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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 63

63 episodes

Usually, enchantments are mainly used for substances with fixed properties.

This is because, in the case of a fluid nature, the procedure had to be formulated in consideration of volatility, so not only did the difficulty rise exponentially, but also post-processing was required to maintain the enchantment.

It was infamous enough to say that the lifespan of the enchanters would be shortened if it had volatility in it, and it disappeared without any attempts while engraving the recipe.

woo woo

The giant egg that Se-Hoon Lee held out, the flame of a white orchid flower, had everything of fluidity and volatility.

“… … .”

Leah, who was examining the white orchid flower that was held out in front of her, carefully picked up her brush and engraved the recipe she was preparing for.


The skeleton of the enchantment ‘space separation’ engraved on the surface of the white orchid flower.

It was a necessary enchantment for Namhwawoo, who burns himself if left alone with the effect of separating and tying the highly expandable material into space.


However, before writing all the skeletons, the red energy inside the white orchid flower, the flame of Namhwawoo fluctuated, and all the spells engraved with difficulty were burned.

Leah looked at the white orchid flower that had returned to clean white paper and muttered while covering her eyes with her palms.

“I’m tired… … .”

Among the enchanters, fire property materials were notorious, so they were prepared to some extent.

However, in a situation that far exceeded her expectations, Leia wanted to run away immediately, disregarding her morning resolve.

‘How are you supposed to enchant the material that resets the formula every 5 seconds?’

The ‘space separation’ and ‘designated engraving’ requested by Sehun Lee are enchantments that boast an enormous amount of enchantments that Leah knows.

It would take several hours just to engrave it, but do it in a situation where it resets every 5 seconds? It was physically impossible.

‘Does this make sense? No matter how much you think But what the hell is that guy capable of? I didn’t fall for that candy spread. How about the contest? I think Grandma was angry too. Should I just drop out first?’

It is too difficult to solve the problem in front of me, but all kinds of useless thoughts keep coming up and filling my head.

A symptom of repeating useless thoughts in order to turn away from the difficult problem in front of us. After ‘that incident’ a year ago, the habit of putting himself into a slump has again come to an end.

“… … ha.”

Rebecca recognized Leah’s condition and sighed.

He didn’t like that he had forgotten his promise to himself and fell into a different path, but on the other hand, he was hoping that he might have overcome the slump.

‘It was too much.’

He seems to have gained something by meeting Lee Se-hoon, but it seems that it was not enough to completely shake off the slump.

Rebecca, who recalled the appearance of her granddaughter overflowing with guns as the head of Borsippa’s first year department, had a bitter expression on her face, and suddenly her eyes met the white orchid flower.

‘By the way, that kid is too good. No matter how little knowledge you have on enchantments, you can do such a nonsensical thing… … .’

Right now, he was still in the supervisor’s role, but if he had been in class, he would have been harshly scolded.

To make a spell that no one else can do as if it were possible. Isn’t that the same as bullying?

‘I’ll have to teach the enchantment properly in the next class.’

When both granddaughter and grandmother are looking at the white orchid, thinking that it is impossible.

“what are you doing?”

Lee Se-hoon looked at Leah with an absurd expression.

“Why are you bruising because you want to enchant? My arm will fall off.”

Lee Se-hoon urges him by clapping his hands holding the white orchid flower. Leah’s eyebrows rose at the story, and she stared at him sharply.

“Does that kind of thing come out even after I saw the drink just flew away? How do you engrave space separation and designated engraving while the progress is reset every 5 seconds?”

It’s good to expect from you, but isn’t there something like that? When Leah continues to protest against Lee Se-hoon’s actions to make him do the impossible.

“Then you can complete the enchantment within 5 seconds.”

Sehun Lee replied with a sullen expression.

“Is that difficult?”

“It’s difficult, you idiot!”

“Hmm. okay?”

Seeing Leah screaming at the whale whale, Sehun Lee muttered as if he didn’t really understand.

“I don’t know why I can’t do it even though I already know how to do it.”

“… … What?”

What other nonsense is that? The words hit her throat, but Leah couldn’t utter them.

It’s because Lee Se-hoon’s mundane words suddenly reminded him of the structure of the enchantment ‘Baekwang’, which he had been squeezing his hair for a month.

‘It’s not about completing the whole thing… … Stack them layer by layer.’

Dozens of layers of paintings are designed so that they are intertwined while being separated as if they were a single painting from the outside.

Leah remembered the structure and quickly swung her brush over the white orchid flower.


A skeleton for creating spatial separation. Part of it is completed as a separate part and engraved as a single enchantment.


An enchantment that is completed at once and circulates magical energy. And after 5 seconds, Namhwawoo’s flame contained in the white orchid touched the enchantment.

Originally, it was supposed to burn and disappear, but the enchantment gradually turned red.


At the same time as the flames bloomed, it was clearly engraved on the white orchid flower.


Red text engraved on pure white drawing paper. Leah saw that her enchantment had landed successfully and looked at Lee Se-hun with her eyes wide open.

Eyes asking for confirmation if this is okay. Seeing that gaze, Sehun Lee smiled and held out a white orchid flower.

“do it faster. arms out.”

“… … great.”

You don’t know what’s impossible, but if it’s possible, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Leah, who folded all the thoughts that filled her head and threw it in the corner, dismantled the space separation and the engraving technique one by one in her head.

‘Unnecessary techniques are cut out and only basic skeletons are compressed.’

Rather than assembling the robot toy from toe to head step by step, assembling it as you like and concentrating on making the best use of the role of each part as if you were joining the limbs at the end.


Cut, glue, overlay and finally join.

Each time Leia’s brush brushed past the white orchid flower, it was engraved with magic, and Namhwawoo’s fire blazed over it, spreading gold all over the white orchid flower.

Damn it!

A white orchid flower that shakes violently like an egg about to hatch.

Kim In-cheol and Rebecca got up from their seats and watched the unusual appearance, but the two people who were right in front of it didn’t even blink.

‘a little bit… … little bit more… … !’

Although I engraved all the recipes that Se-Hoon Lee asked for, Hwa-Woo Nam’s power was still there.

If it is completed like this, the remaining parts will be scattered in vain. So, Leah continued to draw the things that came to her mind with a brush.

‘Fix the shape. consciousness projection. Mental synchronization… … .’

By adding a few parts to the completed formula, they create new functions and amplify each other.

And finally, the moment when Leah’s engraved recipe filled the white orchid flowers.

break up

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Nam Hwa-woo, who brought out all his potential, broke the shell.


As the white orchid collapses, the flames are compressed as if sucked into the center at the same time.

The potential of Nam Hwa-woo, which would have been burned down originally, is to be reborn based on Leah’s enchantment.

‘Even if I make it like this, it will be a useful item… … .’

Unfortunately, the main material for this product is not Namhwawoo. Se-Hoon Lee, who was wearing red rings on both hands, immediately covered the compressed flames.


Flames leaking through the cracks in your hands. In the fierce flames raging from the inside, Se-hun Lee caught the reins with the flow of red ring salt.

soo cute

Following the flow created by Lee Se-hoon, Nam Hwa-woo’s flames became entangled and knotted and calmed down little by little.

And the moment when the leaking flames and the vibrations of tapping the palms stopped, a soft light flowed out.

ha ha ha

Lee Se-hoon’s hand spread out and red text was embroidered in the air.

The magic of the flame that is connected and circulated endlessly. Leah looked up blankly at that splendid yet elegant appearance.

‘That’s… … These are the ones I engraved.’

Enchantments that were engraved as they came to mind without prior verification.

The spells, which would have been a mess, perfectly interlock with Nam Hwa-woo’s flame and move vividly.

‘… … long time no see. This feeling.’

before falling into a slump. A sight that reminds me of the days when I was confident in my talents and enchanted without hesitation.

At that sight, Leah felt her heart pounding, but at the same time, she felt regretful.

‘I wanted to do a little more.’

When will this moment come again? When Leah had a bitter expression on her face, as she suddenly came to her, the feeling that was quickly forgotten.

“Well done.”

Lee Se-hun, who looked up at Nam Hwa-woo’s fire, smiled.

“I can start right away with this.”

“… … ?”

Seeing Leah looking as if she was starting something, Sehun Lee turned his gaze to the workbench instead of explaining.

Pure white ivory with teratological patterns. Sehun Lee, seeing the fangs and fantasies of the magical beast that moves back and forth between reality and dreams, stretched out his left hand.


The red enchantments that stretched out without distraction wrapped around the dreamer and slowly lifted it up into the air.

Lee Se-Hoon controls Nam Hwa-Woo’s flame as if it were a part of his body. When everyone is looking at you with a surprised expression.

woo woo

Purple magic began to flow from the dreamer.

A dreamer whose borders begin to blur as if the picture quality is blurred.

Seeing that the weight felt in the flames had become lighter, Se-Hoon Lee raised his senses even more.

‘This is the beginning.’

‘Dream replacement’ is the most basic characteristic of the magical power of dreams.

This power of pushing objects to the boundary of dreams was the number one contribution that made the dreamer’s processing difficult, and the reason was simple.

This is because the dreamer, who entered this state, blew away all the stimulus like a mirage, whether heated by fire or cut with a knife.

‘In the meantime, the magical power of the dream is eroded away, and when you come to your senses, it turns into an ordinary ivory.’

A vicious ingredient that can disintegrate billions of dollars in the air if done wrong. Because of its characteristics, it was rare for those who processed and used the dreamer.

‘If you leave it alone.’

Without hesitation, Sehun Lee began to warm up the dreamer.


A flame that engulfs the purple magic and burns even more intensely. Normally, all the magical powers of the dream would have evaporated, but Namhwawoo’s flame was different.

It absorbs the purple magic that flows from the dreamer, the magic of the dream, and turns into a blur.

“this… … what… … .”

Is there any way to deal with the magic of dreams like that? Leah wondered if she was the only one who didn’t know about it, so she turned her head slightly and looked at the professors behind her.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Kim In-cheol and Rebecca stand up from their seats and stare blankly.

Leah, who understood the situation only by that appearance, smiled and looked at the monster-like junior in front of her again.

“How the hell did you do it?”

“Suzaku’s flame is famous for burning the human spirit. So I heard it and remembered it.”

Sehun Lee answered calmly while holding on to the purple flame that was about to scatter at any moment.

“I wondered if such a flame would be able to stick to the ‘dream’ dealt with by the magical power of dreams. Dreams are also part of the mind.”

“… … .”

“Of course, the dreams handled by the magical power of dreams may be slightly different, so it can’t be just that. That’s why I made it easier to stick with the designated engraving enchantment, and coated it so it wouldn’t be eaten by burning it with the space separation enchantment.”

Sehun Lee, who looked at the purple flame that completely engulfed the magic of the dream, spoke satisfactorily.

“It worked as intended.”

Se-Hoon Lee, who casually comes up with a way to surprise others when he hears it, and succeeds again. Seeing that, Leah asked unconsciously.

“Aren’t you afraid?”


“The idea that you are sure of may be wrong.”

Leah, who looked at the flame in front of her, muttered as if she could not understand.

“If you fail, everything disappears.”

Both eyes are facing the flame, but their gaze is looking elsewhere. Seeing Leah for the first time, Sehun Lee vaguely noticed what was causing the slump.

‘I must have seen the worst.’

There is a risk of failure with a challenge, and with failure comes a price. It was a natural story, but the weight was different for each person.

Something precious that can never be retrieved again. Those who have paid the price never take failure lightly.

‘Not a question of talent, but a fear of failure… … .’

Sehun Lee knew how deeply the feeling of despair left behind because he had seen it from others and experienced it himself.

A situation in which one word could change the future of the giant who was called the Maestro. Sehun Lee, who had carefully chosen his words, made a decision and opened his mouth slowly.

“Then don’t do it.”

“… … What?”

“If you’re literally scared, don’t do it.”

Looking at the flames rising over both hands, Sehun Lee spoke calmly.

“There is no guarantee that the risky road is better, so why choose such a method? Not a pervert.”

“But you… … .”

“Because I only have this way.”

In a small and clear voice that only Leah standing next to her could hear, Sehun Lee muttered as if in a whisper.

“Because we don’t have enough time to choose the safe route to go.”

Even now, the future must be changing minute by minute because of himself as a regressor.

In order to respond to the countless variables, it is necessary to create a minimum margin.

“you… … .”

Leah looked at Sehun Lee with a strange expression on his mutter.

You’re already growing so fast that you can’t even compare it to other cadets, but you don’t have enough time. Where the hell are you looking to say something like that?

At that moment, Leah was cautiously asking about her appearance as if she was being chased by something.

“So what are you going to do?”

Sehun Lee looked at Leah and asked.

“If you don’t want to, you don’t have to. It’s your choice which way to go.”

“… … .”

“And from personal experience, there is only one thing that matters, whether it is a safe or a dangerous path.”

I didn’t live a good life enough to give someone advice on life, but there was one thing I felt deeply.

If it was that advice, perhaps his sincerity and thoughts would be conveyed as it is. With that in mind, Sehun Lee shared his thoughts.

“Choosing a path that leaves no regrets. That’s all.”

“… … .”

This is the simplest and most heavy piece of advice from people I’ve been tired of hearing. Leah looked at the flames in front of her again at that story.

A dreamlike purple flame burning like a mirage. There was no more energy to enchant Nam Hwa-woo’s flame, but the magical power of the dream changed by causing the dream replacement.

‘As the drinking ceremony crossed the border of the dream, a space was created.’

It was as if a new blank was created by covering the back paper. It was good in that it was possible to enchant additionally, but it was not so easy.

This is because the previously engraved enchantment technique remains faintly as if the opposite picture is reflected on the thin backing paper.

‘In order not to affect the previously engraved enchantments, erosion strengthening and magic amplification enchantments are added… … Absolutely crazy.’

It was more difficult than the previous work of Hwa-Woo Nam, but it was never easy.

Leah caught her breath in the task, which had a higher chance of failure than success.

‘regret… … I mean regret.’

I thought I would regret failing. Because I saw that what I paid for didn’t come back.

But, wouldn’t it be regrettable if I turned away from the work in front of me, or denied this flash of inspiration that comes to my mind?

Looking at the difficult problem in front of her, Leia recalled the reason why she fell in love with the enchantment.

‘Grab it a little looser.’

The pure white hand that carefully held the brush to himself, who had polluted his house with magic stone powder when he was a child.

‘It wasn’t enough… … .’

A woman who passed her by with her father’s blood all over her body, but left the house.

“… … That’s right.”

Recalling her mother, whom she cannot see anymore and must find, Leah clutched the brush in her hand.

“I wasn’t in a situation where I was chasing after this and that!!”


A single thick line crossed the flame.

A line that was drawn out as if ignoring the faintly reflected magic. With that in mind, Leah’s brush began to engrave a new enchantment.

Woo woo!!

The first to be engraved is erosion reinforcement. The dreamy flames that were faintly draped in reality are getting more and more blurred as they penetrate the dream.

It was a situation where two hero grade materials would fly off if done wrong, but Lee Sehun responded calmly.

‘You can’t break the atmosphere.’

The newly acquired dark attribute magic ‘Wolyeong’. Thin and slender like a shadow under the moonlight, magical energy quickly penetrated into the dreamy flame.

Wolyeong Moon影 Black Spirit Temple


Black Spirits, who were strengthened by moonshine, were caught by the flames, and Leia immediately reworked the composition according to the situation, and then continued to engrave the enchantments.

‘A little error doesn’t matter.’

Just as the juniors in front of him believe in his abilities, he also trusts and entrusts the skills of his juniors. There was no further hesitation in Leah’s brushstrokes, which she had decided to hand over to Lee Se-hoon.


Lee Se-hun, who suppresses the raging flame, and Leah, who relentlessly engraves enchantments.

As if they had been working together for a long time, their work interlocked, and even the purple flames were engraved with text.

And finally, the moment when Leah’s brush took the final point.



With Leah’s shout, Lee Se-hoon’s palms lightly bumped into each other.

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Not only the dreamer, but also the dreamy flame that subtly lit the studio disappeared without a trace. When Leah was looking at Lee Se-hun with a nervous expression involuntarily at the empty scene.

“Well done.”

Both palms opened, revealing the finished dagger.

[The weapon ‘Dream Hwangyudo’ is complete!]

[Artistic dagger created by an excellent blacksmith and an enchanter who found a new path! The ability of the two people to fully bring out the potential of the two difficult materials will not be lacking even if they receive applause.]

[As a result of the judgment, the grade of ‘Dream Gyudo’ is ‘Hero’]

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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