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The Regressor Make Everything Chapter 40

40 episodes

“Louis Valente

Former 2nd year deputy head of the Faculty of Elements at Akalkuf.

Both parents are C-class heroes who died during the subjugation 8 years ago. Relatives exist but do not interact.

He showed outstanding talent from the moment he entered the school and grew rapidly following the curriculum.

In the first semester of his sophomore year, he was promoted to the second seat and received attention as one of the top candidates for Akalkuf’s department, and received full support from ‘Ivory Tower’. It was confirmed that he was also invited to the Noblesse exchange meeting. (Participation is refused.)

But half a year ago during summer vacation. At that time, during a battle with Gerwin Kruger, the 2nd year head of the Akalkuf Command School, an unarmed wand exploded.

He suffered a ‘magic loss’ in his neck and right hand, which caused his mana management ability to drop by more than 50%, and all support from the ivory tower was put on hold.

He is currently on a leave of absence and it will be difficult to return… … .”

“… … .”

Se-hun Lee, who was examining the data handed over from Seong-ha Yeom, looked out the dark window.

“Life is like X, really… … .”

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No matter how much I searched the news or the Internet, I couldn’t find it, so I thought it was before the incident, but it was already over half a year ago.

For Lee Se-hoon, who thought he had prevented Louise’s injury, it was a tingling situation in the back of the head.

‘At the end of the day, I suffered a magical wound… … It bothered me.’

Magical loss, an injury that permanently damages the body’s magic circuit.

This magic formation was considered one of the scariest injuries for heroes, because not only did the magic efficiency decrease, but it also caused tremendous pain whenever magic passed through the area.

‘The wizard suffered magic burns on his neck and hands. what is this… … I’m done talking.’

Every time I raise my magic power to make a casting and seal, I feel a pain as if the wound is being ripped, and my concentration is disturbed.

The data that Seong-Ha Yeom gave him only stated that his magical power had dropped by more than 50%, but it was no exaggeration to say that in reality, more than 90% was disabled.

As a wizard, he was effectively sentenced to death. It was such a desperate situation that it wouldn’t be strange even if he became a disabled person.

‘I’m glad it’s still like this… … .’

Sehun Lee still had a chance to make up for it.

“… … Although he is receiving rehabilitation treatment by supporting the viability test at the general ward in Ur, there has been no significant improvement and he is internally skeptical.”

‘It doesn’t matter if you’re still in Babel.’

If it had been one year later, the dog would have signed a ‘contract’ and left Babel.

The thought that he might have had to travel around the world and fight crazy wizards made Lee Se-Hun truly dizzy.

‘I have to solve this guy’s memory quickly somehow.’

But right now, the priority is to solve the case around the gangster and Louise Valente.

Se-hun Lee, who turned the page of the material he received from Seong-ha Yeom, looked back at what he had read earlier.

“Louis Valente sued ‘Vier Barmut, the maker of the wand he used, that the head of the second year of the Smelting Faculty at the time intentionally created a defect in the weapon.

However, as a result of the investigation, it was found that there was no negligence on the part of the producer, and Bier Barmut sued for insults, but the case was abruptly dropped and the case was closed.

The starting point of making Louise Valente into a ‘bending dog’.

It is no exaggeration to say that he is the culprit, but when he read the name of Bier Barmut, the current 3rd year head of the smelting department, Sehun Lee muttered in a low voice.

“okay. It’s you, not Hans… … .”

It was after the case was over, but it is not too late to start revenge as long as the opponent is still alive.

Lee Se-hoon, who was still stroking the back of his head, stroking the back of his head, pondered the name of his senior with cold eyes.

* * *

the next morning.

Se-hun Lee, who came down to the main building of the dormitory, had a sad expression on the face of the cadets gathered in a crowd.

‘I’ve been very diligent since morning… … .’

It’s not like they come here once or twice, but it’s like this every time. Wondering if he was not getting tired of it, Sehun Lee passed between them and came out of the front door.

“good morning!”

I faced Jake, a young blonde who greeted me cheerfully.

“… … Are you guys squeezing?”

“Well? What are you talking about all of a sudden?”

“no. not. What else is going on?”

“Ah, the professor suddenly came yesterday and I couldn’t even pay my bills. which… … .”

Jake, who was watching closely, answered in a low voice.

“I have something to say about the proposal we talked about back then.”

“… … That’s right.”

I don’t know for sure, but it seems like it passed at the time it came. Sehun Lee glanced at the cadets gathered around him and nodded.

“Let’s talk as we go. If you continue to stay, I will curse you for blocking the entrance.”

“Hmmm. I was too indifferent.”

Rumors spread that it was Jake instead of the usual Erica, so the number of cadets gathered at the front door increased.

Maybe it’s because he’s the head of Akalkuf’s department, but this time he saw some cadets trying to talk to him, so Sehun Lee quickly moved to the bus stop with Jake.

“Once you settle down.”

“Ah, here it is.”

Sehun Lee, who was handed the subspace pocket by Jake, took out the hammer of black flame inside.

‘Hmm. It’s okay too.’

When Lee Se-hoon is waving his wrists, looking for an appropriate way to hold it. Jake, who was paying attention, opened his mouth carefully.

“You said yesterday that you would make a sword that I could use.”

“I did.”

“Is that really possible?”

A question that raises suspicion and anticipation at the same time. Seeing Jake, who seemed a little excited, Sehun Lee smiled.

“There’s nothing that can’t be done. Unless your grip is on a monster-like level that surpasses even the best ones.”

“Well, it’s not that far… … .”

Jake glanced down at his hand and muttered in a troubled voice.

“Because there was a time when I broke and ate a hero-grade sword… … .”

“Hero rank?”

Sehun Lee stopped walking and looked at Jake’s story.

“Is durability biased?”

“uh? ah… … It was 20% attack and 80% durability. I ordered a special order to withstand my grip… … It broke right away.”

To say that I set the durability to 80% means that I put all of my potential into enduring Jake’s grip, but that couldn’t hold up for even a single moment.

Sehun Lee, who was looking at Jake’s hand with a subtle expression, pointed to the side.

“Follow me for a second.”

Sehun Lee, who took Jake to the park next door, confirmed that there was no snow around and waved his hand to Jake.

“Give me your right palm.”

“Why are my palms suddenly… … .”

“You don’t need a sword?”

“Here it is.”

As Jake immediately reached out the palm of his right hand, Sehun Lee supported the back of his hand with his right hand and then lifted the hammer of black flame in his left hand over his shoulder.

Jake’s eyes widened as if he was about to swing a hammer at any moment.

“for a moment. what now… … .”

“Take the strength out of your hands. Leave the magic alone.”

“no. Once an explanation… … !”


The hammer that slammed Jake’s palm down before he could finish speaking. Even the sound that spread through the park was quite powerful, but Jake’s face and hands were slightly red.

“Ugh… … pole… … .”

When Jake holds down the screams and double lusts that almost came out of his mouth. Sehun Lee looked at the reddish palm, to be precise, the magical energy reflexively released on it.

‘… … indeed. It wasn’t that the grip was strengthened, but the material was ‘changed’.’

With such a structure, it is certainly difficult to make a usable sword with common materials and skills. After checking what Jake’s ‘talent’ was, Sehun Lee then extracted the relationship.

[Extract a bond from the target ‘Jake Myers’.]

[The relationship with the producer ‘Sehun Lee’ is Lv.1.]

The bond that permeates into the body. It wasn’t difficult to make it because we got some estimates, but Sehun Lee delayed the work for a while and looked at Jake, who seemed a little angry.

“Suddenly, what is this… … .”

“I think I can make it.”

“… … really?”

Jake asks when he got angry. Seeing that, Sehun nodded his head.

“The necessary ingredients are a bit tricky, but you can easily get them. It doesn’t take too long to make. About a week including the preparation period?”

“A day, a week… … .”

To declare that even famous craftsmen backed by the family can make their own swords with both hands and legs so casually like that.

I wondered if he was just spitting it out, but seeing that unshakable attitude again, it didn’t look like a lie.

‘Besides, there’s no reason to tell a lie that’s obvious… … .’

If it is the genius that Sehun Lee has shown so far, wouldn’t he be able to really create a sword that suits him? At that thought, Jake swallowed dry saliva and opened his mouth carefully.

“Then maybe… … .”

“Not now.”

“Why why?”

To Jake’s bewildered question, Sehun Lee answered by putting the hammer into the subspace pocket.

“Now I have something to do first.”

Jake’s bond level can be raised at any time, but the bomb has already ignited the fuse.

If it flows like before the regression, it will be safe for one year, but the butterfly effect you have created can burn the fuse at once.

‘It’s easier for me to solve it as soon as possible.’

So, for now, put everything else aside, check the status of the gangster, and then establish a relationship as soon as possible.

In response to Sehun Lee’s firm answer, Jake bit his lip with a nervous expression.

“Can’t you wait a week?”


“… … What if I give you three times the pay?”

“Not three times, not ten times.”

“… … .”

If Sehun Lee said that it was difficult to make or that it took a long time to make, Jake would have thought so too.

It was not a day or two without a sword, and most of them took months or more even when they were at home.

but a week. As long as the materials are ready, your sword will be made in a week. No matter what the outcome would be, it was hard for Jake to wait another day since he felt the possibility.

“… … Have you decided when it will end?”

“You will know once you do it, but it may take a long time as you have to research this and that.”

“What if I could help?”

At Jake’s question, Sehun Lee made an unexpected expression.

“Are you going to help?”

“I will do anything to help as much as I can. Instead, promise me that you will make my sword first as soon as this is over.”

Jake is determined to take the sword no matter what. Lee Se-hun pondered for a moment at the sight of his enthusiasm, then nodded his head.

“okay. There is nothing wrong with me.”

Wouldn’t it be better for Jake, the second son of the Myers family, to have better intelligence than Seong-ha Yeom, who is a dog haired person in Chromangmun?

‘More than anything else, this one is free.’

Still, it was a waste to ask for information as compensation, but it worked out in the end. Sehun Lee, looking at Jake, talked about two people of interest.

“Senior Gerwin Kruger, 3rd year commander. The 3rd year head of the Smelting Faculty, Bier Barmut. Do you know these two?”

At Sehun Lee’s question, Jake nodded.

“Gerwin-senpai is Chairman Jurgen’s 25th son. Bier-senpai is the second of three sons and daughters of the Barmut family.”

“Are those two related?”

“If it’s related… … .”

Jake pondered on something, and then answered with one thing in mind.

“ah. Both of them are members of the Noblesse Exchange Association. You know what?”

“… … know.”

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Noblesse Exchange Meeting, a meeting place where the upper class among Babel’s cadets invite and recruit talented cadets.

And the gangster who refused the invitation to the exchange meeting. It is unknown whether it is a coincidence or not, but Lee Se-hoon was certain.

‘It was made by two guys.’

It was no coincidence that the bombing dog’s wand exploded.

“Half a year ago, there was an incident where the second-year deputy head of the School of Elements was seriously injured while fighting with Gerwin Kruger. Find out if Bier Barmut was linked there.”

“… … It was more painful than I thought. Let’s find out for once. Other than that?”

“and… … .”

After thinking for a while, Sehun Lee spoke with a satisfied expression as if he had come up with a good idea.

“Break my arm.”

“… … ?”


“… … .”

* * *

The general ward ‘Ascus’ located at the eastern end of Ur.

This place, which is three times the size of any undergraduate building, had a great reputation both inside and outside Babel.

This is because the level of the full support of Dean Ludwig, the heroes of the therapy field hired by him as professors, and the medical staff they have led was truly amazing.

“ha… … ha… … .”

Ascus, which is counted as one of the world’s three largest hospitals, is the undisputed No.

“Whew… … Whoo… … .”

However, there were patients that they could not treat.

In the middle of a pure white room, a girl in a hospital gown with her right hand outstretched. Every time he took a breath, his dull silver hair that reached his chin shook, and a cold sweat ran down his white skin.

It wouldn’t be strange if she collapsed right away, but instead of sitting down, the girl opened her blue eyes and muttered as if chewing and spitting.

“159th… … let’s begin… … .”

As he straightens his rough breathing and turns his gaze to the tip of his right hand, magical energy begins to flow from his heart.

An image of pulling up lava flowing through a ley with your fingertips and shooting it. The girl who drew the shape that constitutes the magic naturally recalled the recipe and put it in her fingertips.


The pain you feel at that moment.

The sensation of a huge blade piercing the palm of her hand stopped her breathing, and her magic almost ran back, but the girl continued to take on her magical form as she chewed her lips.


The magic that is forming on your fingertips and the embers that have sprouted in it.

The moment you explode it, the magic you drew in your head is completed. Recalling that scene, the girl’s mouth opened.

“Raba Bull-”


His throat ripped open and blood spewed out of his mouth.

“Wow… … !”

Blood wetting the floor with nausea.

Even though she knew it was blood from her chewed lips, the girl, Louise Valente, felt her whole body tremble and her magical energy started to flow back.

It was because the pain that was the same as back then, the appearance of the blood staining the floor red, caused the illusion that the wound might have been torn again.

[Check the backflow of horsepower. Magical freeze proceeds.]

The magic circle spread out in the room instantly calmed Louise’s magic, and the medical staff who were watching from the outside rushed in.

“Stop the experiment. Immediately administer a magic neutralizer and a tranquilizer.”


“Let’s take a look at the magic circuit as well, in case a new magic phase may occur.”

Assistant professors who start treatment quickly according to the professor’s instructions.

Along with a tingling sensation in the back of the neck, as the magic neutralizer and nerve stabilizer seep into the body, the pain that I had just felt disappears gradually.

Louise, who realized that it was all her mistake, looked at the professor, who had a hard expression on her face as she cleared her disturbed breathing.

“I, I am fine… … After a little rest… … Experiment again… … .”

“no. That’s it for today. stop resting.”

“However… … .”

“And for the time being, we limit our rehabilitation experiments to 50 per day. I will adjust the level of use magic to beginner level.”

“… … Yes?”

Do you use beginner magic that doesn’t seem to help with rehabilitation because it’s not enough to reduce the number of times by a third?

In fact, it was like stopping the rehabilitation experiment for the time being, so Louise was surprised and spoke urgently.

“Hold on, Professor. I’m… … Cool… … !”

“Stop going and rest. Everyone clean up.”

The professor turns and leaves as if he will not listen to objections.

Louise tried to say something more at that sight, but as the effect of the tranquilizer turned on, her consciousness subsided in an instant.

And when I open my eyes again.

“… … ah.”

At the familiar sight of the ceiling of the hospital room, Louise squeezed his stiff neck and muttered.

“Seed… … haircut… … .”

You kicked someone out right away because you were a little nauseous.

All kinds of complaints and complaints came to my mind, but Louise didn’t utter them, but whispered them inside.

It was because he was the one who increased the number of exams, which was originally 100 times, for evaluation.

‘I’ll only do it 150 times… … .’

I was overdoing it because I thought it was going to be something for nothing, but I just ate the opportunity.

Louise, who was lying on the bed, sighing one after another, forced her droopy body to stand up.

‘If the rehabilitation experiment doesn’t work, I’ll have to do something else.’

Through exercise, reading, or even meditation, you need to heal the magical formations on your neck and hands and restore your original skills.

In a situation that wouldn’t be strange if other people broke his heart, Louise went out of the hospital room, burning his will.


He slammed his face into the chest of a young man passing by the door.

“Ugh! ah… … Chew… … .”

I tried to stop before I hit it, but the energy of the stabilizer had not yet taken hold of my body.

Louise, who unintentionally buried her face in someone else’s chest, looked up at the young man she bumped into, feeling embarrassed.

“… … .”

He had dark black hair and sharp eyes as if he had just killed several people.

For some reason, when Louise looked at him curiously in various ways with the fierce impression that he was looking at a dog rather than a person.

“What you looking at?”

Sehun Lee, a young dog-like young man with a cast on his right arm, greeted him in a dirty tone.

The Regressor Make Everything

The Regressor Make Everything

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