to have improved because of the sword weapon I just created, so if I tell you this time, I will be able to reduce unnecessary contact with Arya.

Having reached the conclusion, Sehun Lee nodded to Arya, who was waiting for an answer.

“You do that.”

“great. Shall we go then?”

Aria naturally grabs Sehun Lee’s wrist and leads him outside. When everyone is bewildered by what is happening in the blink of an eye.

“why… … .”

Bier with a viciously distorted face blocked the front of the two of them.

“Why to that guy… … !”

Vier is unable to properly connect his words to the boiling emotions. At that violent reaction, Sehun Lee put on a puzzled expression.

‘Why is he suddenly like this?’

Why is the guy who was cool and good at this and that until now is so messed up? When Sehun Lee is curiously examining the situation.

“Hmm… … .”

Arya, who looked at him quietly, answered calmly.

“It’s still awkward.”

Arya moved again as if it was not worth talking about any more. And Lee Se-hun, who was being dragged by his wrist, naturally made eye contact with Vier.


Vier, who shows intense emotions as if he would rush at any moment. Se-Hoon Lee, who found the ‘wonder stone’ in the fully ripened appearance, stopped walking.



Sehun Lee, who stopped Arya and approached Bier, placed his hand on his shoulder very naturally before reacting.

[Extract the bond from the target ‘Bier Barmut’.]

[The relationship with the producer ‘Sehun Lee’ is Lv.1]

A bond that stings and seeps like a thorn.

Sehun Lee, who clearly understood what kind of feelings Bier had for him, gently patted his shoulder.

“Practice or work hard. Don’t be silly.”

He left a sincere piece of advice for everyone to hear.

“Now go.”

After finishing the story, Sehun Lee headed out with Arya and out of the garden, and there was a heavy silence inside the banquet hall.

A freshman who just entered this year points out his skills to the third year. It was generally not possible, but those who saw Lee Se-hoon’s skills in person thought that it could be enough.

“… … .”

And Vier, who felt the atmosphere directly with his body, looked down at his shoulder with an expressionless face.


An eerie sound echoing in your mouth. Vier felt his teeth breaking and blood oozing out and wiped the corners of his mouth without saying a word.

And despite the terrible pain, I walked out of the exchange hall and out of the banquet hall without blinking an eye.

* * *

[The level of the relationship with the target ‘Vier Barmut’ rises to Lv.2.]

[The relationship is established as the bond level rises. The relationship with the target ‘Bier Barmut’ is ‘period’.]

[Relationship: Timing]

Selfish and arrogant human beings are jealous and resentful of those who are ahead of them rather than envying them.

Those who look for problems in others rather than themselves will try to destroy this relationship in some way.

*A bond stone is created whenever the target is jealous.

*When subject is jealous. Increases the aging speed of edge stones.

* Constitutional Court created edge stone: None.


Lee Se-hun, who came out of the garden, exclaimed with joy.

His gaze was full of dissatisfaction just by looking at him, so I poked him a little, but as expected, the level of the relationship had risen.

‘It’s time… … I didn’t know that a bad relationship would happen so quickly.’

A relationship that harbors malice toward the god, different from a friendly or neutral relationship. Sehun Lee classified it as a ‘bad relationship’, but he needed to be careful when dealing with such a relationship stone.

Common edge stones amplify abilities, but edge stones derived from bad relationships have the same effect as a curse that cuts off abilities or runs rampant.

‘It seems dangerous to use it as a affiliation engraving… … Shall I use it to make a cursed item later?’

When Sehun Lee is thinking about how to use the edge stone he got from Bier.

“This should be enough.”

Arya, who had been walking for a while, looked back slowly.

Beautifully manicured gardens under the moonlight and illuminated fountains sprinkling water. And with them in the background, Aria seems to glow by itself.

Anyone would be amazed at the picture-like appearance, but Lee Se-hoon asked, recalling what had just happened without much inspiration.

“What happened in the past with Bier Barmut?”

“What happened… … I didn’t mean to say that. I was just telling you how I felt when I showed you that it was a sword I made for me two years ago.”

At Arya’s story, Sehun Lee immediately knew what the answer would be.

“It’s not good, it was.”

“right. It was really bad.”

Aria smiles softly. In response to an answer that did not feel malicious at all, it was only then that Lee Se-hun understood why his relationship level had risen so dramatically.

‘Is it unintentionally touching the trauma of the past?’

This might be enough to grab me and send an assassin to kill me. When Sehun Lee thinks so.

“Since when?”


“I’m asking when did you start to be able to use swordsmanship.”

“What… … ah.”

Sehun Lee, who was puzzled by the sudden question, quickly realized the intention.

‘Is it because of the iron rod I showed you earlier?’

In order to make a sword weapon, you need the help of a hero who handles the sword. Now that it is common sense, Arya believes that she can use swords.

“I think you misunderstood, but I can’t use swords.”

“Then what about the sword weapon you just made?”

To Aria’s puzzled question, Sehun Lee calmly answered.

“After all, the sword is not the compression of magical power. So I added a compression formula to make it.”

They say that in order to deal with swordsmanship, the process of condensing one’s swordsmanship into a single sword in the mind, often called ‘enlightenment’, is necessary.

But this is only the psychological part. In reality, if the magical energy on the blade is compressed into a certain form, it can be transformed into a sword.

‘Of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds.’

The compression formula of swordsmanship was a know-how that combined various elements such as the nature of magic, the characteristics of swordsmanship, and the shape of the sword in the heart.

Therefore, to formulate it is nothing more than turning a part of a living person into a magical circuit.

It was also the reason that mass production of swords failed during that time.

‘It’s not okay again.’

It was already familiar to Lee Se-hoon, who had remodeled his body and magic circuit with the Young Yeon Shin magic.

“It’s compressed… … .”

Arya, who had been pondering for a moment at Lee Se-hun’s explanation, asked.

“Efficiency seems to be dropping a lot. Is there any way to improve it?”

“Adding the secondary enchantments we are currently developing will improve it enough that even D-class heroes can use it several times.”

The section where heroes can handle swordsmanship with their bare body is usually C-class, and it is only possible for those who have mastered the technique properly, so it is correct to think that it is actually a B-class.

As the purpose of mass production of swords was to advance the time and strengthen lower-level heroes, it was sufficient if D-class heroes could use them.

‘The power was not bad enough.’

Arya, who had been thinking about the quality of the sword she had touched before, quickly reached a conclusion and looked at Lee Se-hun.

“Is there any contract with the mass production of swords?”

“Not yet.”

“Then how about holding hands with us?”

Lee Se-hoon asked the somewhat expected proposal.

“What are the conditions?”

“The production and sales companies should be decided in consultation with our family. And the sword weapons mass-produced for the next two years should be limited to ‘swords’. Maybe these two.”

Sehun Lee made an interesting expression on Arya’s condition.

The type of mass-produced weapons is limited to swords. It was an inefficient option if you were simply trying to make money, but it was different for the Myers family, famous for their swordsmanship.

‘The Myers family are often invited to play the role of swordsmanship advisors, so the more heroes that handle swords, the stronger their influence will be.’

If you use the priority supply right for mass-produced swords and weapons as a negotiating card, you can literally seize government groups or large guilds that operate in units of units.

Sehun Lee, who had been calculating whether this condition would be disadvantageous to him, quickly came to a conclusion.

“It’s not bad, but the prototype hasn’t come out yet. I think it would be good to talk about it in detail after we have progressed a bit more.”

“great. Please tell me through Jake when it is finished.”

“Then, is this the end of the business?”

At Lee Se-hun’s question, Aria smiled and nodded her head.

“yes. It’s over.”

“then… … .”

“And from here on, it’s a personal matter.”

Seeing Aria looking at her with her eyes shining, Sehun Lee sighed and asked reluctantly.

“You tell me.”

“You say you’re making Jake’s sword? And in a unique way using blood.”

Arya, sitting on the edge of the fountain, gave an interesting expression.

“As far as I know, such a production method is only used for ‘living weapons’, which are prohibited by law… … Maybe I’m wrong?”

A way of putting pressure on the other person by asking questions while knowing everything. Lee Se-hoon calmly replied to Aria’s appearance, which was the same as before her return.

“If you use it in earnest, yes. But if it is the process used for engraving, there is no problem.”

Unlike before the return, when the production of biological weapons was completely allowed due to a fire on the instep, all related technologies are prohibited because it is still in a state of living.

Se-hun Lee also moved with caution in this area, so there will be no unjustly charged criminals like before the return.

“Then I’m happy. It would be troublesome if Jake had been involved in illegal armament making.”

“You don’t have to worry about that, as we are taking care of that.”

“okay. It would be nice if it was done properly.”

Aria smiling. Sehun Lee continued the story while pretending not to hear the answer that was subtly bone-in for cheering.

“Do you have anything more to say?”


“then… … .”

The moment Lee Se-hoon, who was nodding his head, was about to turn around and return to the banquet hall.

“Why don’t you make me a sword?”

A soft voice from behind. However, with the eerie feeling he felt there, Sehun immediately sensed that Aria’s face, looking at him, had changed to expressionless.

‘It just doesn’t go through.’

If Jake hadn’t made it, avoiding it in such a situation would seem strange to anyone.

‘I can’t help it. How long can I just refuse… … .’

Sehun Lee, who decided to put some ground rice on this occasion, answered Aria without looking back.

“I believe that any weapon has meaning only if it goes to someone who needs it.”

“… … .”

“But, what is the meaning of offering an ordinary sword to someone who handles tree branches as well as a famous sword?”

Of course, it can’t be meaningless. No matter how skilled the user is, an iron sword would be much better than a branch.

However, what Sehun Lee is trying to say now is a little different from that.

‘What’s the meaning of making a mediocre sword for someone who treats a famous sword and a branch equally?’

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Neither the excellent sword nor the branches rolling on the floor had any meaning in Arya’s hands.

An abnormal sense of disconnection that completely separates the weapon from the self. That was the sense that the assimilation rate of ‘0%’ was felt, and it was a characteristic that only Aria Myers had.

“Right now, we can’t make the sword that Arya-senpai needs. However, I don’t want to be treated like a treasure trove for giving me an unqualified sword.”

“… … .”

“So, I would like you to stop talking about the request.”

At the end of Lee Se-hoon’s decisive story, only the sound of the water from the fountain resounded between the two of them quietly.

And when that silence continues. A softer voice came from behind.

“okay. If it’s that much of a burden, there’s nothing you can do about it. I won’t say any more.”

“Thank you for your understanding.”

Se-hun Lee, who gave a short answer, headed to the banquet hall before speaking further, and Aria sat on the fountain and looked at the back.

“Right now… … is it.”

If it had been someone else, it would have been a word used to escape the situation, but I felt strange confidence in Lee Se-hoon.

As if he already knew his problem and how to solve it.

“It’s fun… … .”

I thought I would be disappointed to meet you, but the waiting became more enjoyable and I started to get annoyed.

Arya tried to calm it down to the agitation of emotions she had never felt in a while, but then let it go.

‘You don’t have to.’

Whatever the end, I want to enjoy this anticipation right now. Arya thought about it and thought of Jake’s sword that Sehun Lee was making.

‘I think it’s just Jake’s ability to solve it, but… … The real problem is succession.’

A ceremony to recognize a person as a swordsman and award a sword. It is known only as a traditional event, but in reality it was not such an ordinary procedure.

‘How far can I go… … .’

According to this result, Sehun Lee’s evaluation will also change significantly.

Arya felt her heart pounding and saw Lee Se-hoon entering the banquet hall with a smile again.

“I look forward to it.”

And with a small mumble, he disappeared from the garden.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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