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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 55

55 episodes


Ryu Eun-ha, who landed on the floor with the broken rocks, quickly looked around.

A cavity in the shape of a hemisphere. The width was about 500m and the height seemed to be about 100m from the center where they entered.

‘It looks like it was dug out with something sharp. Judging from its shape, it is highly likely that it was created using nails.’

Ryu Eun-ha, who had gathered all the approximate information, glanced down at Lee Se-hoon, who was in her arms, and quietly opened her mouth.

“It’s like a dungeon artificially created by a beast-type monster. Considering that there is no sign of erosion by magic and the danger level of Mt. Eunwol is D, there is a high possibility that it is a level C monster… … .”

Ryu Eun-ha, who was looking through the dark cavity, muttered softly.

“Considering what was not discovered in the preliminary investigation, there is a possibility that it is grade A or higher.”

Since Eunwolsan was one of the candidate sites for the upcoming 1st year subjugation class, professors were constantly visiting and inspecting it.

But never found a dungeon of this size? It could never be an ordinary dungeon.

‘I didn’t even know until Sehun Lee pointed it out. Never underestimate it.’

For a moment, I thought, how did cadet Lee Se-hoon find such a place at once, but for now, we need to focus on that.

At that time, Ryu Eun-ha pondered whether to continue the investigation as it is, or to escape.


Sehun Lee, who was in his arms, looked at the common darkness.


As soon as I was able to speak, the darkness around me shook, and huge beasts came out from the inside.

Black wolves about 2m tall. His red eyes were out of focus, and something black and sticky dripped from his body endlessly, seeping into the floor.

Ryu Eun-ha narrowed her eyes at the sight of the wolves, which are not common at first glance.

“It’s an undead series. I think it will be a B-class at least.”

Even if only one animal goes out, the entire Eunwolsan Mountain will be stained with blood. More than 200 such monsters appeared and surrounded them.


Wolves showing their teeth and showing hostility.

The killing intent emitted by hundreds of B-class monsters at the same time was as good as a weapon in itself, but the two people surrounded by them did not change their expressions at all.

“Looks like it’s all over now.”

One person didn’t care how many came out.

“Don’t worry about it, it will stick to you.”

Because one believed in the power of the other.


A heavy driving sound echoes from Ryu’s body.

The mad blood made with the weapons it preyed on runs through the whole body, amplifying the magic power several times.

Ryu Eun-ha, who put all that magical energy into her right leg, slowly scraped the ground with her right foot.

Quad Duck-

A rock that is lightly excavated as if digging up soil.

Ryu Eun-ha, who drew her right foot back in a semicircle, lowered her posture slightly and looked at the wolves surrounding her.


The red solid line swept the cavity at the same time as it hit the floor.

Ryu Eun-ha, who landed on the floor as if nothing had happened, and Gong-go, where a heavy silence fell.

“Wow… … .”

And the moment when Lee Se-hoon, who was held in his arms, wrapped his lips around his face with a sobbing expression.


Hundreds of wolves surrounded them all at once, split in half and began to burn.


A red flame that burns softly and devours the corpses of the wolves little by little. At the sight of the undead character becoming discolored, Sehun Lee calmed his trembling inside and smiled.

‘This is S-class.’

For the heroes working in Eunwolsan, a B-class monster would be a disaster, but for Ryu Eun-ha, an S-class hero, it is no different from Eun-rang, a D-class monster.

In response to Ryu Eun-ha’s performance, who cleared the dungeon with one round of kick, Se-hun Lee confirmed once again that his choice was correct and opened his mouth.

“Dept. Can you drop me off now?”

“The investigation is not over yet, so it’s dangerous… … .”

“You can’t even investigate in this state. And my stomach hurts.”

At Lee Se-hoon’s story, Ryu Eun-ha looked around once and nodded.

“All right. Instead, stay away from me.”

Lee Se-hun, who came down from Ryu Eun-ha’s bosom, took hold of his disheveled body and carefully examined the cavity.

‘According to the interview before the regression, it was said that after defeating all the monsters, Jurgen Kruger’s items suddenly appeared.’

They said that no monsters had ever appeared other than those undead wolves, so this is the end of the story.

However, Lee Se-hun, who looked inside, had one doubt.

‘Can a place like this happen with just one item?’

It is because of this question that Sehun Lee remembers this interview amidst numerous incidents.

An item lost by Jürgen Kruger, who is a complete winner. A dungeon secretly hidden in a D-class dangerous area.

Even if only one of these applies, it was difficult to consider the moment when the two overlapped.

‘Before the return, there was not much to talk about… … It can’t be.’

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No matter how great the items of the runners are, they cannot have the ability to create such a secret place.

It was even more impossible if the item was ‘it’ that he knew.

‘Who is it?’

For what purpose did Jurgen Kruger’s items create such a dungeon? Recalling that question, Sehun Lee looked at the joint once again.


The shape of the cavity, which had not been seen properly when first entering, became more clearly visible thanks to the flames that burned the wolves.

A wall that looks like it was dug up by beasts at random. Ryu Eun-ha couldn’t find out more, but Lee Se-hoon’s eyes could see the ‘path’ hidden inside.

‘A concealed field that assimilates into the surrounding environment and an absorption circle that absorbs magic. And this sullen form and manner that makes you mistake it for a natural formation… … .’

A form that is different from the externally known technologies. Seeing the familiar structure, Sehun Lee recognized who created the cavity.

‘These bastards… … .’

The group that belonged to the spectators, like the maniacs who studied the evolution of monsters in all sorts of extraordinary ways, and who approached Louise before in 『Dawn』.

At that time, Lee Se-hoon’s eyes widened as he recalled the bad relationship before his return.


A silvery lycan rope rose from the shadow in front of me.


The moment when the bright yellow eyes and eyes met. Huge claws ripped through the air and swung.

An action that took place in less than a second. The accelerated accident at the crossroads of life and death allowed us to capture the enemy’s identity and attack, but that was the end.

‘too fast.’

In terms of speed, at least Grade A. Although there was a three-level difference in grades, the gap was so overwhelming that it was impossible to even reach the body in ordinary ways.

When Sehun Lee is choosing how to respond to the appearance of his nails getting closer in a slowed world.


A red afterimage brushed the side of his face.


Lycan Slope’s body was slammed into the wall of the cavity, and Ryu Eun-ha, who arrived in front of it, clenched her fists tightly and swung them mercilessly.

Doo doo doo-!!

The whole body of Lycan Slope is literally completely crushed by fists that are constantly pouring out red traces.

Except for the limbs, there was no form left except for bloodstains. The Lycan Slope, which had lost its body, looked like it was already dead, but Ryu Eun-ha did not stop.

‘Certainly excluded.’

Just by looking at the fact that he has completely disappeared until now, it must mean that there is a hidden number. That time when Ryu Eun-ha was about to crush even the remaining limbs.


At the same time as the light blood in the body exposed the floor, a braking sound sounded, and the whole body stiffened. A gap created by the unexpected appearance of an enemy.

At that moment, the index finger of the Lycan Slope, which was drooping as if dead, pointed to Ryu Eun-ha and Lee Se-hun beyond it.

[persimmon… … aim… … .]

A black shadow shot out from the tip.

A form that you can’t even guess what kind of technology it is. Seeing that, Eunha Ryu moved her body earlier than she thought.


The black shadow that touched the mucous membrane permeated and then formed into a black hole.

And a thin solid line engraved in the center. The moment it slowly opened up and down and turned into a single pupil.


Ryu Eun-ha’s body disappeared from the cavity.

The cavity, which had been filled with roars, fell silent in an instant, and a sticky sound came from the blood-stained wreckage.

Duck- Duk-Duk- Quad Duck-

The body and head sprout again from the limbs and are restored to their original shape. After finishing the playback as if turning back time, the Lycan Slope murmured with a trembling voice.

[To say that 90% is destroyed in less than a second… … Is this a monster that is close to perfect… … .]

At first, it was bittersweet to be interrupted by the few remaining evolutions, but now that I got to know the opponent, I feel fortunate to have just saved my life.

If it hadn’t been for this ‘thing’ planted in his body and the larvae standing there blankly, he would never have survived.

‘But I can’t be relieved yet.’

He succeeded in sealing the monster, but it was only for a short time. After a while, they will break the seal and come after you.

‘So I make shackles so that I can’t chase after them.’

Lycan Slope recalled his plan and looked at Lee Se-hoon, who was standing still. And he whipped his dying body and kicked the floor.


He smacked his stomach with all his might, rushing in front of Sehun Lee.


Lee Se-hun, unable to even strike a proper counterattack, is nailed to the wall. Lycanthrope murmured in a low voice at that droopy figure.

[Thank the monster. Thanks to you, I saved my life.]

It was a short battle, but it was obvious that the monster spared that trash. So if you inflict serious injuries, they won’t pursue you for treatment.

The moment the Lycan Slope, who had completed the last shackle, was just about to move to leave the cavity.

“I remembered.”

Sehun Lee, who came out of the wall, muttered softly.

“S-class monster Tamwol Folmont… … okay. He was like that.”

Although I had never seen it in person, I remembered it to some extent because it was in the list of monsters created by 『Calmation』.

A monster that is said to regenerate perfectly even if only a single hair remains through the moonlight-infused magic. Although it was slightly different from the material because it was not in a finished state, the basic skeleton was similar.

[…] … your guy How come there is no wound?]

Lycan Slope and Polmont looked at Lee Se-hoon with unbelievable eyes.

I didn’t have to kill him, so I controlled my power, but you can’t see even a small wound? At that time, Folmont was panicking in an unexpected state.


Low vibration resonating in the cavity.

Folmont’s eyes widened at the sensation that the ‘space’ itself was shaken rather than the rock wall collapsing.

‘It’s like such a crazy monster… … !’

How long have you been trying to get out of it?

Realizing that he didn’t have much time, Folmont rushed to Se-Hoon Lee again without even having time to think about it.


Sehun Lee’s body, who had barely stood up, fell to the ground again, and then Folmont swung his fists as hard as he could.

Kwagga River!

I lost a lot of strength to regenerate my body, but it was still enough to be a B-grade. Even if I hit it well, it wouldn’t be a power that could be tolerated even if it was a C-class.

[ね… … !]

However, no matter how hard he hit him, he showed no signs of getting injured, and he held up his posture and even endured the attack.

A strange feeling, as if hitting another place. Folmont’s eyes suddenly turned to the surroundings at that strange feeling.


A strangely horribly broken common wall caught my eye.


A blow that exploded while Folmont opened his eyes. The opportunity was perfect, but the difference in physical ability ended up barely passing through the chest.

“Tt… … You can’t attack either.”

When Sehun Lee is sad about the result. Folmont looked down at the heart that was being regenerated and looked at it with calm eyes.

[The armor. I see if I can shed the applied shock as a shadow.]

The wall in the back was broken as if it had been attacked. Polmont, who discovered it belatedly, became so intent on killing him that he had been fooled.

It’s not even a technique, it’s just the armor you’re wearing.

[You’re the one who caused it.]

Folmont with her molars exposed and her hair standing tall. Lee Se-hoon smiled bitterly at the completely different appearance from the one in front of him when he hit him in moderation.

“A bastard who runs away from fear is pretentious—!”


Before the words could be finished, Lee Se-hun’s body was once again slammed against the wall.

Seeing that the attack had flowed again this time, Folmont lit up his eyes and held out his hands wide.


Huge nails that parted the fingertips and revealed themselves. Ten nails that resembled long swords shone eerily in silver.

Kaga River!!

The Shadow Matter Armor that wrapped around Sehun Lee’s body was mercilessly hacked to pieces.

A slash that scatters afterimages and is swung non-stop. Instead of hitting them with their fists, they only cut them with their nails, but their power was completely different.


At the slash that the Shadow Matter Armor shed, the surrounding walls and floors were dug up in rags in an instant, and sparks burst from all over the armor.

It was relatively easy to evacuate the blows applied with the fist because the contact area was wide, but the slashing focused on the thin nails was not easy.


The Shadow Matter Armor, which had been able to withstand Folmont’s attack until recently, was not able to deliver all the shock and was gradually eroded.

And the moment when the thin armor cracked in the continuous slashing.


His fingernails grazed and blood leaked out.

A shallow wound with only a slight rub. However, there was a big difference between the attack did not work completely and the attack did even a little.

[Did you think you could match me with just one piece of scrap metal!]

Kaga River!

Shadow Matter Armor was able to transform its form, not the ability to restore durability.

Even if you fill in the broken places, the whole is crumbling little by little. As if to prove it, the restoration speed gradually slowed down.


Finally reached the limit.

A broken shoulder that could not withstand the slash. The wound was not deep thanks to the shoulder armor on the inside, but it could not be repaired as quickly as it had just been because the magic circuit had been damaged.

[I’ll cut off the slow hand anyway!]

A clear gap in the right shoulder. Folmont’s claws swung towards it with a terrifying force.

‘I didn’t break it.’


Shadow Matter Armor’s breastplate was distorted without warning.


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Not the sound of breaking flesh and bones, but the sound of scraping metal. In a situation completely different from what he expected, Folmont even forgot that he was in battle and opened his eyes.

‘what… … .’

Why did the attack, which must have been aimed at the shoulder and swung accurately, barely passed through the breastplate? Polmont thought about the reason and quickly found the answer.


It was said that the bug in front of him reacted to his attack and avoided it.


The slash of the five-colored flames that exploded from the waist. Since it was the same attack as it had just happened, Folmont reflexively avoided it, but the result was disastrous.


[Ugh… … ?!]

A slash that penetrated deep into the chest at the level of a slight touch and burned the inside. Far away from the unexpected pain, Folmont looked at Lee Se-hun with a puzzled expression while wrapping his chest around him.

“Whew… … .”

Sehun Lee holding out his five-color painting and holding his breath.

The Shadow Matter Armor was completely damaged, the broken parts were no longer repaired, and blood was flowing all over the body.

There were no fatal wounds, but there was no place that was healthy. It looks like it could be caught and killed at any moment, but on the contrary, its body does not move.

‘I… … I’m nervous… … ?’

If it had been in a normal state, he was nervous about such a buggy that would have just killed him.

When Folmont is frozen in an unbelievable situation.

“Are you done now?”

Lee Se-hoon, who relaxed his body, which had become lighter, smiled.

“Then I will go.”

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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