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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 60

60 episodes

“You idiot… … .”

Seong-ha Yeom, who murmured dissatisfied, went out of the hospital room, and Se-hun Lee, who was looking at her back, frowned.

‘That guy had a suspicious disease at that time too.’

If he doesn’t think it’s reasonable, he’s suspicious of him first.

That way of thinking isn’t a bad thing, but Seongha Yeom, to be precise, the rabies were so severe that it was a problem.

‘It took three years to drink the water I gave you.’

Until then, it was not once or twice that they pierced with a spear that threw a water bottle, or if they approached him when he was injured, he would be in a fuss about an assassination attempt.

‘Compared to the days of rabies, it seems better… … Still, looking at the situation, I have to sort things out.’

It doesn’t matter if it’s one’s own table or not, but it’s quite difficult if you try to overturn someone else’s table like you just helped.

When Sehun Lee is thinking about what to do with that suspicious disease.

“Don’t get too close to Seongha Yeom.”

Sitting on the bed, Erica spoke calmly.

“Recently, as he officially ascended to the position of successor, his position has become even more precarious. If you make a mistake, you will be engulfed in a power struggle at the Chromium Gate.”

“What… … What can I say as far as I know?”

“I will.”

Erika, who responded immediately, looked at her with a serious expression.

“Hyun Moon-ju and Lee Won-ryong are the people who will remain.”

Whether Seong-Ha Yeom is attending Babel or not, if she thinks it will be in the way, she can make radical moves at any time.

At Erica’s warning, Se-hun Lee changed his thoughts about Won-ryong Lee, the current owner of the gate.

‘I’ve heard he’s a badass, but… … It must have been beyond my imagination.’

As the route has changed since before the return, it is necessary to pay attention to the movement. Having made a decision, Sehun Lee looked at Erica.

“Then tell me if you think it’s going to be dangerous.”

“… … .”

I warned you not to stay close, but tell me if it becomes dangerous. At the attitude that seemed unwilling to give up, Erica put on a strange expression.

‘Is it worth it to Seongha Yeom?’

Although the public regards Seong-Ha Yeom as an outstanding prospect, the hero industry was a little reluctant.

Aside from his talent, due to his location inside the gate, even a slight entanglement could be misunderstood as internal interference and could be annoying.

But knowing that, you want to hold it. After thinking about Sehun Lee’s intentions for a moment, Erica quickly came to a conclusion.


It might be annoying if he gets entangled in the power struggle of Chromangmun, but Sehun Lee evaluated it as worth the risk.

“Instead, I should make my own weapons as soon as possible.”

If that’s the case, you can use it yourself. In response to Erica’s condition, Sehun Lee nodded willingly.

“There’s nothing you can’t do that much.”

Bringing the yin and yang hwan this time must have been the advance payment for the weapon production we talked about last time. There is nothing I can’t do if you give me the information on the Chloride Moon here.

“ah. I’ll give you this too. Eat to your heart’s content.”


Louise narrowed her eyes at the sight of Sehun Lee taking a fistful of Jason Cherry from the bag and handing it to Erica.

“I bought you to eat, did you buy him to eat?”

“If you give it to me, it’s over. With something like that… … Will you give it to me too?”

“done. It’s futile to say that you got something expensive… … .”

When Louise, who had been grumbling in dissatisfaction, turned her gaze away, her eyes met with Erika as if she had been waiting.

“… … .”


Erika stares intently at the cherry and eats the cherries.

The corners of Louise’s eyes trembled at the provocative provocation, which was clearly visible.

“It’s like a hero-grade elixir… … Just leave it… … .”

A murmur filled with mourning. Shaking aside that lament, Sehun Lee looked at Jake.

“What happened to you?”


“I feel like something has gotten thinner in the last few days.”

A face that is bloodless and a face that is emaciated. As Sehun Lee looked at him curiously at the state of his body that had changed so much that he could see it, Jake smiled bitterly.

“ah. That’s actually… … I came here because I have something to discuss with you.”


Jake glances at Louise and Erica at Lee Se-hoon’s counter-question. At that glance, Sehun Lee noticed the two and looked at them.

“You two are out for a second.”

“Tt… … .”


After the two left their seats. Sehun Lee immediately asked Jake.

“Is there something wrong with the water golem’s core?”

If his condition worsens in a few days and he comes to visit him, that’s all.

At Sehun Lee’s question, Jake shook his head.

“There is no problem with the water golem’s core itself. The fairy tale seems to be going well.”


“But I have to say that I drink too much blood… … He gave me so much blood every day that it was getting difficult. So I came here because I thought there was no way.”

Sehun Lee put on a puzzled expression at Jake’s story, who felt a lot of fatigue.

“How much blood do you want to drink?”

Depending on your personality, the amount of blood required for fairy tale work may increase, but it is not necessary to be so thin in a few days.

“I think I ate 1L a day.”

“… … What?”

At Jake’s answer, Sehun Lee’s eyes widened.

For Jake, who is in his early 170s, his blood volume would be only about 3L at an estimate. By the way, do you spend a third of every day on fairy tales?

Since Jake was the chief of Akalkuf, it ended up being thin.

‘no. Couldn’t you eat more than that?’

Before returning, Sehun Lee most used 300ml while working on a fairy tale. But three times the amount that went into it.

It was clear that this was not the problem with the personality, but something else.

“Did you take any pictures?”

“It was filmed on video.”

Sehun Lee, who was handed the cell phone, immediately played the video.

Jake cuts the back of his hand instead of the tip of his finger and drips blood. That huge amount of blood falls into the magic stone and seeps into the core of the water golem submerged inside.

Sehun Lee, who looked closely at the figure, noticed a difference and made a surprised expression.

‘Look at this… … ? The magic circle also changed and the size decreased.’

A red line was added between the magic circles that Sehun Lee personally engraved, and above all, the size of the nucleus was reduced by about 5% compared to a few days ago.

If it’s a delicate item like the core of a water golem, it wouldn’t be a strange change even if it was broken earlier. However, the fairy tale work proceeded without any problems, and the condition was rather good.

“Here is the red stroke drawn on the magic circle. Jake, did you draw it?”

“No way. I just gave you blood.”

“Hmm. That’s right… … .”

Without Jake’s involvement, there is only one thing that can explain the current situation.

The only thing was that the water golem’s core changed the magic circle and caused mutation.

‘The material itself didn’t have such a function, so the cause is Jake’s blood… … .’

Having figured out the cause, Se-hun Lee glanced at Jake, who was waiting for his answer.

‘I never imagined it would be a mutant body type.’

A special constitution in which the body is ‘mutated’ under the influence of skills, magic circuits, magical properties, etc., possessed by the person.

It was a rare case among heroes, and that was the case with Jake.

‘Seeing that the water golem’s core has gotten smaller, it seems to have something to do with its unique skill… … This is pretty fun.’

It may be that there are more things than you think. Sehun Lee, who returned the cell phone, explained what he had found out, and Jake had a surprised expression on his face.

“I was a mutant… … I never imagined it.”

“It is difficult to know because the effect has been shown over a long period of time. If I hadn’t worked on a fairy tale, I probably wouldn’t have known for the rest of my life.”

In fact, there was no mention of Jake being a mutant before the return, so there is a possibility that he didn’t know until he died.

“Once the maturation is done properly, there is no need to worry. On the contrary, if the sword comes out well thanks to the blood, it won’t come out well.”

“Oh oh… … .”

Jake’s eyes light up when he hears that a better sword can be made. Seeing this, Sehun placed his hand gently on his shoulder.

“Instead, there’s something you can do a little more for that… … .”

“What? I will do anything I can!”

Seeing Jake’s burning enthusiasm, Sehun Lee put on a bewildered expression on his face.

“After watching the video, I thought it would be better to spend a little more time maturing. How about just two more weeks?”

“… … .”

The corners of Jake’s eyes trembled at Sehun Lee’s story.

Even now, I’m tired of doing my classes and assignments every day, giving me blood. How about extending the period?

The words “Are you crazy” made their way up his throat, but Jake couldn’t help but spit it out.

‘A better sword… … .’

Anyway, I think I’ll be making a sword like this every time in the future, but wouldn’t it be better to get used to it from now on?

After thinking for a while, Jake made up his mind and looked at Lee Se-hoon.

“I’ll give it a try.”

“great. I’ll go check it out when I have time, so keep working on it until then.”

You can tell with your eyes, but you have to see and touch anything to know for sure.

Jake nodded at Lee Se-hoon’s story.


“great. So, is this the end of the story?”

“yes… … Oh, wait a minute.”

Sehun Lee, who was about to call the two outsiders, stopped as if Marlin Jake had forgotten.

“I had something to tell you, but I forgot to tell you.”


At Sehun Lee’s question, Jake made a serious expression.

“Exchange meeting. The date has been set.”

* * *

The evening everyone returned. Sehun Lee, lying on the bed, was deep in thought.

‘Noblesse exchange meeting… … .’

A gathering of cadets with a background in the hero industry and talented cadets chosen by them.

It was a huge and muddy place that would not be an exaggeration to say that the horse was an exchange meeting place between cadets and, in fact, a microcosm of the hero industry.

‘It’s not my favorite place, but… … I’ll go anyway.’

It is a place where future giants gather in their own way, so if you make good use of the knowledge before the return, you may get a significant advantage.

‘In order to do that, I first get out of this hospital room.’

The exchange meeting will be held next Saturday.

We only have a week left, so we need to move as fast as we can.

Having made a decision, Sehun Lee immediately took out the yin and yang hwan and shadow ether, which he had received from Erica and Jake.

‘It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten an elixir on the ground like this.’

I often thought of an elixir as something that made me stronger just by eating it, but in reality, it wasn’t that easy.

Even a little carelessness can cause side effects such as a backflow of magical power by colliding with the magic of the body, or twisting of existing skills due to a change in the body’s constitution.

– I’ll attach a professional assistant team later, so don’t eat it until you’ve recovered to a certain extent. Then you might die.

Even now, Sehun Lee’s body is in a state that is nothing more than cracked glass.

Even after all preparations were made, there was a high possibility that problems would arise, and that’s why Erica paid attention to this part over and over again.

In a word, if there was such a thing as common sense, I would never have eaten it.


Sehun Lee had been throwing those things away for a long time.


The yin and yang hwan disappears as soon as it passes through the throat.

At the same time, heavy magical energy fell on his stomach and exploded all over his body like an explosion.

“Oops… … !”

It felt like a small bomb exploded inside the ship. Under the pressure of his whole body being torn apart, Lee Se-hun immediately operated the Young Yeon Shin magic.


It is often said that moving and training the body while injured is dangerous, but Sehun Lee had a different opinion on that.

The forging operation of tapping metal is done when it is hot, because the more vulnerable it is, the easier it is to change it.

‘The injury to the body is the same.’

This time, the injuries Lee Se-hun suffered were traces of the process of exerting power beyond his physical abilities.

Therefore, if you properly ‘forge’ these traces, you can create a more perfect body.

Quad Duck-

In order to reproduce the virtual body that Sehun Lee drew in his head, the energy of Yin Yang-hwan tears and breaks the muscles and bones of the whole body and forcibly connects them.

The moment you lose the reins even once, your whole body may literally explode. In that tight tightrope, Sehun Lee continued his work without any hesitation.

‘Muscles and bones are complete… … !’

Having finished adjusting his body, Sehun Lee put all the remaining energy into the magic circuit.


When Yin Yang-Hwan’s enormous energy came in, Se-Hoon Lee’s fire-property magic, ‘Hongryeon’, rushed in and started to burn as if he had found firewood.


Hongryeon runs through her body at a frightening speed, heating up the weakened magic circuit.

The force was so rough that the special bandage that was restraining the movement of magic was so scorched, but Lee Sehun bit his teeth and endured the pain.

This is because the magic circuit has become stronger and the power of fire attribute magic has deepened as much as the rising heat.

“Ugh… … !”

Steam rising all over the body. The flame of Hongryeon, which ate up the energy of Yin-Yang-Hwan, intensified without end, and then suddenly stopped.

Among the energy of Yin-Yang-Hwan, Hong-Ryeon cannot absorb pure negative energy. After confirming that the essence was complete, Sehun Lee immediately passed the shadow ether he was holding down with his tongue into his throat.


A shadow ether that permeates as if it were attached to organs.

Hong-ryeon, who felt the energy, tried to resist strongly, but Lee Se-hun made a new path for the shadow ether before him.


A new magic circuit that is separated from the crimson and does not overlap.

Realizing that it was a home for himself, the shadow ether naturally permeated into the inside, and Sehun Lee put the negative magic created with crimson into it.


A shadow ether that has become more concentrated by absorbing negative magic. And the flames of crimson rose to the limit.

Two types of attribute magic circulate in their respective domains, honing their bodies according to the blueprints made by Sehun Lee.

And the moment when you finally reach the limit.


The hammer I drew in my head smashed the finished body.

“Cool clump! big breath… … .”

A roaring noise that made my ears dazed and a dry cough that burst out incessantly.

At the black smoke coming out of his mouth instead of saliva, Se-hun Lee distorted his eyes.

The smoke that comes out of burning waste products that have accumulated all over the body. An indescribable stench was emanating from his nose.

“Write… … Still better than the old days… … .”

Before returning, there was a lot of waste, so smoke came out of my body, and the smell was so great that I was kicked out of the workshop and banned from access by Master for a month.

When Sehun Lee is smiling at the old memories that suddenly come to mind.


Bandages that crumble and break.

It seemed that he could not stand the movement of magic that occurred during the polishing process, and at this sight, Sehun Lee took off his patient’s uniform and looked down at his body.

“Five… … .”

The shape of the muscle has changed more clearly than before. The structure was also tightly intertwined, and it was neatly formed as if it had been trained for several years.

‘this… … power of money… … ?’

That time when Lee Se-hoon admired the body that was polished better than he had imagined.

[All stats are greatly increased by the effect of the skill ‘Spirit Stretching Magic’.]

[Elemental magic ‘Crimson (E+)’ has been enhanced with ‘Ringal Flame (D+).

[The attribute magic ‘Wolyoung (D)’ has bloomed.]

A notification window popped up in front of me one after another.

Lee Se-hoon immediately checked the changed information.

[Lee Sehun]

Strength – C(168) Durability – C(156)

Power – C(185) Agility – C(159)

[Ryunitis] 『D+』

A crimson fire elemental magic that circulates by itself.

It has a specialized property to melt metal into a liquid, and it reduces the consumption rate by controlling the flow of flame and ‘circulating’ it.

[Wolyoung] 『D』

Dark attribute magic like a shadow that permeates under the moonlight.

Instead of having a weak grip, it has a specialized property to erode objects, and can ‘project’ some of the properties of an object.

“Five… … Well chosen.”

All stats were raised by more than 50, up to C grade, and the most annoying magic stat was the highest.

In addition, the second blooming elemental magic Wolyeong was not bad, but it was easy to compatibility with the Hongryongyeom, and it looked good enough for the weapon that I was going to make soon.

‘This is enough to prepare… … All that’s left is an assistant who can help.’

When will the senior who disappeared while pretending to be handsome will be contacted? When Sehun Lee is thinking about whether to contact him first.

woo woo-

The screen that appeared on the phone screen. Sehun Lee turned his head to look at the contents.

[Completed] – Leah Claudel.

He smiled at the two words full of confidence.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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